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Where To Stay In Malaga Spain: Best Areas and Hotels

If you’re looking through the best areas and neighborhoods in Malaga where to stay in Malaga Spain is clearly high on your agenda.

Whether you’re interested in Malaga because you know about its history, you’ve had it recommended by a friend or simply because you’ve found some great deals on flights, it’s certainly a brilliant city to visit.

By the end of this article, I’ll not only help you to confirm your decision but will also give you the best idea of exactly where you want to stay while you’re there.

Where To Stay In Malaga Spain – 8 Best Area & Neighbourhood

Malaga is the second-largest city in the Spanish region of Andalusia. Known for its blend of beautiful beaches, historic city sights, and beautiful rural scenery, Malaga is a city that has something for everyone.

The city is broken down into 11 districts. As they all feature their own diverse landscapes and attractions, each will be suited to people looking for a variety of different types of vacation. From the outside, you might be able to work out a rough idea of where you would prefer to stay but with this article on the 8 best areas and neighborhoods, you should be able to determine exactly where to stay in Malaga to best suit you.

Where To Stay In Malaga Spain Map

Where To Stay In Malaga Map
Where to Stay in Malaga Map

If you want to see more detail of the Where to stay in Malaga Map, go to Google Map.

1. Centro, Where to Stay in Malaga for Nightlife, Shopping

where to stay in malaga centro
Malaga centro (source: pixabay)

We start of right in the heart of the city in the Centro district. As with many cities, this aptly named central section is easily the most developed in Malaga and as such has plenty on offer for everyone.

From stunning historic sights in the old part of the city to the vibrant clubs, bars and restaurants downtown, this will give you plenty to fill both your days and evenings with.

It’s also home to one of the most famous beaches in the region, Playa La Malagueta. A lengthy beach, it provides the opportunity to either relax in the quieter outer edges or be right in the thick of things in the middle. Being located right in the center of Malaga and being near numerous amenities such as bars and shops, this is a beautiful and convenient beach for all to enjoy.

The accommodation also varies from great value to high-end luxury so there is something to fit all budgets.


  • You love nightlife
  • You want to be in the thick of things
  • You like traditional tourist luxuries
  • You enjoy shopping
  • You like history
  • You like everything to be close together

Best Hotels in Centro

  • Gran Hotel Miramar GL is a superb, 5-star hotel, set in a luxurious, listed, 20th century building, just 10 yards from La Malagueta beach. With its palatial architecture, exquisite rooms, perfect location and incredible array of amenities, it is a destination certain to make you feel like royalty for the duration of your stay.
  • Ilunion Málaga is a chic, modern, eco-efficient, 4-star hotel, located in the city’s port area. Its spacious rooms, restaurant and range of spa treatments and facilities make it a great place for those who care about the environment to relax, while the fitness centre and proximity to the train station make it equally suited to those who want to work up a sweat or get out and explore.
  • Barceló Malaga is a fabulous, 4-star hotel, located just a 10-minute walk from the city’s historic centre and featuring direct access to Malaga’s AVE high-speed train station. This makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking to get out and explore, while the beautiful, air-conditioned rooms, sauna and bar make for great ways to relax after a tiring day.
  • Molina Lario is a stylish, 4-star hotel, in the heart of the city, where beautiful, modern rooms are housed within a historic, 19th century building. With an incredible rooftop pool, restaurant, bar and sun terrace, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy stunning views of the city, while combining modern luxuries with a little traditional culture.
  • The Lights Hostel is a great choice for those who want to stay in the city centre while travelling on a budget. A range of large rooms and shared dormitories are on offer, all of which are fully air-conditioned, while luxuries such as balconies and a roof terrace mean you can save a little money without having to miss out on iconic views of the city.

2. Carretera De Cadiz, Where to Stay in Malaga for Nice Beaches

Where To Stay In Malaga for beaches
Málaga Ahora(source: flick)

Located directly south-west of Centro, Carretera De Cadiz features a lot of similar aspects to its neighbor. Comparable in both size and population, it’s the fact that it’s a little less of a tourist hotspot that might be a selling point for many. 

