Best Place To Stay On Menorca Spain

Wondering where to stay on Menorca for families, couples, best beaches, nightlife or without a car? Find out the best areas to stay in Menorca in this guide.

When you really want to treat yourself, there’s nothing quite like an island getaway to give your mind and body the blissful retreat that it deserves. With the ocean on every side, miles of sandy beaches, and that truly secluded feel, it’s a way to get your own slice of paradise for a little while.

Where To Stay On Menorca – The 10 Best Area To Stay In Menorca

Menorca is part of the Balearics’, a small group of Spanish islands located off the east coast of the mainland, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest of the group, trailing only Mallorca which is considered to be its twin. Their names even translate to smaller islands and larger islands, respectively.

With an abundance of long sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful wildlife across the island, Menorca will definitely tick all of your dream vacation boxes. That does provide an issue in and of itself though when it comes to narrowing down exactly where to stay on Menorca?

That’s why I’ve broken it down into, what I believe to be, the 10 best areas. Hopefully, once you’ve seen what each area has to offer, it will make things that little bit easier when it comes to deciding which of these best represents your own personal paradise.

Where To Stay On Menorca Map

Where to Stay in Menorca Map
Where to Stay in Menorca Map

To see more detail of where to stay on Menorca Map, go to Google My Map;

1. Mahon – Best Area to Stay in Menorca for Nightlife & Shopping

Mahon where to stay in Menorca for nightlife

We start in the capital of the island, Mahon. Home to one of the largest natural harbors in the world, this is as close as you’re going to come to a city in Menorca and is certainly the most built up and lively destination to be found.

While it has traditional tourist features aplenty, such as bars, restaurants, and beautiful hotels, it also features more unique attractions to give it its own special feeling.

The Xoriguer gin factory for example is a must-see attraction. You can wander around sampling the wide array of gins they have on offer as you find out how they are produced, before purchasing your favorites direct from the factory to take home with you.

It also has the most vibrant nightlife on the island. If you’re looking to dance, party and be entertained, this is without a doubt the place to be.

With a wide range of prices and hotels and restaurants and everything within a reasonable distance, this is one of those traditional tourist destinations where there’s something for everybody.


  • You love nightlife
  • You want to be in the thick of things
  • You like traditional tourist luxuries
  • You enjoy shopping

2. Ciutadella – Best Area to Stay in Menorca for History & Culture Lovers

Ciutadella best area to stay in menorca for culture and history

The other “city” on the island, Ciutadella was built by the Romans and was the original capital of Menorca. Even today, the city is surrounded by the Contramurada Wall, following the exact same path it did at the time of the city’s construction.

Other than the wall, there are churches, plazas, winding streets, and even a cathedral you can spend your days roaming around to learn more about what the area and indeed the island are truly about

Unlike Mahon, Ciutadella is a city that is much more about experiencing the culture and history of the area than it is shopping and partying.

Make no mistake, there are still plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy your evenings in, but these tend to be more local establishments as opposed to the big tourist watering holes you’ll find elsewhere.

While maybe a little more expensive, the area is still reasonably priced and cost shouldn’t be a barrier if you are looking to stay in this area.


  • You are interested in history
  • You love culture
  • You aren’t worried about tourist shops and entertainment

3. Son Bou – Best Area to Stay in Menorca for Families & Beaches

Son Bou where to stay in menorca for beautiful beaches
Son Bou

Located on the south of the island, the village of Son Bou is a popular location as it features the longest beach on the island.

Over 2 miles of golden sands and dunes sprawl out along the coast, lined by the ocean on one side and a nature reserve on the other. Inhabited by a variety of species of amphibians, birds, and insects, the sounds and sights surrounding the area bring you that feeling of a true tropical paradise.

The village features two large hotels, as well as a pair of villa and apartment complexes, providing a variety of options, whatever your preferred type of accommodation. There is also plenty of local shops for you to stock up on supplies and souvenirs, as well as numerous bars and restaurants for you to relax and experience some local fare in.

The highlight of the area’s tourist attractions comes in the form of the remains of a 5th-century church, the Basilica Paleocristiana De Son Bou. Whether you’re a history buff or simply enjoy experiencing local culture and traditions when you go away, this is a must-see if you’re in the area.

The one restriction of the area is that there are some steep hills in the area, so if you don’t have a car be prepared for a more than a little stroll.


