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Where to Stay in Brisbane: Best Areas and Hotels

If you’re wondering where to stay in Brisbane Australia for first-time visitors, couples, families, backpackers, you’re in the right place. In this guide, I will give you an insight into the seven best area to stay in Brisbane.

Brisbane is the capital of the sunshine state of Queensland. Situated around world-class beaches and national parks, it’s a magnificent city to visit. 

Brisbane is known for its proximity to the Gold Coast, Noosa, Fraser Island, Byron Bay and many other top-rated tourist destinations on the east coast of Australia. 

As a sub-tropical climate, the city is perfect for visiting on a year-round basis. With Brisbane’s beautiful hot summers and mild sunny winters, there is no ideal time to visit.

Where to Stay in Brisbane: Tips & Info

The best areas to stay depends on precisely what your interests and requirements are, and Brisbane has something to offer for everyone. One of my favourite spots in the South Bank. I think this provides some of the most incredible views of Brisbane’s skyline.

But if you’re travelling to drink and experiencing the nightlife, then you may opt to stay somewhere like Fortitude Valley which is where the best nightlife is.

If you prefer to visit quieter places, then you would choose places like New Farm or the West End. These spots have relaxed vibes but still not too far from the best attractions.

If you want to be right in the middle of all the attractions, then you would prefer to in the CBD. The CBD is the best location for the attractions and getting in and out of the city.

Where to Stay in Brisbane Australia – 7 Best Area to Stay in Brisbane

There are so many great places to stay in Brisbane. This guide will give you an insight into the best spots for various types of travellers to stay. I will break down the best areas for budget travelers, families, backpackers to luxury travelers.

Where to Stay in Brisbane Australia – 7 Best Areas to Stay in Brisbane

  1. Brisbane CBD
  2. South Bank
  3. Fortitude Valley
  4. Kangaroo Point 
  5. Petrie Terrace
  6. New Farm
  7. West End 

Where to Stay in Brisbane map

Where to Stay in Brisbane map
Where to Stay in Brisbane map

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1. Brisbane CBD, Where to Stay in Brisbane for the First Time Visitors

Where to Stay in Brisbane Australia: CBD
Brisbane CBD

Brisbane CBD is in the heart of the city and is an absolute hub of the city’s public transport system. It’s effortless to use public transport to get around the city from here. The CBD will locate you next to most of Brisbane’s best attractions.

The CBD is within walking distance of attractions such as the Story Bridge or Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. One of the best attractions in Brisbane is the Brisbane River, it offers incredible views of the Brisbane skyline. 

The CBD has every type of accommodation that you could want, with everything from luxury 5 star, to backpacker hostels and mid-range hotels. It’s an all-round perfect spot.


  • You want to be in the centre
  • You like to be around the attractions
  • You enjoy shopping 
  • You want the best public transport
  • You don’t mind busy areas

2. South Bank, Where to Stay in Brisbane Near Attractions

Where to Stay in Brisbane Australia: Southbank
Southbank Brisbane

The South Bank is a great spot to stay, situated right on the river; it’s in a great location. South Bank is home to some of Brisbane’s most notorious travel attractions. A popular tourist attraction in the South Bank is the Brisbane Wheel; it offers impressive views of the city.

One of my favourite places in Brisbane is the Streets Beach Swimming Pool, and there is nothing better than swimming here in the summer. 

South Bank is home to a vast array of mid to high-end hotels, and there are some decent budget hotel deals too. It’s an all-rounder for a visitor, well located, excellent accommodation options and great views.


  • You want a central location
  • You want to be near the attractions
  • You like outdoor activities
  • You don’t mind not being central to nightlife.

3. Fortitude Valley, Where to Stay in Brisbane for Nightlife, Foodies

Situated North-East of Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley is a fantastic spot to stay in if you want an alternative scene with excellent bars and trendy shopping districts. 

A popular tourist destination in Fortitude Valley is Brisbane’s bustling Chinatown. Brisbane has a large Chinese population, and Fortitude Valley is home to a fantastic Chinatown. Fortitude Valley is home to Brisbane’s nightlife scene, and it isn’t short of excellent bars such as the Elixir Rooftop. 

Fortitude Valley has all different types of accommodation, from high-end hotels to backpacker hostels. There are some excellent budget hotel deals available in this area.


  • You enjoy the great nightlife.
  • You like diverse food options.
  • You want to be near the CBD
  • You don’t mind not being in the CBD
  • You don’t mind being away from the river.

4. Kangaroo Point, Where to Stay in Brisbane for River Walking

Where to Stay in Brisbane Australia: Kangaroo Point
Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Kangaroo Point is home to Brisbane’s sporting scene. The Gabba is here and is an iconic symbol of Aussie sport, and a focal point of the city’s love for cricket and AFL. 

Another great attraction is the Eagles Nest bar, which offers fantastic views of the city and is a perfect place to have a cold beer or white wine during summer. I recommend you try the rock climbing in Kangaroo point as well.

Kangaroo point has some superb mid to high-end hotels that offer utterly fantastic room views over the city.


  • You love to watch sport
  • You want some great river walks
  • You like great bars
  • You don’t mind not being in the CBD.
  • You don’t mind being away from some attractions.

5. Petrie Terrace, Where to Stay in Brisbane for Outdoor Activities

Petrie Terrace is a superb spot if you’re looking to get away from the CBD. This area of Brisbane is known for Caxton street which is Brisbane’s oldest nightlife destination. 

