Top 30 Best Walking Shoes for Men Reviews 2024

Wondering what the best walking shoes for men are? Read on to learn about everything you need to know, as well as our top five picks!

Your footwear is one of the most important things you should consider, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking or running while doing traveling around different attractions around Europe, Asia, or anywhere in the world.

Based on our research, reviews, and overall customer reputation, here are our top five picks on the best walking shoes for men:

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What is the most comfortable walking shoe for men?

The most comfortable walking shoe for men is one that fits well and has proper support. Look for a shoe with a cushioned insole and a sturdy, flexible sole. It’s also a good idea to choose a shoe with breathable materials to help keep your feet cool and dry.

Which shoe brand is best for walking?

It is difficult to determine the best shoe brand for walking as it ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. Factors to consider when choosing a walking shoe include fit, support, cushioning, and durability.

It is important to try on a few different brands and models to find the one that is most comfortable and supportive for your feet.

30 Best Walking Shoes for Men Reviews

1. ASICS Gel-Contend 5 SL Walking Shoes for Men Review

Asics is well-known for their walking and running shoes built to last. The Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker holds no exception! What I love about this pair of shoes would be how simple and minimalistic the design is. It comes in either white or black colors, making it match just about any outfit. It has the Asics logos and lined details that make it the original Asics shoe known and loved by thousands.

It’s made out of fabric and synthetic material, imported from abroad. The rubber sole is comfortable and provides comfort around the foot, making it easy to walk around in. Plus, I love how lightweight it is, so I find it easier to distribute my weight and walk without feeling too heavy.

The breathable mesh panels with padded tongues and collars are another thing I appreciate with the shoe, as I am able to walk around everywhere without worrying about my sweaty feet ruining the material.


  • Extra support for those with foot conditions
  • Durable and can last over a thousand miles of walking
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Soft and comfortable, no problems when walking long distances


  • A bit narrow, which is disadvantageous for those with wide or flat feet.
  • Only three colors to choose from

2. Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe for Men Reviews

Whether it’s for work or a casual day out, these stylish shoes will help make your feet comfortable and looking good all day. The Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic walking shoes are the professional footwear you need for walking on the job or out traveling. It’s made out of leather and with a synthetic sole, excellently made for a strong build.

The shoe caters to wide and narrow feet alike, making sure that you get the right fit every time. My shoes fit perfectly and as expected upon ordering them, and when trying it out, you can really feel the stability and support it provides.

It comes in different colors to choose from, and with its sleek look and soft feel, it’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Glove-like fit and can fit both narrow and wide feet
  • Stable and supports natural walking motion
  • More freedom of movement
  • Body is not very heavy
  • Known to last for years of daily use


  • Some stitching flaws
  • Slippage issues when on wet ground

3. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Men’s Walking Shoe

Skechers is well known for their fantastically designed and comfortable shoes, with the Sketchers Go Walk 3 being a great choice for many.

What I love about these slip-ons is the fact that they are easy to put on and take off. They are constructed for strength and style. It’s perfect for a day out! The shoe comes in various dark shades and colors, making it perfect for any preference. It’s lightweight and flexible, with the shoe offering enough support and range of motion.

The mesh upper and yoga mat insole gives me more comfort and ease when walking. My feet don’t feel stuffy or hot, and after a few uses, I can confidently say that these shoes are built for a while day of walking without feeling any pain whatsoever.


  • More designs to choose from
  • One of the most comfortable and soft walking shoes
  • No stress on the lower body, offers good balance
  • Dries quickly and fit for walking on wet areas


  • Wears down quickly

4. New Balance MW411V2 Walking Shoe for Men

New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe is a well-known brand of shoes and latest technology they use to ensure ultimate comfort and style for all their customers. The New Balance Men’s MQ411V2 walking shoe is a great pick because of its extra cushioning and soft designs that make it attractive.

The shoe has a perforated upper and is made out of leather, so you are assured comfort and quality. Whenever I walk, you can feel that the weight is distributed evenly for less to no pain at all. I also love the fact that it’s more affordable than most reputable brands, but still offers the comfort and quality I need when walking long periods of time.

They feel great when walking and no matter how long I walk for in a day, my feet still feel fresh. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of walking shoes that fit style and comfort, then this is a great choice.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Built to last for thousands of miles when walking
  • Reasonable price


  • Too much lace pressure
  • Narrow sole

5. Rockport Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe for Men

Rockport Men’s Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe offers leather shoes that are great for casual wear, work, or for semi-formal events. The leather shoes and synthetic sole provide durability and strength no matter where you walk around in. It uses ADIPRENE technology for ultimate comfort and flexibility, so no need to worry about any risk of injury or pain after a whole day of walking around.

The outsells provide durable and stable movement with better range of motion. Plus, it offers extended sizes and widths, making it a glove-like fit for either narrow or wide feet.

Upon wearing them, I felt the instant comfort and how different it was as compared to other walking shoes. You can definitely feel that they put priority on comfort and stability WITHOUT compromising on the style!


  • Feels broken in already
  • Great support for those with foot conditions
  • Extremely comfortable even when walking long periods of time
  • Fits both narrow and wide feet
  • Great design for casual or semi-formal events


  • Limited colors to choose from
  • Design flaws

6. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Designed to look more like a formal shoe than a sneaker, these walking shoes are perfect for anyone needing additional support through their everyday life. They provide all the comfort and functionality of a good quality walking shoe as well as the style of a formal derby shoe.

The thick rubber sole absorbs impact from each foot strike, keeping your joints safe and supported. Meanwhile, the foam base of the insole adds extra comfort to keep your feet feeling rested throughout the day. 

The unique construction of the shoe ensures that your foot will be well supported through the heel striking area whilst the rest of the sole maintains a degree of flexibility not often found in walking shoes. You will be able to comfortably move through the range of motions required from daily life whilst the shoe keeps your feet and ankles safe and secure.

In spite of the real leather material of the outer, the breathable mesh lining is designed to ensure that the inside of the shoe remains cool and dry. With the waterproof leather outer and the synthetic inner wicking moisture away, these shoes ensure that your feet will stay dry and fresh all day, no matter the weather.

