How Many Days in Santorini is Enough?

How long should you spend Santorini to see the sights, well, three days in Santorini is generally the rule of thumb, however you can throw in beach days between sightseeing, and you could extend this to a week – the choice is yours.

The blinding azure of the ocean, the white-washed buildings, the blue-domed churches, the hills, the greenery, the chilled-out vibe – welcome to Santorini, one of your destinations for your Europe routes! The newest craze is island hopping, and if you’re hopping your way around the Greek islands, you’re in for a treat when you land on this eye-wateringly beautiful island.

How many days do you need Santorini?

Some people may be satisfied with just a few days, while others may want to stay for a week or more to fully experience the island’s beauty and culture. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how many days you want to stay in Santorini.

Is 2 days in Santorini enough?

Two days in Santorini may be enough to see some of the main attractions and get a taste of the island’s culture, but it may not be enough time to fully experience all that Santorini has to offer.

It is a beautiful and unique destination with a rich history and stunning natural beauty, so it is worth considering spending more time there to fully immerse yourself in its culture and history.

Is 4 days in Santorini too long?

Some people may find four days to be the perfect amount of time to explore the island and experience all it has to offer, while others may feel that it is too long and prefer to spend less time there. It is ultimately up to you to decide if four days is the right amount of time for your trip.

Is 5 days too long in Santorini?

5 days may be sufficient if you want to relax and take in the island’s beautiful beaches and sunsets. It’s best to plan your activities and determine how much time you need based on your interests and priorities.

Where are the best places to stay in Santori?

If you plan to visit Santorini very soon, you will want to settle with your accommodations first. Have look at these hotels that I’ve choosen for you:

Lilium Santorini Villa, 5-star accommodation located along the rim of the Caldera, it offers a pool with hydromassage facilities. Rooms overlook the Aegean Sea and the volcano, and free wifi.

Anteliz Suites, 4-star hotel provides an outdoor swimming pool with an open-air hydromassage tub. Breakfast is served daily at the sun terrace by the pool.

Loizos Stylish Residences This apartment is just 20 m from the famous Caldera-volcano-and-sunset viewpoint in Fira, featuring pool facilities, close to the centre of Fira.

3 Days in Santorini Itinerary:

Day 1: Coastal walking from Fira to Oia, or Oia to Fira

How Many Days in Santorini day 2- Fira Trail Santorini in Greece
Fira Trail Santorini in Greece

The Fira Trail is not the easiest walk in the world, but it’s certainly the hardest either, and it will give you photos to cherish forever. This is a full day’s job, and takes around three hours one way – you could then get the bus back in the reverse direction!

Take your time and pass by those famous white-washed buildings, blue-domed churches, pink flowers, and stunning high coastal views.

Locals will be more than happy to chat to you as you go, and there are plentiful stop-offs along the way. This is a great way to experience the slow pace of life on Santorini, and see the cultural side of things too, away from mass tourism.

Day 2: Get your feet (and everything else) wet at Amoudi Bay

How Many Days in Santorin - day 1 - Amoudi bay Santorini in Greece
Amoudi bay Santorini in Greece

You’re on a beautiful Greek Island, the sun is beating down, and the weather is hot! Of course, you want to cool down, and the perfect place (and way) to do this is by heading to the amazing site of Amoudi Bay.

This is somewhere you will see people sunbathing on the rocks, and even diving into the crystal clear water below! Put simply, this is an area of natural beauty, somewhere you will gasp in wonder at, and for that reason alone, you should dedicate a full, relaxing day here.

Getting to Amoudi Bay is a bit of a trek, but once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made the effort. The bay is hidden away, but simply asking a local how to get there will yield results.

There are steep steps to reach it, so not the best for anyone who struggles with such things, but other than that, you should definitely make this your number one visit spot. There are also some fantastic seafood restaurants, albeit small ones, around here, with freshly caught fare to enjoy.

Day 3: Visit a real volcano and jump into hot springs

How Many Days in Santorini - day 3- Nea Kameni Santorini in Greece
Nea Kameni Santorini in Greece

Santorini is actually a volcanic island, hence the black sand beaches dotted around. One of the most iconic activities to enjoy on the island is to hike around the volcano (yes, it’s active), by visiting the island of Nea Kameni, just a stone’s throw away, and then via boat, jump into the hot springs and enjoy the calming, therapeutic effects.

Boat trips leave Old Fira port daily during the summer months, and for a great price too. Again, this is a full day out, and you’ll probably be exhausted at the end of it!

These 3 days in Santorini will be actioned packed and a little exhausting, because the sun is certainly draining! Having said that, you will see the beauty of the island in abundance, before probably moving onto your next destination.

If you spend too long on any island, or indeed any destination, you run the risk of becoming tired of it, and that would undermine the wonder of Santorini.

There is a reason why this island is so iconic the world over, and once you get your first glimpse you will understand completely. Remember to take everything slow, just like the pace of life and the locals do, and you will be living the true Santorini life.

On top of this, try and speak a few words of Greek, even if it is just ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and ‘goodbye’, because the locals will be thrilled, and you’ll get so much out of your short visit as a result.

Countless cruises and ferries visit Santorini every single day during the summer months, so getting to and from this amazing example of natural beauty is not at all difficult. The most difficult part of it all will probably be leaving!

The great advantage about visiting Santorini for a few days, perhaps as part of an island hopping experience, is that it is a ‘try before you buy’ kind of deal, and you will almost certainly be back, full of memories of that bitesize trip to paradise.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about lovely, unique Santorini. Now you should have a perfect idea of the area or areas of the island that suit you best, so all you need to do is book your trip, and have a wonderful stay!

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How many days in Santorini

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