Should I get a GoPro For Travel? (Best GoPro Accessories For Travel)

Should I get a GoPro for travel? Is a GoPro worth it for traveling? Do I really need a GoPro while traveling? These are the questions that are probably running through your mind as you are reading this. And you are not alone. A lot of people ask this question every time, and in an age where cameras are everywhere, including our mobile phones, one tends to question the use of a GoPro. 

If you are in this dilemma, keep reading as we will unfold the advantages of the GoPro and recommend the best accessories that go well together with your GoPro.

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GoPro Vs. Camera For Travel

This is the one question we get asked a lot – why go for a GoPro when you can get a cheaper DSLR camera, right? But what you don’t know is that with cheap comes a compromise in quality and comfort. 

So, let’s highlight the differences between these two pieces of equipment so you will know and better understand our standpoint. 

Size and weight

The average weight of a GoPro is just 0.4 pounds, an average camera, on the other hand, has an average weight of 1.7 pounds. Asides the weight difference is the size. The GoPro is reasonably small and extremely portable, so it can be easily carried around. This is not exactly so for a typical camera, and when you are on the go, ease of mobility is paramount. 


If you want to be vacationing in the Caribbeans and want to get crystal clear pictures in the lovely blue sea, then the GoPro is the obvious and better option. This is none other than the fact that GoPro cameras (from the 2016 model) are waterproof. A typical camera is mostly water-resistant.


Another feature of the GoPro is its wearability. There are several accessories the GoPro can attach to, such as headbands, wristbands, bicycle helmets, and even body harnesses. This makes your travel experience more memorable as you are able to capture all the angles on your trip. A typical camera cannot do that; moreover, they are even quite heavy.

Which Model GoPro should I buy For Travelling

All GoPro models are excellent devices, but there are several of them, and the question of which to get for your expenditure will always come up. To answer that question directly, we will tell you to go for the GoPro Hero 8 Black. 

This model is specially built for travelers. It has all the specs of a travel camera – portable, lightweight, supports 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p Video, Ultra-Wide-Angle Glass Lens, waterproof, and can capture 10MP Photos at 30 fps.

How much does GoPro cost?

GoPro cameras range in price from about $200 to $500. The specific price of a GoPro camera will depend on the model and features. The GoPro HERO 9 Black, for example, is currently priced at $449.99.

It’s important to note that GoPro also offers a range of accessories and mounts, which can add to the overall cost of the camera. It’s a good idea to consider your needs and budget before purchasing a GoPro camera.


Best GoPro Accessories For Travel

Sequel to getting your GoPro, the question that naturally comes to your mind is… What GoPro accessories do I need for Travelling.” This is important because the beauty of GoPros is in flexibility, portability, and freedom, which only comes from using them with the right accessories. 

Some of these accessories could be optional – these ones only serve to improve your experience with the camera. However, some are must-haves. Without these accessories, your GoPro on a travel expenditure would be as good as useless.

Top 5 Must-Have GoPro Accessories For Travel

Below are the 6 accessories you must have and use together with your GoPro

1. GoPro SD Memory Cards

First thing you need to buy is a decent memory card and compatible with the verson of your Gopro.

Have you ever been in a position where you are in a position to take a killer picture with your phone but can’t simply because your phone’s storage is full? 

Well, you will be setting yourself up for the same predicament if you do not have an SD storage. Besides, GoPros are designed to be used along with external memory. But in getting a memory card, you need to get the one compatible with your GoPro. Most people think just about any memory card will do since it’s a small chip with hardly any soft or hardware, so it should do just fine, right? Wrong!

The thing is, Gopros are designed to give you the best of the best, and that means the best quality you can get – 1080p, 4K videos, high-resolution pictures and so on. These quality graphics take up space, and aside from that, they demand storage with a significantly high-speed class that will be powerful enough to process them. 

It would be best to get an SD card not less than 64 GB and speed class not less than 8 to fully enjoy quality jpegs from your GoPro.

2. GoPro Lens and Screen Protector

This is another accessory you must have and use with your GoPro. This accessory protects the most sensitive part of your camera – the lens. The lens is essentially the powerhouse of a camera, including a GoPro, and once it is damaged, the camera is as good as useless. 

In addition to protecting your lens, this accessory is also made of high-quality optical tempered glass, bringing you HD clear viewing experience and maintaining smooth screen touch on your GoPro. It has a special hydrophobic coating that repels water drops and oil from the screen and lens of your GoPro, thereby helping you to capture the perfect shot without water drops getting in your way.

3. Extra GoPro Batteries and Charger

And of course, you need to pack extra juice for the road. The battery of a typical GoPro only lasts about 2 hours – 2 hours 30 mins tops. That is barely enough for, say, a hiking trip that takes as long as 5 hours. That is where a portable charger and one or two spare batteries come in handy.

This product offers that as it comes with a charger that can charge two GoPro batteries simultaneously and an additional battery too. It Charges either through a USB port for faster charging or through the optional GoPro Supercharger (International Dual‑Port Charger). 

Unlike most chargers that will shut down your camera while charging, this product allows you to charge and use your camera simultaneously. And no, this has no adverse effect on the life of your battery as popularly believed. It gives you the liberty to use your camera to capture amazing moments, even while charging.

4. External Hard Drive

This is another accessory you must have while you travel. It all boils down to the storage concern. If you think you can settle the issue of space with a memory card, I hate to break it to you, but you’re mistaken. 

