Best areas to stay in Bangkok

Top 7 Best Area to Stay in Bangkok – Where to Stay in Bangkok

If you’re wondering where to stay in Bangkok and where is the best area to stay in Bangkok for the first time, couples, families, friends, backpackers, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, you are in the right place. This article will give you an insight into the best places to stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

Anyone heading to the Thai capital will be wanting to stay in the best spot. It’s a worldwide truth that cities are bustling and large places, and for that reason, you want to cut down on the amount of commuting you need to do, giving you more time to enjoy the good stuff!

Bangkok is a city which is packed with neighborhoods and districts, and each one is special in its own right. If you’ve done a small amount of research, you will already be aware that the choice is quite large, and you might be feeling overwhelmed at the decision before you – one wrong move and your holiday could be ruined!

The great thing about this city, being a capital and all, is that public transport is fast, effective, and easy to use – if you decide to drive however, you may find yourself sat in traffic at certain parts of the day, and you won’t be going anywhere fast!

Top 7 Best Area to Stay in Bangkok – Where to Stay in Bangkok

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, luckily for you, here are the best places to stay around Bangkok, cutting out the stress of your hotel decision! In terms of the areas of Bangkok to stay in, you basically have seven choices before you.

Top 7 Best Area to Stay in Bangkok Map

Where to Stay in Bangkok Map
Best Area to Stay in Bangkok Map

To see more detail about Best Place to Stay in Bangkok Map, go to Google Map.

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Thes​e areas all have plentiful hotels to choose from, as well as a wide variety of other attractions to enjoy. Getting around isn’t particularly difficult from any of them, aside from Rattanakosin, which seems to be fairly isolated; having said that, it’s not impossible with a little effort, evident by the huge number of people who choose to base themselves here.

Having said that, where to stay really depends on what you’re wanting to do during your time in this fantastic and bright city. The best area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers might not be the best areas to stay in Bangkok for shopping, and likewise for those visiting for nightlife, or sightseeing. It’s all about location, location, location! Each area is an all-rounder to a degree, but they all have a speciality which they are famous for, and something you should go there to see in particular.

Let’s narrow it down by region.

1. Sukhu​​​​​​mvit: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Nightlife

best area to stay in bangkok for nightlife: Sukhumvit
Sukhumvit: the best areas to stay in bangkok for nightlife

This 18km main road is packed with modern amenities, including shopping, nightlife, and restaurants. There is literally something here for every type of visitor, so if you’re looking for the best places to stay around Bangkok for a variety of different reasons, then this is a good all-rounder.

Sukhumvit is quite western, although there are nods to authentic Thailand too. You can easily get around by the Skytrain (BTS), however, driving is not the best idea because of the huge amount of traffic. Overall however, if yo​u’re looking for the best area to stay in Bangkok for nightlife which isn’t too raucous, this is a great spot.


  • You want some great nightlife
  • You do not mind hustle and bustle
  • You enjoy eating in top-notch restaurants
  • You don’t drive, or you don’t mind traffic jams
  • You are a first-time visitor or you travel as a couple, with friends, or family.

Where to Stay in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

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2. S​iam: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Shop​ping

best area to stay in Bangkok for shopping: Siam
Siam: the best areas to stay in Bangkok for shopping

Without a doubt, this is the best area to stay in Bangkok for shopping. There are countless malls here, including the big-hitters, such as Siam Center and Siam Paragon. This is a vibrant area with plentiful tourists around, including an easy to use public transport system. Families will enjoy this particular area, as there is more than enough to do, and plentiful attractions, shopping, restaurants, and also some nightlife.


  • You are into partying, nightlife
  • You love shopping
  • You do not mind staying far from the Thai’s culture area
  • You want to stay in a safe neighborhood
  • You travel with families

Where to Stay in Bangkok Siam 

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3. Silom: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Backpackers

best area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers: Silom
Silom: the best area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers

Where to stay in Bangkok obviously varies, as you will have seen, but if you want something which changes with the hours, then Silom is for you. This particular region is busy with business during the day, but then after around 5pm it changes into a nightlife destination. Patpong is located here, which is where the famous Red Light Centre is round, as well as the night market.

Some people find this particular area to be lacking in too much authenticity and culture, but for a modern choice, as well as the best area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers, this is a good go-to.


