Where to Stay in Koh Phangan: Best Areas and Hotels

The best areas to stay in Koh Phangan are Haad Rin, Baan Tai/Baan Kai, Thong Sala, Srithanu, Haad Yao, Haad Salad, Mae Haad, Chaloklum, Bottle Beach, Thong Nai Pan. Whether you are looking for a homey hostel or a beach-side luxury hotel, Koh Phangan has it all. This guide will help you to find where to stay in Koh Phangan for the world-famous Full Moon Party, couple, family, backpacker, shopping, nightlife.

Thailand has become synonymous with idyllic white sandy beaches, scrumptious cuisine, and endless adventures. Here tourists can experience 5-star luxury hotels and resorts at a fraction of the price. Unlike many island destinations, like Bora-Bora that caters exclusively to luxury seekers, Ko Phangan offers a massive range of accommodation options to suit each budget.

Located between Koh Samui and Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan lures tens of thousands of tourists every month that attend the parties on the island. These parties have grown to epic proportions and consequently, they have needed to scale the accommodation options to suit this new demand. In every direction on the island travelers can expect to find unique surroundings and each area offers a vastly different experience. 

Partygoers head to the south and those looking for some much-needed rest and relaxation go looking for it in the north. From east to west the landscape also changes dramatically. On one side tourists can find plenty of restaurants and bustling village life to give you a real island vibe. On the other, tourists are much more secluded and prefer to stay at hotels and resorts where the accommodation becomes the destination in itself.

Part of the magic of an island like this is that beachfront property has not yet all been swooped up by big corporations. You are still able to roll onto the beach from your front door without paying a small fortune for this luxury.  So, whether you are there for the party or the paradise, your thirst for adventure will be quenched by this oasis. 

Koh Phangan is extremely safe. As a tourist, you already walk around with a target on your back and you need to always be vigilant. Petty crimes are an inevitable reality when backpacking or traveling to party destinations. 

💖 Best Area for First Timers:Haad Rin
💎 Best luxury hotel:The Cabin Beach Resort
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Sarikantang Resort And Spa
💰 Best budget hotel:Sea Breeze Resort

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Where to Stay in Koh Phangan: 10 Best Areas to Stay Koh Phangan

1. Haad Rin, where to stay in Koh Phangan for party, nightlife

Where to Stay in Koh Phangan - Haad Rin
Haad Rin @Fabio Achilli

Located on the southern tip of the island, Haad Rin is the most well-known section of the island, playing host to the aforementioned full moon parties. This is the party capital of the island.

Haad Rin Beach is divided into two areas by a rocky headland: the quieter Sunset Beach (Haad Rin Nai) and the lively Sunrise Beach (Haad Rin Nok) which is more popular section and home to the Thailand’s world famous monthly Full Moon Party.

Here you can have your pick of bars and restaurants and enjoy an array of water sports and activities during the day such as sunbathing, sailing, diving, and beach volleyball. At night, the area at the beachfront lights up with bars, pubs, clubs, and music.

Haad Rin is also a great place to do your shopping. You can easily find boutique shops that running from the town all the way to the pier. There are a wide range of crafts, jewellery, clothes, and traditional Thai items with affortable prices.

People that prefer to stay in Haad Rin are normally backpackers eagerly sipping on their buckets of Red Bull Syrup. There are plenty more upscale options available here. If action is what you are after, the action is what you will get in Haad Rin.

Haad Rin is generally safe, but be cautious about leaving drinks unattended at parties, the theft on the beach and the guesthouses. Practice common sense and take care of your valuables.

You should stay in Haad Rin if You are looking for the best places to stay in Koh Phangan for nightlife to PARTY; You want non-stop activities from dusk till dawn and beyond; A hostel environment is what you are looking for.