  • Enjoy beautiful beaches
  • Love nature
  • Are a family with children
  • Are interested in history
  • Aren’t bothered by large hills

4. Arenal D’en Castell – Best Area to Stay in Menorca for Families With Todlers

Arenal D’en Castell where to stay on menorca with children
Arenal D’en Castell @Franco Vannini

Similar in ways to Son Bou in being famed for its beach, Arenal D’en Castell is a little more of a traditional tourist resort.

Intentionally designed to be a resort, instead of a local village, you will find plenty of entertainment for both children and adults alike. The hotels in the area provide cabaret and live music to keep you enjoying yourself into the evenings, while kids clubs and bouncy castles are set up to occupy your little ones.

The beach is also perfect for families as, while it’s not as impressive as Son Bou, it still features beautiful golden sands and shallow waters that are perfect for small children to safely enjoy the sea.

As you would expect from an area designed for families, it provides good value in everything from the bars and accommodation to the local supermarkets and souvenir shops.


  • You have small children
  • You like organized entertainment
  • You are looking for good value
  • You don’t plan on leaving your resort that much
  • You like the beach

5. Sant Lluis – Best Area to Stay in Menorca for Quiet Atmosphere

Sant Lluis stay in menorca foe beautiful sightseeing
Sant Lluis @Franco Vannini

Sant Lluis is a municipality that lies on the south-eastern end of the island. It is famed for its coastline, as it features sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and stunning coves, providing a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy.

Built by the French in the 1700s, the central features of the area include a large church and a traditional windmill that has been converted into a museum. There is also a winery that provides guided tours and sampling of their products.

It’s not all history and culture though, as the areas beach resort, Punta Prima, is one of the finest on the island. Not quite as touristy as some of the others, the beach at Punta Prima allows you to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea in a more refined manner.

In the evenings there are plenty of local bars and restaurants and even a limited amount of entertainment in some of the local hotels. Perfect for keeping your nights just as full as your days.


  • You like culture
  • You want a more traditional area
  • You prefer a quieter beach
  • You like beautiful scenery

6. Binibeca – Best Place to Stay in Menorca for Local Atmosphere

Binibeca bes place to stay in menorca for tourist

Technically, Binebeca is still in the municipality of Sant Lluis. However, what separates this area is that it is a little more upmarket

Gone are almost any signs of the tourist world, allowing you to fully integrate yourself with the local culture, of which there is plenty in every direction.

While the town of Sant Lluis lies to the north, you have the traditional Mediterranean fishing village of Pueblo De Pescadores to the west, the Binibeca beach to the south and Cala Torret to the east- a small area featuring beautiful cliffs and coves, as well as an assortment of bars, restaurants, and shops.

When it comes to accommodation, gone are the usual large hotels and resorts. Instead, you will find an assortment of classy villas and apartments, which are often rented directly from the locals.

There’s certainly less in the way of nightlife here but you still won’t struggle to find a nice local bar to eat and drink the night away in.


  • You don’t like touristy areas
  • You prefer more exclusive accommodation
  • You like to contribute to the local community
  • You aren’t too worried about the price

7. Fornells – Best Place to Stay in Menorca for Water Sports

Fornells Menorca
Fornells @a.froese

Now we’re going to change things up a bit and take our first trip to the northern coast of the island, to the traditional 17th-century fishing village of Fornells.

Like Binibeca, Fornells is a much quieter area than most of the island resorts, more suited to those looking for the true Menorcan experience.

It’s rolling hills meet the ocean at its deep fishing bay, which is the perfect spot for water activities, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and boat trips.

Then, when you’re worn out from a day in the water, what better way to relax than to retire to your own, traditional whitewashed rental house in the village.  These are the most common source of accommodation in Fornells and further enhance your overall experience.

While quite a distance from any of the main towns or cities, there are plenty of local bars and restaurants to keep you fed and entertained.


  • You enjoy water activities
  • You want to keep away from crowds and tourist spots
  • You like traditional accommodation
  • You aren’t too worried about the price

8. Cala En Porter – Best Place to Stay in Menorca for Sunset Views

Cala En Porter best place to stay in menorca for beautiful sun set
Cala En Porter @Mario Sánchez Prada

So far, we’ve looked at locations that were either tourist hotspots or provided natural beauty. Well, in Cala En Porter we’ve got one that does a bit of both.

While it’s known as one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, it has achieved its reputation due to its incredible scenery and iconic views, as opposed to the bars and nightlife that often draw the crowds.

