Where to Stay in Cordoba, Spain: Best Areas & Neighborhoods

The best areas to stay in Cordoba, Spain are the neighborhoods around Juderia/The Jewish Quarter, Centro, Vial Norte, and Cordoba Train Station. In this blog post, I will help you to find where to stay in Cordoba for the first time tourists and best things to do in each area.

Along with Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba is a facinating city in the Spanish region of Andalusia. There are several countries in the world that have their city, province’s name Cordoba such as Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia.

Founded by the Romans 169 B. C., Córdoba has more than two thousand years of history. It is home to the largest old town in Spain. Córdoba is the only city in the world that hosts four world cultural heritage sites including Mezquita Mosque and Cathedral, Historic City Center, The Cordoba Patios, and Palace Town of Medina Azahara.

Judería de Córdoba, also known as the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba, in the historic center is the best area to stay in Cordoba for tourist, especially for first-timers due to its prime location. Booking hotel in this area, you will be located in the heart of actions, within walking distance to the most famous tourist attractions, as well as a wide choices in accommodations, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Meanwhile, your priority is nightlife, shopping, and you need to be near the city center, Centro is the best base. It has all amenities you would expect from a city center. Bars, shops, and restaurants aplenty, with options to suit people of all tastes.

If this is your first time visiting Cordoba, I recommend spending a long weekend, or at least 4 days to explore the city. Four days should give you ample time to both take in everything you want to see, as well as have enough time to relax, unwind and take in the beautiful surroundings.

💖 Best Area for first-timers:Juderia (The Jewish Quarter)
💎 Best luxury hotel:Eurostars Palace
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:NH Collection Amistad Córdoba
💰 Best budget hotel:Eurostars Maimonides

Where to stay in Cordoba, Spain: Best areas & neighborhoods

1. Juderia De Cordoba, where to stay in Cordoba for first time

Juderia De Cordoba, Jewish quarter, where to stay in Cordoba for first time
Juderia De Cordoba

Located just to the southeast of Centro on the bank of the Guadalquivir River, Juderia De Cordoba, also known as the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, is where the Jews lived between the 10th and 15th centuries.

Stretching from the Puerta de Almodóvar to the Cathedral and the episcopal palace, Jewish quarter encompasses the streets of Romero, Almanzor, Jewish, Tomas Conde, Deanes, Manriquez, as well as the squares of Maimónides, Tiberíades, Judá Leví and Cardenal Salazar.

The Jewish quarter of Cordoba part of the historical centre of Córdoba. Known as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, it is characterized by whitewashed houses and magnificent balconies and courtyards, and narrow streets lined with jewelers, silversmiths shops, tapas bars, and restaurants.

A little quieter when it comes to the bars and tourist hotspots, this district is incredibly popular for its culture and beautiful attractions.

The most famous sight of Cordoba is the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral. This masterpiece of Islamic architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a good example of Moorish architecture in the region of Andalusia. Within the Cathedral complex, you will find one of the oldest gardens in Europe, the Patio de los Naranjos.

Located within easy walking distance from the athedral is the Moorish castle, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Palace of the Christian Kings). It has beautiful 4th-century Roman frescoes inside the castle. There are lovely gardens with fountains, fishponds, and orange trees.

As you might expect in the Jewish quarter, there is also a lavish Sinagoga (Synagogue) you can visit to further enrich yourself in the blend of cultures that have existed there over the years.

Beyond these, there is also the Museo Taurino (Bull-fighting Museum) and a statue of the Jewish philosopher Maimónides which are housed in Plaza Maimónides.

Adjacent to the Mosque and the Synagogue stands Spain’s first craft market, El Zoco or Municipal Souk, also known as Mercado de la Artesanía. here you can buy leather, ceramic and silver goods from local artisans.

Another interesting spot is the Calleja de las Flores (little street of flowers), a beautiful alley laden with hanging baskets overflowing with colorful flowers, backdropped by a picturesque view of the mosque.

You can also find the 16-arch Puente Romano (Roman bridge) which was built in the first century BC and straddles the 657km Guadalquivir River. Nearby stands the Calahorra Tower, the oldest defense building in town. The tower housed a museum that display artifacts and documents of the rich Cordoban history over centuries.

As you might expect from an area like this, the hotels are a little pricier and more upmarket but it well worth to book the hotel here, so you can easily explore everything within easy walking distance.

Stay in Juderia De Cordoba if you are interested in history and culture; you are first-timers;

Best Places to Stay in Cordoba in Juderia De Cordoba:

luxury ($$$): Eurostars Palace This 5-star hotel is located on Paseo de la Victoria, in the centre of Córdoba, within easy walk from the famous Mezquita, Jewish quarter of La Judería, as well as AVE train station and bus station. The hotel offers air-conditioned room with free wifi, a sofa, satellite TV and minibar.

mid-range ($$): NH Collection Amistad Córdoba This 4-star hotels is set on Plaza de Maimonides, next to the old city walls, in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba. It is also right next to Cordoba’s 14th-Century Synagogue and the city’s Bullfighting Museum. It offers spacious rooms, a fitness centre, a sun terrace, an outdoor pool, and private car parking!

budget ($): Eurostars Maimonides This 3-star hotel is located in front of Grand Mosque, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, within easy walk from Congress Palace and Roman Bridge. It has a traditional Andalusian patio, a private car parking, and an on-site Azahara Restaurant that serves typical Andalusian cusine. All guest rooms come with marble floors, minibars and safes.


