Do You Need a Passport To Go To Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean. A popular destination with travellers and tourists from the world over it is commonly asked do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. Although it’s own country in its own right, with its own government the island of Puerto Rico readily opens its doors to travellers from the United States of America.

Where is Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a little different to many of the Caribbean islands in that although it is its own sovereignty it is classed as a incorporated territory of the United States of America.

Whenever you travel anywhere in the world it is always important to carry your passport with you. It is the ultimate form of identification and in some cases a driver’s license just won’t cut the mustard.

Puerto Rico is a pristine beach side paradise, the epitome of all quick tropical getaways from the United States mainland. Tropical palm trees line the beach front while the salty waves lap agains the soft sandy leaving bubbly foam in their wake on the shoreline. Sounds pretty lovely doesn’t it?! Well, go ahead and get carried away and fear not about forgetting your passport!

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So, Do You Need a Passport To Go To Puerto Rico?

In short no! Even though you are technically entering another country you do not need to present your passport! As a citizen of the United States of America you do not need to apply for a visa in advance nor do you need to pay for a visa on arrival either!

In this instance, think of travelling to Puerto Rico as you think about travelling to Hawaii. Do you have to present your passport when travelling to Hawaii? No! As this is considered a domestic flight you can present your driver’s license or your US ID card. However, it is customary to present your passport when in any airport.

To make matters even better you do not need a passport to visit other wonderful Caribbean islands too! The U.S. Virgin Islands, St Croix, St John and St Thomas are all passport-free travel destinations for US citizens! Just remember to bring some form of formal identification and you’ll have no hassle at all!

One thing you should be aware off though, especially if planning a big tour of the Caribbean. The rules stated above only apply if you are entering Puerto Rico from the United States of America. If, for example, you island hop from St Lucia to Jamaica and then to Puerto Rico you will have to present your passport. Likewise if you go from the United States of America onto Jamaica and home again you will have to present your passport to US immigration when you return back.

To make matters even better you need not exchange your currency! There is no need to spend hours waiting at the bank before you travel to exchange your cash, no! Puerto Rico uses the US dollar and as such you can spend all your hard earned cash hassle free!

So, without further a do, pick up your holiday book, your sunglasses and summer hat and get on that plane. Oh, don’t worry about the passport!

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