Home to the most famous bar on the island, Cova D’en Xoroi, Cala En Porter is located up in the cliffs on the south-eastern coast of the island, about halfway between Son Bou and Binibeca.

While it has some beautiful beaches, bars, and restaurants to make any holidaymaker happy, it’s the spectacular views that will sell this place to almost anyone who sees them.

Looking out into the bay, as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, is a simply breath-taking experience, that draws not just holidaymakers but also photographers from all over the world.

Not as built up and touristy as some parts but more affordable than others, this may also be one of the best all round areas to stay on the island.


  • You love beautiful views and sunsets
  • You aren’t worried about crowds
  • You want an iconic experience

9. Santo Tomas – Best Place to Stay in Menorca to See Forests

Similar to Cala En Porter, Santo Tomas offers a little bit of both worlds, providing some of your traditional tourist mainstays, such as hotel resorts, while at the same time being located in the beautiful scenery that tends to be a little quieter than the main resorts.

You have the option of staying in both private villas and hotels, although do be aware the latter close down outside of the main season.

The hillside is covered by beautiful forests, perfect for balancing your days if you don’t want to spend your whole trip lazing on the beach or in the ocean.

This certainly won’t be suitable for those looking to party the nights away but if you’re looking for a more active holiday, away from all the hustle and bustle, this certainly fits the bill.


  • You love beautiful forests
  • You aren’t concerned with nightlife
  • You’d rather avoid the crowds
  • You’d like a traditional style hotel

10. Cala Galdana – Best Place to Stay in Menorca for Sightseeing

Cala Galdana best neighborhood to stay in menorca for family
Cala Galdana

We finish in Cala Galdana which, much like Arenal D’en Castell, is an area completely designed for tourists.

The area is packed with options for entertainment, both day and night, for holiday makers of all ages. It also features a shallow, protected beach, which makes it perfect for families with small children.

It also happens to be located in one of the most stunning parts of the island, with a beautiful bay in front of you and a sprawling pine forest rolling up the hill to the rear.

That combo makes it the perfect spot for those who want to take in nature and scenery but are looking for the kind of deals you on accommodation that you only find in tourist hotspots and aren’t worried about the crowds.


  • You like forests
  • You like beautiful views
  • You are looking for good value accommodation
  • You aren’t put off by crowds
  • You travel as a family/with children

Tips For Choosing Where To Stay In Menorca

So, that’s our list of where to stay in Menorca, Spain – 10 best areas. The question now, becomes how do you further narrow your search to make sure you get the best area for you?

Well for starters, allow me to give you a few tips on things to consider when trying to home in on that perfect vacation destination.

  • Do you like tourist resorts?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you like beaches?
  • How important is the nightlife?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you interested in the history of the island?
  • Do you want to experience the local culture?
  • Do you prefer hotels or private villas?
  • How do you feel about crowds?
  • Are you interested in nature?

If you take these 10 points into consideration, it should make narrowing down the 10 locations much easier.

Where To Stay In Menorca For Beaches

If it’s beaches you’re after, it simply has to be Son Bou

Easily the greatest beach on the island, you can lose entire days on it. Whether you’re walking its incredible length, relaxing on the sand, sipping on a cool drink, or doing something more active, Son Bou has it all.

The sheer size of it also provides the benefit of not feeling too busy, even though it’s in a popular location, and its shallow waters make it a perfect destination if you have little ones with you too.

Staying In Menorca For Nightlife

Let’s be real, no matter what country you’re in, if it’s nightlife you’re looking for then you need to head into the city. After all, they don’t call it tearing down the town for nothing.

On Menorca, that means you’re going to want to stay in Mahon. Featuring plenty of crowded bars and restaurants that are open into the early hours, you’re guaranteed to have a good night in Mahon.

Whether you’re after dancing, live music or just drinks with your pals, you can be sure Mahon will deliver.

Best Locations to Stay In Menorca Without A Car

It would be easy to pick Mahon again for this one as there’s so much going on and it’s the closest to the airport.

However, if you wanted to spend your entire trip in a city, I can’t imagine you’d be coming to Menorca. That’s why I’m going to select Sant Lluis instead.

Only a matter of minutes further away, Sant Luis in itself has a good blend of both culture and tourist attractions. Add in its public transport links to not only the Airport but also Mahon and Binibeca as well and it’s perfect for those traveling without a car to get a little bit of everything.

