How to Say Goodbye in Spanish

Did you know that the Spanish language is in the top three of the most widely spoken languages in the world, next to English and Mandarin? Before you travel to a Spanish speaking country you should try and master the basic phrases for example, how to say hello and how to say goodbye in Spanish.

Well, it is true. Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people. Spanish is spoken in over twenty-one countries across the world. Primarily in South America after Spain itself. There are a great many Spanish speakers in North America and Africa too. The only nation in Africa whose official language is Spanish is Equatorial Guinea.

Other countries that speak Spanish as their primary language include, Argentina, Cuba and Chile. Some countries like Portugal speak a language that is an evolution of Spanish as as such the basis of the language are very much the same.

Whenever you travel it is always good to try and master the very basics of the language. Not only this this polite and respect to local people but it can also come in very handy. By knowing just a little bit of the language you can travel far and it is safe to say that the local people will appreciate and be impressed with your efforts.

Colombian speak Spanish
People speak Spanish in Colombia © Pedro Szekely
6 ways to say goodbye in Spanish

Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn in the sense that it follows the latin alphabet, just as English does. That is what makes learning languages like Hindi, Russian and Mandarin that bit harder is that you have the added challenge of learning a new alphabet; same goes for Nepali, Thai and Korean too.

In all honestly, many of us will know a little Spanish without even realising it. Spanish often features in dance music tracks that we sing along to on the radio. Surely you know the words ‘uno, dos, tres’? Spanish is as easy as one, two three!

You do not have to enrol yourself in night school to get to grips with the basics of the Spanish language. There are so many different ways to teach yourself a new set of language skills from the comfort of your own home. 

Even on your commute to work you can get practicing. There are really no excuses.

You can download a podcast and listen before you go to bed, or when you are cooking dinner or even in the bath! Learning in a relaxed environment helps improve your memory.

Podcasts are normally free which makes learning Spanish that bit easier too. There are so many out there available to download right now. Each podcast specialises in a different subject and each episode covers a different topic. Ranging from beginner focused to nearly fluent podcasts are one great option to get you learning. To download a popular Spanish learning podcast click here

Language apps are another more interactive way to learn a language and are easily downloadable to your smartphone. If your smartphone is always in your hand scrolling through Facebook then why not make a better use of your time and get learning.

Apps like Duolingo make learning fun and teach the language through a series of games, quizzes and pop quizzes. Apps like Tandem allow you to converse with native speakers in real time, not only does this give you great insight into the language but you can make new friends too! 

GoogleTranslate is the perfect app to use while you are travelling and even works when offline so there is no need to panic about getting wifi wherever you go, the app will do all the work for you.

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How to Say Hello in Spanish

Saying hello in Spanish is very simple, there are no rituals or physical movements to make like in Japan where you must bow. In Spain they keep things easy. To say hello in Spanish you say ‘hola’. Say it with a smile, it just makes it sound nicer.

How to say Goodbye in Spanish

Saying goodbye in Spanish is just as easy to say and remember as hello. To say goodbye in Spanish you say ‘adios;. That is a word we are sure you already know. If you have ever watched the television programme Dora the Explorer you are bound to have heard that word, or the film Nacho Libre staring Jack Black.

There are countless films and TV programmes that drop the odd Spanish phrase into the mix. When you sit down and think about it you probably have the basics down pat without even realising it.

So there you have it, some hints, tips and tricks to help you kickstart learning Spanish and opening up a whole new world of opportunities for yourself.

Whether you download the apps, enrol in night school or simply read over this blog and get how to say hello and how to say goodbye in Spanish mastered in your mind it is safe to say that you now know a little more than you did five minutes ago.

How to say Goodbye in Spanish

How to say Goodbye in Spanish

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