Featuring a front lace-up closure, you will be able to secure the shoes as tight or as loose as you need. Combined with the flexibility of the leather, the adjustability of these shoes means you are sure to be able to achieve a comfortable fit no matter the shape of your foot.


  • Multipurpose style suitable for both work and casual wear
  • Ideal for those who require more support through everyday activity
  • Mesh inner material wicks moisture away to keep feet fresh and dry
  • Durable leather outer


  • Minimal colour variety
  • Designed more for daily wear than adventurous walking and hiking

7. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes 

Designed to appear more like a traditional sneaker than a typical walking shoe, the Brook’s Men’s Addiction Walking shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their street style whilst keeping their feet comfortable and secure.

They are available in three distinct colour options, so you can choose which best fits your style. The design features stitch detailing on the upper and stylish moulding along the side of the sole, adding to their cool, sneaker-like aesthetic.

The spacious toe box means you will have plenty of space to stretch and wiggle your toes. No one enjoys having their toes pinched and cramped, especially when you are spending a lot of time on your feet. These shoes give you enough room to spread out and stay comfy.

The arch support of the shoe is perfectly designed to mitigate the effects of overpronation. The high quality Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology provides unique structure to support the foot throughout the full range of motion. Combined with the removable insole which can be switched for an even more structured custom insole, the Addiction Walker shoes provide excellent support and assistance for every foot shape.

The unique BioMoGo DNA cushioning technology present in the midsole provides a superb degree of bounce and support for all day comfort. Along with the thick rubber of the main sole, the shoe is fantastic at absorbing impact and reducing stress on your bones and joints.

The leather outer and removable insole makes these shoes super easy to clean. The breathable mesh lining will keep your feet feeling, and smelling, fresh throughout the day and being able to wash the insole separately means staying odour-free is no problem.


  • Stylish, casual design 
  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of structure and arch support
  • Plenty of toe space


  • Intended more for day to day use than trekking or hiking
  • Can be narrow around the body of the foot so not ideal for particularly wide feet

8. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a comfortable, lace free walking shoe, these breathable slip-ons are perfect. Made from real suede, these are super durable whilst still letting your feet breathe. Ideal if you enjoy taking walks on hot summer days.

The double stretch material makes these shoes even easier to slip on and off. Anyone who struggles with tying laces or bending down will appreciate the comfort and convenience of the design.

With a contoured insole and strong yet stretchy outer material, these shoes can adapt to fit most foot shapes and sizes. Those with wider feet or higher arches will find that the shoe adjusts to the contours of your foot like it was made for you. 

The raised arch provides extra support for the foot. Particularly ideal for anyone who suffers from flat feet or fallen arches. Meanwhile, the 4-centimetre heel is just high enough to provide comfort for those with shortening of the calf or Achilles’ tendon. Air cushioning in the heel helps to reduce impact and stress on your joints. 

There are three designs to choose from so you can choose which best suits your style.


  • Slip on design is perfect for anyone who struggles with laces
  • Excellent arch support
  • Cushioned heel for reduced impact
  • Stretchy material to fit even wider feet
  • Durable real leather material


  • Not waterproof
  • Slip on design means minimal adjustability
  • Not much grip on wet surfaces
  • Leather material is unsuitable for vegans

9. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

Sketchers are a well known brand in the active footwear market, and for good reason. Their shoes are held to a high grade of both comfort and practicality and these are no different. 

The lace free slip-on design is ideal for anyone who struggles with tying laces or frequent bending. The mesh material that comprises the entire upper portion of the shoe is very flexible. The shoe is designed to adapt to the contours of your foot no matter how wide, ideal for anyone who struggles to find shoes to accommodate their foot width or high arches. 

In addition to being very flexible and expansive, the mesh material is also incredibly breathable. Your feet will stay cool no matter the weather or activity level. However, there is the caveat that these shoes will not keep your feet dry in the rain.

The shoes’ insole features the new Skechers Goga Max design for premium cushioning. Combined with the unique shaping of the midportion of the sole, these shoes provide excellent arch support. They make a great choice for anyone suffering from flat feet or fallen arches.

In addition to the top quality insole, the sturdy rubber sole provides even more cushioning and shock support. The thick heel will absorb impact and provide structure for the back of the foot, helping to reduce stress on your joints with every step.

The shoes come in a decent range of shade options and designs, so you can choose one that best suits you. There’s even the option of bright orange inner lining for a splash of colour and fun.

The synthetic material is incredibly easy to clean, and they are entirely suitable for vegans as no leather is used in their production.


  • Very breathable
  • Lace free and slip on so suitable for those with dexterity or mobility issues
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for vegans


  • Not waterproof
  • No laces means minimal adjustability
  • Minimal grip

10. New Balance Men’s 877 V1 Walking Shoe

New Balance is a brand with a host of loyal customers who trust them to produce high quality walking shoes. The 877 V1 style lives up to that high precedent, providing both style and substance ideal for casual walkers and hobby hikers alike.

This shoe is ideal for anyone who needs additional structure and support for their stride. Unique Walking Strike Path technology provides exceptional stability through the entire walking motion, ideal for anyone who finds they have a tendency to roll their ankles.

Additionally, the soles of the 877 V1 are built with innovative ABZORB functionality. Designed to absorb impact via compression of the sole layering, each step will feel like walking on air. 

If having a shoe that looks as good as it functions is important to you, then you’ll appreciate the sleek aesthetics of the 877 V1. The chic suede material of the uppers is sure to keep you looking stylish wherever you go. The shoe comes in a decent range of colours, with both monochrome and understated options, as well as choices for those who enjoy a fun splash of colour. 

Each design incorporates reflective elements for both style and practicality, which add a chic flair while also providing a degree of safety to those who prefer to walk after dark. The mesh panels also keep these shoes very breathable, so your feet will stay cool and fresh.


