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Where to Stay in Perth: Best Areas and Hotels

If you’re wondering where to stay in Perth Australia, or where is the best area to stay in Perth, you’re in the right place.I will give an insight into 6 best places to stay in Perth for first time visitors, couples, families, backpackers, all budget travelers; read on as I show you the best of Perth.

Perth is an excellent city situated in Western Australia. Officially the most isolated city in the world, thousands of KM away from any other major city. 

Glorious nature and secluded paradise surround the city of Perth, making this is one to tick off your bucket list.

Where to Stay in Perth: Tips & Info

Perth is a sprawling city, spread over 6000 square km. Although Perth has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world, it is still very spread out and choosing the right spot that suits your needs is essential.

I would personally stay in South Perth because it’s central to everything, and although I love staying at the beach, I know that Perth has a sound transport system and it’s effortless to get to the beach. South Perth offers the best views of the city, and it’s easy to get into the CBD and catch public transport to anywhere in Perth. 

It depends on what you’re in Perth for, and if you’re going to Perth with a family. There are better places for those who love nature, and great spots for those like to party and superb areas for those who appreciate art galleries and culture. Some locations are better for shopping such as Subiaco or the CBD.

You can use sites such as booking.com to navigate the areas and find good locations with the budget that you are looking for. Below are some pointers on what might be the best for you.

Where to Stay in Perth Australia – 8 Best Area to Stay in Perth

That’s a great question. There are many great spots to stay in when you’re in Perth. It’s a sprawling city, known for being hugely spread out over a vast distance. Therefore, it’s essential to book the right spot.

Perth is well known for its world-class beaches, excellent surfing spots, carefree lifestyle and supreme climate. Incredible national parks surround the city and some of the worlds best wine from the neighbouring Margaret River. 

The city is home to excellent public transport, a wide range of parks and outdoor activities and even some great restaurants and bars. If you’re in Perth, there is plenty to do.

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia Map

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia Map
Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia Map

To see more detail of Where to Stay in Perth Map, go to google map;

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1. Perth CBD, Where to Stay in Perth for First Time Travelers

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: Perth City
Perth City

Perth CBD is a great spot to stay, situated a mere 11km from the airport, and a mere 15-minute drive to the city’s famous beaches. Perth CBD has something for everyone.

A popular attraction is the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, which is a beautiful garden with fabulous views of the Perth CBD. It is one of the world’s biggest inner city parks with heaps of Aboriginal and European culture everywhere. If the sun’s out – and it usually is – then this is a great spot.

Accommodation is ample, and you can find superb budget hostels, budget hotel rooms, mid-range hotels and plenty of 5-star luxury. 


  • You want to be close to the airport
  • You want to be a short drive from the coast
  • You want to be central
  • You don’t care about being in a busy area
  • You don’t want to be next to the beach

2. Fremantle, Where to Stay Near Perth

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: Fremantle

People often call Fremantle the Alternative town of Perth, with a mix of alternative bars and quirky sights. The port town is named “Freo” by many locals and is an excellent escape from the CBD.

There are some great beaches in Fremantle such as Bathers Beach, a beautiful spot of paradise on the Perth coastline. You could also take a swim and a walk at South Beach; this is a top-rated beach with good nightlife, restaurants and high-end hotels surrounding.

Accommodation in Fremantle varies, but there are some great budget options with a vast array of backpacker hostels at reasonable prices. You can find great budget hotels too.


  • You want to be next to the beach
  • You want to be near an alternative scene
  • You enjoy a good nightlife
  • You don’t mind being away from the centre
  • You don’t mind being in a quieter area

3. West Perth, Where to Stay in Perth Near Perth CBD

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: Park in Perth
Park in Perth

Western Perth is an excellent option if you want to be walking distance from the CBD and still very central and close to the attractions. The area has some great drinks and shopping options and offers a relaxed vibe outside of working hours.

There are a few great attractions to see in Western Perth, such as the Parliament House, which is home to the government of Western Australia. It’s a beautiful old building constructed in 1904 and worth a see. 

There is a varied amount of accommodation options in Perth; you can find some brilliant hostels here but also some excellent mid-range hotel options.


  • You love to be near the CBD
  • You like central, but not very central
  • You want relaxed places at night
  • You don’t mind not being next to the nightlife
  • You don’t mind not being next to the beach.

4. Subiaco, Where to Stay in Perth for Shopping

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: Subiaco
Shop in Perth

Subiaco is an upmarket area of Perth that is full of shops, pubs and art galleries. Shoppers will love some of the designer shops in the area, but nature lovers will also love parks such as Muller Park.

The Subi Farmers Market is a trendy place to visit in the area. You can eat some of the best cheeses and fresh food in Perth from here; it’s a great place to visit every Saturday in the morning. 

Subiaco is the best spot in Perth for backpackers. It has the broadest range of hostels in Perth with some great, well-priced hostels in the area. 


  • You want great budget deals
  • You want to be near good shops
  • You wish to be near the CBD
  • You don’t mind not being next to the beach
  • You don’t mind not being in the CBD.

5. Northbridge, Where to Stay in Perth for Nightlife

Northbridge is the culture and nightlife hub of Perth. You should say here if you love a diverse range of food from all around the world and want to party. If you enjoy Asian cuisine, then you’ll love the food on Williams street.

Northbridge is home to a heap of backpackers bars, and also upscale cocktail bars on Williams Street. You can find a significant number of bars and nightclubs in this area.

