Where to Stay in Chiang Mai First Time: Best Areas

The best areas to stay in Chiang Mai for first-timers are the central neighborhoods of Old City, Riverside and Night Bazaar, as well as the slightly less well-trodden destinations of Suthep, Nimman Haemin, and East Side of Chiang Mai. These are popular and safe areas for tourist that offer a wide variety of attractions and amenities.

In this guide, I will help you to decide where to stay in Chiang Mai for the first time tourists, for couples, families, and backpackers.

Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai was founded in 1296. It was the capital of the old Lanna Kingdom until 1558. Chiang Mai is rich in culture and history with plenty of temples, museums, ancient city walls, and moat.

Chiang Mai has a population of over 200,000, Chiang Mai, also known as Rose of the North is still a relatively compact city. Most of the key central areas are within a kilometer or so of each other. If you don’t mind the heat, then you can walk from place to place in the center of town. You might not need to use taxis or public transport at all if you stay in a central area.

However, if you choose to stay in one of the more suburban parts of town, you will almost certainly need to use transport to get around. If budget isn’t an issue, then hotel taxis are the most comfortable option.

Chiang Mai Old City is the best area to stay in Chiang Mai for first-timers due to its close proximity to Chiang Mai’s top attractions as well as many choices in accommodation. If you book a hotel here, you will be located in the middle of actions, within walking distance to city’s best sights, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Alternatively, you could download the Grab Taxi app and book transport that way. And then there are the shared red Songthaew taxis and tuk-tuks. Songthaews are the cheaper of the two and are quite convenient for hopping on and off. 

Tuk-tuks cost a little more but are perfect for that holiday photo. If you are happy with arranging one of these forms of transport, you can stay further out of town.

💖 Best Area for first-timers:Chiang Mai Old City
💎 Best luxury hotel:Pingviman Chiang Mai Hotel
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Chada Mantra Chiang Mai Hotel
💰 Best budget hotel:Green Sleep Chiang Mai Hostel

If you’re planning a trip to Chiang Mai, you may be wondering how many days you should allocate for your stay. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, we recommend spending at least three or five days in Chiang Mai to experience the city’s unique culture, beautiful temples, and delicious food.

However, if you have more time, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy for a week or even longer.

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6 Best Areas to Stay Chiang Mai for Tourists

1. Old City, where to stay in Chiang Mai for first-timers

Chiang Mai Old City, best areas to stay in Chiang Mai for first time
Chiang Mai Old City @David McKelvey

Chiang Mai Old City is the best place to stay in Chiang Mai for first-time tourists because it is the heart of Chiang Mai and it offers a widest range of accommodation options for all budget travelers. If you stay here, you will be located in the middle of everything, within walking distance to the top tourist attractions, as well as many restaurants, bars, cafes, and markets.

Founded more than 700 years ago, Chiang Mai’s famous Old City lies within the moat and ruins of the old fort. The area is roughly a kilometer square. There are a few roads that run through from North to South and East to West, but much of the area is a delightful maze of small streets and alleys that are full of temples, monuments, and old architecture.

Exploring the maze of streets and alleys that comprise Chiang Mai’s Old City is a must. You should start from the central square at Tha Phae Gate, which forms the epicenter of Chiang Mai. Thapae Gate is the main gate, one of four gates to enter the Chiang Mai old city, located on each side of the walls.

From there, head West into the Old City. You might choose a couple of the ten or so ancient temples there as stopping off points; Wat Chedi Luang is home to Chiang Mai’s largest Buddhist chedi built featuring 98 meters tall and 54 meters. it was built between 1385 and 1402, during the period of King Saen Muang Ma. The monk chats are hosted daily here.

Meanwhile, Wat Phra Singh, also known as The Monastery of the Lion Buddha or The temple of the Lion Buddha houses revered and very old Buddha images. It has classic Lanna-style temple architecture in Northern Thailand as it was built in the 14th century when Chiang Mai was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom.

