Where to Stay in Rhodes First Time: 14 Best Areas & Towns

In this blog, I will help you to find where to stay in Rhodes (for first time, for families, couples, without a car). I’ll also give you the list of the best areas to stay in Rhodes (with a map and video), best hotels and resorts in Rhodes (including the hotel where I stayed).

Rhodes, aslo known as Greece’s Island of Roses in the Aegean Sea has 1,400 sq km wide and has a population of 115,490. It is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, the fourth biggest island in Greece, and is located off the South West Coast of Turkey.

It was mentioned in the days of Ancient Greece and was home to one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the Colossus. This huge statue was destroyed by an earthquake back in those days but there is still a great deal of history and culture to enjoy on the Island.

Rodos’ lovely climate (temperatures will only fall below 20C between December and March) has made it a very popular holiday destination. Some tourists to Rhodes are attracted primarily for the lovely weather, the beautiful beaches, and the warm Aegean sea.

There are direct flights to the island from throughout Europe from spring until the approach of winter. Domestically, Rhodes is linked by flights to Athens and Thessaloniki, while ferry services go to other Greek Islands and to Marmaris on the Turkish Mainland.

Where to stay in Rhodes?

The best areas to stay in Rhodes for first-timers and tourists are Rhodes Town, Kallithea Beach, Faliraki, Kolymbia, Stegna, Pefkos, Lindos, and Ialyssos. These are the island’s most popular and safe towns for tourists that offer a wide variety of attractions and amenities.

Rhodes Town is the overall best place to stay in Rhodes for first-timers due to its central location, proximity to major tourist attractions, and excellent connections to public transportation. Staying here offers easy access to the island’s top historical site, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Rhodes Town, Faliraki, and Lindos are some of the best areas to stay in Rhodes without a car. These towns are walkable with a wide range of tourist attractions and amenities, making it easy to explore on foot. Plus, they are well-connected to bus for day trips to other towns.

Other than Rhodes Old Town, and perhaps the busy resorts of Faliraki and Lindos, families have plenty of choices. Faliraki and Lindos for example are well-known resort towns on Rhodes, catering for overseas visitors looking for good bars and restaurants, and a lively nightlife.

Other smaller places on the island such as Kiotari and Pefkos cater for holidaymakers, families, and older couples who want a quiet holiday.

Rhodes island has plenty of accommodation options, catering for both family and couples including charming boutique hotels, beachfront resorts, private villas, adults-only hotels, and all-inclusive resorts.

The attractions of sand and sea together with watersports, above and below the waves are readily available right around Rhodes’ extensive coast. Rhodes is around 50 miles long and 24 miles wide but has a coastline of almost 160 miles.

Rhodes has beautiful beaches that cater to the invasion’ of tourists during the months between Easter and the start of winter. Some holidaymakers simply want to relax on the Coast. Others want to explore the Island while the history and culture within Rhodes Town are fascinating. 

The East Coast is regarded as a far better option than the West which is far more exposed to winds. All but one of the areas discussed in this article are on the east. They are in order from Rhodes Town heading south.

Rhodes is one of the safest places in Greece, with low crime rates. There isn’t any area to not to stay in Rhodes, but as you travel to any major city, you should always practice common sense and be aware of your surroundings.  

Where did I stayed in Rhodes?

When I visited Rhodes, I stayed for 5 days in Rhodes Town at the Best Western Plus Hotel Plaza. I had a lovely room with the views of the ocean, and a very good buffet breakfast. The hotel has a convenient location close to the beach, to the port and to the old city.

💖 Best Area for First-timers:Rhodes Town
💎 Best luxury hotel:Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Best Western Plus Hotel Plaza
💰 Best budget hotel:Evdokia Hotel

Map of areas and towns in Rhodes island:

Map of Best Areas & Towns to Stay in Rhodes
Map of Best Areas & Towns to Stay in Rhodes

How to get around Rhodes without a car for tourists?

Getting around Rhodes without a car is certainly possible, as the island offers various transportation options for travelers. Here are some ways to explore Rhodes without a car:

Public Bus: 

Rhodes has an extensive public bus network that connects most major towns and popular tourist destinations. The main bus station is in Rhodes Town, and you can check schedules and routes online or at the station. Buses are a cost-effective way to travel around the island.


Taxis are readily available in Rhodes, especially in tourist areas. While they can be more expensive than buses, they offer the convenience of door-to-door service. Make sure to agree on the fare with the driver before starting your journey, or insist that they use the meter.


If you’re up for some exercise and want to explore at a leisurely pace, consider renting a bicycle. Rhodes has bike lanes and scenic routes for cyclists. You can rent bikes from shops in tourist areas or through online rental services.

Scooters and Motorcycles: 

Renting a scooter or motorcycle is a popular way to get around the island. It provides more freedom and flexibility than public transportation, but be sure to have the proper license and wear a helmet.