  • You prefer peace and quiet place
  • You travel to Bangkok during the Songkran festival
  • You are looking for more affordable accommodation
  • You do not mind crow during night-time

Where to Stay in Bangkok Silom

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4. Pratunam: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Shopping

best area to stay in Bangkok for shopping: Pratunam
Pratunam: the best areas to stay in Bangkok for shopping

The busy 24 hour market is located in the Pratunam region, and there is a lot of bargain shopping to be had, as well as cheap hotels too. Traffic is rather busy and frenetic around here, however the public transport network is linked quite well.

Pratunam is a cosmopolitan area, and it has a good mix of tourists, locals, and business people, which makes it a good all-rounder choice. For the best places to stay around Bangkok for something authentic, without being too in your face, this is a good option.


  • You are a big fan of shopping
  • You do not mind the crowd
  • Traffic jams are not your problems
  • You can easily find affordable hotels/hostels
  • You are within walking distance of Siam
  • You are enjoy bargaining

Where to Stay in Bangkok Pratunam Area

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5. Riverside: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Tourists & Sightseeing

best area to stay in Bangkok for tourists and sightseeing: Riverside
Riverside: the best areas to stay in Bangkok for tourists and sightseeing

This is the heart of the city, so it is a one of the best areas to stay in Bangkok for tourists and sightseeing. Here you will find temples, palaces, landmarks, and plentiful places to stay which are of a higher star class – on the flipside, you won’t find much in the way of budget accommodation. Visitors will certainly see plenty of daily life.

Riverside is a great spot for couples and families, and basically those who want to enjoy themselves in luxury, rather than for backpackers who need a cheaper option. This particular destination is therefore much more of a ‘holiday’ spot than a city neighbourhood.


  • You travel as a couple, you are looking for something romantic and relaxing
  • You want to stay close to the historical site, close to the Old city
  • You are looking for luxury hotels
  • You want to have quiet nights
  • You don’t mind taking a taxi or tuk-tuk to travel because your location can be far from BTS station

Where to Stay in Bangkok Riverside Area

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6. Chinatown: Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Backpackers & Shopping

Best Area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers and shopping: Chinatown
Chinatown: the best areas to stay in Bangkok for backpackers and shopping

As the name would suggest, Chinatown has an oriental vibe, and it is packed with street food vendors to check out. There is also a very large amount of gold shops to be found in Chinatown, so a great spot for jewellery shopping. Backpackers will find plentiful cheap places to stay here, and it’s a very vibrant and very colourful place to base yourself.

For a true Thai experience, and plenty of fantastic photo opportunities, remember to bring good camera with you to capture this beautiful area.

Hua Lamphong train station is located in Chinatown, stay here to get around other attractions of Thailand like ChiangMai, Pataya…. easier.

Chinatown certainly ticks the boxes, as well as opportunities to try something new.


  • You are into street food, unique culture experiences
  • You are looking for budget accommodations and backpacker hostels
  • You don’t mind busy and crowded
  • You love taking fantastic photos

Where to Stay in Bangkok Chinatown Area

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7. Rattanakosin (Old City): Best Area to Stay in Bangkok for Backpackers & Sightseeing

best area to stay in Bangkok for backpackers and sightseeing: Rattanakosin (Old City)
Rattanakosin (Old City) the best areas to stay in Bangkok for backpackers and sightseeing

Here you will find some of the most popular landmarks, including The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and Wat Pho. Sightseers will love this place, and backpackers are plentiful around here, because of the cheap accommodation on offer.

The Old City is packed with spots to check out, but it is harder to get around to other parts of the city from here. Is this a downside? Some would say so, but the major upside is what you will see and experience – sights like these can’t be ignored and they can’t be avoided!


  • You enjoy staying close to historical attractions: temples, museums, palaces
  • You are into sightseeing

Where to Stay in Bangkok Old City Area

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Tips for Choosing Best Area to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok – one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia, is a huge city, so it is important to base yourself in the right spot. The above areas should have given you an idea of where to go, and you will also know that you should be shopping around for the best deals before you arrive.

Backpackers will find many hostels, especially in the Old City and the Pratunam areas; on the flipside, anyone who wants to live in luxury during their holiday should be heading to Riverside and Sukhumvit. These two places both offer five star hotels in Bangkok with all mod-cons, and Riverside is a great spot for families, as it’s not too far into the nightlife side of the city, and offers a safe amount of middle ground.

