Where to Stay in Fes: Best Areas and Hotels

The best areas to stay in Fes Morocco are the neighborhoods around Fes El-Bali (Old Medina), Fes El-Jdid (New Fes), Seffarine, Nouvelle Ville , Train Station. In this guide, I will be looking at where to stay in Fes for tourists and best things to do in each area.

A trip to Morocco is incomplete without a visit to the country’s cultural capital, Fes. A visit to the beautiful city of Fes fascinates you with the question of where to stay. The neighborhoods in Fes will suit your every desire.

Wherever you plan to stay in Fes largely depends on your preference and reasons for going there. Plan to visit for the culture and history experience? You should stay in Medina (El Bali and El Jdid). 

The Medina is old enough to have you feel like you are traveling back in time. For food lovers, there are several cooking schools in Medina. You can learn how to make delicious Medina Cuisines! You can shop here at reasonable prices because goods are negotiable in many stores.

For a touch of modern life, Nouvelle Ville is the perfect place. The buildings are beautifully designed. The short-stay travelers should most likely stay at the train station. Lovers of all things quiet will find As Seffarine an ideal location. It is small with little crowds.

💖 Best Area:Fes El-Bali (Old Medina)
💎 Best luxury hotel:Riad Authentic Palace & Spa
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Riad Fes Bab Rcif & spa 
💰 Best budget hotel:Riad Farah


📌Where to stay in Fes Morocco: 5 Best Areas to stay in Fes

1. Fes El-Bali (Old Medina)

Where to Stay in Fes: Fes El-Bali Morocco
Fes El bali @Ninara

Fes el-Bali (old city) alongside Fes el-Jdid is collectively called The Medina Of Fes. El-Bali is the world’s largest surviving medieval city. Under its out-of-the-box architecture and urban origin, The Medina was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site

According to National Geographic, El Bali earned its title as The Medina’s Heart for its outstanding monuments. The old city’s narrow streets make it impossible for cars, buses, or bikes to pass through. Medina is the largest car-free area in the world.

You will find mosques and plenty of shops around winding streets and alleyways. Several best attractions are centered around Blue Gate or Bab Boujeloud.

Accommodation in El-Bali is quite affordable. Hostels are abundant for tourists with a lean budget-friendly hostel as well as luxury hotels where you can stay.  Some of the luxurious riads offer on-site restaurants and Hammans for guests. Other affordable options are staying in Dars, which are smaller homes that are converted to bed and breakfast.

Riads, an Arabic name for gardens, are also fancy locations for tourists to stay. It is the world’s largest car-free urban zone. 

Stay in Fes El-Bali if:

  • You are looking for the world’s largest surviving medieval city hence rich in history.
  • You need things to buy from stores and stalls, you are sure to get whatever you want at negotiable prices.
  • You want an inexpensive cost of living.
  • You’d love to exercise your feet without minding getting exhausted.
  • You can handle not getting lost in a maze-like street with 9400 winding alleyways. 
  • You don’t mind being in streets crowded with lots of noise.

Best Hotels in Fes El-Bali:

Riad Fes Bab Rcif & spa Riad Fes features beautiful, air-conditioned, traditionally styled suites, situated right by the main gate of Medina. A spa, terrace, and restaurant are all located within the property, to ensure you are suitably relaxed at all times, while the multi-lingual front desk is manned 24 hours a day, to make sure any information you may need is always available.

Hotel & Spa Dar Bensouda is a stunning property, featuring architecture of the original palace in which it is set, complemented by modern features like air-conditioning. 2 courtyards, a roof terrace, an upper terrace overlooking the Atlas Mountains and a swimming pool provide a number of places for you to relax and enjoy the views, while a hammam offering massages and beauty treatments is also available.

Riad Farah is a traditional Moroccan riad, with modern features like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, where the beautiful rooms all boast a private bathroom and patio with a view, just 2 minutes from the Medina. A rooftop terrace and bar will allow you to sip drinks and enjoy the stunning views, while the superb restaurant offers Moroccan cuisine, as well as providing breakfast each morning.

Dar Borj is an exceptional hotel, featuring stunning, traditional Moroccan architecture. The wonderful on-site restaurant serves local cuisine to keep you fully immersed in your surroundings, while the free Wi-Fi and 24-hour front desk ensure you are always connected and know the best things to see and do.