Best places to stay in Koh Phangan in Haad Rin:

Sarikantang Resort And Spa is a fabulous mid-range hotel with all the luxuries of a high-end spa resort. Located just meters from the beautiful Leela Beach, the hotel offers stunning ocean views, a beachfront yoga pavilion, and a private beach for guests to revel in exclusivity. In addition to the nearby ocean, there is also a outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful lounge area. If that’s not enough to relax you, indulge in one of many traditional Thai spa treatments on offer.

Sea Breeze Resort is more affordable but with no compromise on quality. Celebrating the local culture and style, the décor of the hotel is exotic and colorful, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an authentic Thai atmosphere. You will have plenty of opportunities to relax, whether at the onsite spa or by the lovely outdoor pool with jacuzzi. Guests can enjoy local cuisine and panoramic sea views from the rooftop restaurant. You can easily reach Leela Beach, Haad Rin Nai Beach, and Haad Rin Nok Beach.

Palita Lodge is a gorgeous beachfront hotel with direct access to the beach as well as a large pool with a hydromassage feature. The rooms are spacious and bright, with large bathrooms and private balconies. If you have enough of relaxing and want something a bit more active, the hotel will be happy to help you organize various diving, snorkeling, and boat tours.

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2. Baan Tai & Baan Kai, where to stay in Koh Phangan for water sports

Located in the southwest of Koh Phangan, between Haad Rin and Thongsala, Baan Tai and Baan Kai are popular areas for those who want to be near the action. Baan Tai has a long white sand beach and a small charming village that is packed with restaurants, bars, ATMs, supermarkets. It also offers stunning views over Koh Samui.

Haad Rin tends to become overwhelming at times and staying in Baan Tai or Baan Kai gives you just enough breathing room. it’s a short drive by Songthaew (a shared taxi) to Haad Rin. Here you can leisurely enjoy soft sandy beaches during the day and take advantage of a multitude of water sport activities such as fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding

At night, the sleepy town comes alive with an abundance of beach bars such as Ku Club, Loi Lay Floating Bar, providing live music and entertainment. Both areas offer incredibly competitive pricing options and easy access back to the heart of the party.

The area around Baan Tai and Baan Kai is home to several well-organized parties like Half Moon Party, Jungle Experience, Black Moon Culture, and Shiva Moon Family.

You can find all kinds of options like hotels, hostels, and homestays. 

You should stay in Baan Tai and Baan Kai if you have come to the party but you still want to escape the chaos, you are looking for more affordable options.

Best places to stay in Baan Tai/Baan Kai:

Summer Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is a beautiful 4-star beachfront hotel, featuring tropical grandeur throughout the décor of the rooms and common areas. The suites are large, bright, and comfortable with sea views and the option of a private pool. The communal pool is large, luxuriously furnished, and surrounded by palm trees. The hotel restaurant and wine bar serves local Thai and international cuisine, and guests can even enjoy learning to prepare traditional dishes themselves.

Sarana Bungalows offers affordable quality just steps from the water of Baan Tai beach. The rooms are basic but spacious, bright, comfortable and most importantly right on the beach. Guests have access to a lovely pool surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the sea, as well as a hotel restaurant, cocktail bar, and massage service.

SeaEsta Beach is a charming boutique hotel combining the tropical bliss of its common areas with an urban edge to the décor of its rooms. Guests can relax around the large pool, or in a hammock by the ocean. The hotel beach bar and restaurant allows guests to enjoy local meals with a lovely sea view, or sip on delicious cocktails throughout the day.

3. Thong Sala, where to stay in Koh Phangan for local vibe

Thong Sala, where to stay in Koh Phangan for local vibe
Thong sala Pier @Fabio Achilli

Located on the South West of the island, Thong Sala is home to the main port on Koh Phangan. It is the first stop of many travelers at the port of Thong Sala, along with Had Rin from Koh Samui. This is the point of arrival for guests to the island and also where you will depart from.