Chinatown should be visited, even though there aren’t quite as many hotels here as there are in some of the other main regions. This is one of the most iconic and bright areas in Bangkok, and a fantastic place for foodies to visit – if you want to try something new, and you’re feeling a little brave, this is where those weird and wonderful street food combinations can be found, including various delicacies you might not find anywhere else!

Siam is certainly the spot for shoppers, in fact the air conditioned malls might feel like a spot of cool heaven after a long, hot day in the city!

For true bargains however, check out Pratunam, where there are many outlets to grab some bargains. Having said that, there are plentiful stalls and markets in all parts of the city, it’s just a case of how much you want to spend, with Riverside probably having the most expensive retail therapy opportunities.

For authentic Thailand however, especially authentic Bangkok, it has to be Rattanakosin. The Old City has more sightseeing opportunities than anywhere else, and there are some of the most iconic buildings here compared to anywhere else.

The fact that it is a little harder to get from here to the other areas shouldn’t put anyone off visiting this most magical part of the city, because this is where you will get the most in the way of authenticity. The budget accommodation to be found here is another major reason why you will see countless backpackers staying here.

Is Bangkok safe?

is Bangkok safe

Bangkok is a safe city for travellers and tourists. It’s even safe for women; it isn’t necessary to watch your clothing choices or worry about clubbing alone.

However, it’s incredibly busy, making it easy to become a victim of bag snatching and pickpocketing.

The biggest things to look out for are taxi and tuk-tuk scams, where you’re charged extortionately for your trip or taken on a wild goose chase around stores where the driver receives a commission.

Overall, Bangkok is not a dangerous city and you aren’t at risk of violent crime – you are mostly at risk of petty theft or scams, as with any large city.

Which Area To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping?

Which Area To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping
Chatuchak Market

Bangkok is peppered with sumptuous shopping malls – so much so that it can be hard to choose between them all.

If you want bargain shopping, choose MBK Center – if you’re looking for class, go for The Emporium. The best place to find cheap clothes is the Pratunam district, especially the market and fashion mall.

If you want to try one of the best traditional markets, try the Chatuchak weekend market, where you can find everything from beads to vinyl records – and its unbelievable sprawl is quite a spectacle.

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Where Did Jack Whitehall Stay In Bangkok?

Where Did Jack Whitehall Stay In Bangkok: Anantara Siam

Jack Whitehall and his father started in Khao San Road, and while Jack had planned to stay in a hostel, his father insisted on staying in a five-star hotel.

At the time it was a Four Seasons, but it was later bought by the Anantara group and the hotel is now called the Anantara Siam. It still looks very similar to when they stayed there, and guests will recognise the bar from the episode.

The Anantara Siam is a luxurious and authentic retreat from the bustle of the city and would make a lovely destination for a honeymoon.

Can I Stay In Bangkok Airport Overnight?

Can I Stay In Bangkok Airport Overnight
Bangkok airport

The larger airport in Bangkok is the Suvarnabhumi airport.

It has free wifi and first-class lounges, some of which have showers. It has a lot of private, quiet spots for sleeping, especially if you don’t mind floor-sleeping.

There is also free drinking water near most of the bathrooms.

There is a transit hotel inside the airport, as well as sleep boxes. There are also plenty of hotels nearby which can be reached by shuttle.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok During Songkran?

Where To Stay In Bangkok During Songkran
Songkran Festival James Antrobus

The best place to experience Songkran is in Silom. The street is packed with people armed with water pistols, so it’s the best place to join in with the fun – or, if you want to stay dry, you can get a bird’s eye view from the skywalk.

If you’re a party animal, then you can experience the festival from Khao San Road – but be aware, you won’t escape getting wet at this venue!

If you want to experience the fun side of the festival and get a dose of the traditional and cultural aspects, then the best place to go is the Phra Padaeng district

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Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok Near Tourist Attractions?

Where To Stay In Bangkok Near Tourist Attractions

The Khao San area is great for budget travellers, and is near to a lot of cultural attractions – but you can’t access the SkyTrain in this area so journeys have to be taken by taxi or tuk-tuk.

The riverside area is where a lot of the best hotels are, and there are many cultural attractions near the river too.

The home to the most famous and spectacular historical attractions is the Old City, home to the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This makes the Old city the best place to stay to be right in the middle of the city’s ancient culture.

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Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok Near Night Market?

Bangkok is full of markets, but the two must-do night markets are the Asiatique and the famous Patpong night market.

