Where to Stay in Milan Italy

Where to Stay in Milan Italy: Best Areas & Hotels Travel Guide

Here’s my guide to choosing where to stay in Milan. Italy’s chic and modern Northern capital is fascinating to visit and absolutely packed full of things to see and do. It is a huge city, though, and there are any number of fascinating districts, each of which will appeal to a different kind of traveler. But fear not, when you read this guide to the best areas to stay in Milan, you’ll be able to choose the place that suits you best.

Where to Stay in Milan: Tips & Info

Milan is the largest city in Italy, and it can justifiably lay claim to being its most cosmopolitan since it is the heartland of chic North Italian designer style. So there’s a great deal to take in here, but you will be pleased to learn that it is a relatively compact city. The best things to see and do are located quite centrally, mostly in and around The Piazza Duomo area and the historic center. This Centro Storico is a great place to stay, but there are also some super districts nearby like the relaxed San Lorenzo, charming Bera, the hip and happening, Ticinese and leafy Porta Venezia.

Party-goers will be drawn straight to the nightlife center of Navigli or to the budget and student-friendly night scene of Citta Studi.

Milan, however, has an excellent public transport system, most notably the Metro subway. This means that you can stay in quieter and more relaxed out of town settings and still enjoy the best the city has to offer quickly and conveniently. Districts like San Siro and Fiera are great suburban bases that will appeal to family groups and travelers who want a breath of fresh air after a day in the city center.

Where To Stay In Milan: 10 Best Areas to Stay in Milan 

So here are Milan’s ten best areas. From fantastic historic buildings to shopper’s paradises, there’s something for you here, from bustling central hubs to leafy suburbs. 

Where to Stay in Milan Italy Map

Where to Stay in Milan Italy Map
Where to Stay in Milan Italy Map

To see more detail of best areas to stay in Milan, go to google map;

1. San Lorenzo, Where to Stay in Milan for Couple

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a charming part of central Milan located just to the southwest of The Duomo. This small and attractive area spreads out around the central hub of the Piazza San Lorenzo, a square surrounded by little cafes, bars, and restaurants that are great places to watch the local Milanese go about their social lives. While here you should visit the splendid Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore.

One of the appeals of this part of town is that you’re very close to the city center and the Duomo area. It is a comfortable walk, but there are two great transport options if you don’t want to walk. For short journeys, like from San Lorenzo to The Historical Center, it’s great fun to jump on one of the iconic trams that you will find everywhere in the city. Trams aren’t the quickest way to get around, but they’re the most fun and scenic. Alternatively, take the Metro, the city’s fast and highly efficient subway system.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Want to stay really close to the historic center of town.
  • Want to visit the Basilica of San LorenzoMaggiore.
  • Are traveling as a couple.

Navigli is a cool suburb located on the southern side of Milan that is the best place in the city to stay if you are keen on enjoying some great nightlife. The huge night scene in this area is centered upon two canals. Beside these canals and in the maze of streets that surround them, you will find an enormous number of excellent bars and clubs.

Everything starts to happen here around sunset, and you can enjoy an aperitivo, usually with a free buffet, at any of the scores of bars that line the canals. Another great option is to hop onto one of the canal longboats that ply up and down the water and enjoy a drink there with fabulous views for free. After sunset, many bars kick on and transform into late-night watering holes and nightclubs where you can party for as long as you have the willpower and energy.

During the daytime, the area transforms somewhat, and you will find some excellent upmarket boutique shops selling fashion items and antiques. If you are fortunate enough to be in Milan on the last Sunday of the month, you should make a point to head over to Navigli. There is a huge antique market, selling not just antiques but with little stores purveying all kinds of interesting and fascinating goods, perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

 And of course, Navigli has an enormous variety of dining, all of it, as with everywhere in Italy, top quality.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Want to be close to the city’s best nightlife.
  • Want to take a sunset cruise down the canal.
  • Don’t mind being a little way out of the center of town.

3. Porta Venezia, Where to Stay in Milan with Family

Porta Venecia is a wealthy and quiet suburb just to the Duomo’s southeast in the center of Milan. It’s a fascinating little enclave of the city since even though it is close to the center, it isn’t the favored choice of many tourists, so you are free to see the city as it truly is.

There are some pretty parks here, and the profusion of old buildings make it a lovely area to stroll around and soak up the atmosphere.

As with most parts of Milan, there are some beautiful old churches in the neighborhood; a highlight is the Basilica di San Carlo al Corso.

Because of its parks and open spaces, Porta Venezia is an excellent place to stay with family if you want to be somewhere central but away from the busiest and most chaotic areas.