Best Areas In Menorca For Families

It’s hard to make a blanket suggestion for this one, as a family could include people of a variety of ages. 

For that reason, I’ve selected Arenal D’en Castell.

Firstly, there is a range of activities for people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. That means no matter who you have in your family, there’s likely to be something for everyone.

The other deciding factor is the cost. Considering you’ll be needing an accommodation, food, transport, etc for multiple people, you’re going to be wanting good value, and being such a tourist hotspot, there are fabulous deals to be had here all season long.

Where To Stay In Menorca With A Baby/Toddler

The requirements for this will be similar to the previous one, however, with the child being so young you likely won’t need quite so much entertainment for them and will potentially be looking for an area that isn’t quite as busy.

That’s why I’ve selected Cala Galdana. It provides most of the same features as Arenal D’en Castell but is not quite as busy, as it has fewer activities and kids clubs etc

It also has a little more variety of surroundings, so if you want to get out for a while you have more choices of local sights to see.

Best Places In Menorca For Couples

Nothing says romance quite like a beautiful sunset. When it comes to the best place for couples to stay in Menorca, it has to be Cala En Porter.

While you’ll find all the usual luxuries present in most Menorcan resorts, Treating yourselves to an evening at Cova D’en Xoroi, eating dinner, and sipping drinks while you watch the sunset over the bay will be an experience you both remember for the rest of your lives.

Best Neighborhoods In Menorca For Walking

If it’s long walks in the open air you’re looking for, you won’t find a better location in Menorca than Santo Tomas.

The pine forests in the hills above the town are the perfect place to spend your day roaming through the wildlife.

Then there’s the beautiful coastline around the village when you want an evening stroll to take in some culture. As an avid walker myself, this would definitely be my preferred choice to do some exploring.

Best Place To Stay In Menorca In October

If you choose to come to Menorca out of the traditional holiday season, you need to be aware certain things will be closed and the weather will be much cooler.

Therefore, you’re more likely going to be looking at a town or city trip than a beach one.

With that in mind, Ciutadella would be my recommendation for an October trip to Menorca. There’s an abundance of local history and culture to take in, so your activities aren’t dictated by the weather, and, being a city, it doesn’t shut down out of season, so there will be plenty of options for where you eat and sleep.

What Part Of Menorca Is The Best?

Another hard one to answer and somewhat dependant on what you’re looking for, but I’d have to say the south-east portion of the island is the best.

It features 6 of the 10 locations on this list and has such a wide variety of history, sights, and landscapes that there’s almost certainly something for everybody.

Add that to how easy it is to travel between the previously mentioned 6 locations and it’s simply the logical choice.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Menorca?

If you’re looking at visiting a Mediterranean island, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a summer holiday. In Menorca’s case, that is definitely the best time to visit.

Not only will everything be open and the temperature is pleasant, but it can tend to be a little rainy outside of the summer season.

There are also traditional festivals held across the island between the 23rd June and the 4th weekend in July which would be an amazing experience if you can sync your trip up with them.

10 Best Restaurants In Menorca – Best Place to Eat

Today we’re going to look at the 10 best restaurants in Menorca. When you’re looking to book a holiday there are many things that you consider. What are the hotels like, are there plenty of sights to see, how nice are the beaches- the list could go on forever.

One thing you cannot underestimate though is the importance food plays on the success of a trip.

Whatever you do throughout your day, we all like to unwind in the evening with a good meal at a nice restaurant. Well in Menorca that’s something they have plenty of, to the point narrowing it down can be the biggest challenge.

Well, if you want to make sure you know exactly where to eat on your visit to Menorca then carry on reading, as I’ll explain exactly what’s on offer and where to go to get it.

1. La Guapa (The Best For Seafood)

When you go on vacation to an island, with crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see, the first type of food that normally comes to mind is seafood.

Located on the northern coast in the 17th century fishing village of Fornells, it’s no wonder La Guapa is the place to go for seafood. With fish as freshly caught as you’re ever likely to experience and cooked to perfection by locals who’ve been raised preparing seafood dishes, this is a perfect place to curb your seafood cravings.

2. Casa Tia Tapas (The Best For Tapas)

If it’s not seafood that you think of first in Menorca then, being a Spanish island, it’s surely got to be tapas.

The traditional Spanish cuisine where you order many small dishes as opposed to one big one, it encourages a lively, family dining experience, where you share your food around the table to experience a little of everything on offer.

