Where to Stay in Skiathos: TOP 10 Best Areas

If you’re looking for where to stay in Skiathos then this blog post will help you narrow down your choices! We’ll go over what’s available on the island, as well as other things worth considering when picking out the best areas to stay in Skiathos for you.

Skiathos is one of the Sporades islands, in the Aegean Sea east of the Greek Mainland. It is the westernmost island in the Group and hence closest to the Mainland. Skiathos, an island of coves and peninsulas, covers less than 30 square miles (72 square kilometres).

Skiathos Town, the Island’s capital, is the main settlement with a permanent population of around 5,000.  Elsewhere on the island, there are small villages that add little more than another 1,000 to the Island’s population. 

Where To Stay in Skiathos: Tips & Info

The great appeal of Skiathos is the beautiful beaches. The Island’s coastline is 27 miles on which there are more than 60 beaches, the vast majority of which are of golden sand. If you are looking for a holiday where there are gorgeous beaches, look at Skiathos. Skiathos is a beautiful island, mostly covered with pine trees and certainly not overdeveloped. 

It has its own international airport that services visitors wanting to reach the other islands in the Sporades. Direct flights from the Greek Mainland and several Northern European cities are regular during the season. Ferries link the island to destinations on the Mainland including Thessaloniki.

Regular bus services can get you to all parts of Skiathos. Taxis are plentiful, cars are available for rent and many tourists hire a bike to get around. Don’t expect modern dual carriageways throughout the Island although there is a modern road along the south and east coast.. 

The pace of life requires patience but the natural beauty of Skiathos promotes that anyway. If you want to stay in Skiathos, you have a choice of accommodation. It ranges from apartments to luxury hotels with deluxe rooms and a private balcony. 

Family rooms make Skiathos a good alternative for those with young children wanting summer holidays on the beach. 


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Where To Stay in Skiathos: 10 Best Areas to stay in Skiathos

Because Skiathos is the point of entry to most of the visitors to the Sporades, it gets more visitors than the other islands. In the summer, numbers on the island more than double. Where to stay on Skiathos depends on a number of factors. The best beaches get plenty of attention. Some visitors want the quietest place possible but others do want nightlife and lively bars.

This list does not include any places on the north coast nor up the west coast, north of Koukounaries. There is nowhere on those stretches of coast that merit inclusion.

Best Areas to Stay in Skiathos map

1. Skiathos Town, where to stay in Skiathos for first time visitors

Where To Stay in Skiathos for first time travelers: Town

During your stay in Skiathos, if you want a base where there are plenty of markets and shops, the obvious choice is Skiathos Town. In reality, it is the only choice if those two things are a priority. 

There are crowds in the summer, many seeking out the best of the restaurants along the waterfront. These restaurants specialise in the best of the day’s catch as well as good local produce. The island’s capital also offers you a vibrant nightlife scene. Some of the best hotels are in the Town.

If you are unfamiliar with the Island, making your base here also makes sense. There are transport links to other parts of the Island for day trips after all. 

Skiathos was the main location used for the popular film ‘’Mama Mia’’ and some tourists are keen to see specific landmarks used in the film. They include St. Nikolas Bell Tower and Skiathos Old Port.

Skiathos Town is the best area to stay if:

  • You are comfortable with crowds in high season
  • A choice of restaurants and markets are a priority
  • You enjoyed ‘’Mama Mia’’ and want to see some of the locations you associate with it. 

2. Megali Ammos, best place to stay in Skiathos overall

The large sandy beach at Megali Ammos makes it a good choice for many visitors. Its location close to Skiathos Town means that they are close to its many facilities. Megali Ammos is in fact the Town’s public beach and gets busy in the high season simply because the Town is busy.

The facilities include the bars and restaurants but also the local markets that are so much fun. Beach bars provide refreshments for visitors to the beach by day. At nighttime, you may even decide just to walk into Skiathos Town. It is only a 15-minute walk away.

The most crowded part of this beach is at the east end and this is where you will find plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from. The west end is far less developed but more natural. 

Accommodation alternatives include self-catering apartments and medium to small-sized hotels. Some of them are just a few steps away from the beach

Megali Ammos is the best area to stay if:

  • You want to be close to Skiathos Town and its many facilities
  • A long beach is one of your priorities
  • You want the option of enjoying the nightlife in Skiathos’ main town.

3. Vassilias, a small beach surrounded by pine trees

The next beach south of Megali Ammos and down the east coast is Vassilias, just a short distance away. Some of the Island’s prettiest scenery is at Vassilias. It is not a huge beach but it is surrounded by pine trees. Coastal views are breathtaking and worth remembering by taking photographs.

