Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular holiday, vacation and getaway locations. The best time to visit Spain is during the summer months but the real fact of the matter is that Spain has something to offer every kind of traveller throughout every different season.

Spain has a wealth of culture and history to explore.  Famed for its party isles like Ibiza and Magaluf, Spain truly has something for everyone; lush green National Parks, outstanding beaches and modern, cosmopolitan cities, there is so much to explore in this exciting country in western Europe. 

To find out more about what is happening in Spain, events and all the best tourist destinations check out the Spanish Tourism Board’s website here.

The beauty of Spain is that whatever kind of holiday you are after (minus ‘real’ mountain climbing and glacier exploration!) it can facilitate that need. The beaches in Spain are easily some of the best in Europe and are also home to some particularly photogenic geographical features.

Take As Catedrais Beach for example, this beach is also known as the Beach of Cathedrals and you can see why. The cliffs, where the land meets the sand, feature natural caves, coves and rocky arches that make this beach one of the most magical places to visit in Spain.

Catedrais Beach
Catedrais Beach ©  Heribert Bechen

If beaches are not your thing then perhaps head to one of the smaller cities in Spain like Granada or Valencia, these lesser known cities have a great laid back atmosphere.

If you want a city location but a taste of what can only be described as island life, make sure you visit Granada. The best time to visit Granada in Spain is in the early summer months of May and June. The weather is ample warm but not too hot, the skies are clear and the nights cool and balmy.

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Spring is the best time to visit Spain’s Andalusia region

During the Spring months of April and May, and the end of March too, are the best months to visit Spain’s Andalusia region, located in the south of the country. This region is best visited in the spring months is you are seeking a little heat to burn off those winter blues!

The Andalusia region’s capital city, Seville, is a particularly lovely place to visit in the Spring. Equipped with an international airport Seville is a great place for a long weekend mini break with a partner or with your family. Budget airlines fly directly into Seville so a visit to the Andalusia region springtime will not break the bank.

Summer is the best time to visit Spain

In the summer months you could visit anywhere in Spain and find it illuminated by bright blue skies and crisp hot sunshine.

If you want a party holiday or even a quick beach vacation believe it or not, Ibiza can offer you both! Known as the White Isle, Ibiza can offer pristine creamy sands and crystal clear seas, perfect for lazy days in the sun.

Quite on the contrary, if you are looking for the best dance music clubs and party scene in Europe then equally get yourself to Ibiza. This very opposite side of the island seeing visitors from all over the world pile through its gate during the summer for the best party around.

To stay at the most buzzing hotel on the island check out Ibiza Rocks Hotel, arguably, the most famous hotel in Spain.


The autumn in Spain is perfect if you do not fair well in the heat and fancy a more tepid climate for your vacation.

Heading down in a southerly direction towards Mallorca would be in your best interests if you like a mix of beach relaxation and a town that is well geared for tourism. In the autumn in Mallorca the big crowds that come for the summer have long since returned home leaving the beaches empty and quiet and the hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants a little calmer but no less atmospheric.

What is more, hotel prices drop during the autumn months which means there are some brilliant all-inclusive package holiday deals available online for you to book. 


Believe it or not, winter in Spain can be pretty brisk to say the least! The general consensus with travellers around the world is that it is best to visit cities in the Winter. Due to the cooler weather the cities seem less stifling and are generally quieter.

Spain’s capital city Madrid is the perfect place to visit in Winter. Not too cold nor much rain either. All the same, attractions are open in the winter months than are in the summer but obviously significantly less crowded!

Other cities like Barcelona, Seville and Valencia are also great places to explore in the winter months.

Best time to visit Spain

Best time to visit Spain

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