The Asiatique is the trendiest and most Instagram-worthy night market, situated along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Staying along the riverbank is a great choice to be able to soak up this market.

If you want to try out your haggling skills and experience the bustling crowds of the famous Patpong Night Market, there are plenty of budget hotels in the immediate area to choose from.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok With Friends?

Thonglor is great for groups looking for a bit of nightlife without the touristy feel that other neighbourhoods in Bangkok can succumb to. It is also easy to get to the more well-known nightlife spots in Sukhumvit in case the nightlife is not to your taste.

Another good choice is the intersection between Sukhumvit and Asoke, which is well connected by public transport, and it’s also close to a lot of ‘westernised’ nightlife spots which are popular with non-locals.

This is also a good area as it’s possible to find accommodation in every price range within a small radius, to suit every member of the group.

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Where To Stay In Bangkok Sukhumvit Or Siam?

Both Siam and Sukhumvit are great areas for shopping with easy access to the SkyTrain, making them great bases from which to explore the rest of the city.

If you’re excited about the biggest and best of Bangkok’s malls, then most of these are found in the Siam Square area. 

If you’re more interested in outdoor markets and stalls, these become thicker on the ground the closer to Sukhumvit you get – and this area is also a great area for street food and restaurants.

The choice between these two vibrant neighbourhoods comes down to taste

For a more upmarket atmosphere choose Siam with its glittering malls and tempting restaurants, but for a more cultural experience, you should head to Sukhumvit, whose streets teem with traditional markets and food options.

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Where To Stay In Bangkok Pratunam Or Sukhumvit?

Sukhumvit is better served by public transport, being on both the Skytrain and BTS lines, making it easy to access the rest of the city. 

In Pratunam, the main choice for transport is taxi, which can be expensive and runs the risk of getting stuck in traffic.

Pratunam has lower-priced accommodation and its markets are cheaper, making it a good budget choice.

Sukhumvit also has a more active nightlife – this can be a benefit or a downside, depending on whether you are looking for a more family-friendly or party atmosphere for your stay.

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Where To Stay In Bangkok, Siam Or Pratunam?

Pratunam is great for bargain shopping and is cheap in general. However, it’s not well served by public transport and it doesn’t have a great range of restaurants or nightlife.

Siam has better public transport connections, making it a better base for exploring, and the area also offers great options for eating and shopping.

It is easy to walk from Siam to Pratunam; staying in Siam means you’re close to public transport, and you can still easily reach Pratunam for an afternoon of shopping. Staying in Siam gives you the best of both worlds.

Siam also has great nightlife – so if you want to be able to go out on the town, Siam is the better choice.

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Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok As A Solo Traveller?

Bangkok is a great city for a solo traveller, and the best neighbourhood for backpackers is the Khao San area – it’s the place to stay on a budget, and to meet other travellers.

Silom is also a good choice for budget hotels and it has great access to public transport, which is the best way to get around the city as a solo traveller.

Bangkok also has a healthy ex-pat community, and there are bars throughout the city filled with foreigners which are great places to make connections.

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Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok With Toddler/Baby?

People tend to avoid Bangkok with babies and young children, but there’s lots to do, such as visiting Bangkok Ocean World and a relaxing canal tour.

Sukhumvit is a great choice, as it’s central with easy access to public transport and attractions. Any riverside hotel is also a good choice, as this is a more relaxed area to retreat to at the end of the day.

Many hotels even offer free shuttles into the city centre –  an especially enjoyable feature if you’re staying on the riverside, as the free shuttle boat is exciting and entertaining for children.

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What Is The Best Way To Get Around Bangkok?

There are plenty of ways to get around Bangkok – there’s a very well established public transport system, including the high-speed Sky Train, which stops at 22 stations connecting the north and south of the city. You can get an all-day ticket for just £3.26.

For a more ‘authentic’ experience you can choose to get around by tuk-tuk and experience the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also get around by taxi, as you can in any major city.  Just watch out for the prices, as tourists are often the target of scams.

Is Bangkok Airport Easy To Get Around?

The Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) has four floors – one for transportation, one for arrivals, one for departures, and one for shopping and restaurants. 

There are seven concourses as well as the main terminal and plenty of moving walkways and escalators to simplify getting around.

It doesn’t have any interterminal transportation but it is only a short walk from one concourse to another.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For Sightseeing?