On an island like Ko Pha Nang, it can’t be all party all the time. The island needs permanent residents to keep the wheels turning. Nearly 12,000 of those residents live in the central town of Thong Sala. Here you can find essential services like the hospital and banks. 

Thong Sala is where you find the only two Thai Boxing stadiums on the island. There are two markets, the morning and evening market with fresh seafood, meat, fruit, and vegetable.

The town also features some beaches but they cannot compare to the idyllic locations in other parts of the island. The bustling Thong Sala Night Market offers an array of local delicacies and Thai specialties on the cheap. Thong Sala has a wide range of restaurants, serving up both traditional Thai food and internationl cusines such as Isaan, Italian and English.

You can find a hotel and several guesthouses in Thong Sala, most of them are located on the main street.

You should stay in Thong Sala if you are looking for a more local experience, you want to be close to main amenities like a hospital and port.

Best Hotels in Koh Phangan in Thong Sala:

Baan Manali Resort is a beautiful beachfront resort with tons of tropical charm. There is a variety of bungalow types to choose from to suit various preferences, but each boasts a spacious yet cosy interior and a terrace with hammocks and views of the luscious gardens. Both the lovely pool area and the beachfront restaurant offer stunning views of the sunset over the ocean.

Angkana Hotel Bungalows is a gorgeous modern hotel boasting beautiful, elegant suites with tasteful rustic accents. Each bungalow features a furnished private terrace with views of the sea or gardens. You will be staying just steps from the beach, and several popular attractions are within a mile of the property. A dedicated tour desk will assist guests in booking trips, tours, and activities to make the most of your vacation.

Buakao Inn is a lovely guesthouse offering amazing quality and location for incredibly affordable rates. You will be staying in comfort just a few minutes’ walk from popular Thongsala Pier and Night Market. The rooms are air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi, en suite bathrooms, and a safe for personal items. Being in the heart of town you will have access to plenty of shops and bars, or you can relax at the hotel restaurant.

4. Srithanu, where to stay in Koh Phangan for families

Srithanu, where to stay in Koh Phangan for families
Srithanu @Kyle Pearce

The further you move away from the southern party beaches, the more family-friendly the island becomes. Located on the North West coastline of Koh Phangan, Srithanu is an ideal place for travelers seeking peace and quiet, exquisite sunsets, and lazy days in the shade of a palm tree.

This area is a well-known spiritual retreat destination in Thailand. Weary travelers gather here to detox and rejuvenate their spirits. Orion Healing and Agama Yoga are worth checking!

The Srithanu area comprises a long coastline of Srithanu beach, a peninsula Laem Srithanu, and a quaint village Baan Srithanu. it also has a fishing port, a Wat Srithanu temple, and Laemson Lake.

There are still plenty of activities happening at night but they are on the somewhat calmer side. There is also a wealth of vegan eateries in this part of the island. Here you can expect to stay in comfortable cottages and private bungalows rather than upscale hotels.

You should stay Srithanu if you are looking for the best area to stay in Koh Phangan for families, you love yoga, you are a vegan.

Best places to stay in Koh Phangan in Srithanu:

Nice Sea Resort boasts spacious beachfront bungalows with furnished terraces complete with hammocks. The rooms are stylish and comfortable with modern bathrooms and Wi-Fi. Guests can relax with a massage, or enjoy the local cuisine at the onsite restaurant with a beachside dining terrace. Alternatively, the village with its variety of bars and restaurants is just a 5-minute walk away.

Benjamin’s Hut is a charming family run hotel right by the beach, surrounded by palm trees, coconut groves, and tropical plants. The rooms are basic but spacious, bright, and comfortable with large bathrooms and Wi-Fi. Guests can relax on their private balconies, by the beachside pool, or at the beachfront restaurant with ocean views. 

Colorful Hut offers a rustic glamping experience right by the beach. The cosy huts each have their own private bathrooms and balconies with hammocks overlooking the gardens. Guests can enjoy use of the private beach area, free Wi-Fi, and a beachfront bar and lounge. Evening entertainment it hosted at the resort, or you can venture to one of several bars and cafes in the nearby area.