As far as Menorcan tapas, Casa Tia Tapas is the place to go. Located in one of the most popular parts of the island, Cala En Porter, take the opportunity to eat some fine food as you look out at the stunning views in this world-famous bay.

3. Ca Na Marga (The Best For Local Cuisine)

While seafood and tapas may be the first things that come to mind, it would be a shame to overlook Menorca’s own traditional cuisine while you’re here.

A blend of traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles, Menorcan cuisine features beautifully barbequed meats and fish, with a variety of dishes you may not find anywhere else.

Again located in Fornells, Ca Na Marga allows you to try this authentic cuisine in a beautifully styled traditional Menorcan restaurant. Perfect for fully immersing yourself in the culture of the island.

4. Bar Lemon (The Best View)

While we all want to taste great food when we dine out, sometimes where we eat is just as important as what we eat. That’s particularly true when you’re vacationing on a beautiful Mediterranean island.

Located in Es Castell, Bar Lemon sits right on the waterfront, allowing you to eat your meal while looking out across the bay and harbor.

While the food may be slightly simpler pub fare, it’s still cooked to perfection and when combined with the setting makes for a wonderful evening out.

5. Roma Pizzeria (The Best Pizzeria)

If you had to ask everyone you met what their favorite food was, I would hazard a guess that the answer to come up most frequently would be pizza.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s one of those dishes that just hits the spot every time. Well, if you’re looking for pizza in Menorca, then look no further than the Roma Pizzeria.

Located in the beautiful city of Ciutadella, this traditional, family-run restaurant serves not only delicious pizzas but also a selection of Italian, Mediterranean, and Spanish cuisines.

So even if other members of your party don’t fancy a pizza, a night here guarantees everyone will be able to get what they want.

6. Bar 007 (The Best For Burgers)

While pizzas might be the most popular dish around, burgers are probably the most readily available. While many may think of burgers as simple fast food, they are actually a lot more diverse than that.

From high-end restaurants to budget takeaways, everywhere seems to have its own take on this classic.

Well when you’re in Menorca, it’s the people at Bar 007 in Cala En Porter that are the kings of the burger. With rave reviews about their food, beautiful views from the restaurant and a location in one of the most popular parts of the island, Bar 007 is the perfect place to pick up a burger whether you’re out for your evening meal or just a lunchtime snack.

7. Es Caliu (The Best BBQ Grill)

When you’re looking to dine in a warm country, there are very few options as popular as some good old-fashioned BBQ. Meats carefully seasoned and grilled to perfection until they melt in your mouth.

Well on this island, Es Caliu is the standard bearer of the BBQ. Located in Ciutadella, choose from a wide range of beautifully prepared steaks and cuts of meat, which you can enjoy in a traditionally decorated restaurant, served by staff who give you that welcoming feeling family run Mediterranean restaurants are famed for.

8. Fang I Aram Restaurant Vegetaria (The Best Vegan/Vegetarian Cuisine)

One of the most common trends in recent years when it comes to dining is people who are vegan or vegetarian. While it may sound easy to simply remove meat or animal products from your meals, sometimes it isn’t that straight forward. A lot of the time the way foods are prepared or cooked may make them unsuitable even if there is no meat directly present.

Well, if you’re worried about that on a trip to Menorca, I’d highly recommend Fang I Aram. Located in Ciutadella, they provide a wide range of dishes specifically designed for people who live vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

With rave reviews from both vegans and meat eaters alike, you can be sure you’ll have something new and tasty to tuck into each night, no matter what your dietary needs.

9. Smoix (The Best High-End Restaurant)

While a holiday, in general, is a time to treat yourself, many of us still like to have one really special night while we’re away. A night where the money is no object and we can dine in fancy restaurants and live like kings.

Well if you fancy dining in a high-end establishment in Menorca, I’d highly suggest Smoix.

Found in the heart of Ciutadella, this gorgeous restaurant features lavishly prepared Mediterranean dishes that will make you forget about the high price tag the second you bite into them.

10. Puerto Dips (The Best Value Restaurant)

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s also plenty of times where you want to be able to have a nice meal without it costing you an arm and a leg. Well if that’s the case in Menorca it’s going to be easier to achieve than most places.

Situated in Es Castell, Puerto Dips is one of the most popular restaurants on the entire island. Featuring a wide variety, from healthy meals to vegetarian options, they have covered all their bases so that there’s something for everybody.