Another must-see is the Wat Chiang Man which is set in the northeast corner of the old walled part of Chiang Mai. It was built in 1296 by King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has endless Buddhist temples that date back a few hundred years. You can also find Wat Bupparam and the old monastery of Wat Phan Tao within the Old Town.

If you walk straight from this gate to Rachadamnoen Road, you will find the famous Sunday Walking Street. Home to hundreds of stalls, the Sunday Walking Street night market offers some of the best crafts, arts, and food in the Northern Thailand region. Remember to bargain!

There are also Sompet Market, and the Saturday Market (Wualai Walking Street Market) on the Wulai Rd, which is also home to several traditional silver workshops.

Chiang Mai was the centre of the Lanna Kingdom, you can learn about its lifestyle, history, and culture of the Lanna people through 18 exhibition rooms at the the interesting Lana Folklife Museum, a white colonial-style two-storey building.

Opposite the museum stands the Three Kings Monument Square, home to bronze statues of King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai, and his two friends, King Ramkamhaeng of Sukhothai and King Ngam Muang of Payao.

Just behind the Three Kings Monument is the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre (the former Provincial Hall of Chiang Mai). It was built in 1924, the building has post-colonial Thai architecture.

Inside, the museum exhibits photos, maps, old artifacts to show the history of Chiang Mai, the way of living, and the culture of the locals since the prehistoric period. You can buy a combo ticket, which will also give you access to Chiang Mai Historical Centre and Lana Folklife Museum.

Other points of interest in Chiang Mai Old City are Suan Buak Hat Park, Thai Coin Museum, Mengrai Kilns. You can take a tuk-tuk ride to explore the Old Town, get the Thai massage, or learn to cook Thai food.

So the Old City is the perfect place to stay if you are keen on digging into the local culture and exploring Chiang Mai’s museums, temples, history, culture, arts, religion.

In and amongst the old world charm of the area, there are many places for you to stay. The area has many mid-range boutique hotels and guesthouses that combine a modern and classic design aesthetic to great effect.

You will also find plenty of budget hostels and guesthouses in The Old City, especially on the Southern side, so there are plenty of choices for backpackers and budget travelers.

Stay in the Old City if you are a first-time visitors, solo travelers, backpackers, couples, families of all age; you want convenience and don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle; you want to soak up the history of the city;

Best places to stay in Chiang Mai Old City:

Best Luxury Hotels:

Pingviman Chiang Mai Hotel: This luxury hotel has to be one of the most attractive hotels in the whole of Chiang Mai. It is decorated throughout in traditional Thai style with wooden flooring and wonderfully attractive and ornate architecture, fixtures, and fittings. It is an ideal place for couples and honeymooners, who can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and make use of the swimming pool and pamper themselves in luxury at the excellent spa. 

Smile Lanna Chiang Mai Hotel This high-class, top-rated hotel offers an oasis of calm in the heart of the old city. It is an excellent choice for people who want a central location but a peaceful place to recover after exploring. Smile Lanna accommodates everyone from solo travelers up to family groups or groups of friends in their variety of well-appointed hotel rooms. Families will enjoy Smile Lanna Hotel because of the creative activities the hotel organizes for kids. 

Best Mid-Range Hotels:

Chada Mantra Chiang Mai Hotel This popular mid-range hotel is in the northeast part of the old city. It offers excellent value, double rooms, and family rooms/dorms that provide accommodation for groups of six or eight guests. These larger rooms make the place ideal for families and groups of travelers. Chada Mantra has an outdoor swimming pool. Guests particularly appreciate the cleanliness of the hotel and the quality of the buffet breakfast.  

POR Thapae Gate Chiang Mai Hotel Guests rate this hotel as exceptional. Facilities here include an outdoor swimming pool and free bicycles to explore The Old City. Guests can choose between a continental or buffet breakfast or use the shared kitchen.  Among other things, guests are impressed by the excellent service, great location, and quality of facilities at a lower mid-range price.