  • Stylish design
  • Excellent stability support
  • High quality cushioning for impact reduction
  • Decent colour range


  • Low to moderate grip
  • The suede material of the upper can be trickier to keep clean, especially if you are using them on hiking trails

11. Skechers Men’s Max Cushioning Elite-Performance Walking & Running Shoe Sneaker

The Max Cushioning Elite Performance shoes are one of Skechers’ best offerings for shoes suitable for high intensity running and hiking. Featuring the brand’s usual stylish design as well as exceptional cushioning, these will have you both looking and feeling fresh, whatever activity you are engaging in. 

The sole features an unusually thick heel, providing tons of cushioning to massively reduce the impact of each heel strike. The entire sole is built with the innovative ULTRA GO cushioning system to provide comfort, support, and reduced shock throughout the motion of each stride. Meanwhile the Air Cooled Goga Mat insole adds even more cushioning and comfort inside the shoe, keeping your foot cool and snugly supported.

The shoe is available in a wide range of colours and designs. There is even choice as far as preferred closure. Whilst the standard design features a typical lace front, allowing you to adjust the tightness of the shoe to your preference and foot shape, there is also the option for a slip-on version of the shoe. 

People who struggle with tying laces will appreciate the elasticated front of this version allowing them to easily slip the shoe on and off, also ideal for anyone who struggles with mobility or bending down. The front of the shoe is higher on this variant to allow for the lack of security and fit you would otherwise get from the laces.


  • Excellent range of designs
  • Both lace up and lace free options 
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the best grip
  • Poor ability to lace tightly close to the ankle so minimal adjustability of tightness and support in this area

12. Skechers Men’s GO Walk 5 – APPRIZE Shoe

The GO Walk 5 Apprize shoe is a fabulous example of a stylish sneaker designed to keep you comfortable throughout your everyday activity.

The main body of the shoe is composed of a soft, knit mesh material that provides both form fitting comfort and excellent breathability. The fabric is durable yet lightweight, almost sock-like in its flexibility, softness, and adaptation to your foot. The GO Walk 5 Apprize seamlessly blends the practicality of an everyday walking shoe with the comfort of a particularly supportive house slipper.

For additional support around the toe area, the top portion of the shoe that wraps around the front of the toes is composed of a thin rubber coating. This maintains the comfort and flexibility that is integral to the body of the shoe whilst providing additional structure to a high stress area, increasing the shoe’s lifespan.

The sole consists of two different types of synthetic rubber, arranged to maximise efficiency and cushioning where you need it most. This allows the shoe to maintain optimal flexibility through the mid-portion of the sole whilst boasting impressive impact absorption through the heel and sides of the foot. 


  • Slip on for ease of wear for people who struggle with tying laces
  • Incredibly comfortable 
  • Very breathable


  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for high intensity or rough terrain hiking
  • The wide slip-on entrance reduces the security of the fit and you may find it prone to slipping off with higher intensity activity.
  • Not many colour variants and what is available are all very similar

13. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

Skechers maintain their high standard of everyday, casual walking shoes with this lightweight yet well cushioned pair. Combining a sleek, minimalist design with super comfortable cushioning, this is a practical shoe that is perfect for getting you through your day-to-day activity with minimal fatigue to your legs and feet.

The sole is a sturdy yet lightweight synthetic rubber, providing excellent cushioning and impact absorption, especially where it rises to cradle the heel. Additional pillowing is noticeable at the base of the heel and ball of the foot to maximise cushion where you need it most.

Meanwhile, the soft, lightweight fabric that forms the upper body of the shoe ensures that it stays breathable. The mesh provides plenty of aeration to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry even if you are walking around all day.

The grip doesn’t provide the best traction, particularly on wet surfaces. The shoe is also not waterproof, a caveat of the soft breathable mesh fabric of the upper. If you are looking for a shoe to wear in wet weather, this is probably one to pass on, despite its many other benefits. 


  • Very comfortable
  • Mesh upper material for maximum breathability


  • Not waterproof
  • Poor grip, especially on wet surfaces
  • Not many different colour variants

14. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra-Impeccable Sneaker

With plenty of padding throughout the body of the shoe, and super pillowy sole, you will find that the Skechers Walk Evolution Ultra Impeccable sneakers are some of the most comfortable walking shoes currently on the market.

The sole is particularly thick, yet the lightweight polymer material ensures that the shoes don’t feel heavy or clunky. Instead, they provide a comforting bounce, dispersing the impact of each step to protect your knees and ankles from the stress of being on your feet all day.

You may recognise the knitted mesh fabric of the body of the shoe, being an iconic aspect of many of Skechers’ comfortable options. The Walk Evolution Ultra Impeccable however is different in that it is noticeably thicker and more durable than you may find in their other shoes. This allows for better temperature control, insulating your feet from the cold while the breathable mesh keeps them fresh and sweat free in the heat.

Combined with the trademark Air Cooled Goga Mat insole, these shoes are the height of comfort. With multiple forms of cushioning throughout to support your entire foot, whilst ensuring the climate in the shoe stays fresh and dry, you will be stunned by just how comfortable your feet can stay, even after a long day.

You will notice a particularly plush degree of cushioning around the ankle. This provides much needed extra support for your ankle from a shoe that otherwise sacrifices structure for comfort. This combined with the thicker material throughout the upper makes these one of the more supportive options from Skechers’ range of slip-on shoes.


  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • More structure and support than Skechers’ other slip-on shoes


  • Not great traction
  • Minimal colour variety

15. New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Lace-up Walking Shoe

New Balance ventures into the walk and work market with these smart walking shoes that can pass for semi-formal dress in a pinch. Made with 100% leather, the shoes are durable and easy to keep clean and polished. 

With New Balance’s reputation as a trusted, high quality walking shoe brand, you can rest assured that these shoes will keep you comfortable throughout an entire day on your feet. Pairing solid rubber outsoles with top quality ABZORB cushioning in the heel, these shoes will absorb the impact of each step, saving your feet from the stress and fatigue you might be used to suffering.

One of the main features of the shoe is an innovative ‘hook and loop’ elasticated lace front closure. This design combines the adjustability and fit of a lace up shoe with the convenience of a slip on. People who struggle with tying laces will not only benefit from the ease of the slip-on design, but also be able enjoy the aesthetic appeal of lace up shoes without the usual hassle. 