Where to stay in Fes: Best Areas to Stay in Fes, Morocco

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2. Fes El-Jdid (New Fes)

Where to Stay in Fes:  Fes El-Jdid Morocco
Fes El-Jdid @protographer23

Fes el-Jdid is translated as New Fes. It is more modern compared to El-Bali. It is occupied mostly by the historic Royal palace (Dar al-Makhzen). 

It was once the center of government in Morocco and is occasionally used by Morocco’s king to date. Cars can access this area because the streets are not narrow, unlike those of the old city. 

There are tourist attraction centers that you can visit such as the Dar Al-Mahkzem Royal Palace and Mellah. The palace portrays top-notch artifacts as well as colorful gardens. 

You also find the Jewish Quarter, the Jnan Sbil gardens, the Batha Museum, and attractions in nearby neighborhoods like Fes el-Bali and Fes Station.

For hikers, there are off-beaten paths around the Fes. You can hike around the Berbers waterfall and hidden caves or the middle atlas canyon. Porte Monumentale is a beautiful park in El Jdid for park lovers.

Stay in Fes El-Jdid if:

  • You are passionate about seeing an abundance of historical sites
  • You enjoy visiting lots of stores for shopping
  • You don’t mind going through the complex navigation. This is due to multiple expansions of the neighborhood.
  • You are not bothered by the cost of accommodation ranging from affordable to expensive. 

3. Seffarine

Where to Stay in Fes: Seffarine  fes morocco
Seffarine @Jules Antonio

Named after the coppersmiths (seffarine) who have had their workshops here for centuries. It is a small square in the Medina of Fes. Tourists who are interested in how copperware production visit this neighborhood.

As Seffarine is relatively small compared to El Bali and El Jdid. It is also accessible by car. According to visitors, Dar Seffarine is the most elegant place to stay here.  The suites range from affordable to pricey.

One advantage of staying here is its low accommodation prices. They aren’t as pricey as accommodation in El Bali. Dar Seffarine happens to be one of the few luxury options. There are also some restaurants around Al Attarine Madrasa.

Stay in Seffarine if:

  • You are a food lover
  • You don’t care about limited public transportation
  • You don’t need a lot of buying from stores as they are limited in this area
  • You are not bothered by not having so many interesting sites to see

4. Nouvelle Ville, where to stay in Fes for nightlife

Nouvelle Ville translates to New City. It is contemporary compared to other locations in Fes. It is home to lots of wealthy foreigners and has beautiful tourist attractions. 

There are lots of modern restaurants, fountains, and modern shopping centers in Nouvelle Ville. As a tourist, you can visit interesting places such as the Circular Fountain, Avenue Hassan II, Florence Plaza, Plaza De La Resistencia

Great place for party animals who love partying all night. It has locations where you can hike, a great picture background for picture lovers especially couples and families.

Accommodations in Nouvelle Ville are from affordable dars and riads to modern luxury hotels.

Stay in Nouvelle Ville if:

  • You love attractive touristy locations.
  • You need accessibility to different forms of transport.
  • You prefer modern living
  • You fascinate about bubbly nightlife
  • You don’t mind its expensiveness compared to other parts
  • You are not bothered by it’s little history

Best Hotels in Fes in Nouvelle Ville:

Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace is a stunning, 5-star resort, featuring a traditional Moroccan style, combined with fresh, modern interiors. A swimming pool, gym, sauna, garden and spa ensure you will always be relaxed and entertained, while a choice of 3 restaurants and 3 bars provide a range of drinks and Moroccan and international cuisine, as well as a full breakfast each morning.

Riad Dar Ziryab is a beautiful, traditional Moroccan riad that has been updated with modern features, such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. The rooms are all individually decorated and feature stunning views, while the on-site attractions include a swimming pool, garden, hammam, furnished terrace, Moroccan living room and a restaurant serving Moroccan cuisine as well as breakfast each morning.

Sweet Jacob’s Apartments 10 & 14 are two beautiful, modern, homely apartments, both featuring a private kitchen, bathroom and seating area, along with free WiFi, a flat screen satellite TV and stunning views. In addition to the apartment, guests will also have free access to a communal hot tub, terrace, children’s playground, BBQ facilities and a car park.