Stretching along the eastern bank of the Chao Praya River, the Old City contains the most famous and historical sights including the Royal Palace, the Wat Pao and the City Pillar Shrine.

Any riverside accommodation will provide easy access to most of the city’s famous sites, and is a gorgeous location in itself.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be close to the best of Bangkok’s shopping, staying in central district Siam gives you access to all the best malls and the full range of the city’s public transport for exploring. 

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Where is the Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok For Street Food?

where to stay in Bangkok for street food
where to stay in Bangkok for street food

In the evening, those in the know flock towards Yaowarat in Chinatown, known for its fabulous street food.

For a cultural variety, head to Bang Rak; traditionally an immigrant area, over the centuries food from a range of cultures has merged with traditional Thai cuisine, making for a dizzying array of choices.

In the Khao San neighbourhood, the food is a little targeted towards the western palette – for a first time visitor, this might be the right place for you.

Where is the Best Places To Stay In Bangkok Near Temples?

The riverside is the best place in terms of access, as it’s where a large number of the historical temples are situated, and it also offers stunning views of the ancient buildings.

Banglamphu is also a great place to stay as it’s only a short walk before you’re surrounded by shops, houses and temples that are generations old.

Another great choice is the Khao San Road, a short walk from many historic temples and near to the river ferry, giving you easy access to all the sights.

Where is the Best Places To Stay In Bangkok For Partying?

Sukhumvit has it all when it comes to nightlife, filled to the bring with restaurants, clubs and bars – including rooftop bars which offer unbeatable views over the city. The main street for nightlife in Sukhumvit is Soi 11.

For backpackers, the Khao San Road is somewhat of a holy grail of partying – the bars offer loud music and cheap drinks, and the street is crowded with street food vendors.

Both these locations offer accommodation to suit all budgets, so you should find something to suit you.

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Where is the Best Places To Stay In Bangkok For Single Man?

For a younger, more laid back crowd head to Khao San, the backpacking neighbourhood, where it’s easy to make connections with other solo travellers. 

If you don’t want to stay in backpacker’s or budget accommodation, it’s easy to find a range of options near the Khao San area.

Alternatively, Sukhumvit is known for its nightlife, and it’s easy to enjoy the bars on your own or to meet new people over a drink.

If you simply want to soak up some culture, then Silom is a good choice as it’s very central and the best place to use as a base to explore the city.

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Where To Stay In Bangkok For an Indian Family?

Where to Stay in Bangkok for Indian family
Where to Stay in Bangkok for Indian family

In general, for a family-friendly visit, it’s best to avoid regions like Sukhumvit, and especially areas such as the Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy – home to some of the seedier aspects of city life.

The Pratunam neighbourhood is the most family-friendly in the evening, with very few bars, and it is also quite cheap. 

Here you can also find many travel agencies where you can book tours, a great option to explore the city at minimal effort and fun for all the family.

It is also easy to find authentic Indian restaurants throughout the city, but especially in central districts such as Silom and Siam.

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Where is the Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok Honeymoon?

Bangkok is a beautiful city with restaurants and cultural highlights to suit anyone’s taste, and it can also be very romantic.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon filled with sightseeing, then it is best to stay somewhere as central as possible, such as Silom – from here you can easily access everything from the Grand palace to Chinatown.

Another great choice is to stay in the Old Town, with its traditional buildings and quaint atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a more tranquil romantic retreat, then staying along the riverside is the best choice. The combination of the water and stunning views of the city make for a perfect romantic visit.

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Where is the Best Places To Stay In Bangkok Close To Everything?

Sukhumvit is the most cosmopolitan and well-connected area of Bangkok, and also bustling with nightlife. 

Staying here will allow you to experience almost every aspect of the city; the best nightlife, the famous red-light district, a huge range of restaurants, markets and street food- plus easy access to public transport. 

Siam is an equally accessible region of Bangkok, full of shops and restaurants, and it’s more family-friendly as it’s easier to get away from the bar scene after dark and there’s more choice of family-friendly accommodation.

Where is the Best Areas To Stay In Bangkok For Muslims?

Bangkok is a Muslim friendly city, offering halal hotels and restaurants dotted throughout which serve a variety of cuisines.

For those wishing to avoid drinking culture, the neighbourhood of Sukhumvit and the Khao San Road should be avoided in the evening – however, in the day Soi 3 in Sukhumvit is home to over 50 halal restaurants

In terms of accommodation, the Rhamkhamhaeng area has a few halal hotels to choose from, as does Ratchaburi.