It has all the same attractions like historic sights, a beautiful beach, and ample bars and restaurants to keep you well-fed and entertained of an evening, however with fewer tourists buzzing around you can enjoy what it has to offer more at your own pace. Its location next to Centro also makes it an easy trip in if you do want a busier day on occasion.

Accommodation is also priced on a wide scale so this again is an area that anyone can afford to stay.


  • You are interested in history
  • You like nice beaches
  • You like lots to be close by
  • You don’t want to be in the busiest spot

Best Hotels in Carretera De Cadiz

  • Vincci Málaga is a designer, 4-star hotel, located on Malaga’s seafront promenade, featuring beautiful, air-conditioned rooms with stunning black and white décor. A continental breakfast is offered each morning while a stylish bar, featuring a beautiful terrace, is available for you to sip drinks, eat snacks and enjoy the view throughout the day.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Málaga is a beautiful, modern, 4-star hotel that offers all the luxury you would expect from a Hilton property. A stylish bar, gourmet Mediterranean restaurant, fully equipped fitness centre and fabulous pool and sun terrace make it ideal to help you unwind, while its prime location is equally suited to help you get out and see the sights.
  • Ibis Budget Málaga Aeropuerto Avenida de Velazquez is a place that offers everything you would expect based on its name. An affordable hotel located near to the airport, it is ideal for anyone travelling on a budget, on a layover or worried about missing their flight. It is also pet friendly and has its own bar, making it convenient for all manner of travellers. 

3. Churriana, Where to Stay in Malaga For Families Near Airport

Where To Stay In Malaga Churriana
Churriana – Cayetano (source: flick)

We move yet another district south-west, to the most south-western district in Malaga, Churriana.

This is where things start to get a little less built up. While still on the edges of the city it is by no means undeveloped, however, being a little more out into the country provides a more relaxed feeling.

Featuring the best collection of beaches in Malaga, Churriana is the place to go if you’re looking for a traditional, laid back beach vacation with the option to venture into a historic city close by if you so choose. It’s also ideal for families with children, as the more relaxed environment allows you a little more space and freedom than you’ll find in the inner city.

It’s also the locations of Malaga’s airport, which only further cements its place as a destination perfect for those wanting to kick back and relax.

Again, the variety of accommodation is quite vast, from budget motels at the airport to a lush golf resort, so they have you covered whatever you’re looking for.


  • Enjoy beautiful beaches
  • Like less built-up areas
  • Are a family with children
  • Want to be near the airport
  • Want to be more out in the country

Best Hotels Churriana

  • Parador de Málaga Golf is an exquisite golf resort, where rooms with traditional Andalusian style and four poster beds surround a historic, 18-hole golf course. Opened in the early 1900’s and also featuring an outdoor swimming pool, bar and restaurant, it is ideal whether you plan to get out on the links or simply want to relax surrounded by luxury.
  • La Macarena Airport provides fully equipped apartments, each boasting a full kitchen and sun terrace, located just a short way from the airport. Also featuring a shuttle between the property and the airport, it is an ideal location for anyone who wants self-catering accommodation but doesn’t want too far to travel at the beginning or end of their trip.
  • Sunny Beach is a beautiful, privately owned, air-conditioned, beachfront apartment, that boasts a private kitchen and living area. With a restaurant, outdoor pool and fitness centre on the grounds, it is an ideal place for those who like to feel at home during their travels but still like a little luxury as well.

4. Ciudad Jardin, Where to Stay in Malaga with a Car

Where to stay in Malaga near airport
Terry Whalebone (source: flick)

It’s time for a change of pace now, as we move to Malaga’s most northernly region of Ciudad Jardin.

Much more detached from the heart of the city, this mountainous region is more suited for those who want to explore or experience some of the islands rural culture.

Being the home to both the Historic Botanical Garden Of La Conception and the Montes De Malaga National Park, those looking to see the natural beauty of the area and how it has evolved throughout the years will have plenty to keep them enthralled throughout their stay.

Its more remote and expansive location make a car a necessity for a trip here but that also makes it a much quieter, less touristy vacation where you can explore the scenery without worrying about crowds.

The accommodation is more expensive here, as it often is in more traditional areas and there is also less of it so make sure to book in advance if this sounds like the trip for you.