  • Durable, 100% leather upper
  • Easy to clean
  • Best of both worlds combines the convenience of slip ons with the adjustability of lace ups


  • Only two colour options to choose from
  • The elasticated laces don’t provide quite the same level of security that traditional laces would

16. OLUKAI Men’s Nohea Moku Walking Shoes

Olukai is a Hawaiian brand that specialises in creating footwear for those who live and work around water. The brand carries a laid-back beach, surfer vibe that is expressed through the casual, comfortable styling of their shoes.

The body of the shoe is primarily comprised of a soft mesh material that allows for excellent breathability. It is also designed to allow for quick draining and drying should your feet get wet. A sturdier fabric loops from the base of the heel over the arch of the foot to the laces, providing a bit more support than the soft mesh otherwise allows. 

Designed for use near water, the base of the shoe is designed with razor siping to provide good traction even on wet surfaces. 

The unique design of the back of the shoe allows it to be folded down to serve as a slip on or slide. Ideal for anyone who struggles with tying laces or bending down but still appreciates the aesthetic of laces. Also particularly convenient if your day-to-day activities involve frequently putting your shoes on and off, minimising the hassle of repeatedly squeezing your feet in.


  • Plenty of colour and style options to choose from
  • Good grip on wet surfaces
  • Adjustable for use as both a traditional lace up shoe as well as a slip-on
  • Spacious toe box and wide fit, ideal for people with wider feet


  • Minimal cushioning at heel
  • Minimal arch support

17. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0 4e Walking Shoe

By far one of the most affordable options I have to recommend, you can trust in the quality of the Reebok brand that these will still perform well despite their great price. As an option that is designed to pass as an appropriate shoe for work or semi-formal occasions, this is not the most sporty and stylish option on the list. However, if you need to dress smartly and still want good support and comfort, these shoes are an excellent choice. 

The shoe features a sleek leather outer material, with mesh panelling to keep the shoe breathable throughout the day. The leather is super easy to keep clean, which is ideal if you need to keep them smart and presentable for work.

Featuring DMX Ride+ cushioning through the entirety of the midsole, your whole foot will be well supported and comfortable throughout the day. Meanwhile, the thick rubber of the outer sole absorbs a lot of the impact from each step, so you will find that your legs and feet don’t fatigue as quickly.

Inside, the MemoryTech foam sockliner provides even more fit and support to your entire foot. The liner conforms to the contours of your foot to provide a snug and personal fit.


  • Decent grip
  • Can pass as a work or semi-formal shoe 
  • More affordable than other high quality walking shoes on the market


  • A little bit on the narrow side so not optimal for wider feet
  • Only one design and colour option
  • Not the most stylish design 

18. New Balance Men’s 1300 Trail Walking Shoe

Living up to New Balance’s track record as one of the best athletic shoe brands on the market, the 1300 Trail Walking model is a hiking shoe that means business. Oozing practicality whilst maintaining a rugged style, these shoes are perfect for anyone looking to take on the toughest trails. 

The shoes feature a ROLLBAR stability post system designed to provide increased structure and security without compromising on flexibility. This allows for the shoe to adapt to various terrains and keep you steady no matter how rough the ground gets.

A thick rubber sole absorbs most of the impact of each step, ensuring that you can avoid cumulative stress to your shins and joints. Combined with the exceptional structure of the body of the shoe, you can trust that your feet and ankles will stay protected whatever the difficulty of your route. 

With durable leather outers and a waterproof membrane throughout the inner lining, these shoes are great whatever the weather. Fancy going for a hike in the rain? No problem, these shoes will keep your feet nice and dry regardless.


  • Innovative stability system keeps you supported even on uneven terrain
  • Waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry in all weather


  • Very little variation in colour and design available

19. Rockport Men’s Rock Cove Walking Sneaker

The Rock Cove Walking Sneaker is a solid hiking shoe designed for more intensive trekking. The shoe is designed with plenty of room in the toe box to allow your feet to stretch and spread out. No need to worry about pinching and cramping, even after the pressure of a challenging hike.

Mesh vents throughout the body of the shoe are in place to provide breathability and aeration. On long treks along tricky routes and challenging terrain, it is important to ensure that your shoes allow moisture to escape rather than building up inside. The wicking effect of these shoes keeps your feet cool and fresh and reduces the risk of chafing.

You will notice that the thick rubber outsole, composed of Traction Rubber for maximum grip, features an arch at the middle of the foot. This allows the shoe to retain a degree of flexibility and movement whilst providing stability, support, and impact absorption to the areas that need it most. 

With three distinct colour variations to choose from, you can pick the design that best suits your personal style.


  • Spacious toe box and generous width, ideal for people with wider feet
  • Decent colour selection


  • Suede effect material of the outer lining gets dirty easily and is difficult to clean to its original condition
  • Not waterproof

20. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Suede Walking Shoe

An attractive, high end walking shoe with the aesthetics of a classic sneaker, for those who value both style and excellent quality. Brooks are a brand with a reputation for creating great quality shoes and the Addiction Walker Suedes are a great example of what they offer.

Featuring state of the art Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology in the structure of the shoe, these walking shoes are designed to improve the walking position of your entire body. Posture and correct stride positioning are vital in reducing the risk of injury and these shoes are specifically designed to ensure good form is supported through the entire range of motion.

The sole of the shoe may appear to be your standard, thick rubber design. However, it features SATRA certified traction technology, that provides exceptional grip and slip resistance, even on smooth or wet surfaces. 

As for the main body of the shoe, in addition to a styling print covering the fabric of the top and heel sections, you will notice that much of the toe and arch features mesh venting. This allows for the parts of the foot that are most likely to accumulate sweat and suffer chafing to receive the maximum aeration. Breathability in a walking shoe is critical to keep your feet dry and fresh throughout the day. The Addiction Walkers will ensure your feet stay as comfortable as possible no matter how long you are on them.