Bangkok is also home to many mosques, so finding a place to pray is not too much of a challenge.

Where To Stay In Bangkok Gay?

Considered the gay capital of Asia, Bangkok is packed with nightlife including many gay bars. 

Happily, there aren’t areas in Bangkok that should be particularly avoided as a gay traveller – so you can choose where to stay based on what you want to do.

If you are looking to explore the gay scene in this vibrant city, the best places to stay are Silom and Siam. Silom has a huge range of bars and restaurants (and great public transport connections). For the best nightlife and gay bars, make your way to Sukhumvit.

>>Check Best Hotels in Silom and Siam for Gay<<

Which Part of Bangkok Is Best To Stay?

Sukhumvit, Siam, Silom, Chinatown, and Pratunam are the best parts of Bangkok to stay. There are several hotel options in these cities. Whether you are looking for an affordable, cost-saving, or luxury hotel, there is always an excellent place for you to stay in any of the areas. 

Aside from the plethora of hotels available, there are also many shopping centers, clubs, bars, and restaurants in Pratunam, Chinatown, Silom, Siam and Sukhumvit.

These cities are also safe areas to stay in Bangkok. The transport system in the cites is easy to use. Besides, you don’t have to break up your bank to have a lovely time.

Where Is The Safest Place To Stay In Bangkok?

Riverside, Silom, Sukhumvit, Pratunam, and Siam are all safe places to stay in Bangkok. Likewise, the cites are relaxed and calm, no matter the time of the year you visit. For instance, Riverside has a lesser crime rate over the years compared to other areas in Bangkok. 

While there are several security guards in every hotel in Siam, there are also many round-the-clock receptions in Pratunam to ensure you are safe.

You will always find as many people as possible while you move around in the evenings. There are also many security guards in other places, like shopping malls, night clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

Where Should I Stay In Bangkok For The First Time?

Siam Square, Silom, Sukhumvit, Chinatown, and the Old City are the best places to visit in Bangkok for first-time visitors. With a short time visit to Siam Square or Chinatown, you would love to see every nook and cranny of Bangkok. Also, Sukhumvit has all the fun, events, and activities you would love to enjoy as a first time visitor. There are hundreds of shopping malls to visit in the Silom. The cites are home to some of the biggest and best malls in the region.

Likewise, they are filled with many restaurants that offer both local and international dishes.

Where To Stay In Bangkok With Family?

Riverside, Chinatown, and Pratunam are great spots for families as well as friends. The areas are rich in history, culture, and epic novels. Also, these cities are the safest in Bangkok. You can be sure that your family’s safety is guaranteed.

The areas home a lot of luxury hotels. While there are unique places for you and your partner to have a great time, the areas also offer exciting events for your little ones. Pratunam, Chinatown and Riverside have plenty of daily life to offer every visitor.

Where To Stay In Bangkok On A Budget?

Chinatown and Rattanakosin are the best areas to stay in Bangkok on a budget. Unlike other cities in the region, Chinatown offers you a memorable experience without breaking up the bank. Irrespective of what you have in your budget, there are many things to see, do, and buy in the Old City. The restaurants in these areas offer world-class foods and drinks at your budget.  

There are also a plethora of affordable hotels where your comfort is their major priority.

Where Is The Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For Couples?

Riverside, Sukhumvit, and Siam are the best places to stay in Bangkok for couples. The areas have a lot of hotels to make your stay in the one-of-its-kind. For instance, Riverside gives you easy access to the BTS Skytrain, which helps you get around the city without difficulties. You and your partner can also visit the major temples in Siam at your convenience. Sukhumvit is also a great place for couples to party and enjoy the nightlife.

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife?

Sukhumvit, Chinatown, Riverside, and Silom are the best places to stay in Bangkok for Nightlife. While there are many tourist attraction centers in these cities, the areas also offer visitors entertainment at its best. The cities never sleep, especially from late in the evening into the early hour of the morning. They are home to several shows, cinemas, theatres, concerts, live music, parties, nightclubs, and bars.

Where To Stay In Bangkok Near Airport?