Best Budget  Hotels:

Green Sleep Chiang Mai Hostel This hostel has smart wall-art, great features, and a warm welcome, so of course, it’s a guest favorite. You can stay in various accommodations ranging from double rooms to dorms that sleep up to 10 guests. Female-only dorms are also available. The hostel offers a continental breakfast, a shared lounge and kitchen, and a helpful tour desk where they are happy to arrange your exploration of the city.

Hostel Lullaby Chiang Mai This hostel is a super choice for single travelers since it is a good place to meet other people and is extremely safe and secure. The excellent facilities include free bike rental and electronic key card access. Guest s comment on what a sociable place this is to stay and particularly appreciate things like the free yoga classes and free cooking classes that the hostel offers.


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2. Chiang Mai Riverside, where to stay in Chiang Mai with a family, luxury

where to stay for sightseeing: Chiang Mai Riverside
Chiang Mai Riverside @Michael Coghlan

The majestic Ping River winds through Chiang Mai from the north on its journey to the sea far away to the south. Located right outside the walls of the Old City, the Riverside is a more laid-back area.

It has everything, from the charms of the Old City, the modern feel of international hotels and restaurants, but less crowded.

The riverside area offers some higher-end hotel options with great views. There are also some good mid-range accommodation choices. If you want a good river view, then that will, of course, add a little bit to the room price, but it is worth it.

Remember that the cheaper hotel alternatives are also just a short walk from the riverside as well, though.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars fringing the river, especially on the West Bank, so this is a great place to stay for eating and drinking

Stroll along the riverbank, you will see the Warorot Market (also known as Kad Luang locally), the bustling Ton Lamyai Flower Marke, Kawila Monument and Park, Iron Bridge, among others.

The Central Riverside area is very close to the center of town and all of the markets and the night bazaar. So the Riverside area is also a good place to stay for keen shoppers as well as partygoers.

Stay in Chiang Mai Riverside if you travel with families want a relaxed stay; you want a river view, your budget is mid-range and upwards, you want to be a few steps away from some great riverside bars and restaurants, you want to be close to the center of town.

Best places to stay in Chiang Mai Riverside:

Chiang Mai is bisected from north to south by the Ping River. Riverside hotels offer excellent views, and the central ones are close to all the ancient and modern attractions of the city center. 

Best Luxury Hotels:

K Maison Lanna Boutique Chiang Mai Hotel This luxury boutique hotel offers an extremely friendly and personal service to its guests. There are several different kinds of double room, but that’s all, so this is a perfect place for couples or travelers who want a calm and peaceful retreat from the city’s rush. The hotel has a stylish, modern design, and there is a large swimming pool and an attractive outdoor garden and terrace.

The Empress Premier Chiang Mai Hotel The Empress Premier is a large and prestigious city hotel close to the river. There is a large swimming pool on a fourth-floor rooftop, and the hotel rooms, particularly those on the higher floors, offer some fantastic views of the city. Guests cannot praise the service levels at this hotel enough; with flowers on arrival, complimentary meals, and small gifts offered to guests, it’s a genuinely friendly welcome. Facilities include a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub, fitness center, shared lounge, restaurant, and a bar.

Best Mid-Range Hotels:

At Pingnakorn Riverside This riverside hotel offers impressive four-star facilities in a garden setting where you can stroll right along the banks of the Ping River. The thing that most impresses visitors to this hotel is the extensive and delicious buffet breakfast. Guests also like the relatively central location but the beautiful garden Riverside setting, which they find incredibly relaxing.

Hongkhao Village Chiang Mai Hotel Guests rate this hotel as superb for its extensive garden, attractive terrace, and huge swimming pool. It is a beautiful looking place with all rooms designed in Northern Thai Lanna style. This upper-mid-range hotel enjoys a fantastic location close to the river, and the relaxed setting is especially popular with couples. There are also luxurious family suites perfect for parents and kids to stay. Guests particularly recommend enjoying the tasty complimentary breakfast on the pretty garden terrace.

Best Budget Hotels:

Ban Narai River Guesthouse Chiang Mai This boutique guest house sits right on the river banks and is a great budget option that fronts directly onto the water. Guests enjoy the friendly family service and the proximity to The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and all the activities and entertainments of Chiang Mai city center. Rooms are straightforward and clean and have TV, air conditioning, and free WiFi.