  • Very supportive to encourage correct posture and alignment
  • Classic sneaker-like style
  • Good grip


  • Minimal colour variants
  • More expensive than other quality options on the market

21. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Walking Shoes

Asics are one of the best known and most respected athletic shoe brands currently on the market. They have a loyal following of customers won over by their high-quality shoes and the performance of the Gel Venture 7 model will demonstrate exactly why they are so popular. 

The main feature of this model is the innovative gel cushioning in the heel of the shoe. The gel is designed to absorb more impact than the rubber of the sole alone, giving your joints the best possible protection even through high intensity activity. 

The inside of the shoe boasts the trademarked Ortholite X-40 Sockliner. Designed to add cushioning and support, as well as maintaining breathability to prevent moisture build-up, it ensures that the Gel Venture 7 shoes are some of the comfiest sneakers you could buy.

Breathability of the shoe is enhanced by the lightweight mesh panels featured across its body. Combined with the standard Asics design of sturdy fabric crossing over and around the body of the shoe, your feet will stay fresh without sacrificing structure and support.


  • Great range of colour and design options
  • Good arch support


  • Narrow fit, not ideal for wider feet
  • Not waterproof

22. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe

Merrell are a fantastic brand dedicated to creating high quality footwear to encourage people of all abilities to head out into nature and explore the hiking trails in comfort and safety. 

With this shoe you will be able to comfortably explore any terrain. The body of the shoe features extensive structuring, with a network of supportive reinforcements crossing over the arch of the foot for improved stability. 

Meanwhile, padding around the ankle will provide extra protection and comfort for this delicate joint. Combined with the plush, extra high tongue, the shoe will keep dirt and detritus from working its way inside and causing discomfort on your hike.

The sole of the shoe is formed from thick gum rubber, robust and durable enough to hold up under the roughest terrain and helping to reduce the impact of each step on your joints. Meanwhile the comprehensive grip design along the base of the shoe provides impressive traction even in wet weather. 


  • Spacious toe box so minimal pinching and cramping
  • Excellent grip
  • Good support and structure to keep your foot and ankle supported even on uneven terrain


  • Not waterproof
  • Few colour options

23. Nike Men’s Running Walking Shoe

Nike is a household brand name across the world for their top quality sports and activewear and their combination Running Walking Shoe lives up to the standard you would expect.

Styled more like a traditional sneaker and with the iconic Nike branding, this is an ideal shoe for the fashion conscious buyer. It’s only available in two colour options, but between the chic black and white option and the colourful black and blue design, there’s an option for those who prefer a more classic shoe, as well as those who enjoy something with a bit more flare. 

The thick sole absorbs a lot of the impact from each step, reducing stress and strain on your joints as you go about your day. Combined with a foam sockliner insole that cushions and supports your entire foot, these shoes will keep you comfortable no matter how much you are on your feet. 

With a durable rubber outsole, these shoes have excellent grip. No need to worry about slipping on polished floors or smooth indoor sports courts. You can trust that these Nikes won’t fail you, no matter the surface.

The traditional lacing closure lets you adjust the fit to your preference of tightness. Meanwhile the plush, cushioned tongue ensures that the top of your foot won’t feel pinched, no matter how securely you lace up. 


  • Attractive and fashionable
  • Super comfortable for everyday wear
  • Good grip


  • Not ideal for sports, running or strenuous hiking
  • Minimal colour variations

24. Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze Walking, Hiking & Running Shoes Hiking

Designed for those who intend to head off the sidewalk and onto the hiking trails, these shoes are super comfy and supportive. With a well structured sole, plenty of support through the upper, and cushioning along the entire foot, you will be able to enjoy your trek with minimal foot fatigue.

The ‘Breeze’ portion of the name refers to the breathability of the shoe from the various mesh panels that comprise the uppers. Allowing air to circulate, and wicking away sweat, will ensure that your feet stay fresh and dry throughout the day.

The soles are dual sections of thick rubber that will protect your feet from sharp and uneven, rocky terrain whilst absorbing the impact of each strike. Nice and firm and strongly structured, they will provide your feet with excellent support throughout the entire motion of each step.

The grip portion of the sole is comprised of a number of thick cleats of various shapes and sizes, specifically designed to provide excellent traction on a variety of terrains. The multiple sizes, shapes, and directions of the cleats allows the shoe’s grip to adapt to whatever uneven surface you may find yourself on.

Lace front closure ensures you will enjoy a secure fit that you can adjust to the unique shape of your foot. Meanwhile, the wide toe box ensures that you will have plenty of space for your toes to move and spread out. No need to worry about pinching or cramping, no matter how long you are hiking for. 


  • Excellent grip with multi-directional traction
  • Wide toe box


  • Suede outer material can get dirty easily and be tricky to clean to its original condition
  • Only one design and colour option available

25. Rockport Men’s M7100 Milprowalker

These derby style walking shoes are a great choice for anyone requiring more support and structure throughout their everyday life. Designed to pass as a semi-formal work shoe, you will be able to go about your day-to-day tasks without worrying about achy feet and joints. 

The shoe is available in a variety of designs, ranging from sportier to more formal. The black crocodile skin effect variation is particularly ideal for when you need a shoe that looks formal and work appropriate, whilst also providing plenty of comfort and support. 

Featuring plenty of padding around the tongue and ankle, and EVA cushioning throughout the shoe, you know your whole foot and ankle will be getting plenty of support and comfort. The smart, lace front design allows you to adjust the shoe to your preferred fit and snugness, ensuring your foot won’t be slipping around inside.

A thick, robust rubber sole softens the impact of each step, protecting your bones and joints from accumulated stress and strain. The high structure around the tongue and back of the shoe will ensure that your ankle receives plenty of support through each step. 

The synthetic leather of the shoe’s outer material makes these incredibly easy to clean. Just wipe down and done, with no fussy suede or absorbent panels to soak up stains and dirt. The insole is removable too, so it can be easily removed for washing, ensuring the whole shoe can be kept fresh.