  • You like nature
  • You don’t like crowds
  • You have a car
  • You have a little more to spend on accommodation 
  • You aren’t bothered by traditional tourist amenities
  • You like to explore

Best Hotels in Ciudad Jardin

  • Apartamento con parking gratuito is a private, fully equipped, air-conditioned, pet friendly apartment. With its own kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom, terrace and two bedrooms, it is an ideal self-catering option for a family. Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front desk are also available to ensure the upmost convenience throughout your stay.
  • Apartamento Segalerva Centro is a superb, privately owned, 3-bedroom apartment, located just over a mile from La Malagueta beach. Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining area and bathroom, as well as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi throughout, it is perfect for larger groups that want to stay together during their trip.
  • Modern Family Flat Málaga is a modern, 2-bedroom, air-conditioned apartment. With a separate kitchen and seating and dining areas, as well as a balcony and Wi-Fi throughout, it is a great choice for those who like a little room and are happy to take care of themselves while on vacation.

5. Campanillas, Where to Stay in Malaga for Walking

Moving now to the north-western region of Malaga, we come to Campanillas. Similar in ways to Ciudad Jardin, this is another less built up area where the focus is on exploration and nature.

However, the big selling points here are more the man-made variety. Sights such as the historic Castillo De Cartama, a beautiful old church and castle, sits high up in the hills while La Casa De Ingeniero, a picturesque house owned by the king of Spain, lies by a stunning lake.

Both of these sites, as well as many other smaller attractions and villages, are dotted around the region, making it a perfect place for those looking to experience some scenic hiking trails.

Again, much like Ciudad Jardin, the accommodation is a little more expensive here than in the city and is also extremely limited so be sure to make your reservations early.


  • You like history
  • You want a more traditional area
  • You like walking
  • You like beautiful scenery
  • Aren’t worried about price

Best Hotels in Campanillas

  • Posadas de España Malaga is a stylish, modern hotel, located in Andalusia’s Technology Park. The rooms are all air-conditioned and feature wood floors and furniture, while the property boasts a fabulous pool, terrace, bar, restaurant and Wi-Fi throughout to help you relax. Free parking and an airport shuttle are also available, to ensure all of your travel needs are catered to as well.
  • Hotel Plaza del Castillo is a beautiful, medieval hotel, where a castle façade, stained-glass windows, stone walls and traditional paintings are surrounded by ornate gardens, to completely immerse you in this unique property. Banquet rooms and a restaurant serve traditional and creative cuisine, while the more modern rooms have Wi-Fi and air-conditioning to ensure your comfort during your stay.
  • Hostal Doña Manuela is a great value option next to Andalusia Technology Park, that is ideal for those travelling on a budget. Each room is fully air-conditioned and features Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV and a coffee maker. Meanwhile, the property also offers a terrace, luggage storage and facilities for disabled guests, to ensure it is equally convenient for everyone.

6. Este, Where to Stay in Malaga for Couples

Este best neighborhood to stay in Malaga
Manolo Gómez (source: flick)

The easternmost and most expansive area in the region, Este is somewhat a combination of many of the previous areas we’ve looked at.

While large sections of it are rural and distanced from the inner city, it also features beautiful stretches of coastline and stunning beaches, that allow you to combine the relaxation of a beach holiday with your inner explorer that’s been dying to get out.

Some of its attractions include a cave system to explore, a water park to go wild at or any number of the aforementioned beaches to relax at while looking at the amazing coastal views.

The accommodation here is a little more expensive than in the city, though not too pricey. You do however tend to get a lot more for your money here with some stunning places to say so even if you’re paying more, you’ll still get great value for money.


