Where to stay in London on a budget: 5 Best areas

In this article, I will help you to find where to stay in London on a budget, the best areas to stay in London on a budget, as well as the best budget-friendly hotels in London for visitors. 

Exploring London on a budget can be a rewarding experience. By carefully planning your trip and making smart choices, you can enjoy this vibrant city without breaking the bank. 

First and foremost, take advantage of the city’s excellent public transportation system. London’s buses and underground trains are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Consider purchasing an Oyster card or using contactless payment methods to save on fares. 

When it comes to accommodation, opt for budget-friendly options such as hostels, guesthouses, or Airbnb.These alternatives can be considerably cheaper than hotels, allowing you to allocate your funds to other experiences.

London is renowned for its world-class museums and galleries, and the best part is that many of them offer free admission. Institutions like the British Museum, the National Gallery, and the Tate Modern are just a few examples of places that are free to explore.

Exploring the city’s parks and green spaces is another cost-effective way to enjoy London. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Hampstead Heath are just a few of the beautiful parks where you can relax, have a picnic, or even go for a jog without spending anything. 

London’s street food scene is both delicious and budget-friendly. Head to bustling markets like Borough Market or Camden Market to sample a wide variety of cuisines at affordable prices. 

To get the most value out of your trip, consider purchasing a London Pass to explore multiple attractions at a discounted rate. These passes can help you save on admission fees and often come with skip-the-line privileges, allowing you to make the most of your time in the city. 

London offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy its rich culture, history, and vibrant atmosphere without spending a fortune. By making wise choices regarding transportation, accommodation, attractions, and dining, you can have a memorable experience while keeping your budget intact.

Where to stay in London on a budget?

The best areas to stay in London on a budget are Kings Cross, Bloomsbury, Bayswater/ Paddington, Camden Town, and Shoreditch. Consider factors such as transportation costs and proximity to the attractions you plan to visit when choosing your accommodation.

While these areas offer budget options, keep in mind that London can be an expensive city overall. Prices may vary depending on the time of year, so it’s a good idea to book well in advance to secure the best deals. 

Overview of best areas to stay in London on a budget

Here is an overview of recommended areas in London on a budget: 

Best areas in London on a budgetWhy should you stay in this area?
Kings CrossKings Cross has undergone significant redevelopment in recent years, making it a more attractive place to stay. You can find budget hotels and hostels near Kings Cross Station, which is a major transportation hub.Its central location makes it convenient for exploring London.
BloomsburyBloomsbury is home to many universities and cultural institutions, which can make it a more affordable area to stay. It’s centrally located and within walking distance of many attractions.
Bayswater/ PaddingtonThese areas are known for their proximity to Hyde Park and Paddington Station. Paddington Station provides easy access to Heathrow Airport and other parts of London via the Underground.
Camden TownCamden Town is known for its vibrant atmosphere, famous market, and live music scene. It is well-connected to central London by the Northern Line of the London Underground.
Shoreditch Shoreditch is known for its hipster vibe, street art, and nightlife. It is well-connected by public transport, including the London Overground and buses.
Map of best areas to stay in London on a budget
Map of best areas to stay in London on a budget

The best areas to stay in London on a budget are:

1. Kings Cross

Kings Cross is a great area for budget-conscious travelers due to its excellent transportation links, affordable accommodations, and central location. It’s a convenient base for exploring London’s attractions and has become a more attractive and safe area in recent years. 

Kings Cross is a major transportation hub in London, with Kings Cross and St Pancras International railway stations. You can easily connect to other parts of London and even take Eurostar trains to continental Europe.

King’s Cross is centrally located, making it a convenient starting point for exploring London. It’s close to popular attractions like the British Museum, Covent Garden, and the West End, which is known for its theaters and entertainment.

The area has a variety of dining options, including affordable eateries and international cuisine, making it easy to find budget-friendly meals.

Kings Cross has undergone significant regeneration in recent years, making it a safer and more pleasant area to stay in compared to its previous reputation.

While the area has improved, some parts of Kings Cross can still be noisy, especially closer to the train stations. Be sure to check the location of your accommodation to minimize noise disruptions.


2. Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is a charming and historic neighborhood located in the heart of London. It is known for its cultural heritage, academic institutions, and central location. 

Bloomsbury has a rich cultural and intellectual history. It was home to famous writers like Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster and was associated with the Bloomsbury Group, a collective of artists and thinkers. 

You can visit attractions like the British Museum, which is located in Bloomsbury, and explore the neighborhood’s literary and historical significance.

Bloomsbury is centrally located, making it an excellent base for exploring London’s top attractions. Many iconic sites, such as Covent Garden, Soho, and the West End theaters, are within walking distance or a short tube ride away.

Despite its central location, Bloomsbury offers some green spaces. Russell Square and Bloomsbury Square are lovely parks where you can relax and have a picnic.


3. Bayswater/ Paddington

Bayswater and Paddington are adjacent neighborhoods in the western part of central London. They offer a convenient and relatively budget-friendly option for travelers. 

They are adjacent to Hyde Park, one of London’s largest and most famous parks. It’s a great place for leisurely walks, picnics, and outdoor activities.

Bayswater and Paddington are also relatively close to attractions like Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and the West End theaters.

Paddington is a major transportation hub with Paddington Station, offering direct train services to Heathrow Airport. It’s also well-connected by the Underground, making it convenient for getting around the city.

Paddington Basin is a scenic area with canal views, modern developments, and waterside restaurants. It offers a peaceful contrast to the bustling city.


4. Camden Town

Camden Town is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood in London known for its alternative culture, lively atmosphere, and unique charm. 

It’s a great place to explore street art, vintage shops, and quirky boutiques. The area is also known for its bustling markets, including Camden Market and Camden Lock Market, where you can find everything from fashion to street food.

Camden has a rich musical history and is known for its live music venues. The Roundhouse is a well-known venue that hosts concerts and events, and you can often find live music performances in the area’s pubs and clubs.

Camden Town offers a wide range of dining options, including budget-friendly street food stalls, international cuisine, and trendy eateries. It’s a great place to explore different culinary experiences.

Camden Town is well-connected by public transport, with the Camden Town Underground station providing access to central London and other parts of the city.

While in Camden, you can visit cultural attractions such as the Jewish Museum and the Cecil Sharp House, which hosts folk music and dance events.

While Camden Town has good transport links, it may not be as centrally located as other areas like Westminster or Kensington. Depending on your sightseeing priorities, you may need to factor in extra travel time.


5. Shoreditch 

Shoreditch is a trendy and vibrant neighborhood located in the East End of London. It has become a popular choice for travelers, especially those seeking a hip and creative atmosphere. 

Shoreditch boasts a lively nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and music venues. It’s a hotspot for those who enjoy going out in the evenings.

The neighborhood features several markets, including Brick Lane Market, where you can shop for vintage clothing, antiques, and unique items. There’s also a food market with a wide range of culinary delights.

Shoreditch is relatively close to central London, making it convenient to access popular attractions such as the Tower of London, the City of London, and Spitalfields Market.


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In conclusion, Kings Cross, Bloomsbury, Bayswater/ Paddington, Camden Town, and Shoreditch, are the best places to stay in London on a budget. All have their own unique charm and advantages for budget-conscious travelers.

While these areas have their merits, remember that London’s public transportation system is extensive, making it easy to access attractions from various parts of the city, no matter where you choose to stay.

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