Many of the towns and cities in Rhodes are compact and pedestrian-friendly. Walking is a great way to explore the narrow streets of the medieval Old Town in Rhodes Town or the charming villages scattered throughout the island.

Water Taxis: 

In coastal areas, especially around Rhodes Town and popular beaches, you may find water taxis that can take you to nearby destinations. This can be a scenic and enjoyable way to travel.

Rental Car for Specific Days: 

If you don’t want to rent a car for your entire stay, you can rent one for specific days when you plan to explore more remote or less accessible areas of the island. This can be cost-effective if you only need a car occasionally.

Guided Tours:

 Joining guided tours or excursions can be a convenient way to explore Rhodes without a car, especially if you’re interested in visiting specific attractions. Tour operators often provide transportation as part of the package.

Local Ferries:

If you plan to visit nearby islands like Symi or Kos, you can take advantage of the local ferry services. These are a great way to explore beyond Rhodes without a car.

Rent a Quad Bike: 

In some areas, you can rent quad bikes, which are a fun and adventurous way to get around. Just make sure to follow safety guidelines and wear protective gear.

Remember to plan your transportation options in advance based on your itinerary and preferences. Rhodes is a beautiful island with plenty to see and do, so you can enjoy your visit without needing a car.

The Best areas to stay in Rhodes for tourists are:

1. Rhodes Town – where to stay in Rhodes for first-timers

Rhodes Town, where to stay in Rhodes for first time visitors

Rhodes Town is the best area to stay in Rhodes for first-time travelers because it is the capital city and transport hub of the island, offering a widest range of accommodation options for all budget travelers.

If you stay here, you will be located in the middle of everything, within walking distance to the top sights, some of the island’s best restaurants, bars, and shops. Rhodes Town is located on the northern point of the Island, only 20 minutes drive by car from Diagoras International Airport.

You can also easily reach Rhodes Town by taking a ferry from other islands like Crete, Kos, and Santorini, as well as with the port city of Piraeus in Athens. The ferry terminal in Rhodes Town is easily accessible from the town center.

Its history dates back through Ancient Greece, the Romans and Byzantines, the Crusaders, Ottomans and Italians before reaching its current status as Greek. It is a fascinating place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 80s. 

Its permanent population is around 50,000 but that doubles through the tourist season. That 50,000 is almost half of the Island’s permanent population. You can see that many bedrooms are available for visitors to book.

Rhodes town has two distinct areas, the Old City and the New City. Old Town Rhodes is a well-preserved medieval walled town with many historic sites such as the Palace of The Grand Master of the Knights, the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhode, and the Mosque of Suleiman. It’s a great place for couples and singles who like culture and history.

Meanwhile, Rhodes New Town is a great choice for those who want to stay on the beach with modern shops, modern cafes, restaurants, and waterfront bars. The New Town is home to Mandraki Harbor, the famous windmills, and St Nicholas fortress.

New Town offers great nightlife scene, where you can find Orfanidou which is a Bar Street and well-known with partying Scandinavians. There are many large hotels on the Eli beach seafront.

Some of its main attractions predate the arrival of the Ottomans, although not all:

  • The Byzantine Harbor where excavations have revealed ancient shipwrecks
  • Acropolis of Rhodes from Classical Greece
  • The medieval walls rebuilt after the Ottoman siege in 1480
  • St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, fairly modern and completed in 1940
  • Palace of The Grand Master of the Knights which was the Knights Hospitaller fortress before their defeat by the Ottomans
  • Kahal Shalom Synagogue which was completed in the late 16th Century
  • The Ottoman Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent whose second siege of Rhodes in 1522 was ultimately successful
  • Street of Knights
  • The Archaeological Museum

The Marina often hosts luxury yachts. It is the old harbor with a ferry terminal which is extremely busy all year round though largely with commercial goods in the winter. There are plenty of lively bars, restaurants serving the best of Greek cuisine, and more.

Rhodes city is a family-friendly destination. If you travel with kids, you can take them to the Aquarium Of Rhodes which is located in the Hydrobiological Station. This will give them a chance to see marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean.

As the transport hub of the island, Rhodes Town is the best area for those travel without a car. The town is walkable and well-connected to buses, making it great base to take day trips to Lindos, Faliraki, or other towns on the island.

There are two bus companies in Rhodes, RODA and KTEL. The central bus station are on Averoff Street. Take a note that the streets are paved with cobbles, so make sure bring a good walking shoes.

Everything from budget accommodations to 5-star luxury hotels, self-catering apartments is found in the Town, and booking in advance is important in high season. The New Town is more of residential and budget-friendly area with many affordable apartments for rent.