  • Great for everyday wear
  • Suitable for semi-formal occasions
  • Good range of design options
  • Easy to clean


  • Minimal grip
  • Not ideal for hiking and off-path treks

26. adidas Terrex Eastrail Walking Shoes – SS21

These shoes are one of the best reasonably priced options specifically marketed towards the off-road hiker. Adidas have maintained their excellent brand reputation here by producing a stylish, solid hiking shoe that holds up to even the most challenging terrain.

A thick rubber heel and sturdy sole absorbs the impact from each foot strike, lessening stress and fatigue through your shins and joints. The firm structure of the sole supports your foot through each step and protects you from potentially sharp rocks or uncomfortable terrain.

The innovative TRAXION design along the base of the sole ensures you will have impressive traction no matter the terrain. Comprised of thick rubber cleats, the shoe will grip onto whatever it meets, ensuring you stay safe, secure, and upright.

The synthetic mesh panelling of the upper portion of the shoe increases breathability and aeration, ensuring your feet stay fresh and sweat free. However, there is the caveat that these shoes do little to keep water out, so they are not ideal for keeping your feet dry in the rain or through damper terrain.

With a lace front closure, the shoes provide fully adjustable support and fit from the foot to the ankle. You can determine how tight you need to lace up to ensure your feet are both secure and comfortable. No need to worry about your feet slipping around inside and leading to a rolled ankle.

The high back provides structure and support to the heel and ankle, and helps to protect against overextension. It will also help to protect against abrasions from any detritus you may kick up as you hike.


  • Excellent support and structure
  • Good grip
  • Plenty of cushioning through the sole and upper
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Not waterproof
  • Only one style available

27. adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex Skychaser Lt Walking Shoe

The Terrex Skychaser Lt walking shoe is an excellent example of the sort of standard we have come to expect from a renowned brand like Adidas. This is a high quality, durable shoe designed for holding up under the strain of trail hikes and off-road treks. 

Both the upper and inner linings are made from high quality GORE-TEX, so the shoes are completely waterproof. Meanwhile the outer lining features a mesh material that keeps the shoe light and breathable. These shoes are sure you keep your feet dry and fresh and free from moisture both inside and out. 

The sole is made of thick rubber, plenty durable to hold up under the stresses of various terrains and structured to maintain ideal foot positioning. Boost cushioning technology is built in throughout the shoe to minimise impact and strain on your joints. Your foot and ankle will be completely supported with each step.

Additionally, the sole features a deep, almost cleated, rubber grip along the length of the base. Perfect for keeping you from slipping on any surface or terrain and providing extra security on uneven ground.

Practicality is at the forefront of these shoes’ design, but their appearance has not been ignored. The shoes are chic and stylish, featuring the trademark Adidas stripes and branding. You also have two distinct colour variants to choose from to suit your personal style. 

Featuring an elasticated lace front closure, these shoes are ideal for those who struggle with traditional laces but appreciate the better fit and security. You will have the option to tie the shoes to your preference, whilst the stretch of the elastic allows them to perform as slip-ons for those who struggle with frequent bending or hand dexterity. A small loop at the rear of the shoe assists with putting them on without worrying about crushing down the back.


  • Excellent grip
  • Waterproof lining and outer material
  • Elasticated lace closure allows for a slip-on option for those who struggle with traditional laces whilst maintaining adjustability of fit


  • Few colour variations
  • More expensive than other options

28. adidas Terrex Eastrail Mid Gore-TEX Walking Shoes – AW20

The Eastrail Mid GORE-TEX shoe is a fantastic, exceptionally supportive hiking shoe, with enough structure around the ankle to almost qualify as more of a boot. The shoe is sleek and stylish, ensuring you will be both the chicest and best prepared hiker on the trail.

With a medium thickness through the sole, the shoe provides excellent protection and support on even rough terrain, without being overly bulky or heavy. A mild boost in the heel allows the shoe to absorb more impact from heel strikes, so your legs and feet will be taking less of the stress.

Meanwhile, the comprehensive structure of the entire shoe, provides excellent support and stability through the foot and ankle. The shoe will help to keep your foot and ankle positioning correct and consistent to minimise strain and injury. 

The fully adjustable front lace up closure helps ensure that the shoe conforms perfectly to your personal foot shape. Extending all the way up the ankle, you won’t have to worry about your feet slipping around and even the front of your ankle will be totally supported.

The trademark TRAXION technology and unique design of the base of the sole ensure that you will be secure on any terrain in any weather. The rubber grip plate is intended to provide maximum traction on any surface, even in wet conditions. 

The GORE-TEX material that comprises the entirety of the upper portion of the shoe ensures that the shoe stays super breathable whilst also being incredibly waterproof. Your feet will stay dry even in rainy conditions and on moist terrain. 

And with plenty of aeration, you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty and uncomfortable either. You will be able to enjoy fresh and comfortable feet no matter the weather or intensity of your hike. 


  • Fully waterproof
  • Breathable design for comfortable and fresh feet all day
  • Excellent support through both foot and ankle


  • Only one colour available

29. New Balance Men’s 680v6 Cushioning Running Shoe

New Balance is a trusted brand in the athletic shoe market, producing both running and walking shoes of a quality to retain a loyal customer base. If you are specifically looking for a running shoe, then the New Balance 680v6 Cushioning model is a fantastic option to consider.

A unique and innovative combination of both ABZORB and ACTEVA cushioning technologies through the heel and midsole provide excellent impact absorption. There is a noticeable reduction of shock through the ankle and shin with each step. This is the sort of thing you want to look for when purchasing a running shoe, to ensure that you minimise cumulative stress damage to your joints, bones, and tendons. 

The minimal heel and curvature of the sole is designed to maximise the efficiency of each stride of your run. These shoes will allow you to rock through the entire motion of each step, fully supported and stabilised. Meanwhile, the moulded sock lining conforms to your personal foot shape to both provide maximum support and keep your foot from slipping around inside. 

For maximum breathability, the entire upper portion of the outer shoe is comprised from a stylish mesh material. This allows air to circulate around the shoe and wick away sweat, so your feet will stay dry, fresh, and comfortable no matter the weather or intensity of your run.

The shoe is beautifully designed and available in a wide range of colours and styles. You are sure to be able to find an option to suit your personal taste, whether you prefer chic and monochrome, or fun and colourful.