  • You like beaches
  • You prefer more attractive accommodation
  • You enjoy coastal views
  • You like value for money
  • You like caves

Best Hotels in Este

  • Apartamentos Pedregalejo provides superb, air-conditioned apartments, each featuring a private kitchen, bathroom and terrace, as well as dining and living areas that include a flat screen cable TV. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property for your convenience, while on-site parking is also available for a surcharge.
  • Elcano is a peaceful, traditional, affordable destination, located just 250 yards from the beach. The rooms are all colourfully decorated and pet friendly, while a terrace bar is a great place to enjoy a drink or the Andalusian breakfast, while taking in the beautiful views. Bike rental and facilities for disabled guests are both also available on request.
  • Hotel Boutique Villa Lorena by Charming Stay provides guests the chance to stay in one of 7 bedrooms at a beautiful private villa in a residential neighbourhood. The units all feature a private bathroom and air-conditioning, while the property also has its own private swimming pool, terrace and garden for you to enjoy. Free bikes and facilities for disabled guests are both also available.

7. Palma-Palmilla, Where to Stay in Malaga for Rural Trip

Where To Stay In Malaga Palma
Palma Blake Handley (source: flick)

Our penultimate region of Palma-Palmilla runs up the entire western border of Ciudad Jardin and meets Centro at its north-western point.

This is a region that provides a nice combination of rural beauty with city convenience. Its attractions range from the stunning views of Monte Coronado to the beautifully designed Estadio La Rosaleda, home to the Malaga football team.

Whether you want to be on the fringes of the city or more out in the country, this is a region that will have options to suit you regardless.

Much like the region as a whole, its accommodation is just as diverse so whether you want a low budget or high end, Palma-Palmilla should have you covered.


  • You enjoy a diverse location
  • You want a rural trip with ease of access to the city
  • You like football

8. Cruz De Humilladero, Where toStay in Malaga Near Centro

Where To Stay In Malaga Cruz De Humilladero malaga
Fredrik Rubensson (source: flick)

Our final stop brings us to the region of Cruz De Humilladero, located on the western border of Centro.

This is the region perfectly designed for tourists that want to be near to the city but not stuck within its confines. It has incredible transport links including Malaga’s main train station, the Maria Zambrano, to make getting anywhere from the city to beaches or the airport a breeze.

It also features a number of international stores, such as Lidl and Primark, to make tourists feel right at home on their travels.

As we’re back near the city, the prices are again very wide-ranging so if the convenient hub location sounds just right for you then you don’t need to be worrying about price.


  • You like home comforts on your travels
  • You like great transport links
  • You want to be both near the city but not caught up in it

Best Hotels in Cruz De Humilladero

  • Hostal La Casa de Enfrente provides guests will small yet affordable, pet friendly rooms, all of which feature Wi-Fi and a private bathroom. It is an ideal choice if you’re travelling with a pet, on a budget or are looking for something basic, while there is even a bar and 24-hour front desk on site.
  • Hotel Goartín is a fabulous destination, featuring comfortable, modern, air-conditioned rooms in a traditionally styled hotel. Private parking, vending machines, a 24-hour front desk and facilities for disabled guests are all available for your convenience, while the proximity to the bus and train stations make it deal for those planning to use public transport to explore the city.
  • Apartamento Tía María is a fabulous, private apartment, featuring air-conditioning and Wi-Fi throughout. With 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, a laundry area and a living room with a flat screen TV, it is ideal for a large group or family who like to stay together and take care of themselves while they are away.
  • Kentia Rooms is a traditional, pet friendly guest house, featuring simple, air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom and flat screen TV. The property also features a communal terrace, garden and fully equipped kitchen, so you always have somewhere to relax or prepare your meals.

Where To Stay In Malaga: Tips & Info

So, that’s our list of the 8 best areas and neighborhoods in Malaga- where to stay in Malaga, Spain. The question now, becomes how do you further narrow your search to make sure you get the best area for you?

Well for starters, allow me to give you a few tips on things to consider when trying to home in on that perfect vacation destination.

  • Will you be taking a car?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you like beaches?
  • How important is the nightlife?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you interested in the history of the island?
  • Do you want to experience the local culture?
  • Are you a football fan?
  • Do you like home comforts when you travel?
  • Do you rural or built-up areas?
  • Do you like caves?
  • Are you interested in nature?

If you take these 12 points into consideration, it should make narrowing down the 8 locations much easier.

Malaga Travel Guide – Top Things to do, Selected by Locals

Should I Stay In Malaga Or Marbella?

Malaga and Marbella are located very close together and as such people often end up deciding between the two when it comes to taking a trip.