Since this area isn’t the most popular with tourists there aren’t too many hotels, but there are some great mid and high-end places, and you can rent some very well-appointed apartments, which are a good option if you are traveling as a group.

You Should Stay Here If you

  • Want to be away from The tourist holds.
  • Want to be near some pretty parks.
  • Want a central area with a suburban vibe.
  • Want a choice of good mid-to-upper range boutique hotels and some nice apartments.

4. Centro Storico, Where to Stay in Milan for First Time Travelers

Centro Storico means historical center in Italian, and that says it all, really. If you are a lover of history and the arts, then this is the perfect place to stay when you visit Milan, especially for the first time.

This part of the city is so full of ancient buildings and culture that you will be spoiled for choice. First, and most importantly, is the Duomo. With its towering spires, this spectacular cathedral is an architectural wonder, but you wouldn’t want to parachute onto it. Its construction dates back to the 14th century, and its white marble facade is still stunning. One of the highlights of your trip will be the view of the city if you take the opportunity to climb up onto the roof. 

But this part of town isn’t just about the history, epicures will be delighted to know that there is an enormous number of top quality restaurants, and plenty of the little cafes that the Italians do so very well.

This being Milan, the city of chic shopping, there are splendid and sophisticated shopping malls scattered throughout the area; you can browse designer stores to your heart’s content.

But what about the arts? The Duomo checks that box too in quite spectacular fashion since it is home to the famous La Scala theater. A visit to this artistic icon of Milan is one of the cities bucket list must do’s.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Shopping, particularly for designer goods.
  • Are visiting Milan for the first time.
  • Want to be right in the center of the city.
  • Want plenty of top quality restaurants and bars nearby.
  • You are a theater lover.

5. Bicocca, Where to Stay in Milan for Budget Travelers


Bicocca is an exciting district of Milan located in the northern part of the city. This area of town is the site of the enormous University Of Milan, an ancient seat of learning. These days the university gives the area tremendous youthful energy.

There are some great accommodation options in this part of town, especially if you are traveling with friends or with your family. Much of the accommodation in this area is in the form of apartments, so if you’re on a budget, it’s a good option since you can economize by using the kitchens in these larger living spaces. There is a large shopping mall nearby, where you can get all the supplies you need.

Milan’s largest park is here also; the Parco Nord Milano is a vast open area to walk, run, recline, and get a breath of fresh air.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Want to stay close to one of Europe’s largest urban parks.
  • Want an out of town location with excellent transport links to the center.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of a lively student community.

6. Brera – Best Overall Area to Stay in Milan


If you want to pick a place to stay in Milan, which offers the best all-around combination of the great things about the city, you don’t need to look much further than Brera. This is an immensely appealing city district that retains some splendid buildings and much of the grandeur of the city’s rich history within its maze of winding streets. But Brera is also a thriving and vital modern part of the city, packed with artists, artisans, and a positive buzz of modernity.

If you were an art lover, then a trip to Brera is a must. This area is home to some of Milan’s very best art galleries at the Pinacoteca Di Brera. Here you can view the National Gallery of Modern and Antique Art and the Academy Of Fine Arts’s treasures. This is one of the world’s greatest art galleries and features Italian masters like Caravaggio and Raphael. Oh, and you know that famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting The Last Supper? That’s here too. You will find that at the Santa Maria Delle Gracie.

Brera is very convenient for the rest of the central cities sights too; it is just a few minutes walk to the north of the Duomo and the historical center of the city. 

You are spoiled for choice for places to stay in this area, whatever your budget. Although there are many properties in the mid-price category, you will also find some good hostels and budget rooms, and at the other end of the scale, there are some spectacular five-star hotels here.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Want to be close to the center of the city.
  • Want the city’s best art galleries.
  • Want a thrilling mix of ancient and modern.
  • Want a maze of streets to explore on foot.

7. San Siro – Best Area to Stay in Milan for Football Lovers

San Siro
San Siro

This district’s name will be extremely familiar to any football fan since it’s home to the fabulous San Siro Stadium. This enormous cathedral to the beautiful game houses arch-rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan who play there on alternate weeks. If you get a chance, you should watch a game here. You won’t forget the passion and excitement of 75,000 Italian football fans roaring their team on. 

The District of San Siro is in a quiet, suburban part of Milan over on the city’s western side. It’s a good place to stay if you want to be somewhere a little more tranquil and relaxed than the city’s bustling heart. Despite being out of town, there are fantastic transport links into the city because of the sports stadium, so you are just a few minutes away from all of the sights.

Despite being a predominantly suburban district, you will find that San Siro has plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The area around the San Siro Stadium is packed with affordable restaurants, bars, and shops. And if you are traveling as a family, you will be pleased to discover that the stadium area has plenty of kid-friendly activities and play areas.