  • Decent grip
  • Very breathable 
  • A lot of colour and style options


  • Narrow fit so not ideal for people with wider feet
  • Minimal cushioning through the front of the toe can reduce efficacy for long distance

30. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Most people will recognise Under Armour as a high quality, professional sports brand. They have earnt their place as a household brand name by consistently producing high quality equipment and athletic wear and their Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe is no exception to that standard.

The sole is comprised of durable rubber in a unique pillowed structure, designed to provide as much cushioning as possible for the entire foot. That cushioning is particularly prevalent at the heel of the shoe, where it rises to cradle the back of the foot, dispersing the shock and impact of each heel strike and working to stabilise the foot as it lands. 

A distinctive grip pattern runs along the base of the shoe, proving both traction and additional impact dispersion at the heel. You will notice that the grip plates leading around the toe and front of the foot are particularly prevalent, allowing your toe to keep gripping the ground to maximise efficiency as you push off. 

The upper portion of the shoe is largely formed of a synthetic mesh fabric, with the heel structure boasting a perforated design. Both of these features are in place to ensure maximum breathability. It’s important to keep your feet feeling fresh and sweat free even in hot weather and on high intensity runs, and these shoes are built for the task. 

Whilst the design of the shoe is attractive, there is minimal variation to choose from between the colour options. The main upper portion is black or very dark navy on all the designs, with only the soles and some of the detailing available in different colours. 


  • Good grip even in wet weather
  • Excellent breathability
  • Plenty of cushioning through the heel


  • Not a great selection of style variants
  • Not waterproof

Best Walking Shoes for Men Buying Guide & FAQs

Benefits of Using the Best Walking Shoes for Men

You’re probably wondering: What makes the best walking shoes so beneficial? Can’t you just walk around town wearing plain slippers or any type of shoes?

While you’ll be able to walk around with ANY footwear, or even barefoot,there are some things having the best walking shoes will be able to provide as compared to using any other type of slippers. And it isn’t just comfort! Here are the benefits of the best walking shoes can give you:

Ultimate Comfort

Do you hate having to take off shoes because of the pain you feel? With walking shoes, you won’t need to worry about that. Walking shoes offer extra padding and mesh material that won’t make your feet feel stuffy when wearing it.

Best Walking Shoes for Men
Ultimate Comfort Walking Shoes

No problem with sweaty feet as well, because the mesh material found in many walking shoes will be able to keep your feet breathing and well-ventilated.

Protection and Support

The right walking shoes have arch supports and the flexibility to prevent any type of injury. The shoes will be able to adapt to how your feet are shaped, encouraging a better range of motion. So whether you’re suffering from a foot condition or flat feet, you can find the right walking shoes to protect and offer the support you need that prevents it from hurting.

Walking shoes also offer the proper balance needed to walk properly. It offers the necessary support to avoid your body from overcompensating, which also leads to less pain and injury around your back and lower body.


What makes running shoes a great investment is how strong they are. They are built to last long walks, and unlike other types of slippers or casual shoes, they are fit for walking and will withstand all types of walks for years! You won’t need to constantly replace your shoes, as all you need is a pair to get you through your trips and jobs.

Best Walking Shoes for Men
Durability Walking Shoes


The right walking shoes will affect your performance when walking. Comfort will build your endurance and speed, having you walk the distance. It’s grew when traveling and touring around the entire day. Not only will endurance increase your speed and distance, but you’ll also be able to burn more calories and live a healthier life.

How to Buy the Best Walking Shoes for Men

Now that you know what the right walking shoes can do for your feet, how can you choose the best one for YOU? It may be confusing at first, especially if you aren’t familiar with walking shoes at all. To help you out, here are some tips and factors to consider when purchasing the best walking shoes for men:


Where will you be walking? WIll you be walking on roads and pavement? Then a more casual walking shoe is more appropriate. If you plan to walk around nature paths or tougher terrain, then trail or hiker walking shoe is best. The latter is stronger and have the soles to withstand the rough ground.

If you think you’ll be trekking around water as well, search for waterproof shoes, or shoes that provide more durability when drenched in water.

Flexibility and Support

Bend the heels and toes of the shoe, making sure that the shoe bends under the ball of the foot. Twist the shoe sole, looking for a bit of resistance. The right shoe will be flexible when bent, but will still have light resistance for support.


The difference between walking and running shoes is that walking doesn’t put as much impact compared to running. With that being said, there is less cushioning in a walking shoe. Cushioning is usually under the ball of the foot, where you exert impact as you take each step.

Walk around with the walking shoe and see if it is comfortable enough as you take a step. If you want a minimalistic feel, then you may want to check out walking or running shoes with as little cushioning as possible.


The shoe weight will help offer comfort, as you won’t want to lug around heavy shoes as you walk or carry it around. Find the right she that offers light weight and good support, similar to running shoes.

How to Choose Proper Running or Walking Shoes. Best Information.

Are Sneakers Good For Walking?

The simple answer is, generally yes. Most sneakers are fine for casual, day to day walking and light activity.

However, this really depends on a variety of factors. Sneakers come in a vast range of options, including those specifically built for supporting you during activity, those intended for basic comfort during daily walking, and those simply designed to look good.

A sneaker designed purely for fashion and aesthetic will often not provide proper cushioning and support for longer walks or hikes. Likewise, a sneaker intended for use on a sports court or track may not offer the best benefits for someone heading out on an unpaved hiking trail and vice versa. 

Plenty of sneakers actively combine style and structure, allowing you to express your style whilst maintaining peak performance. However, you should not assume that simply because a shoe is labelled as a sneaker, that it is appropriate for activity where your feet and joints really require more support.

If in doubt, you are always better off looking at specific walking shoes or boots over sneakers. This is especially true if you have any kind of support issues such as flat feet or fallen arches, which may require a shoe with more arch support, or if you have weak knees or ankles which could need better cushioning and structure.

Are Walking Shoes And Running Shoes The Same?