While Marbella features a lot of similar sights and cultures, Malaga is a much bigger place and so has a more diverse range of landscapes and attractions. If Marbella has everything you want then maybe go there, as it is more condensed, but if you like a little more variety, Malaga is definitely the better option.

Is Malaga Worth Visiting?

Malaga is one of those cities that provides a little bit of everything. It has some historical sites, beautiful beaches, diverse landscapes and, of course, plenty of bars and restaurants.

Now, if you’re looking for something specific, like a pure beach vacation or a historical expedition then there are definitely better options but as far as destinations for an all-round trip go, Malaga is a fantastic option.

Is Malaga Expensive?

When it comes to price, Malaga can really be anything you want it to be. There are plenty of low costs, cheap and cheerful options that anyone can afford, as well as pricier, more exclusive options.

As far as cities go though, Malaga is generally one which provides fantastic value. Food, transport, and accommodation can all be acquired relatively cheaply so cost isn’t an issue you have to worry about with this destination.

How Many Days Should You Spend In Malaga?

This is hard to say, as, with so much variety on offer, there could be a number of reasons why you’re visiting in the first place.

That said, this isn’t a city with endless sights to see like some more historic cities. This is a place to enjoy a relaxing break while taking in a little bit of history and culture.

For most people between 1 and 2 weeks is probably the ideal amount of time to spend in Malaga.

Where To Stay In Malaga With A Baby/Toddler?

If you’re deciding on which area to stay in Malaga with a baby or toddler, I would have to lead you towards Churriana. Located in the southwest of the city, it is just far enough away to have the amenities of the center reassuringly close, while at the same time giving you a little more space in a slower environment so you can focus on your little one.

It’s also the location of the airport so there’s no worry about having to get them to settle on a car ride when they’ve just gotten off a plane.

Where To Stay In Malaga For Couples?

If you’re looking for a romantic break in Malaga, then I would highly recommend staying in the region of Este. Located on the coast to the east of the city, it features breath-taking scenic views, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous accommodation at a very affordable price

It’s also not too far from the center if you want to treat yourself to an expensive night out in the city. Perfect for those couples looking for a little bit of quality time together.

Where To Stay In Malaga For Nightlife?

If it’s nightlife you’re after in Malaga, then you absolutely have to stay in the Centro district.

Home to the city’s busiest bars, clubs, and restaurants, there’s simply no other place to go when you want to eat, drink and dance the night away.

It’s also where you’ll find the bulk of the other like-minded people, so you can be assured of getting a party going in no time.

Where To Stay In Malaga In February Or March?

If you’re coming to Malaga in February or March, the best place to stay has to be Carretera De Cadiz. The reason for this is because this is the time of year that the incredible Malaga Carnival is celebrated.

The exact date varies from year to year, based on when Easter occurs, but whenever it is you will be treated to stunning parades, parties and live performances that entertain you while at the same time bringing to life the culture of the city.

The carnival takes place in Centro, so you may wonder why I’m not suggesting you stay there. Well, the reason is that during the carnival the city is incredibly busy, which means not only do prices go up but sometimes things can get a little too much.

Staying just outside provides you with a little breathing room, yet still keeps you right near the heart of things, all while providing some great deals on places to stay.

Where To Stay In Malaga In The Winter?

If you’re coming to Malaga in the winter, it’s unlikely you’re looking for a beach vacation, which means you’ll be looking for a place that has plenty to explore. With that in mind, I would have to recommend Ciudad Jardin.

One of the larger areas in Malaga, it has plenty of things to do and see to keep you active throughout your stay. In fact, winter may even be the best time to experience this area, as the weather is still pleasant, but you don’t have to worry about the sun blazing down on you as you explore.


Well, there you have it, my list of the 8 best areas and neighborhoods in Malaga – where to stay in Malaga, Spain.

Best described as a swiss army knife of a city, it isn’t the best place to go for anyone singular thing, however, it may be one of the best places to go for those who want a variety of experiences.

Whether exploring, partying, or lazing your days away on a beach, Malaga is a city that has something to offer for everyone and is well worth a visit, no matter what you look for in a vacation.

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