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How Many Days Should I Spend in Barcelona?

One of the burning questions that travellers have before they visit Barcelona is How Many Days in Barcelona do I need? 

Barcelona is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. And the city is famous for its gothic architecture, fantastic football, and great nightlife. 

Visitors will experience an array of beautiful buildings, great beaches, and rich history. Everything from the great climate, top-class food, and stunning hiking spots are a tourism dream.

I believe Barcelona is easily one of the best cities globally to travel to, let alone Europe. This article is a detailed guide on the days needed in Barcelona. 

How Many Days To Spend In Barcelona Spain?

The best amount of time to spend in Barcelona is between 3-4 days. If you spend up to 4 days in the city, you will have adequate time to visit all of the best attractions that Barcelona has to offer. 

You can easily spend a full day exploring the surrounding mountains in the city. Barcelona has some incredible views from these mountains, and you should take the time to hike around these mountains to get the best views of the city.

But you can just as easily spend 2-3 days marveling in the local architecture. Buildings such as Casa Batlló, La Sagrada, or Casa Mila are just the tip of the iceberg. The city is vast with so many things to do, and you can easily spend over four days here.

Where To Stay In Barcelona

Barcelona City
Barcelona City

Barcelona is home to a variety of outstanding areas, all of which have different benefits. If you’re looking for beach resorts, nightlife, or shopping, there is an area for you.

One of the most popular places to stay in Barcelona is Barri Gotic, and the area is right in Barcelona’s heart. Visitors will enjoy the vast medieval architecture of the surrounding area and the landmark buildings.

Another popular spot is the Ramblas. You will enjoy some of the best cafes, restaurants, flower stalls, and bars that the city has to offer from this area.

And thirdly, El Ravel is another fantastic area of the city. Visitors will enjoy the vast medieval architecture of this area. And the area is home to the famous Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum. Furthermore, it’s the location of Barcelona’s best shops, designer restaurants, and trendy bars. 

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Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Barcelona Beaches
Barcelona Beaches

The best time to visit Barcelona is summertime. The weather during the summer is superb, and temperatures average highs of 29 during the day. And temperatures barely go lower than 22 during the night.

Not only is this time the best weather, but it’s the time where the best things happen in the city. You will see a wide variety of parades and festivals throughout the city. And it’s the perfect time to head to the beach when the sea is at its warmest. 

Popular things to do in the summer include watching movies at the beach, enjoying some of Barcelona’s best parks, or head out and enjoy a tapas route.

How To Get Around Barcelona

A great way to get around the city is by bus. There are over a thousand buses in the city. And all parts of the city are covered by public transport. 

There are a wide-ranging metro tram and FGC system in the city. The city currently has eight metro lines, which are spread all over the city. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to get around.

A tram is a superb option, and it is fast, comfortable, and easy to use. The tram lines run all around the city and cover the main touristic areas.

Best Things To See & Do In Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

How Many Days in Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia

The La Sagrada Familia is the icon of Barcelona. This gorgeous unfinished Roman basilica is a UNESCO world heritage site. Millions of tourists flock to the site every year.

Park Güell

How Many Days in Barcelona: Park Güell Barcelona
Park Güell Barcelona

Every great city has a great park. NYC has Central Park, London has Hyde Park, and Barcelona has Park Güell. And the park consisted of vast green space, lots of artwork and was labeled a UNESCO world heritage site in 1884.

Casa Milà 

Casa Milà Barcelona
Casa Milà Barcelona

In a city that is home to some of the most incredible architecture in the world, the Casa Milà is just another beautiful Barcelona building. It’s a must-visit for anyone that loves excellent architecture.

Casa Batlló

Designed by masterful architect Antoni Gaudi, the Casa Batlló is one of the city’s finest buildings. Antoni Gaudi started the construction in 1877, and it has been a staple of the city ever since.

La Rambla

 How Many Days in Barcelona: La Rambla Barcelona
La Rambla Barcelona

La Rambla is the main street of the whole city, stretching 1.2km through the heart of Barcelona. And the road is home to some superb architecture, shops, restaurants, and just about everything you could want.


Montjuïc is a famous mountain in Barcelona, and it’s notorious for the famous castle on the top. There is a great history attached to this hill with the 1992 Olympic games held there.

Visit Barcelonas Beaches

Barcelona has a beautiful coastline that stems 4.5km. The beaches can get incredibly busy doing the summer months, but there is plenty of space to enjoy the weather. The city has numerous beach bars next to the beaches, and they offer fantastic drinks all day and night.

Visit La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market Barcelona
La Boqueria Market Barcelona

If you want to try some of the most delicious Spanish cuisine, head to the La Boqueria Market. The market is full of open kitchens, fresh produce, and incredible smells. It’s the most popular market in Barcelona for a reason.