Good walking shoes and running shoes are not the same. They should be specifically designed to cater to the precise requirements that each of those activities demand, and those requirements often conflict with one another. 

When walking versus running, you will experience multiple differences in your posture, gait, stride, and impact. The shoes you wear should be designed to compensate for this and minimise any negative impacts and stress on your body.

For example, a running shoe will often have more structure and cushioning at the heel to soften the impact from each strike and absorb the shock. Meanwhile, a walking shoe will have a sturdier, stiffer sole and more structure around the ankle, to provide extra support on uneven terrain. 

Likewise, running shoes are often designed to be lighter so as not to affect the runner’s speed, which often means thinner, less durable soles that may be damaged quickly on unpaved trails. Walking shoes can afford a denser sole which will hold up better when exposed to various natural elements. 

For casual activity, running shoes can often be used in place of walking shoes as they will usually have enough support and structure to protect your foot during day-to-day wear. Walking shoes, however, are typically a poor choice for even casual running, as they are not designed to absorb as much impact or provide enough flexibility through the sole. 

How Often Should You Replace Walking Shoes?

How often you will need to replace your walking shoes will depend on how frequently you wear them, what kind of distances you wear them for, and the intensity and difficulty of the routes you are wearing them on. 

The best general recommendation is to replace your walking shoes by the time you have worn them to walk around 500 miles. This number allows for variation in frequency and length of use, versus the ‘every 6 months’ suggestion often touted by others. 

This does of course ignore how the intensity of your walks and ruggedness of the terrain will affect the shoe. Tough hikes will wear down a shoe’s integrity faster than daily errands, although you should also be choosing shoes designed for your intended activity level.

There is also the added consideration of how the quality of the shoe allows it to hold up over time. A cheaper, poorer quality shoe will degrade faster than a higher quality shoe built for durability. If you intend to be using your shoes frequently, and for activities that have the potential to put a lot of strain on your feet and ankles, you would definitely benefit from investing in a good quality brand that will last longer and provide better support.

Are Cheap Running Shoes Any Good ?

What Are The Best Walking Shoes On The Market?

There is no simple answer as to what shoe would hold the title for best walking shoe currently on the market. Walking shoes can boast a wide range of features, technologies, and materials, each designed to appeal to various needs and preferences of the large and diverse market.

Someone looking for a shoe to support them through their everyday walking and activity would probably not appreciate the heavy structuring of a dedicated hiking shoe. Likewise, someone looking to invest in a solid pair of hiking boots to head out on rural trails would be disappointed, and even possibly injured, by the thinner soles and less supportive body of daily wear shoes. 

It is true that often certain brands will be better at providing for certain areas of the market than others. For example, Rockport is well known for catering towards people who need shoes that will pass as semi-formal or work appropriate whilst providing the extra cushioning and support of a dedicated walking shoe. 

Skechers create a range of fun and fashionable shoes ideal for everyday casual wear and light activity. Meanwhile, those looking for a good quality, proper hiking shoe or boot would be better off looking towards athletics and outdoor activity brands like Under Armour, New Balance, and Adidas.

Are Hiking Shoes Good For Walking? 

Yes, hiking shoes are great for walking. 

Simply put, hiking is just a more intense, higher difficulty version of walking. So, a shoe that provides good support for a hiker would be more than adequate for a casual walker. 

Hiking shoes or boots are specifically designed to provide structure and stability for your feet and ankles through the entire range of motion involved in walking. For a more casual walker, a basic hiking shoe should give you enough comfort, reinforcement, and support to allow you to go about your day with minimal aches or fatigue. 

If you are looking at hiking shoes for casual walking, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what features you most need. Good quality hiking shoes and boots can be quite expensive, especially those which boast more features and fancy technologies. If you only plan to wear these shoes for day-to-day walking and simply need more support and structure than you are currently getting from regular sneakers and shoes, then a more affordable option from a good quality brand should be sufficient.

No matter the hiking shoe you decide on, if it is designed to support someone through a strenuous trek or difficult cross country hike, it will definitely provide the support you need for daily activity. 

Are Walking Shoes Good For Running?

No, walking shoes are not ideal for running. 

There is a reason that walking shoes and running shoes exist independently of one another. Each is designed to cater to the specific stresses and motions involved in their respective activities. The two activities have a great degree of variation in terms of gait, stride length, and strike impact, and the shoes you choose should be designed to handle these particular requirements.

Walking shoes are typically designed to provide a great degree of structure and support through relatively shorter and slower movements. The way the foot impacts the ground with each step will differ from running, as will the particular part of the foot that strikes the ground. This means that the cushioning and structure of the shoe should be different to best support your foot through the motions. 

A running shoe will generally be more flexible through the sole, with greater support at the heel where the foot strikes the ground more firmly. The typically stiffer and firmer soles of walking shoes, whilst ideal for supporting the foot through the action of walking or hiking, are often too firm to effectively reduce the impact and stress on a runner’s feet and joints.

See More: Best Shoes for Standing and Walking on Concrete All Day

Final Thoughts on Best Walking Shoes for Men

Whether you’re walking for exercise or always on the feet at work and school, you’ll need to make sure that your feet are as comfortable as possible. This will require the best walking shoes for men! The right shoes for you will be able to make sure your feet are safe and protected from any injury. Plus, they’ll look great when styled properly, making it a nice touch to your outfit.

Of the many shoes we’ve reviewed and rested, the winner would have to be ASICS Gel-Contend 5 SL Walking Shoes for Men. Its simple and sporty design makes it a winner in our eyes because of how it can match work uniforms or any type of outfit. It’s versatile and is a great pair of shoes for casual days out, the daily grind, or even when traveling and walking around everywhere!

With its breathable mesh material and padded tongues for extra comfort and relief, you’ll be able to walk without feeling a twinge of pain for hours at a time! Simple design and comfortable shoes for any type of feet, you can see why it’s our top walking shoe for men!

Hopefully, this article on the set best walking shoes for men will have made you more knowledgeable with what you need in order to purchase the right pair of footwear you need for your next trips and walks to come. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best walking shoes today!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more reviews or suggestions on the best walking shoes for men, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think!

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