DE ROSE Hotel Chiang Mai De Rose Hotel offers excellent accommodation for groups of one to three in comfortable air-conditioned hotel rooms. There are excellent facilities for the price, including a garden and patio, flat-screen TV and minibar. Guests particularly like the family-run atmosphere and the friendly welcome and kindliness of the hosts. The shared kitchen is an added convenience, and the hotel also offers bicycles, motorbikes, and car hire.


3. Night Bazaar, where to stay in Chiang Mai for shopping and nightlife

Night Bazaar, where to stay in Chiang Mai for shopping and nightlife
Night Bazaar @David McKelvey

If you like shopping, bargain, nightlife, Night Bazaar is the best place to stay in Chiang Mai. Night Bazaar Market is the largest market in Chiang Mai with more than one hundred stalls that sell almost everything from handicrafts, artwork, clothes, to furniture, and homeware.

The Night Bazaar area is the very epicenter of Chiang Mai, centered along Chang Klan Road between Thapae Street and Sridonchai Street. The Riverside is to the East and The Old City is to the West.

The main city market is just to the North, and all the streets around here are crammed full of shops, banks, restaurants, and bars. If you want to step out of the door and be in the thick of things, then this area is the choice for you. 

There is a wide choice of budget and mid-range hostels and hotels, so it is a good place to stay for backpackers and those on a medium budget. 

And then there is the atmosphere of the night market, which isn’t just a bunch of shops. The pedestrianized streets throng with visitors, entertainers, and food stalls.

Apart from the Bazaar Night Market, within the area, you can visit other two markets: Kalare Night Bazaar and Asunarm.

When you explore the area you’ll discover Muay Thai boxing arenas, entertainment complexes, and ladyboy shows. All life is here!

Soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching from a nearby bar or restaurant is a Chiang Mai must.

Stay around the Night bazaar if you love to shop!, you’re looking for a lively night scene with plenty of bars and restaurants, you want to be close to tourist attractions, you want to stay in the city center, you are looking for budget or mid-range accommodation.

Best places to stay in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar:

The Night Bazaar is a large central shopping area that is also the axis of Chiang Mai nightlife. It’s lively, exciting, and if you can find a quiet corner, it’s an exciting part of the city in which to stay.

Best Luxury Hotels:

Le Meridien Chiang Mai The prestigious Meridian Hotel is just a stone’s throw from The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. It offers a luxurious base from which to explore this thriving area. To prepare yourself for shopping, you can swim in the large pool or enjoy a body massage or herbal treatment in their spa. As you would expect from a Meridian property, everything is five-star, from the service to the facilities. Rooms cater to three guests, plus kids, so this is an excellent option for couples and families.

Dusit D2 Chiang Mai Hotel Dusit D2 is a small, bright, extremely well-featured hotel that sits right on the Chiang Mai night market’s doorstep. The excellent facilities include an outdoor pool, an award-winning restaurant, a spa, and a hotel health club on the top floor. There are room options to suit groups of one to three travelers ranging from doubles to large suites.

Best Mid-Range Hotels:

Yaang Come Village Hotel This Central upper mid-range hotel offers laid-back, leafy luxury. Located just to the south of Chiang Mai’s night bazaar area, it is a world away in atmosphere. The low rise Thai style hotel is laid out in extensive gardens surrounding a large swimming pool and patio. Features include garden and restaurant dining, a spa, and private balconies in all rooms. The resort is very popular with couples.

Nap in chiangmai Hotel Not in is a great option close to the night market with a modern, full-featured layout and design. Guests love the service that they receive here. The location is also very convenient, located right above a 24-hour convenience store and close to the night market. Nap in has double and twin rooms and is ideal for single travelers or couples.