Visit the Gothic Quarter

The Barri Gòtic is an excellent area of Barcelona’s Old City. Visitors love wandering through the endless rows of gothic architecture. Furthermore, Some of the best parts in the area are the Barcelona Cathedral, Jewish Quarter, and Placa del Rei.

Best Place To Eat In Barcelona

There are so many unique places to eat, and one of the most diverse has to be the La Boqueria market. Here, you will find some of the best food in the city. 

A highly rated restaurant in the city is A Tu Balo, and this restaurant offers superb tapas, meatballs, fish balls, and veggie balls. It is a hit with locals and tourists.

One of the most popular restaurants in the city is the RAO restaurant. They offer modern Catalonian cuisine with a creative twist. It’s well worth a visit.

Day Trips From Barcelona

Barcelona has many fantastic day trips, here are some unmissable day trips.


One of the most popular day trips is Girona, a city that lies between Barcelona and Costa Brava. The city has some massive medieval walls and showcases the rich history of Catalonia. Travelers will enjoy the winding streets, the Jewish quartets, and some of the most beautiful architecture in the whole of Catalonia.

Penedes Wine Region

If you love wine, then you’ll love this region. The Penedes Wine Region is one of the most prominent wine regions in Spain. And the wine region is famous for being a popular grower of the Cava grape variety. This grape variety is considered the Spanish version of Champagne. Furthermore, the wine region is also home to a vast array of fantastic reds and white wines.


Sitges is one of the most scenic towns on the coast. During the day you can walk around the beautiful beaches and take a swim. But better still, the place is full of restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s one of Spain’s most popular nightlife areas, with some large scale partying taking place.


Tarragona is home to a wide variety of Roman architecture. And one of the highlights of this town is the amphitheater that has stood for nearly two millennia, which is incredible. You will also enjoy the vast gothic architecture, beautiful old towns, and pleasant beaches to relax on.

Itinerary For Barcelona

Day 1 Itinerary in Barcelona

A great thing to do on your first day is to see the main attractions of the city. You should visit La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milà. Be sure to check all these great spots on the first day. 

Then you should look to visit some of the food markets. A great spot is the La Boqueria Market. You can indulge in the fresh cuisine of the market and enjoy some fantastic Tapas. 

You should head to the main nightlife areas, including La Rambla, Gracia, and El Born. You should be able to tick off some of the cities significant landmarks on this day.

Day 2 Itinerary in Barcelona

On day 2, you should check out the beaches and surrounding nature. The first thing would be to relax on the beaches, and a good choice would be the Llevant or Mar Bella. You can relax here in the morning before heading to some of the cities fantastic viewpoints. 

A great spot would be Tibadabo or Montjuïc, from either of these mountains, you can witness Barcelona’s incredible views. Carmel hill is a fantastic viewpoint and arguably offers the best views of Barcelona. 

Then you can head back to the great nightlife spots and relax for the night.

Day 3 Itinerary in Barcelona

On day 3, you should look to take a day trip out of the city. A great option would be Girona, or if you enjoy drinking wine, then head to Montserrat. 

There are other great spots to enjoy a day out, such as Penedes Wine Region, Stiges, or Tarragona. The choice depends on what you’re looking for in your day out of the city.

If you love wine, then head to the wine regions, but if you want beaches and old roman architecture, head to Tarragona. Catalonia is such a great place, make sure you mark a day down to explore the areas outside of Barcelona. 

If you have more days in Barcelona

If you have more than three days in Barcelona, I recommend taking the time to see the city. Barcelona is best appreciated when you’re not rushing to see everything in Barcelona.

I would also suggest to take more day trips and to head to as many surrounding towns and places as possible. You could perhaps hire a car and make your own adventures around the area. 

And better still, you can find quieter beaches than the ones in Barcelona. So be sure to hire that care and get exploring. 

Barcelona Safety Tips

Barcelona is a very safe city. However, as with all cities in the world. It’s essential to take sensible precautions to avoid petty crime.

Because Barcelona is such a busy and touristic city, pickpockets are prevalent in the city. Therefore, you should always be cautious of where your belongings are. Don’t keep your wallet or mobile phone in your back pockets. It would help if you placed them in your bag or purchase a waist pack. 

Certain areas are pickpocketing hotspots. And parts of Ramblas Ravel can become pickpocketing hotspots late at night. Be careful in the metro system and buses, and these are places where pickpockets target tourists. 

Is 3 Days Enough In Barcelona?

I don’t think three days is enough in Barcelona. Barcelona is a vast city with so many things to do. If you spend three days in Barcelona, you would have to rush around. And you would likely need to do a planned itinerary to see as much as you can. 

If you opt to choose three days, then the best option is to dedicate one day to the city’s gothic architecture. Then spend another day exploring the beaches and the coastline. 

And then a third day spent hiking the surrounding mountains of the city. Some of the views of the city from the hills are stunning. You can even see many of Barcelona’s significant landmarks from these vantage points.

Is 4 Days Enough In Barcelona?

