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Top 7 Best Areas to Stay in Bangkok this 2019!

Anyone heading to the Thai capital will be wanting to stay in the best spot. It’s a worldwide truth that cities are bustling and large places, and for that reason, you want to cut down on the amount of commuting you need to do, giving you more time to enjoy the good stuff! Finding your best areas to stay in Bangkok will be much easier after checking out this article.

Bangkok is a city which is packed with neighbourhoods and districts, and each one is special in its own right. If you’ve done a small amount of research, you will already be aware that the choice is quite large, and you might be feeling overwhelmed at the decision before you – one wrong move and your holiday could be ruined!


Best Area to Stay in Kuala Lumpur this 2019!

If you are planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur very soon and wondering where you should stay, then I will help you choose the best area to stay in Kuala Lumpur whether it is the first time visit the city or just wanting to find the best spot for your visit.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, one of the must-see destinations in South East Asia besides other popular countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia

Each neighborhood offers something special for its visitors and the transport is fast and effective. Picking the best places to stay in Kuala Lumpur will cut down the amount of communicating you need to do, giving you more time to enjoy the good stuff.

10 tips for backpacking Vietnam

Vietnam has been on the south east backpacking trial for years and is a firm favorite with holiday makers and young backpackers. Before you hit the road you should get up to speed with our 10 tips for backpacking Vietnam.

Vietnam has a rich and diverse heritage with a combination of influences from China, Japan, France and of course America too. With so much to explore backpacking Vietnam is exciting and challenging times at too.

Although much of Vietnam is very much on the beaten track there is way to explore the more authentic and raw side of the country away from the run-of-the-mill tourist attractions.

How to Say Hello in Korean

Whether you are travelling to South Korea on holiday or for an important business meeting it is important to know how to say hello in Korean.

Many people are put off travelling to South Korea but the acts and behaviour of their neighbours North Korea, fear not South Korea is a wonderfully versatile place that makes for a great vacation! The people are super friendly and the city of Seoul is one of the most vibrant on the planet. South Korea offers some amazing food too! Very heavy on the meat content the Koreans love a barbecue!


Five Best Hong Kong Buffet

Hong Kong is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant place. A buzzing and pumping metropolis that never once stops, not even for a moment! As such, Hong Kong is truly a twenty-four-hour city and in order to function at maximum capacity there must be food! Good food at that! This is where the Hong Kong Buffet comes into play.

How to Say Hello in Chinese

Chinese is regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn and as such people do not often taking up the challenge. Whether you’re just learning how to say hello in Chinese or wishing to master the language it matters little, the only thing that matters is your desire and commitment to learn!

China is a vast nation that is made up of hundreds of subcultures and societal groups. There are eight recognised linguistic groups in China followed by countless dialects and linguistic variations, not to mention colloquialism and idiolects too, just to add to the confusion!

Where is Singapore?

When thinking about Asia and travelling Asia, have you ever asked yourself where is Singapore? Singapore, sadly, for many people is little more than a hub airport where you must endure ridiculously long airport layovers before you catch your next flight. We are here to set the record straight, not only is Singapore a destination in its own right but is certainly worthy of your visiting!