The local bus service links Vassilias to Skiathos Town, just four miles north. Taxis are readily available as well. The journey from the airport is just 5 miles so you can be in your accommodation very soon after landing if you choose Vassilias.

There is not a huge range of accommodation in Vassilias so if you want this as your base so book early. Having said that, you will find family rooms and private apartments available. 

Vassilias Beach is not huge but you are unlikely to encounter too many other people on it. You will find sun loungers and umbrellas for shade. 

Vassilias is the best area to stay if:

  • You are not too concerned about nightlife
  • Space on the beach is important to you.
  • You want a setting where you can just relax and enjoy the beach and sea.

4.  Achladies, peaceful & picturesque resort with a small bay

Achladies best area to stay in Skiathos
Villa Teozenia in Achladies

As you continue south down the east coast, the next place you come to is Achladies. It is arguably the most popular beach on this side of the Island after you leave the Capital. You are still no significant distance from Skiathos Town with bus and taxi options if you want a day there. 

Its popularity is reflected by the increased amount of accommodation that is available. It ranges from apartments to resort hotels. However, you should not expect Achladies to have all the facilities you would expect of a resort.

Achladies has a nice sandy beach, albeit narrow, a beach shop, a couple of beach tavernas, as well as a couple of shops. If that is good enough for you, look more closely at Achladies. Remember you can catch a bus or take a taxi for a day trip elsewhere, including Skiathos Town. A water taxi also links Achladies to the Old Skiathos Port.

Achladies is the best area to stay if:

  • You don’t want too many crowds
  • Limited choice of places to eat is not a problem
  • The idea of a water taxi appeals to you

5. Kalamaki Peninsula, the best place for nature lovers

Another place that can claim to have the Island’s prettiest scenery is the Kalamaki Peninsula down on the south coast. It has more than just gorgeous beaches; natural lovers love its walking trails. 

If you want a quiet and relaxing holiday, the Peninsula is also a place to seriously consider. Kanapitsa Bay is a popular location on the Peninsula. It remains underdeveloped and long may that remain the case. 

The town of Tzaneria provides some nightlife and a good choice of restaurants so there is little to criticise about the Peninsula. Perhaps you should consider hiring a car if you decide on this as a base for your holiday? Transport links are limited down here but you can always get a taxi from then back to the airport.

If you do find yourself craving a little more excitement, the town of Tzaneria is a little more bustling, with some nightlife and a few great restaurants.

Several beautiful beaches are on the Peninsula and it is unlikely that you will find any of them with significant crowds.

Kalamaki Peninsula is the best place to stay if:

  • You want a quiet base
  • The natural environment with walking trails appeal to you
  • You want a choice of uncrowded beaches

6. Vromolimnos, beautiful beach in south coast of Skiathos

Where To Stay in Skiathos: Vromolimnos

If you head just 5 miles southwest of Skiathos Town, you will come to one of the Island’s best beaches at Vromolimnos. Its attraction is the great sand, and the turquoise Aegean Sea waters, clear and calm. This lovely bay is a popular tourist destination and facilities include umbrellas and sun decks. 

This is arguably the busiest place outside Skiathos Town for music and beach bars. As a result, it is popular with the younger generation that decides to stay on Skiathos in the high season, the summer months, July/August, particularly. 

You will not find water sports on all Skiathos’ beaches, but you will here. If you enjoy sunsets, get your camera and be ready at Vromolimnos Beach. There are plenty of taverns here close to the beach as well.  

Not surprisingly, you will find plenty of accommodation alternatives in Vromolimnos. They include apartments if you want real independence but hotels if you want service. Even though the younger generation often heads here, it is also a great place for families with children.

Vromolimnos is the best place to stay if:

  • You want some life but without staying in Skiathos Town
  • The availability of water sports is important
  • You enjoy a choice of taverns and restaurants

7. Kolios, a lovely sandy beach in Skiathos

a traditional village in Zakynthos Kolios
Villa Karina in Kolios

Kolios, near Vromolimnos, has managed to retain a traditional feel. If you want decent facilities yet get a true flavour of the Island, Kolios is a place for you. 

The village is certainly picturesque and you can imagine life has not changed much there over the years. Explore the winding streets with their traditional Greek houses. It seems a world away from busy Skiathos Town even though it is just 5 miles away. A day trip to the Capital is still very easy as an alternative activity.

There is a beautiful beach and casual tavernas where you can sit and enjoy a variety of refreshments. 