This area has plenty of hotels that cater to travelers on all budgets. There are plenty of good apartment rentals as well, and all in all, the accommodation prices here are a little lower than in the center of Milan so if you’re traveling on a budget, let’s stay in San Siro is well worth considering.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Are a football lover.
  • Want an out of town location with excellent transport connections.
  • Are traveling with your family.

8. Citta Studi, Where to Stay in Milan for Budget and Nightlife

Citta Studi means “city of students” in Italian, and this is a perfect description of this part of Milan. This area of the city is the overwhelming favorite place for students to stay, and because of this, it’s probably the best part of Milan for budget travelers. After all, students have to live on a budget. So, in addition to some great value hostels and affordable hotels and guest houses, you’ll find that the prices in the local restaurants, bars, and cafes are incredibly budget-friendly. Citta Studi has good shopping too. If your fashion tastes don’t require expensive brand names and labels, this is an excellent place to explore the stores.

Students like to party, so this is one of Milan’s best nightlife areas for the younger crowd (or the young at heart.)

Citta Studi is home to the Modern Art Gallery Of Milan. If your artistic taste is more modern-day than the work of the renaissance masters of the historic center, you will be well rewarded by a tour around this gallery.

Citta Studi is a good part of Milan to stay in if you are looking for a low-key and leafy area full of parks since there are several around here in which you can stroll and unwind from the bustle of the city center.

The Citta Studi is situated in Milan’s eastern suburbs about 3 km away from the historic center. Transport links are good, though, and it’s easy to hop on the Metro or take a tram into the city center. This area is also close to the Central Train Station, so if you arrive or leave by rail, it’s a very convenient place to stay.

You Should Stay Here If you

  • Are traveling on a budget.
  • Want great affordable nightlife.
  • Want an open and leafy neighborhood.
  • Don’t mind being a short tram or metro ride away from the center.

9. Fiera – Best Area for Quiet Atmosphere

Fiera is a prosperous and attractive suburb of Milan, over in the western outskirts of the city. If your idea of the perfect city stay is in a leafy out of town area, dipping in and out to see the sites on the excellent Metro system, then this part of town should appeal.

Fiera is a good option if you have money to spend on more expensive accommodation and entertainment. You will find top-quality hotels around here, and the wealthy residents choose to dine in some splendid top-class restaurants and bars. It’s not the place to stay if you’re traveling on a budget, but if you are a couple who enjoy the better things in life and a bit of peace and quiet, Sierra is a good option. The same thing goes if you travel with your family and want quieter streets, parks, and an altogether more relaxed base for your explorations of Milan.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • You have a little bit more money to spend on hotels and entertainment.
  • You want to stay out of the center of
  • You are traveling with family.
  • You’re looking for a prosperous residential suburb.

10. Ticinese – Best Area for Cool Bar and Bohemian Vibe

Ticinese is a conveniently central district of Milan that isn’t quite yet on the tourist map. this is all in the process of changing, though, since Ticinese is one of the hippest and most under-the-radar, upcoming districts of Milan. It is an old urban district that has seen a recent renaissance, and now it is full of exciting and interesting independent stores, co-working spaces and cafes, small galleries, and hip bars and bistros.

Ticinese’s location is extremely convenient since you’re very close to the center of Milan, just to the south of the historic center. It’s an excellent destination for budget Travelers since there are some good hostels and economical apartment rentals. But if you want to splash the cash, there are some lovely boutique accommodations at a higher price range.

You Should Stay Here If you:

  • Want to stay in Milan’s most up and coming suburb.
  • you want to be close to the historic center.
  • You want cool bars, quirky shops, and a bohemian vibe.

Where To Stay In Milan With Family? 

San Siro is one of the best places to stay in Milan if you’re traveling with your family. This western suburb is most famous as the home of Milan’s two great football rivals, but their enormous stadium complex is home to some great child-friendly activities.  

San Siro is a safe and attractive suburb that will suit your family perfectly. There are also plenty of good places to eat, drink, and shop in and around the stadium. San Siro has a large number of well-priced hotels and apartments to rent.

Sure, it’s a little way out of town, but San Siro has excellent links to all the city center sights via the quick and convenient Metro system.

Where To Stay In Milan On A Budget?

If you are traveling on a budget, then overwhelmingly the best place to stay in Milan is the Citta Studi. This is the accommodation center for Milan’s huge student population. As we all know, students live frugally, which means that there are great value places to eat and drink and shops that won’t break the bank.

An added advantage of this area is that it is close to the Duomo and the city’s historic center. So if you want to explore all of the extravagant cultural wonders of central Milan, you can get there after a 15 or 20-minute walk or by jumping on the tram.