Best Budget Hotels:

OYO 673 Nice Sleep Box Hotel This small hotel is located in a conveniently central spot. OYO 673 has a unique design because all rooms have been constructed from converted shipping containers. All rooms have aircon and a flat-screen TV. Some rooms have bunk beds, and these are suitable for families or small groups of friends. This location is great for bars, restaurants, and shopping, and while it isn’t the quietest place to stay, it is one of the most friendly and central.

Stay Thapae Hostel This hostel has dormitory only accommodation, for females only and mixed groups. The beds are incredibly comfortable, and the whole Resort is extremely spick and span. Guests love the convenience of the location, close to the river, and lots of night markets and shopping. The restaurant is also highly praised, particularly their pizza.


5. Nimmanhemin, great nightlife, cafe, and youth vibe

Nimmanhemin, great nightlife, cafe, and youth vibe
Huay Kaew Waterfall

Nimmanhemin (also known as Nimman) is an area in the Northwest part of Chiang Mai that’s given its character by the Chiang Mai Rajabhat University campus. The large student population has led to the area developing a hip and happening vibe. 

There are lots of trendy restaurants, coffee shops, bars, boutique hotels, and live music places mainly frequented by local Thais, younger crowd, and students; this makes it a vibrant and fascinating part of town to explore. 

Foodies and shoppers will love to go to the modern Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center on Nimman Road and the electric Kad Na Mor, the Student Night Market in front of the Chiang Mai University on Huay Kaew Road.

There are also a few other shopping malls that are dotted along the main road including The Gerald Collection, Kantary Terrace, and Nimman Promenade.

Nimman Haemin is a great part of Chiang Mai to find shared workspaces and co-working culture. So if you are one of the ever-increasing numbers of digital nomads combining work with travel then you will be in your element here.

There are some nicely-designed mid-range hotels to choose from in Nimman Haemin but not much for budget travelers who might be better off choosing a different area to stay.

This part of town is close to Chiang Mai Zoo and Huay Kaew Waterfall, so these are simple to get to if you choose to stay here in Nimman Haemin.

Other things to do: visit the Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders, Huay Kaew Arboretum, Princess Mother’s Health Garden,  Chiang Mai University, Minimal Gallery, and Jojo Kobe Art Gallery.

Stay in Nimmanhaemin if you’re looking for a happening area, you’re looking for co-working spaces, you want a mid-range hotel, you want to be close to Chiang Mai Zoo and the University, you want to stay a little way out from the town center.


5. Wat Ket, for local vibe

Wat Ket, where to stay in Chiang Mai for local vibe
East Chiang Mai @John Shedrick

In East Chiang Mai, you will find the working city going about its day-to-day affairs. There is little tourism here since most tourist sights are over on the west side of the river. it’s a great place to experience local life.

The historic Wat Ket neighborhood is located on the east banks of the Mae Ping. it is full of people from various nationalities, Chinese traders, western missionaries, and native people.

Full of the trendy riverside restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, and boutiques, and also home to the famous Wat Ket Karam, a Buddhist temple.

There are still plenty of places to stay, though, and you can find some real accommodation bargains here. Hotel rooms and apartments in this area are often rented out to business and long-term travelers. For this reason, you can negotiate some very good prices for a longer stay.

Also, in East Chiang Mai you really aren’t that far out of town at all. A short walk or an even shorter songthaew ride will get you back to the center in no time. 

Budget travelers and families may be happy to stay a little further out since you can find large and well-equipped places to stay, often with a kitchen, at some great prices. 

Stay in the Wat Ket you’re looking for apartment-style accommodation with a kitchen, you want to be away from the tourist center, you’re a long-stay visitor or digital nomad, you are happy to take public transport, you’re looking for a longer-term bargain.

Best places to Stay in East Chiang Mai:

East Chiang Mai is relatively undeveloped for tourism. So it’s a great place to find good-value and longer-term accommodation, which isn’t too far away from all the city center’s excitement.

Best Luxury Hotels in East Chiang Mai

Brique Hotel Chiang Mai This hotel is a smart, well-appointed facility that offers some nice deluxe rooms and suites to guests seeking a bit more luxury. It’s located over on the east side of the city, away from the busiest areas but is still a convenient taxi ride away from all the action. There is a large swimming pool with a surrounding patio, a great place to chill out. Guests really enjoy the large and comfortable beds and highlight the hotel staff’s extremely attentive and helpful service.

