Best garment bag

Best Garment Bag Reviews

The market is awash with brilliant bags that make travelling easier and more convenient that it is hard to find the best garment bag for you. A garment bag is the perfect travel companion, especially for those who travel short distances and only for a few days. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure we … Read more

packing list

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Whether you’re a full-time globetrotting, digitally nomadic seasoned professional traveller or following your wanderlust for the first time; whether you’re nipping across the pond for a short romantic getaway or heading to the African plains to be a real-lid intrepid explorer it is always good to get some advice as to what to add to … Read more

Peru Packing list

9 Must Have Items for Your Peru Packing List

Packing can be extremely difficult, especially if you plan on going to Peru. The high elevation and rapidly changing weather, can make visiting those ancient Incan ruins impossible if you don’t come prepared. Planning for different conditions is essential, as they change from valley to peak. If you’re having trouble getting started, here are 9 … Read more

What to pack for Thailand

What to Pack for Thailand

Of course, one of the main questions most people have once they have decided to visit this part of the world is what to pack for Thailand in the first place!

what to pack for new york

What to Pack for New York

When you’re planning a trip to the city that literally never sleeps, your first question will no doubt be, what to pack for New York