Is Russia Part of Europe or Asia?

Russia is one of the largest land masses on the planet. Home to 144 million people Russia has a hugely diverse landscape. Home to Babushka Dolls, vodka and Cossack dancing Russia has a rich and varied culture. But is Russia part of Europe or Asia?

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It is a common misconception that Russia’s capital city is Moscow, far from it. Well not that fair, less than a day by train lies the real capital of Russia, St Petersburg.

Russia is famous for its baroque art work and the main government building, The Kremlin, is home to an impressive collection of Russian artefacts and an amazing arsenal room too.

Kremlin Russia
Kremlin Russia

Russia is the setting for Leo Tolsky’s War and Peace, the hefty novel has been translated into hundreds of languages and been adapted for the stage and screen.

The president of Russia is Vladimir Putin and the country uses the Russian Ruble as a currency. If you visit get our coins at the ready as many Russians like to gamble with their petty ruble coins.

Russia’s mammoth borders meet borders of both Asian and European countries which poses the question. Is Russia part of Europe or Asia?

Where is Russia?

That’s a very good question! When you look at a map of the world, a euro-centric map of the world that is, then Russia is the big, massive country in the top right corner of the map. Spanning over the top of India and China.

Russia is the world’s largest country, taking up 10% of the world’s land mass. Russia covers a whopping eleven different time zones for it is so, so vast. Part of the Trans Siberian Express travels for a crazy 90-hours without stopping for passengers to get on or off!

It is impossible to pin down just one type of landscape or terrain in Russia for it has bit of everything! Russia is home to vast open deserts, cold deserts at that and expansive pine and birch forests. Russia has big industrious cities and small, rugged homesteads set miles away from neighbouring civilisation. Russia has a frozen coastline which is incredibly photogenic!

How do you get to Russia?

You can get to Russia by many means of transport. The most popular method of travel within Russia is by train. Being able to cover such massive distances while exerting minimal effort is what makes travel in Russia so great. The infamous Trans Siberian Railway starts in St Petersburg and takes you all the way through Mongolia to Ulaanbator and into China, Beijing.

Russia has countless airports, international and domestic although most travellers will tend to fly into Moscow of St Petersburg.

Many Russian people chose to travel by car rather than by motorbike for the freezing winters make for less than pleasant riding! In many, more rural parts of Russia you will still find people who travel by horse and cart or ox and cart. There is much of Russia that goes untouched. Arguably so much of Russia is still a wilderness.

Is Russia Part of Europe?

Legally, yes. As the densely populated areas of Russia fall within European constraints the country is generally considered a part of the European continent. If you need any more convincing then here’s some more proof; Russia enters the annual EuroVision Song Contest. Then again, so does Australia so that’s hardly a measure any more!

By another measure, Russia is not part of the European Union. The European Union is union of 28 political states where trade is legal and easy and the inhabitants of each country have freedom of movement within the other 27 countries. Russia is not part of the European Union, mostly as it is not considered a ‘free’ enough state. For example, the president does not allow enough freedom to his people as he should to be considered for a place at the European Union table.

Is Russia Part of Asia?

Technically, yes! 77% of Russia’s landmass falls within Asian territories. However, the vast majority of the Asian section of Russia goes uninhabited by humans and is very underdeveloped. The further east you travel the more Mongolian and Tibetan the culture becomes. Although legally the border between Russia and Mongolia is very tight, the cultural lines are blurred.

Additionally, much of Russia’s economy is sourced in Europe and as such they have closer ties to the European nations than their Asian counterparts.

If we think back to the times of the great Gengis Khan, Russia and Mongolia were the considered the same place and ruled by the same king. This rule included India too!

Is Russia Part of Europe or Asia?

So there you have it! No definite answer we’re afraid but enough information for you to make up your own mind on the matter! Is Russia part of Europe or Asia? Well, to recap, Russia is legally part of Europe for that is where the majority of its economy is created but in terms of geography is 77% in Asian lands!

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