Mira Residence & Resort Chiang Mai this residence and Resort will be of particular interest to groups of travelers since they have private villas that sleep five or six people in addition to double rooms and family suites. Guests rate this smart modern hotel as fabulous because of its user-friendly facilities and design. The beds are incredibly comfortable, and the plush rooms and villa accommodations all have balconies.

Best Mid-Range Hotels in East Chiang Mai

Rainforest Chiang Mai Hotel Rainforest is a lovely and welcoming boutique hotel with a high-roofed Lanna-style design. There are two outdoor swimming pools in an attractive garden, overlooked by the restaurant and bar. It is a friendly and private location that’s perfect for couples, and there are also family rooms. Guests particularly like the attractive design and the attention to detail given to the fixtures and fittings in the rooms and throughout this hotel.

Le SIRI Residence @ Ruamchok Despite being on the Eastern Bank of the river and comfortably away from the tourist center’s hustle and bustle, this hotel is just a 10-minute walk away from all the action. Le Siri has comfortable rooms and some very nice suites. It is a family-run business, and guests comment on the friendly welcome. Visitors also appreciate the morning breakfast, which is an exciting mixture of Western and Asian cuisines.

Best Budget Hotels in East Chiang Mai

OYO 338 V-Twin Donjan Service Apartment Chiang Mai These serviced apartments are a great place to stay if you want plenty of facilities and spacious accommodation at a budget price. They have double apartments, but groups will be particularly attracted to the two bedroom suites, which offer air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and great Wi-Fi for four people at excellent prices. The east side of the city is relatively untouched by tourism, so this is a good place to stay if you want to experience local Thai city life.

Nap In Fest Chiang Mai Hotel Nap in Fest is a budget hotel laid out with a modern contemporary design. It offers excellent facilities at a low price, including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs with cable, a safety deposit box, and a fridge. Twin and double rooms are available, so this is a good choice for travelers who don’t mind a short taxi drive to the city center. 


6. Suthep – Suburban Area of Chiang Mai

where to stay in chiang mai near airport: Suthep

Suthep is a suburban area of Chiang Mai that lies on the West side of town. It is an extremely convenient choice of location for Chiang Mai Airport, which is right on its doorstep. So if you’ll be getting in late or leaving early, then it’s a good place to stay.

To the west of Suthep, you start to climb steeply up the slopes of Doi Suthep Mountain from which the area gets its name. The mountain and city views are excellent. The mountain and neighboring Doi Pui, form Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

Suthep is a convenient place to visit  Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, an iconic temple perched right at the mountain top.

Suthep has some good private villas and houses to rent, so it is an interesting choice for families or people who want to cook for themselves. 

There are also some nice mid-range to higher-end hotels here. Since the area is less built up than the center of the city, these hotels spread out over a wider area and feature gardens and outdoor swimming pools. 

YOU SHOULD STAY IN SUTHEP IF you’d like to stay a little outside the city center, you’re arriving or departing from Chiang Mai Airport, you want to be in the foothills of Doi Suthep Mountain, you want to rent a private house or villa.

Best places to stay in Suthep:

Suthep is a suburb of East Chiang Mai that is close to Chiang Mai International Airport. It is a quiet area spread across the slopes of Doi Suthep mountain and is a good choice for travelers who want a calm place to stay and don’t mind traveling into the city center.

Best Luxury Hotels in Suthep:

[email protected] Boutique Hotel & Service Apartment This boutique hotel and serviced apartment is just a stone’s throw from Chiang Mai International Airport, so if you’re coming or going by air, this is the perfect place to stay. The hotel has an attractive design with low rise accommodation overlooking a large landscaped garden with a big pond and a bigger swimming pool. Old rooms have large balconies overlooking this area. There are double and twin luxury rooms to choose from, or if you want to splash out, you could book The superior two-bedroom apartment, which is a full 146 square meters in size.