2. Centro, where to stay in Cordoba for nightlife

Downtown Cordoba, where to stay in Cordoba for nightlife
Cordoba centro @Jorge Gobbi

Centro or downtown area features all the normal amenities you would expect from a city center. Bars, shops, and restaurants aplenty, with options to suit people of all tastes.

It also has the greatest variety when it comes to hotels too, featuring a good range throughout all price brackets, making it an accessible part of the city to stay in.

It also has ease of access to most other districts in the city and features attractions such as the beautiful Plaza De La Corredera, the Palacio De Viana, and the Roman Temple.

The grand 17th-century square, Plaza de la Corredera, is the largest public square in Andalucia. It hosts concerts and events during the year. Meanwhile, the Palacio de Viana (Museum of the Courtyards) is a historic house and garden that dates back to the 15th century.

Adjacent to the Town Hall, you will find the Roman Temple, a reflection of the passage of the Romans through Cordoba. There is the Roman Mausoleum from the first century in the Jardines de la Victoria (Victoria Gardens).

Plaza de Capuchinos (Capuchinos Square) is also a popular square, and the nearby the Cuesta del Bailio hosts one of the of the most popular festivals in Cordob, Las Cruces de Mayo, each year.

If you choose to stay in Centro you can be almost certain that whatever you are looking for, will have you covered.

Stay in Cordoba Center if you want nightlife, and many shopping opportunities; you’re first time visiting Cordoba; you want the ease of access to other locations.

Best places to stay in Cordoba Centro:

luxury ($$$): Hospes Palacio del Bailio This 5-star hotel is in the heart of the ancient city of Córdoba. It has an outdoor pool set in pretty gardens, an on-site restaurant that serves a mix of Spanish and Asian cuisine. it offers elegant rooms with wall paintings, a flat-screen TV, free wifi, and private bathrooms.

mid-range ($$): Maciá Alfaros This 4-star hotel is housed in a traditional Andalusian-style building. It’s within walking distance to Mosque and its Jewish Quarter, Viana Palace, Archaeological Museum of Córdoba and Museum of Fine Arts. There is outdoor swimming pool, private car parking, and free Wi-Fi.

budget ($): Hotel Córdoba Centro This 3-star hotel is located within a short walk from Mezquita de Cordoba, Plaza de las Tendillas, as well as Cordoba’s train and bus stations. Its location offers easy access to the main shopping and entertainment area of the city.


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3. Cordoba train station, where to stay in Cordoba on budget

Located roughly 20 minutes from the city center, this area contains the busiest train terminal in the city, AVE RENFE train station.

With trains arriving every hour from across the continent, it makes a fabulous choice for anyone arriving or leaving by train. Seville is just 45 minutes away by train. There is train to Málaga, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, Huelva, and Algeciras.

Inside the station complex, you will find a large comercial gallery, car hire agents, tourist offices, photo booth, and newsagents.

Surrounded by a somewhat industrial area, it is among the cheapest areas in the entire city with many budget-friendly hostels, hotels, and bed & breakfast. Everything from accommodation to facilities like shops, bars, and restaurants are on the cheaper end. This makes it ideal for those traveling on a budget.

While there aren’t plenty of attractions in the area, there are a few options not too far away. The Malmuerta Tower, Merced Palace & Gardens, and a Roman mausoleum are a few of the choices for those days when you don’t feel like doing too much traveling.

Stay In Cordoba Train Station If you are traveling on a budget, you are traveling by train, you don’t need a huge number of attractions in the immediate area.

Best Places to stay near Cordoba Train Station:

mid-range ($$): AC Hotel Córdoba by Marriott This 5-star hotel is only 100 m from the AVE railway and bus stations, as well as 20 minutes by car from the Córdoba Airport. The hotel offers spacious rooms, private car parking, free wifi.

mid-range ($$): Soho Boutique Córdoba This 4-star hotel is located within walking distance from the train station. It offers a restaurant, private parking, a fitness centre, a bar, a 24-hour front desk. Each guest room has a desk, a flat-screen TV, and a safety deposit box.

budget ($): Hotel Cordoba Medina Azahara Affiliated by Meliá This 3-star hotel is located very close to the Old town, AVE High-Speed Train Station and Córdoba’s bus station. The hotel offers a seasonal outdoor pool, buffet breakfast, a snack bar, amini gym and 2 conference rooms.


4. San Basilio, a cool area to stay in Cordoba

San Basilio, a cool area to stay in Cordoba
San Basilio

Lying just to the south-east of the Jewish quarter, the cool neighborhood of San Basilio, also known as Barrio de San Basilio or Alcazar Viejo, will attract a similar audience but is particularly attractive for those who want to be even further removed from the city, while at the same time being close enough to easily travel in if they so wish.

