Where to stay in Melbourne CBD

Where to stay in Melbourne CBD

When travelling to Melbourne, the first thing that comes to mind is where to stay? Well, it depends on your budget and if your location is in CBD – city center then this article will help you answer the question Where to stay in Melbourne CBD?

Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia which is in the top list of the livable city in the world. Travelling to Melbourne is a great opportunity to discover the city.

If you are the first time travel to Melbourne then stay in the city center is the best option as you will easy to get find the way around with many near places to visit in the near distance and convenient with public traffic.

Let’s look at the map of Melbourne CBD before deciding where do you want to stay in Melbourne CBD.

East of Melbourne city center is heaps of restaurants, bars, and cafes

North: you can see Queen Victoria Market and Flagstaff garden

West: is the quiet area, you can discovery Dockland and it is connected with Southern Cross Station, very easily connecttion with another part of the city.

South: have Flinder street station and Federation Square.

Centre: With a lot of shopping center, bar, restaurant, easy access for people who love shopping as it is always crowded, busy and noisy.

Whatever area you choose to stay, I believe you will have a good stay in Melbourne. Below is my suggestions list where you should stay in Melbourne CBD depend on your budget.

Where to stay in Melbourne CBD – Backpacker budget

If you are a backpacker, you don’t mind to stay in the hostel’s room with a lot of people and your budget is limit then these options are for you:

  • check Green Backpacker Hostel: which is located near Flinder Street, easy to reach from Flinder station as well as airport with sky bus.
  • check Melbourne city Backpacker: This hostel is located 5 minutes from Southern Cross Station and Melbourne Sky bus
  • check United Backpacker: have great location which is opposite Flinder Street Station, 5 minutes walking to Federal Square, Crown Casino.
  • check Nate’s Place Backpacker Melbourne: situated near Southern Cross Station and have a good review on Booking .com

Where to stay in Melbourne CBD – mid level

If you want to spend a little bit more money in your hotel, get more pleasant, private instead of sharing room with many people in the hostel then these options below are for you:

Where to stay in Melbourne CBD – luxury hotel

If you don’t have any budget for your stay, or even just have look to the luxury hotel then let’s have look at these hotels below:

I hope the list above will help you out a little bit, make it easier and less headache while trying to find some good places to stay in Melbourne. Wish you find you answer for where to stay in Melbourne CBD and I’m sure you will enjoy travelling to this beautiful city.

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