Petrie Terrace is home to the Suncorp Stadium which hosts international rugby and football matches. Suncorp Stadium is a great spot to watch some high-quality sport. You can visit some of the local parks such as Roma Street Park.

Petrie Terrace has various superb options for a budget traveller with many great hostels, but it has many mid to high-end luxury hotels.


  • You love to watch sport
  • You enjoy outdoor space
  • You want great bars and restaurants
  • You don’t mind not being central
  • You don’t mind being away from the main attractions.

6. New Farm, Where to Stay in Brisbane for Quiet Holiday

If you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxed spot to visit in Brisbane, then you should head to New Farm. A leafy and peaceful suburb, New Farm is the perfect place to relax.

Situated on the river, New Farm Park is the ideal spot to sit and have a picnic. A relaxing place by the river, this is the perfect spot to escape the city. Visitors will also enjoy the numerous quality cafes and restaurants in the area.

It’s possible to find fantastic budget deals in New Farm. Due to the location, you can find much smaller hotels that are cheaper than other parts of the city. 


  • You want a relaxed spot
  • You like quiet places
  • You want to enjoy great parks
  • You don’t mind not being central
  • You don’t mind not being next to the attractions

7. West End, Where to Stay in Brisbane for Relax Atmosphere

The West End of Brisbane is perfect for a relaxing spot to stay. It’s a quiet but charming place that’s west of the CBD. One of the best parts is the Davies Park Market, you can visit an open-air market selling heaps of local produce and delicious foods.

There are some great parks in the West End that offer tremendous views. A great spot is the Orleigh and Musgrave parks with open green space to relax. 

The West End does have a wide range of budget hotel options. It’s a trendy place with young travellers and has budget accommodation to match. 


  • You like quieter places.
  • You want relaxing parks.
  • You like budget options
  • You don’t mind being outside the CBD
  • You don’t mind being away from the best attractions.

Where To Stay In Brisbane For The First Timer?

If you’re a first-timer, I would suggest the best spot is the CBD. In the CBD you will be next to most of Brisbane’s best attractions.

You are next to some of the best suburbs in the city, such as South Bank, Fortitude Valley, and Kangaroo Point. Better still, you’re in a prime public transport hub, and you can catch public transport to the best places on the outskirts of Brisbane from the CBD.

Due to the excellent location and surrounding attractions, then this is the most fantastic location for a first-time traveller. 

Where To Stay In Brisbane For A Weekend?

The best spot to stay in for a weekend is the South Bank. It’s an excellent location and is only 1.5km from the CBD, and you can quickly get to other suburbs easily.

South Bank has fantastic outdoor options, with outdoor pools and river walks, you’re able to enjoy some great leisure activities.

The South Bank is such an excellent spot for accommodation with many great deals on weekend breaks and a vast array of accommodation for all budgets and requirements.

Places To Stay In Brisbane Cheap?

There are numerous cheap spots to stay in Brisbane, but one of the affordable areas is Petrie Terrace. This is the best spot for budget hotels and backpacker hostels.

There are some great budget hotels such as the Gambaro Hotel Brisbane which is a great low to a mid-end hotel that suits budget travellers.

You can also find the Brisbane City YHA here, and these are good hostels with well priced private rooms.Where To Stay In Brisbane Cbd?

Brisbane CBD has some superb options, and one of the best high-end options is the Meriton Suites Herschel Street, this hotel provides guests with fantastic views of the city from the rooms. 

It also has superb amenities such as a gym, swimming pool and great spacious rooms.

A great budget option is the George Williams Hotel which offers good amenities and still at a reasonable price. There is such a wide variety of options to stay in if you’re in the CBD, and you’re spoilt for choice.

Where To Stay In Brisbane With Family?

The best place to stay if you have a family is the South Bank. That is because you have the option of great outdoor things to do, such as the swimming pools and outdoor space.

Because the South Bank is so centrally located, you will never have to worry about things to do. The area is so well connected to other parts of the city that you’re children will never be bored.

There are also many great restaurants for dining out with the family.

Where To Stay In Brisbane For One Night?

If you’re staying in Brisbane for just one night, then the CBD is the best place to stay. It’s the best place to see the attractions but also a great place to get in and out of the city.

The CBD is close to all the nightlife and has excellent public transport options to get you around the city as fast as possible, which is very important if you’re on a short stay and want to see attractions.

It is with a doubt the best place to stay if you’re in Brisbane for one night.

Where To Stay In Brisbane As A Tourist?

If you’re a tourist, then the best spot to stay is the CBD. In the CBD you are a short distance from many great attractions.

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens are only a 1km walk from the CBD. And many other superb attractions are walking distance. It’s also possible to walk to Kangaroo point very quickly from the CBD.

Must-see attractions within the CBD include the Clock Tower, Brisbane City Hall and all the luxury clothing stores, bars, restaurants and shops.

Places To Stay In Brisbane Near Airport?

If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay, that’s easy to get to and from the airport; then I would say the CBD is the best place. It is incredibly easy to get from the airport to the CBD.

An option is to catch the Airtrain, which is an effortless and easy way to get into the CBD. The train station is directly outside the airport, so catching a train to Brisbane CBD is very easy.

There are many other options such as taxi, bus, and the CBD is only a 15km drive from the airport.


Brisbane is an underrated city in Australia, many tourists will avoid it, and many travellers will skip it on their East Coast tour. However, Brisbane has some great attractions and is extremely close to stunning spots like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. 

There are a variety of options for accommodation in Brisbane, but they are all pretty central, and it just depends on what you prefer. 

I’m sure you’ll find the best place to suit you and have an awesome trip. 

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