The highest capacity memory card has storage of just 128 GB. And with a camera like GoPro that produces high-quality resolution graphics, it’s only a matter of time till it gets full. And if you are hiking far away into the mountains where there is no place to buy a spare, the external hard drive is what comes in to save the day.

This product is a 4 TB memory storage, large enough to save all the memories and pleasurable moments you capture on camera. It is compatible with your laptop, desktop, and even your tv. 

5. GoPro Accessories Kit & GoPro Accessories Case

Lastly, you need to get an accessories kit and its corresponding case. This is because this accessories kit makes your GoPro experience better and more fun. 

This product features amazing accessories that enhance flexibility and freedom with the GoPro camera. For instance, it has a removable triangle suction cup mount Sucker with CNC processed aluminum adapter pad and plastic screw. This works with your GoPro for stable low angle shot as the strong and firm suction helps to reduce vibration. 

It also has WiFi remote fastening tape wrist strap that is long enough to fit around bulky ski coats or comfortably around your wrists. All you need to do is attach your WiFi Remote to your wrist, arm, bike handle, or steering wheel and capture away.

This product comes with a backpack strap quick release clip clamp mount with 360-degree rotation, and a mini retractable tripod with ball head and foldable legs. This tripod is small, lightweight, portable, and easy to store.

Top 4 Cool GoPro Accessories

In addition to the necessary gadgets listed above are cool ones that you will find useful in your GoPro travel experience. 

1. GoPro Underwater Dome 

This piece of equipment makes your underwater adventure a lot better. It encases your GoPro camera and lets you capture under/over shots in one click. It does this by moving the waterline away from the lens, making it possible to capture images above and below the water.

2. GoPro Time Lapse

This accessory helps you create 90° Degree, 180° Degree, 270° Degree, and 360° Degree sweeping time-lapse films and panoramic pictures. 

3. GoPro Mic Adapter

Sometimes there is a need to record videos with high-quality audio. When this is the case, the GoPro mic adapter is the best bet. It allows you to record high-quality, clean audio from an external pro-level mic with your GoPro. Most of these adapters are compatible with several GoPro models such as the HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO5 Session.

4. GoPro Microphone Kit

This accessory majorly serves to improve your audio recording experience. They help to enhance audio capture and are easy to use. They simply attach to the GoPro without requiring any additional mounting hardware. They provide better sensitivity and higher fidelity than the GoPro’s built-in microphone. 

FAQs on Should I Get A Gopro For Travel

If you want to capture high-quality pictures and record high-quality videos during your traveling adventure, then yes, you should get a GoPro for travel. 

Although we understand your skepticism, that has made many people ask us a lot of questions concerning whether they should get a GoPro or not. Of all these questions, a few stand out as frequently asked, and we will answer them to clear any iota of doubt.

1. Is GoPro A Good Travel Camera?

Yes. That is the short and simple answer. The reason is that, when you travel, you are not expected to log on so much weight as it slows you down and hinders your fidelity. But then, high-quality cameras are usually heavy and rigid. That’s where the GoPro comes in. Extremely lightweight, portable, and does not compromise on quality.

Besides, it is built to be tough. So if you are biking on rough terrains or taking a dive in the deep blue sea, you can rest assured that your GoPro will survive while still doing its job. 

2. Is GoPro Good For Travel Photography?

Absolutely. The GoPro records high-resolution videos (1080p, 4K) and pictures to give you a clear, crisp, and quality graphical memory of your adventure. It also has an ultra-wide-angle feature to capture a range of angles.  

3. How Long Should a GoPro Battery Last?

We get asked this a lot, and the short answer to that is 2 hours. This is when your GoPro is on full duty; that is, it is recording at 1080p non-stop. It is also dependent on the model. Modes like the GoPro Hero 5 session lasts about 2 hours while the Hero 8 lasts for just 70 minutes.

4. Is GoPro Easy To Use?

If you have ever taken a shot with a phone before then, you should be able to use a GoPro. It is just like your normal camera. All you need to do is to plan your shots and use the nice accessory. Some camera settings might seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be like a walk in the park.

5. Can You Use A Gopro On A Plane?

Definitely, it all boils down to the accessories. If you want to capture the view from outside a plane, you can safely mount the GoPro on the plane’s exterior using a suction cup mount. This holds the GoPro in place, allowing it to do its job. And you do not have to worry about it falling because a good suction cup mount will be able to hold your GoPro in place no matter the turbulence.

6. Is A GoPro good for backpacking?

Yes, a GoPro is a good choice for backpacking because it is small, lightweight, and durable. It can capture high-quality photos and videos in a variety of outdoor conditions and is easy to carry with you on your travels. Whether you’re exploring a new trail or summiting a mountain, a GoPro is a versatile and reliable tool for capturing memories of your adventures.

7. What are the disadvantages of GoPro?

GoPros can be expensive, have a shorter battery life compared to other cameras, and their small size can make them more prone to damage. Additionally, the wide-angle lens can distort images and make it difficult to capture certain subjects accurately.

8. How do you travel with a GoPro?

To travel with a GoPro, simply pack it in a protective case and bring it with you on your trip. Make sure to also bring any necessary mounts or accessories, such as a tripod or suction cup, to capture your adventures.

So, Should I get a Gopro for Travel?

In conclusion, we will say this – Get a GoPro, now! It will make your traveling experience easier and memorable because not only will you enjoy the scenery of a new place; you get to take that memory along with you. And that can be made possible with a GoPro.

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