That fact is made even more perfect as the prices are insanely low, allowing you to dine here whatever your budget

Nothing makes a vacation better than being assured you can get a fantastic meal in any situation.

When you’re booking a beach holiday it’s obvious a nice beach is a priority, so when you see an article like the 15 best beaches in Menorca you can be pretty sure you’re looking at the right destination.

While some locations may only have one beach or a few that are very similar, Menorca has a diverse collection of beaches. With such an abundance though, it can be hard to work out which one looks like your type of beach.

Well, fear not, as in this article I’m going to take you through the 15 best beaches the island has to offer so you can get your destination just right.

The 15 Best Beaches In Menorca

When you’re booking a beach holiday it’s obvious a nice beach is a priority, so when you see an article like the 15 best beaches in Menorca you can be pretty sure you’re looking at the right destination.

While some locations may only have one beach or a few that are very similar, Menorca has a diverse collection of beaches. With such an abundance though, it can be hard to work out which one looks like your type of beach.

Well, fear not, as in this article I’m going to take you through the 15 best beaches the island has to offer so you can get your destination just right.

Best Beaches in Menorca Map

Best beaches in Menorca Map
Best beaches in Menorca Map

To see more detail of best beaches in Menorca, go to Google Map.

1. Playa De Son Bou

Located in the village of Son Bou, this is the longest beach on the island at over two miles long. Its golden sands are sandwiched between the crystal-clear ocean and a nature reserve.

The area features a free car park, sun loungers, and umbrellas to rent, as well as bars and beach sellers to purchase refreshments from. 

A perfect choice to spend the day walking or sunbathing without a care in the world, it also has shallow waters for you to wade in alone or with small children or toddlers.

2. Cala Macarelleta

Cala Macarelleta lies on the south-eastern coast of the island, in the municipality of Ciutadella. It is situated in a cove, surrounded by cliffs and forests

While that means it takes a bit of a walk to reach, when you arrive you will be presented with deep blue waters and a small beach that is less populated than some of the more accessible options on the island.

A perfect choice if you prefer a quieter, more secluded beach.

Best beaches in Menorca Cala Macarelleta
Cala Macarelleta @Nicolas Vigier

3. Cala Mitjana

This is a beach that is very similar to our previous entry, although this time in the municipality of Ferreries just to the east.

Another fairly secluded cove, although this time the beach is even smaller and perhaps a little trickier to get to.

This means it’s a bit of a gamble as to what sort of day you’ll have there. If quite a few people go it can end up feeling very busy due to the size, but if you get lucky you can end up with the whole beach to yourself, the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, or just some quiet time alone with your thoughts. 

Cala Mitjana best beach in menorca
Cala Mitjana @Jaume Escofet

4. Cala Turquetta

Another similar beach along this stretch of the coast, although this time to the west of Cala Macarelleta.

This one is both more accessible and a little more popular than the previous two. You’ll still get the same stunning views and scenery only you’re guaranteed to have other people around this time.

On the plus side, there’s a regular vendor selling fruit and refreshments on the beach, as well as the chance you may find some of the local wildlife roaming through the sands.

5. Cala Pregonda

We move now to the region of Es Mercadal, on the rocky northern coast of the island. As with many of the beaches in this part of the island, while the beach itself is nice, it’s the activities that make this beach stand out. 

The peaks around the edges of the cove are perfect for a little bit of diving and the small rocky islands just offshore will give snorkellers plenty to explore.

If you did just want to relax on the beach it’s certainly a lovely location, there just happens to be others that are superior for that elsewhere on the island.

Cala Pregonda Menorca
Cala Pregonda @Charlotte Nadadora

6. Cala Algaierens

Located just outside the city of Ciutadella, Cala Algaierens is back to a more traditional style of the beach.

Featuring long stretches of golden sands, a car park for ease of access, and beautiful clear waters.

Being located so close to the city there are also more opportunities to purchase refreshments and beach gear, as well as transport options that make it reachable for those without a car.

7. Cala Galdana

Located at the tourist resort of Cala Galdana, this is what most people imagine when they think of a Spanish beach.

Perfect location, beautiful sands, and clean waters are just some of the highlights. Its location close to the town means there are ample opportunities to buy refreshments and is easy to access, with or without a car.

Its big selling point is that it is specifically designed for tourists, so there are also activities such as pedal boats that can be rented for a fun-filled day out. It’s shallow waters also make it perfect for families with small children.