You can aslo take a look at the beachfront Loyfa Natural Resort which has 2 outdoor pools and a private beach front.

5. Haad Yao, where to stay in Koh Phangan for beaches

If there exists something like a perfect pristine beach, this is probably it. Located on the northwest of Koh Phangan, Haad Yao, also known as Long Beach, is the place that dreams are made of. These soft white sand, crystal-clear waters are home to a vibrant coral reef that is easily accessible for snorkeling.

Haad Yao is located to the north of the island and is about a 25-minute drive from Haad Rin. There is a wide variety of restaurant options and accommodation to suit every budget. Prices start as low as $15 for beachfront bungalows and go all the way to the opposite side of the scale for some of the luxury resorts around $100 per night.

You should stay in Haad Yao if you are not too bothered to attend the nighttime activities in the South, you want to spend your days lazing on the beach.

Best Hotels in Koh Phangan in Haad Yao:

Sun Moon Star Resort Koh Phangan is a superb contemporary resort, offering bright modern apartments in beautiful surroundings. Each unit has a spacious bathroom and a furnished balcony with views over the lush gardens. Haad Yao Beach is just 200 yards from the property so you’ll be staying just a few steps away. The on-site restaurant offers both Thai and western cuisine, and guests have the option of dining in a traditional floor seating area.

Baan Kiao is a fabulous tropical paradise, providing spacious apartments, beautiful grounds, and a great location. Each apartment has a private bathroom, mini fridge, and a private furnished terrace with garden views. The resort features a gorgeous pool area surrounded by palm trees and gazebos, with a pool bar offering snacks and cocktails throughout the day. 

High Life Bungalow is a beautiful beachfront resort offering bright modern apartments and a taste of tropical luxury at an affordable price. The apartments are basic but bright, spacious, and comfortable, with modern bathrooms and Wi-Fi. The common areas feature an infinity pool and gorgeous lounge area with stunning ocean views. Guests can watch the sunset from the comfort of the beachfront terrace dining area as they enjoy a dinner of traditional Thai cuisine.

6. Haad Salad, cool area to stay in Koh Phangan

 Haad Salad, cool area to stay in Koh Phangan
Haad Salad @Mr Fun

Unspoiled nature awaits those who travel to this lesser-known part of the island. Here the landforms a cove that feels secluded and private. Avid divers and snorkelers head to this secretive location in the north of the island for a welcome break from all the action in the south. 

It is a tiny village that offers only the essentials, but what more do you need when you are on an island paradise? 

There is not much to do or see in terms of island life but many enjoy recuperating on these picture-perfect shores after the Full Moon Party.

This bohemian beach village used to attract backpackers who stayed for longer periods but as the times have changed they now also offer a select few mid-range and luxury stay options.

Haad Salad is well connected with the rest of the island. It is a convenient base to explore Laem Som Lake, Wangsai Waterfall, Chaloklum village, and the Chinese Temple.

You should stay in Haad Salad if you don’t mind spending your days between the beach and your hotel, you are trying to escape the hectic atmosphere of Haab Rin.

Best Hotels in Koh Phangan in Haad Salad:

Cookies Salad Resort is a cosy rustic resort, nestled amongst the coconut trees with a bold boutique vibe. The air-conditioned apartments are beautifully styled and feature furnished balconies with hammocks and ocean views. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast overlooking the water at the hotel restaurant, which also serves both local Thai and western cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Haad Salad Villa offers affordable comfort within a minute’s walk of the beach. The bungalows are basic but spacious, with large bathrooms, a mini fridge, and a private furnished terrace with a hammock. There is an on-site restaurant serving both Thai and western dishes, and a beach bar where guests can relax with delicious cocktails.