Where To Stay In Milan For First-Timers? 

If you’ve never been to Milan before, why not treat yourself to a stay in the historic center of the city? Some beautiful hotels are located close to The Duomo di Firenze. The whole area surrounding this central highlight is packed with beautiful churches, renaissance architecture, and all kinds of things to see and do.

Here, you can just step out of your hotel into the beautiful Piazza Duomo, and you’re right in the heart of the old Milan.

Where To Stay In Milan For 2 Nights? 

If you are visiting Milan for two nights, then it makes sense to stay somewhere close to the center of town, but if you want to be a little bit away from the busiest tourist spots then you should book accommodation in the district of Porta Venezia

This central yet suburban area is just to the east of the historic center of the city and a stone’s throw from the Piazza Duomo and all of the tourist attractions that surround it. But it is a world away in atmosphere, being an affluent and mostly residential suburb, full of parks, and nice little bistros, restaurants and shops.

Where To Stay In Milan For One Night? 

If you can only spare one night for all of Milan’s historic and modern delights, you really need to stay somewhere close to the center of the city. Time is of the essence here. You will want to visit the Duomo (or Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) and some of the other museums and historic buildings of the historic center, so it makes sense to stay in the Centro Storico, or historic center

Most of your accommodation in this area is in the mid-to-upper range, but you can also find some decent budget options if you shop around. If you’re staying here, then it’s simplicity itself to spend an afternoon on foot going from sight to sight and making the most of your brief stay in the city.

Where To Stay In Milan For 3 Nights? 

If you can spend three nights in Milan, why not stay in Brera, a conveniently central district of the city, overflowing with charm and character.

Brera is conveniently placed for all of the sites of the historic center of the city, being just a short distance away to the northwest. But you will find plenty of delights to attract you in the area itself, which is an enchanting maze of winding streets and traditional architecture that houses some excellent contemporary shops, and great restaurants and bars too.

This area also boasts a spectacular art gallery, the Pinacoteca Di Brera. It’s the perfect base for a long weekend in Milan.

Where To Stay In Milan For Nightlife? 

If you are a creature of the night, then you should most definitely choose the district of Navigli as your home base in Milan. 

This district is the uncontested center of Milan’s nightlife scene. You will find a spectacular collection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs surrounding the two central canals that form this area’s heart. Starting with sunset aperitivos, and heading on into an evening that can last as long as you want it to, you are sure to find a party venue here that suits you just perfectly.Where To Stay In Milan Near Duomo? 

The Piazza Duomo is the central square of Milan, home to the spectacular Duomo Cathedral. High-class boutiques, opulent shopping arcades, and many of the city’s best things to see and do are right here.
The streets and avenues surrounding this beautiful area have some great, if relatively expensive, places to stay. But, especially if you are a first-time visitor, the expense is well justified by your surroundings’ convenience and wonderful atmosphere.

Where To Stay In Milan Near Train Station? 

 If you are traveling to Milan by train and want to stay somewhere conveniently close to the central train station then why not stay in the nearby Citta Studi? This is the city’s student heartland and is a vibrant and exciting place to be, full of interesting shopping and great restaurants, bars, and nightlife, all of which are designed to be easy on the budget.

It’s just a short walk from Citti Studi to the Central Station. This area is much more appealing than the slightly seedy and down-at-heel area in the station’s immediate surroundings. A handy tip is that you should take special care of your belongings and look out for pickpockets and scam artists around the train station.

Where To Stay In Milan City Centre? 

Piazza Del Duomo, is the uncontested heart of Milan. This is the core of the Centro Storico historic center of the city and is home to spectacular Renaissance architecture, fabulous museums and galleries, top-of-the-range designer shops, and a seemingly endless supply of things for tourists to see and do. 

If you want to stay in the center of Milan, choose a hotel anywhere within about 500m of the Duomo, and you can’t go far wrong, since everything you want to see and do will be within convenient walking distance.

Where To Stay In Milan For Shopping? 

In Milan, shopping is everywhere. The city rivals Paris when it comes to being the home of chic design and top-class fashion. If you are looking for designer labels, classy food stores, and other high-budget high-quality shops, then you should stay in the Centro Storico, or historic center, a central district with many fabulous shopping arcades.

If you are on more of a budget and you’re looking for small and unique, non-brand-name things to buy, then take a look around the Citta Studi area. This lower budget, student-friendly area is packed full of interesting and idiosyncratic stores selling all manner of shopping items.


So, that’s Milan! Now you know all about the best places to stay and the incredible and exciting things to see and do while you are here. I’m sure that you can’t wait to visit, and now you know what area to stay in too. So, what are you waiting for? Make that booking, and have a fabulous trip to this beautiful Italian destination.

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