Sukhumvit, Pratunam, Chinatown, Siam, and Silom are places to stay in Bangkok near the airport. For instance, the S Box Sukhumvit hotel in the city is only 20.4 km far Suvarnabhumi Airport and 21.2 km from Don Mueang International Airport. On the other hand, the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel in Siam is only 20.8 km from Don Mueang International Airport. The Crown Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park is also about 23.6 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Irrespective of the area you wish to stay among the cities listed above, you will never miss your flight or any thrilling action in Bangkok.

Where To Stay In Bangkok Near Tourist Attractions?

Rattanakosin, Sukhumvit, Pratunam, and Chinatown are the best places to stay in Bangkok near tourist attractions. These areas home to some popular landmarks and places in the region like Wat Pho, Kaew, Wat Phra and the Grand Palace. They are great cities for sightseers and backpackers. There is a lot to see, do and enjoy in the towns. There is also a renowned Bangkok National Museum in the Rattanakosin.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For 2 Days

Sukhumvit and Riverside, Siam, and Silom are incredible places you can stay in Bangkok for two days. You can choose to spend the first day in Sukhumvit or Riverside, and you visit Siam or Silom on the second day. On the first day at Sukhumvit, you should visit the thrilling nightclubs, bars, and parties in the city. There are other beautiful places you can go for sightseeing in Riverside.

On the second day at Siam, you should visit the amazing shopping malls in the area. You also have opportunities to have a taste of the world-class dishes in the renowned restaurants in Silom. The transport system in these areas is also top-notch and easy to use

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For 1 Night?

No place offers you an exciting nightlife experience as Sukhumvit, Siam, Chinatown, and Riverside do. These places are the best place to stay in Bangkok for one night. For instance, Sukhumvit is not only full-filled but also a tourist attraction center. On the other hand, Chinatown is considered as the action-packed city of Bangkok. Whether you are a lover of night parties or you love to watch cinemas, Siam is the right place to be. Meanwhile, it is safe to walk in these cities in the evening and late at night.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For 4 Nights?

Pratunam, Silom, Siam, and Riverside are the best places to stay in Bangkok for four nights. On the first night, you can enjoy sightseeing in Riverside. This area is also a family-friendly city with lots of things to do. On the second night, you can enjoy shopping at the luxury malls in Pratunam. On the third night, Silom is the best place to have a great time.

Once it is around 5 pm, Silom becomes a nightlife destination with incredible entertainment. On the last night, ensure you visit the renowned restaurants in Siam to have a taste of the amazing dishes.

Where is the Best Area To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights?

The best places to stay in Bangkok for three nights are Chinatown, Riverside, and the famous Old City. These three places are fun-filled areas in Bangkok. Irrespective of your taste of entertainment, food, or lifestyle, they are ready to make your stay home-away-from-home.

You can see the stunning structures and landmarks in the Old City on the first day. Then, on the second day, you can make the Riverside a great spot for a lovely time with the family. End your adventure at Chinatown, where there are many photo opportunities.

Where is the Best Place Stay In Bangkok For New Year’s Eve?

Sukhumvit is the best place to stay in Bangkok for new year’s eve. This area allows you to relax and feel comfortable while the celebration is on. Riverside also put on great shows and events every night of the year.

You also have the opportunity to see incredible fireworks and taste some champagne with friends in Chinatown. Likewise, Pratunam offers dancing and party opportunities for the new year celebration.

Where Do Indian Tourists Stay in Bangkok?

Sukhumvit is the area where Indian tourists stay in Bangkok. This city is an excellent place for sightseeing as well as nightlife experience. There are also a lot of restaurants that offer Indian dishes.

Pratunam is another area where Indian tourists stay in Bangkok since it is the heart of the city where you can shop for jewelry, toys, electronics, clothes, and lots more.

Many Indian tourists also stay in Silom and Siam for shopping opportunities.

Is Bangkok safe to walk around at night?

No matter the time of the day, Bangkok is a place you can walk around at night. If you are nightcrawlers, you would love to be in this region. There are a lot of security guards in every social institution available in Bangkok. In areas like Sukhumvit, Siam, Chinatowns and lots more, the evening to the late in the night is when everywhere becomes a nightlife destination. 

Final Thoughts on Best Area to Stay in Bangkok

Wherever you choose to stay, and whether you’re on a flying visit en-route to one of the Thai paradise islands, or basing yourself in the capital overall, doing your research ahead of time in terms of where to stay in Bangkok is something every visitor needs to do – don’t cut corners and end up somewhere far away from the main reason for your visit!

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Best Area to Stay in Bangkok

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