Haad Salad Resort is a tropical paradise with rustic jungle vibes offering independent bungalows with cosy, dark wood interiors. Just 250 yards from Salad Beach, known for its water activities and copious bars, restaurants, and shops, this is a great location for anyone looking for a more active vacation. The resort is great for families, featuring a comfortable pool with toys and an on-site play area.

7. Mae Haad, where to stay in Koh Phangan off-the-beaten-path

Mae Haad, where to stay in Koh Phangan off-the-beaten-path
Mae Haad @Laure Wayaffe

Yet another of the postcard beaches on Ko Pa Ngan is Mae Haad. How is it possible that one place has so many beautiful attributes? 

Mae Haad is well known for its otherworldly sunsets that can be enjoyed from many of the hotel and bungalow options available. This beach also features a walkable sandbank that is exposed during low tide and connects the beach with the forest-covered landmass, Koh Ma Island

Transport to and from this area mostly needs to be arranged through your place of stay and this can be a drawback. But if you are looking for a resort getaway this part of the island will fill that need splendidly.

You should stay in Mar Haad if you plan to spend your days next to your hotel pool, you don’t mind spending a little more on luxury.

Best Hotels in Koh Phangan in Mae Haad:

Maehaad Bay Resort is a luxurious 4-star hotel, offering tropical bliss and modern comfort just seconds from Mae Haad Beach. Enjoy an alfresco breakfast, lunch, and dinner with stunning ocean views at the beachside restaurant, serving both Thai and international cuisine. Guests have the choice of relaxing by the vast pool zone, in the luscious gardens, or on the waterside sun terrace.

Koh Ma Beach Resort offers contemporary style and comfort with rustic accents in an exotic wonderland. The rooms are spacious with tons of storage and large, luxurious bathrooms. Air-conditioning and flat screen TVs are standard, and all the units feature furnished balconies with beautiful mountain or sea views. A gorgeous open-air restaurant allows guests to enjoy local cuisine with stunning views of the large pool and ocean.

Wang Sai Resort blends traditional Thai artistry and style with contemporary comfort and convenience. Set in lush gardens just a minute’s walk from the beach, this is a true tropical paradise. The rooms are spacious and expertly styled, with air-conditioning, En suite bathrooms, and private balconies. The pool section is particularly beautiful, accented by natural stone features and surrounded by palm trees.

8. Chaloklum, where to stay in Koh Phangan for quiet holiday

Chaloklum, where to stay in Koh Phangan for quiet holiday
Chaloklum @Laure Wayaffe

Chaloklum used to be a quiet fishing village but has been transformed to accommodate tourism activities. It is nestled at the foot of the mountains on the northern tip of the island and is easily accessible by motorbike or taxi. 

Many tourists that stay for a longer time choose to spend their days on these tree-lined beaches. The beach is an impressive 2.5 km long which leaves a lot of room for activities!

Inland from here, there is also an elephant sanctuary, and those who prefer the ocean can do a PADI certification.  Here you can find longer-term rentals in houses and private bungalows at very affordable rates.

You should stay in Chaloklum if you want to experience more of the local culture, you want to enjoy more of nature, over and above the marine life.

Best places to stay in koh Phangan in Chaloklum:

Silan Residence Koh Phangan is a fantastic, 4-star resort, offering beautiful contemporary holiday homes. The villas are bright and spacious, with a well-equipped kitchenette and modern bathroom. Each boasts a furnished terrace with pool or ocean views. Guests can relax by the lovely pool part, or head to Chaloklum Bay Beach, just 30 yards away.

Mythai Guesthouse is a charming, rustic guesthouse that leans into the exotic atmosphere with lots of natural wood and bamboo accents. The rooms are basic, but spacious and comfortable, with private bathrooms and Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Guests can relax in the luscious gardens or take advantage of the communal barbeque facilities. 