If you head inland, you will see plenty of olive trees that produce the olive oil you will find on your table each evening as you enjoy dinner.

Kolios is the best place to stay if:

  • You want to experience what local life on Skiathos has been for many years
  • Tourist crowds do not appeal to you
  • You want a pleasant beach and casual tavernas and bars.

8. Agia Paraskevi, long beach with golden sand & clear waters

Agia Paraskevi best resort in Skiathos
Magic Hotel in Agia Paraskevi

Just a short distance west of Kolios, you reach Agia Paraskevi which is arguably the best Skiathos ‘’resort’’ for families with young children. The appeal is both the beach but just as importantly the calm, shallow waters. Nervous swimmers have nothing to fear in these waters. 

Older children will find different water sports here so they will not get bored. This sandy beach is definitely amongst the best beaches on Skiathos, and among the most popular.

At the western end, you will find several luxury hotels with spacious rooms, sea views, and outdoor pools. The eastern end is for those who enjoy walking and do not expect too much development. The marshland between town and beach is well worth exploring.

Platanias is the town where you will find small and medium-sized hotels, shopping and restaurants.

Agia Paraskevi is the best place to stay if:

  • You are looking for an ideal location for a family summer holiday, whatever the age of the children
  • Water sports are an important part of the holiday
  • You are looking for quality accommodation
  • Walking and exploring must be an option

9. Troulos, beautiful place with crystalline waters, white golden sand & high pine trees

Troulos may not be as big as Agia Paraskevi but it is another place for families to consider for their summer holidays. The beach is beautiful and there are casual bars and cafes close at hand, with closing time late. That does not make Troulos a noisy base, however.

Troulos does not attract crowds but that is one of its appeals. Troulos is close to the main road so it has excellent connections with the rest of the Island. It means it is marginally busier than it would otherwise be, but not excessively so. 

Toulouse is a five-minute walk inland from its beach. The accommodation choices are mostly along the road linking the beach to the village. 

Troulos is the best place to stay if:

  • You want a good place for a family holiday
  • Transport connections with the rest of Skiathos are good
  • You are happy with casual bars and cafes

10. Koukounaries, most famous beach of Skiathos

Many reviews of Skiathos mention Koukounaries as the most beautiful beach of many beautiful beaches. Koukounaries Beach has lovely powdery sand on to which the lovely clear Aegean waters laps. The beach lies between two hills, surrounded by pine forest. You are in the southwest of Skiathos, the furthest point from Skiathos Town.

You have the choice of visiting a cafe for a snack and cold drink or heading to a top-quality restaurant where the seafood is the most popular thing on the menu. It does mean that Koukounaries is busy, especially in the high season, so why not go shoulder season? If you want a particular hotel in the high season, you will need to book early.

There are some lovely walks starting at Koukounaries so you can avoid the crowds but take plenty of water with you. You may just walk to two less busy stretches of sand, Banana Beach and Little Banana Beach although that is a nudist beach.

Koukounaries is the best place to stay if:

  • You want plenty of alternatives on how to spend your days
  • You do not mind crowds
  • Quality dining is important to you

What is the Best Area to Stay in Skiathos?

If you want to be able to combine a beach holiday with plenty of facilities and activities, Skiathos Town*** is a good choice, or certainly the nearby district of Megali Ammos*** and its beach. That said, nowhere is too far away on Skiathos and Koukounaries*** is definitely worth consideration. The resorts on the south coast are ideal for families, whatever the age of the children.

Is Skiathos a Party Island?

Skiathos would not be your first choice if you want to party but that does not mean everything closes early. Skiathos Town has nightclubs and although there are clubs elsewhere, fear not. Tavernas, bars, and cafes often stay open late at night and some will even organise parties on the beach.

Is Skiathos Expensive?

Skiathos is more expensive than some other popular Mediterranean tourist destinations. However, there is plenty for the budget traveller whether it is accommodation or daily living expenses. 

Which Is Better, Skiathos or Skopelos?

Skopelos is a larger island than Skiathos but not as developed. It is more rugged as well so your decision is based upon what you want for a holiday. With its many beaches and decent tourist infrastructure, Skiathos is currently far more popular. 

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The Greek Islands are hugely popular. The Aegean Sea is full of islands, almost all part of Greece, certainly the inhabited ones. If you are looking for great beaches but not too much in terms of crowds, huge clubs, and high-rise accommodation, Skiathos is a good choice. There are direct flights other than in winter and plenty of ferries, making Skiathos very accessible.

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