Cala Galdana Menorca best beach
Cala Galdana @Freebird

8. Playa Arenal De Son Soura

Back to the east coast, a little south of Ciutadella is Playa Arenal De Son Soura

Much like Son Bou, this is a lengthy beach with a laid-back vibe. Its white sands meet turquoise waters and are backed by tall trees. It’s the distance from a major resort also makes it a little quieter than some other beaches of its size.

It has a car park so is easily reachable by car but there are no services around, so make sure you bring everything you need with you.

9. Cala Blanca

Located in a similar region to our previous entry but in a slightly more built-up resort.

Cala Blanca beach is smaller too, but it makes up for it with a couple of beachfront bars and locations to rent loungers and umbrellas.

You can experience the same white sands and beautiful turquoise waters you could before, you just have to be willing to trade the tranquillity of the previous option for the convenience of the amenities provided here.

Cala Blanca menorca beach
Cala Blanca @Luc.T

10. Cala En Bosch

Located on the south-eastern tip of the island, this is a much more famous beach and as such will be busier than a lot of the previous entries.

Located near the marina there’s the chance to see plenty of boats out in the water. There’s also plenty of rock formations around the ends of the beach that are perfect for diving, snorkeling, or searching to spot some wildlife.

There are minimal services provided on the actual beach but there are numerous restaurants and bars located close by, as well as having a good public transport link and places to park close by.

Cala En Bosch Menorca beach
Cala En Bosch @Steve.

11. Cala En Porter

Another of the islands more famous beaches, Cala En Porter is located back down on the south coast, near Son Bou.

It is a very deep beach that stretches inland almost afar as its length. That characteristic continues in the water, as its shallows go out a great distance, making it perfect for small children.

It is located near the resort so is easy to access and has ample facilities, including restaurants, toilets, and even lifeguards, as well as places to rent loungers, umbrellas, and kayaks. This is a perfect beach for those who want to be a little more active than just laying in the sand.

Cala En Porter
Cala En Porter @Mario Sánchez Prada

12. Platja De Sant Tomas

In the same region as our previous entry, this time to the north of Son Bou.

Platja De Sant Tomas beach is located on the edge of a small, quiet resort. This gives it the perfect combination of easy access but without the huge crowds that usually come with the more built-up resorts.

There are limited facilities on the beach itself, including a small bar on the sand, but most other things can be obtained locally if needed as there are shops not far from the beach.

Platja De Sant Tomas beach
Platja De Sant Tomas @Paul Stephenson

13. Cala Es Talaier

Located right in the middle of Cala En Bosch and Cala Galdana, it is like neither of those beaches.

Much smaller and more secluded, this is another beach that will require a bit of a hike to get to. 

While it has limited facilities on the beach itself, the white sands and turquoise waters are much quieter than other beaches in the region. 

If you are staying near either of those two resorts but want a quieter beach experience, then this is definitely the place for you.

14. Playa Arenal Den Castell

A complete opposite to our previous entry in every way, including its location on the northeast coast of the island.

One of the most famous beaches on the island, it is quite large but always incredibly busy. That’s due to both its proximity to the massive resort, as well as the abundance of facilities and activities available at the beach.

Other than it being busy, its only drawback is that the prices are quite steep and if you do need to rent a lounger or want to book an activity it will cost you-but at least the option is there.

15. Playa De Binigaus

Our final beach is back on the south of the island, just to the north of Santo Tomas.

Playa De Binigaus is a little different from most of our previous options, as it is not a beach focused on lazing in the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, it still has beautiful soft sand and clear waters, but the sand only covers a small part of the area. It’s the rocky outcrops and shallow waters that make this the perfect beach for those that want to take a stroll and enjoy the nature of the island.

When you do want to sit and rest in the sand though, the quiet area makes this the perfect place to have a relaxing lie-down and listen to the waves hitting the shore at your feet.


When it comes to island holidays, we’re usually all looking for a somewhat similar experience.

Good weather, nice beaches, things to see, places to explore and a selection of great bars and restaurants to unwind of an evening.

Menorca offers all of those qualities and then some, so you can be confident in your choice of destination.

The only thing left to do is narrow down exactly where to stay. With the tips and information I’ve given you in this article about where to stay on Menorca, Spain- the 10 best areas, it should hopefully have helped make that an easy choice too.

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