Coconut Beach Bungalows is a stunning resort, expertly blending natural beauty with contemporary style and comfort. The bungalows are bright and spacious, with natural stone features and surrounded by luscious gardens. Guests can relax in peace at the private beach area or by the gorgeous pool surrounded by palm trees. If you are looking for a location to fulfil your exotic dreams, this is the one.

9. Bottle Beach, where to stay in Koh Phangan for hiking

Where to Stay in Koh Phangan - Bottle Beach
Bottle beach @Christian Haugen

Bottle Beach is undoubtedly the most remote part of the island. You can only choose from 4 accommodation options which are reached by a long-tail boat. There is also the option of hiking to this remote location. A very rough road has most recently been created but we suggest you stick to an authentic long-tail boat experience. 

The exclusivity and remoteness also means sea life is unspoiled. Life is abundant on the nearby reef so tourists spend their days in and out of the water, exploring the reef and sunbathing on the white sand beaches.

You should stay in Bottle beach if You want to experience ultimate privacy and seclusion; You are adventurous and want to try the island’s toughest hike.

Best Hotels in Koh Phangan in Bottle Beach:

Bottle Beach 2 Bungalows offers a rustic glamping experience right on the sand of Bottle Beach. The bungalows boast private bathrooms and beachfront terraces. Guests will have access to a private beach area, hotel restaurant and bar. Free Wi-Fi is included and staff are happy to help guests arrange trips and activities.

10. Thong Nai Pan, family-friendly area east coast of Koh Phangan

Thong Nai Pan, family-friendly area east coast of Koh Phangan

This is another of the family-friendly area on the island. Located on the eastern side, many tourists often overlook this area. The waters in Thong Nai Pan are calm and safe and families can enjoy a multitude of activities like mini-golf, exploring the nearby waterfall, and relaxing by the pool at any of the beachside bungalows in the area. 

It is a hefty 45-minute drive and some of the roads are unpaved, but you are rewarded by an unspoiled and relaxing utopia. You will find the biggest collection of luxury resorts and hotels here. This attracts a noticeably different crown from the southern beaches of Haad Rin.

Thong Nai Pan ecompasses two villages: Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi. They both have their own beach, hotels, and several restaurants. Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach is the larger one with the long stretches of white sand beach while Thong Nai Pan Noi has more exclusive 4-star resorts.

You should stay in Thong Nai Pan if You want to spend quality time with your travel companions; You want to stay in one spot for the duration of your stay.

Best Hotels in Thong Nai Pan in Koh Phanngan:

Thong Nai Pan Beach Residence features bright and spacious rooms, with en suite bathrooms, private terraces, and great views, just steps from the beach. In addition to the beach, the hotel is close to a range of bars and restaurants serving a broad variety of cuisines to please everyone. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and guests will also have access to a private pool section

The Great Escape Chalets offers spacious chalets with a cosy rustic aesthetic, just a short walk from the beach. Each chalet boasts a private pool and furnished terrace with views of the gardens and nearby mountains. The units are beautifully decorated and include private bathrooms, refrigerators, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi. A range of bars, restaurants, and shops are just a short walk away in the local town.

Thai Terrace Bungalow boasts beautiful cosy rooms, with private terraces or balconies with views of the lush gardens. There is a tropical atmosphere throughout the property from the décor of the rooms to the on-site restaurant and comfortable garden lounge areas. Thong Nai Pan Noi beach is just 150 yards from the property, where guests can relax at various beach bars and cafes.

Cost of Living on Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-timer starting your backpacking journey, Ko Pha Nang has a lot to offer. Thai ocean waters are rich in biodiversity and are one of the main attractions of the area. Another benefit of a trip to Thailand is the affordability of accommodation on its islands. Very few places in the world will offer this blend of astonishing natural beauty and top-shelf accommodation at such budget-friendly prices.

Now when you know where to stay in Koh Phangan and the best areas to book the accommodations, all you need to do is to book your hotels and pack your backpack!

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