Northbridge has a large number of backpacker hostels and budget hotels that are perfect for budget travellers


  • You love the excellent nightlife
  • You want to be close to the CBD
  • You enjoy cocktail bars
  • You don’t mind not being next to the beach
  • You don’t mind being around busy nightlife

6. South Perth, Where to Stay in Perth Close to Everything

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: South Perth
Perth Zoo

South Perth is a superb spot for pretty much everything. Situated just next to the Swan River, South Perth is home to the best views of the Perth Skyline. 

Other popular attractions in South Perth are the Perth Zoo, which has a brilliant range of wildlife. The Sir James Mitchell Park is a cool part of South Perth, located on the Swan River. 

Accommodation in South Perth is excellent for mid to high end, with many of Perth’s most expensive hotels in this area. It’s probably the best spot in the city.


  • You want to be in the centre
  • You like high-end hotels
  • You like parks and open space
  • You don’t mind being away from the beach
  • You don’t mind being in a busy place

7. Scarborough, Where to Stay in Perth for Surfing

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: Scarborough
Surfing in Perth

If you love the beach and you want to be in Perth’s prominent surfing spot with countless watersports options, Scarborough is your type of place.

Scarborough beach is gorgeous. This one of Perth’s most popular beaches with superb white sand, clear waters and great activities. If you love cafes, then there are cafes overlooking the shores of Scarborough.

You can find some excellent hotel deals in this area, with some reasonably budget hotels but also very well priced luxury too.


  • You love surfing
  • You love beachside views
  • You love to swim
  • You don’t mind being away from the CBD
  • You don’t mind staying in calmer places

8. East Perth, Where to Stay in Perth for Tourists

Where to Stay in Perth Western Australia: East perth
Hotel in Perth

East Perth is a popular destination with tourists, located to the east of the CBD. You’re still in a distance of the leading CBD attractions and many of the great things that Perth has to offer.

A popular thing to see in East Perth is the Perth Mint. The Perth Mint is a gold, silver and platinum producer. If you visit here, you can witness live gold pours and see how the organisation produces metals.

East Perth is home to excellent accommodation options with a good range of budget hotels and hostels. 


  • You want to stay in a relaxed spot
  • You want to be outside the CBD
  • You want to visit the Perth Mint
  • You don’t want to be next to the beach

Where To Stay In Perth For A First-time Traveller?

It depends on what you’re going for, but in my opinion, you would be best in the CBD. The CBD is centrally located yet still in reasonable proximity from the beaches and nature.

The CBD is close to parks and nature with the great Kings Park, which is a vast park and feels like you’re exiting the hustle and bustle of the CBD. The supreme public transport system means it’s still very possible to get around.

The Perth CBD is an excellent spot for a first-time traveller who is unsure what to do.

Where To Stay In Perth Near The Beach?

Perth has a stunning coastline, and you don’t need any excuse to head to the beach. There are two excellent beach spots in Fremantle and Scarborough, and both have their benefits.

In my opinion, the best place to stay if you want to be near to the beach is in Scarborough. The best beaches are here, and it caters for anyone who truly loves the outdoors. It has beautiful blue waters and fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities.

You can also find a great variety of accommodation from budget to high-end.

Should I Stay In Perth Or Fremantle?

I believe that you should stay in Perth because Fremantle is quite far away from the CBD and central attractions, Fremantle is a great alternative vibe with good beaches and a relaxed vibe

However, you can get to Fremantle quickly from the CBD and enjoy incredible scenic views on the boat trip. You can spend a day or two in Fremantle because the CBD is so well connected.

For those reasons, I would say you should stay central, and make the most of Perth’s world-class transportation system and head to Fremantle whenever you want.

Where Do Celebrities Stay In Perth?

Celebrities are likely to stay in South Perth because it has a large number of high-end hotels. And the location of South Perth is perfect because it’s close to the CBD.

It’s very close to the best attractions that the city has to offer and very connected to the rest of the city. South Perth is very connected and offers celebrities a location that is perfect for getting around.

It’s also very close to the high-end bars and dining that the city has to offer.

Where To Stay In Perth For Family/Toddlers?

Fremantle is an excellent spot for family/toddlers. If you have a young family it’s good to have a lot of space, Fremantle offers vast space and outdoor opportunities.

The beaches in Fremantle are perfect for young families, clean sand and waters that lifeguards patrol with caution. The beaches are safe and great for families.

There are also great options for accommodation, with a lot of hotels to choose from that have family facilities, Freemantle is a great spot to bring the family.

Where To Stay In Perth City Centre?

Perth City Centre has some great options, but the CBD is the best option in the city centre. The CBD has the broadest range of hotels that caters for all budgets and types of travellers. 

If you’re looking for high-end hotels then the Art Series – The Adnate is a terrific option, with a range of superb facilities and an edgy design.

The CBD has great hostel options with the highly-rated yet popular Hostel G offering reasonable budget prices in the CBD. Perth City Centre has excellent options.

Best Place To Stay In Perth For Tourists?

I think the best place for a tourist to stay in South Perth. In South Perth, you get fantastic skyline views and ample outdoor space, you can easily access the wonderful outdoor parks and gardens.

Furthermore, you are also very close to the CBD and everything that has to offer. The extensive public transport system connects Perth to the rest of the city, and you’re only a bus or train ride away from the beaches.

I think that South Perth is a great all-round tourist area to stay in, and I recommend it.


Perth is a phenomenal city to visit, with some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery of any city in the world. 

This city is a must-see, and with an excellent transport system that connects you to all the great things Perth has to offer, I’m sure you’ll never run out of things to do. 

Be sure to get out and about to various surrounding areas of the city. It has some of the most incredible scenery in the world surrounding it.

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