Reiz – Private Residence Here is an interesting option for independently-minded upper-mid to high-end visitors. This boutique residence perches on the hillside overlooking the city and if you want to stay in a private and quiet location, then look no further. Rooms are modern and plush and furnished with exceptional attention to detail. All of the rooms are large and have kitchen facilities. If you want full service, look elsewhere, but if you want somewhere stylish, spacious, and private, groups of two to four guests should give this place a try. 

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Suthep:

Hyde Park Chiang Mai Hyde Park is a hugely popular five-story mid-range hotel located between the airport and Chiang Mai city. Despite being a little way out of the center of Chiang Mai, all the sights and activities are just a few minutes away in a quickly booked taxi. Hyde Park has great facilities for a mid-range hotel, including an indoor pool, a kids pool, a garden area, and a fitness center. It is a good budget hotel option with elegant modern architecture and extremely friendly staff.

Parc Borough City Resort Parc Borough City Resort is an exceptionally comfortable upper-mid-range resort. All accommodation comes in the form of suites, which are equipped like small luxury apartments. You can enjoy the comforts and convenience of a large seating area, a kitchen, a desk, and a spacious living area. The resort is very close to the Chiang Mai International Airport, so it’s ideal for travelers arriving or leaving by air. There is also a convenient night market nearby. Guests comment that the staff is helpful and very well-informed in recommending and arranging trips, tours, and activities.

Best Budget Hotels in Suthep:

THE TIPPANET Hotel Chiang Mai (adults only) This hotel is one of the highest-rated places in Thailand for the budget. Guests are almost universal in their praise of The Tippanet, from the extremely comfortable beds and quality showers to the attractive decor that echoes a Northern Thai, Lanna design theme. Many guests comment that this is the best hotel that they have ever stayed in. Above all, it seems to be the superlative level of staff assistance and friendliness, making this such a popular choice.

The hotel has double rooms and family rooms with two single beds and an extra-large double bed, so it’s suitable for couples and families.

Bike Sleep Repeat Hostel Yes, you’ve guessed, this is a hostel that offers particularly good facilities to cyclists. Bicycles are available for hire, together with information and guidance on the best places to cycle in the Chiang Mai area. But non-cyclists seem to love this place too. The accommodation is all dorm rooms, and these come in the form of closeable pods so that you can enjoy privacy even in a shared dorm. Bike Sleep Repeat has all the facilities that backpackers love, like a shared lounge and kitchen, and plenty of storage space. It’s an excellent choice for all kinds of budget travelers, whether they travel on two wheels or not.


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Where should I stay in Chiang Mai for the first time?

Chiang Mai Old City is the best area to stay in Chiang Mai for first-timers due to its close proximity to Chiang Mai’s top attractions. If you stay here, you will be located in the heart of the city, within walking distance to the city’s best sights, as well as many restaurants, bars, and shops.

What are the best areas to stay in Chiang Mai?

Old City, Riverside, Night Bazaar, Nimmanhemin, Wat Ket, and Suthep are the best areas to stay in Chiang Mai because they are the most popular and safe neighborhoods for tourists that offer a wide range of attractions and amenities.

How many days is enough for Chiang Mai?

Well, that depends on what you’re hoping to experience in Chiang Mai. Three to five days would allow for a good taste of the city’s culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities. If you have more time, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy for a week or even longer.

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Overall, Chiang Mai Old City is the best area to stay in Chiang Mai for first-timers due to its prime location. If you stay here, you will be located in the heart of city, within easy walking distance to many tourist attractions, as well as many shopping, dining, and nightlife venues.

So, there you go! Now you have all the information about the where to stay in Chiang Mai, you could ever need to help you choose a place to stay in laid-back but action-packed Chiang Mai. If you want five-star luxury, then we’ve got you covered.

If budget comfort is your thing, then Chiang Mai also has that in spades. And I’ve given you some great ideas for everything else in between. Thailand’s delightful Northern capital really does have something for everyone. I know that you’re going to love your stay.

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