I think four days is enough to see the city, but not the outside areas of Catalonia. If you have four days, you can dedicate 2-3 days to exploring the cities best attractions, bars, food, and clubs.

And on day 3 or 4, you can decide to head out of the city to the many day trips on offer. You can see much of the city in 2 days, so you might be able to have two full days of exploring the outside areas.

That is great if you like wine, beaches, and roman architecture because you will be able to see the wine regions in one day and then spend a day in Sitges or Tarragona on another day.

Can You See Barcelona In 2 Days?

Not properly. You will only scratch the surface if you spend two days in Barcelona. And you would have to severely rush around the city to avoid feeling like you missed out on many of the best things. 

However, if you opt to spend two days in the city, I would recommend spending one day on the beach alongside some hikes. The best thing to do would be to hike early in the morning and chase those epic views from Tibidabo Viewpoint. 

Then after a tiring hike, you can head to the beach and relax for the day. You could choose either Bogatell Beach, Barceloneta Beach, or Llevant beach. They’re all a great option. And then spend your last day exploring the city’s prominent architecture, including the churches, restaurants, and shops. But you would have to do a lot on that second day.

How Many Days In Barcelona And Madrid?

These are two incredible cities, and some of the finest in Europe. Therefore, you need to dedicate some time to both of them. I think a reasonable time frame for Barcelona is 3-4 days, and the same amount of time for Madrid. 

If you bear in mind that you will lose an afternoon or an evening for travel, I think a week will be more than enough to explore the best of the two cities and the surrounding areas. You have a couple of options to get between the two cities. One option is to catch the bus or drive, but this will take you around 6-7 hours. Alternatively, you can take a flight instead, but these take about 1 hour plus time checking in and driving to the airport.

If you’re just looking to explore the cities and not venture into the surrounding areas, you could just spend five days in both cities. But if you want to include the wine regions, surrounding towns, and scenery, you should look to do a week or more in both cities. 

How Many Days In Barcelona And Seville?

If you’re looking to venture to Barcelona and Seville, a reasonable time frame would be a week. With four days in Barcelona and two days in Seville. 

Seville has some great attractions, including the Seville Cathedral, Barrio Santa Cruz, and Plaza De Espana. However, Seville isn’t a big city in comparison to Barcelona. It’s far smaller, with a population of just under 700,000. So you don’t need as many days in Seville as you would in Barcelona and Madrid. 

Again, you would have to bear in mind the loss of time from traveling between the two cities. You can get overnight trains, but they take around 13 hours, a large chunk of your time gone, even if it is at night. However, flights run regularly between the two cities and are the best option for connecting.

How Many Days In Barcelona, Madrid And Seville?

If you’re looking to visit Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, I would look towards spending 8-10 days in the three cities. A reasonable time frame would be 3-4 days in Barcelona, 3-4 days in Madrid, and two days in Seville.

That would leave you with ample time to explore all three cities. And it would even allow you to head outside the cities and explore some of the top-rated attractions around the city. 

If you’re in a hurry and you’re not looking to explore the city’s surrounding areas, and you’re not bothered about ticking every attraction off the list. Then you should look to spend seven days in the three cities. It will mean you have to rush around a bit to see things, but ultimately, you will get to see the main attractions. And you will have a comfortable time to travel between the cities.

How Many Euros Do I Need For 5 Days In Barcelona

Barcelona uses the Euro currency and is an expensive city to visit compared to other cities in Spain. However, it’s cheaper than other major European cities such as London, Dublin, and Amsterdam. 

A hotel room in Barcelona averages around 50 euros per night and that is far cheaper than places like London, where a good hotel room can be close to 100 Euros per night. And other expenses such as food, transport, and tours will cost a considerable amount too. The average meal in Barcelona varies from 7 to 20 Euros.

A reasonable budget for one person who is in the city for five days is around 500 euros. That will allow you to enjoy yourself and see the city freely. It will give you a budget for nightlife, food, attractions, and tours. 

Alternatively, there are some great budget options in the city. There are a variety of hostels in the city, and many averages around 25 euros per night. That is considerably more than destinations in Central Europe but slightly cheaper than hostels in London or Paris. 

If you’re looking to visit Barcelona on a budget, you should set away 300 euros for the five days. And be sure to eat at markets, buy from local convenience stores, and avoid eating out in restaurants as much as you possibly can.


Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in Europe. It’s only extremely popular with tourists from all over the globe, and there are good reasons for this. The city is full of culture, heritage, and beauty. You can’t make a day trip to Barcelona, and I don’t think two days is enough either. 

The best amount of time to spend in the city is 3-4 days, and be sure to make the most of the incredible beaches and mountains that offer such a wonderful natural escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets. And better still, if you head there for a more extended period, you can explore more of Catalonia and its rich and incredible history. If you choose to visit Barcelona, it will be the perfect welcome to Spanish culture.

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