5. Train Station, offers easy transportation

The ultra-modern train station of Fes is not far from Nouvelle Ville. Cafes with wifi are available around the train station neighborhood, as well as fast-food restaurants and few stores. 

This area is perfect for shopping lovers and party all-nighters. It has amazing shopping options, and a bubbling night market. It is a good choice for solo travelers who love to move around a lot and couples who just came to spend a short while.

The train station itself is a tourist destination in Fes. It connects Fes to lots of places within Morocco. There is no need to walk on foot and you can visit the stadium to get all the fun happening.

Stay in Train Station if:

  • You love easy transportation
  • You wish to visit different fast-food restaurants and cafes
  • You prefer a mid-range price for accommodation.
  • You want a close proximity to Fes multipurpose stadium.
  • You don’t mind shuffling between a few hotels.
  • You are ready to experience Fez to the fullest.

Best Hotels in Fes near Train Station:

Hôtel Royal Urban Concept provides beautiful, modern, allergy free rooms, complete with air-conditioning and a private bathroom. A shared lounge and terrace are available for all guests to use and there is also site wide Wi-Fi coverage and a 24-hour front desk.

Hôtel Atlas Saiss Fès is a fabulous, 4-star hotel, featuring stylish, modern décor and air-conditioned rooms, which all include a private bathroom, desk and flat screen TV. A continental breakfast is served each morning, while other facilities such as free Wi-Fi and parking, a restaurant, terrace, lounge, concierge service, 24-hour front desk, currency exchange and room service are all available.


Is Fes Medina safe at night?

There are few policemen In El Bali and El Jdid. It is advisable to go out in the morning and early afternoon as armed robbers are quite common in Medina. The streets of El Bali are rowdy, and you may get tossed. Avoid using earphones as they make you unaware of your surroundings. 

An unspoken rule while walking on the streets of Medina is to always walk on the right side of the road. Ensure to lock your doors properly and carry a little cash around to wade off robbers.

Nouvelle Ville and areas around the train station are neighborhoods with adequate security. To avoid damage to your camera, ask for permission before taking pictures.

Which is better, Fes or Marrakech?

This has sparked lots of debate amongst travelers. The thing is where to stay depends on your preference. Marrakech is the hub of commercial activity. The Jemaa El Fna square lives up to its reputation of having one of the world’s most fascinating open-air markets. 

Fes, on the other hand, is deeply embedded in the culture. It’s not as tourist dense as Marrakech. The ancient city has a romantic appeal for couples. The locals here are quite hostile compared to the ones at Marrakech.

What is Fes known for?

It is best known for its rich culture and history. Some structures date as far back as the 1300s. For this reason, it is Morocco’s cultural capital. The ancient but sumptuous architectural sites also make it a famous tourist city.

There are beautiful mosques, palaces, and Museums in the cultural city. The streets of El Bali are also famous. This is due to its maze-like structure, which makes it inaccessible by cars.

How many days do you need in Fes, Morocco?

All you need is three days. You can experience the city’s ancient walls, delicious food, and vibrant markets within three days. Be sure to attend a cooking class in Fez. Here, you can learn to prepare delicious dishes in 3 hours.  

Some travelers believe you have to see Azrou. A trip to Azrou will make you spend an extra day in Fes, but it is worth it. The weekly Tuesday market in Azrou (90 minutes south of Fes) is worthy of a full day.

Where to stay in Fes on a budget?

If you are on a lean budget, try to avoid Nouvelle Ville. The cost of accommodation can be expensive there. There are cheap hotels in Medina and the areas surrounding As Seffarine. Family apartments are also available at affordable prices which is a great option for families.

Try to avoid traveling to Fes during peak season. If you travel during this period, try to book like two months before. The off-season period is after Christmas and new year celebrations and during the annual sacred music festival that starts in June.

For couples on a budget, it is better to stay within El Bali and El Jdid.

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In summary, a trip to Fes is ideal for whatever occasion. The Riads are perfect for honeymoons. Let’s not forget the picture-perfect architecture. Fes is the place to be!

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