Being right on the outskirts gives you a much more secluded feeling that lets you delve into the culture of the region without all the hustle and bustle. Hotels in the area are a little more limited but what is present is of a similar price to the Jewish quarter.

The main attractions in the area include The Royal Stables Of Cordoba, where regular equine shows are still held to this day.

The Alcazar De Los Reyes Cristianos (Castle of the Christian Kings), a 14th-century palace featuring Muslim architecture, Roman mosaics, and Gothic towers to produce a real multicultural blend, and the 17th-century Church Of San Basilio.

The Caballerizas Reales and the Puerta de Sevilla area also worth visiting! This area is also home to the Feria de los Patios, one of the most charming events in Andalusia in May where you’ll find some of the most beautiful Andalusian patios.

You can also visit the Patio Monument, known as Estatua Dedicada a los Patios in Spanish, located on Martín de Roa street.

Within a short distance from the Patio Monument is the Belen Tower, or the Torre de Belen, part of Cordoba’s UNESCO world heritage site.

Stay in San Basilio if you love multicultural architecture, you aren’t too concerned about the price, you love history and culture, and you like to be a little way out of the city.

Best places to stay in cordoba in San Basilio:


5. Vial Norte, a residential area in Cordoba

Located a short way north of the city center, Vial Norte is a primarily residential area. That said, it does offer a small number of attractions for tourists to enjoy, such as castles and botanical gardens.

The primary draw for most visitors to Vial Norte is the combination of value and quality on offer. Hotels and amenities in the area are all very modern, giving you a fresh, clean feel. All the while, you get markedly more than you expect in the price range, like hotels including breakfast as standard.

Another popular attraction of Vial Norte is its wonderful collection of neighborhood parks. The wide-open, green spaces allow you to take a stroll amongst nature or let the kids run off some energy, making it a perfect choice for families or those who enjoy a slower pace to their trips.

Stay In Vial Norte If you don’t mind being a little way out of the city center, you are a fan of parks, you are traveling as a family, you like modern areas that provide great value.

Best places to stay in Vial Norte:

mid-range ($$): Hotel Cordoba Center This mid-range hotel is located in Avenida de la Libertad, within a short stroll from the University of Cordoba, Merced Palace, Cordoba Grand Theatre, San Nicolás de la Villa Church, and Malmuerta Tower. It offers spacious rooms with free wifi, an onsite restaurant, and an AC Lounge.

mid-range ($$): AC Hotel Cordoba is a 4-star hotel, located in one of the city’s principal business areas, opposite the AVE train station. You can reach the Mezquita, and the Córdoba Airport easily by car.


6. Ciudad Jardin, largely residential area of Cordoba

Ciudad Jardin, largely residential area of Cordoba
Ciudad Jardin @ win-loc

Unlike the previous areas we’ve looked at, Ciudad Jardin is neither a bustling city center nor filled with historical and cultural locations.

Located in the western part of the city, it is a largely residential area. Its name translates to the garden city in English, so it’s probably unsurprising that it’s an area filled with parks and greenery, which could be somewhat surprising given the area climate.

The accommodation is also much more affordable than some of the other areas, as there are both hotels and private apartments looking to tempt you out of the city center.

This is the ideal location if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in a warm climate, with the option to travel in and experience the culture and nightlife if you so choose.

It’s also a perfect location for families with small children, as there are more space and freedom to keep them entertained in but you’re close enough to the cities amenities if they are required.

Stay in Ciudad Jardin if you have small children, you want a relaxing trip, you are looking for good value, you like parks and greenery, you want to be just far enough away from the city that you can access it if required.

Best places to stay in Ciudad Jardin:


7. Sur, a southernmost district in Cordoba

The southernmost district in Cordoba, Sur is separated from the rest of the city by the Guadalquivir river, which lies on the south bank of. Sur is popular for its stunning views of the city, as you have perfect lines of sight to the Jewish quarter, San Basilio, and the Old Town across the water.

It’s also home to the Torre De Calahorra, a fortress designed with Muslim architecture that has been converted into a museum dedicated to the city’s religious heritage.

Its main thoroughfare is the Avenida de Cádiz runs alongside the river, close to Fray Albino, and borders with the A-4 motorway.

Being detached from the main city also gives the area a much more isolated feel than the other areas, providing for a more quaint and romantic setting. Despite this, there’s still great value to be had when it comes to accommodation, making it an area accessible to all.

Stay in Sur if you like beautiful views, you want good value accommodation, you prefer a quieter area, you like museums and history, you are interested in the city’s religious heritage.

Best places to stay in Cordoba in Sur:


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Best Areas to Stay in Cordoba

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With its unique history and culture, Cordoba is certainly a very different location to your traditional vacation spot. It’s certainly not going to be the destination for everyone either as if you’re looking for beaches, tourist entertainment, and booming nightlife, you will probably end up disappointed.

If this is your first visit, I recommend to book hotel around Juderia De Cordoba which is the best area to stay in Cordoba. From its museums and bridges to its parks and rivers, Cordoba has something to offer for everyone looking to soak up a little bit of culture under the beautiful rays of the Spanish sun. Hope you find where to stay in Cordoba. Happy travel!

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