Best places to Stay in Rhodes Old Town:

luxury ($$$): Mitsis Grand Hotel Beach Hotel, 5-star beachfront resort, located within walking distance from Old Town with top tourist attractions. It offers luxurious rooms for families and couples, and free private car parking onsite.

mid-range ($$): Best Western Plus Hotel Plaza, 4-star family-friendly hotel centrally located in Rhodes Town, offering rooms with views of Medieval Town or sea. It’s within walking distance from all popular attractions.

budget ($): Evdokia Hotel, conveniently set in a renovated 19-century building in the old town of Rhodes, near Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Medieval Castle, and Mandraki Port. It has rooms for singles, couples, and families with children of all ages.


2. Kallithea Beach – quiet area, famous for its thermal springs

Kallithea Beach

Heading down the East Coast of the Island from Rhodes Town, you reach a big beach resort, Kallithea (Kalithea) Beach, famous for its spa bathsKallithea Springs and beaches.

Kallithea has plenty of entertainment available but is still quiet relative to its near neighbor, Faliraki just a couple of miles further on.

It has more to offer than just being a dedicated resort. If you want to have a lively night, but not every night, you are just a short walking distance from Faliraki. Likewise, if you intend to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Old Town of Rhodes.

Kallithea’s beaches are popular with its locals, with the small coves, bays, and caves offering a lovely environment. Kallithea is an excellent choice for families as a result. You can expect well-organized beaches with good facilities, cafes, and restaurants.

In common with many places down this eastern coast, you can expect the day’s catch to be on most menus and well as Greek favorites like moussaka

If you just want to relax, you are welcome to do so. The Kallithea Spa was built by the Italians in the 1920s. It is said that even the father of medicine, Hippocrates drank from local waters and hailed its health-giving powers in 460BC. It’s no longer offers thermal attributes, but it’s still a great place to explore. It’s a popular place for weddings and surrounded by two five-star hotels.

The thermal springs complex is set directly on a small bay with a tiny sandy, crystal clear, and turquoise blue water, great for snorkeling and diving. The Kallithea Spa also attracts you with its stunning Kallithea Springs Rotunda. It’s a great place to troll through the white-washed walls, and take a few photos!

Kallithea has plenty of accommodation options. You can find things at a budget price but also luxury boutique hotels and apartments. There is an air of sophistication in this place but you do not have to pay ‘’top dollar’’ to enjoy it.

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Kallithea:

luxury ($$$): Eden Roc Resort – All-Inclusive, 5-star waterfront resort located in Kallithea Beach, between Kallithea and Rhodes Town. It offers a basketball court, beach volleyball, mini-football, and mini-golf. Close to Kalithea Springs, Rodini Park, Diagoras Stadium, and Rhodes Waterpark.

mid-range ($$): Hotel Kalithea, 3 -star hotel located in Kallithea, within easy walking distance from a range of restaurants and shops. It offers air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen satellite TV, free car parking, swimming pool, a game room, and free wifi.

budget ($): Stavros Melathron Studios Close Reni Beach in Koskinou, within 50m from Reni center where you can find shops, cafes, and taverns. Faliraki Water Park, Rhodes Town with the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, and Kallithea Spa are just a short drive away. Also near Agia Marina Beach, Kalithea Beach, Kokkina Beach, Oasis Beach, and Faliraki Beach.


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3. Faliraki – where to Stay in Rhodes for nightlife


Located14 km from the capital of the island, Faliraki is generally regarded as the most popular beach in Rhodes, and the most organized. It is Rhodes’ liveliest of resorts.

With popularity comes crowds and anyone deciding to stay in Faliraki during the season should expect them. Faliraki is just a short walking distance further down the East Coast from Kallithea. 

With an aquarium, bowling alley, water park, mini-golf, Faliraki is not only popular with the 18-30 crowd but also for families with kids. The main Faliraki beach is 3 miles wide so there is no shortage of space. The Blue Flag beach with crystal clear shallow waters, golden sands offers so much entertainment for youngers, and watersports for older crowds.

By day and night, Faliraki is like one big party. It is extremely cosmopolitan with visitors from all parts of Europe and sometimes beyond. From the air, you would see hundreds of red striped umbrellas, shade from the strong rays of the sun. 

By night, the narrow streets of Faliraki are filled with tourists enjoying the many bars, cafes,  restaurants. And clubs, late-night karaoke. Club Street and Bar Street (Ermou Street) is famous place for parties.

Some small parts of the beach are private, exclusive to guests at specific hotels. There are good beach bars and plenty of organized water sports.

There is also the largest waterpark in Europe, Faliraki Water Park as a further attraction in Faliraki. Part of it is specifically designed and purely for children with a large staff ensuring complete safety for all. 

If you can drag yourself away from the action for a change of experience. There is an interesting archaeological site at Sarantapichos, the old monastery of the Prophet Amos, Prophet Elias, as well as the church of Agios Nektarios.

There are so many beautiful beaches in the surrounding neighborhoods including the world-famous Anthony Quinn Bay, a mall pebbles cover with no sand Traganou Beach, the charming beach Kathara Beach, the Ladiko Beach famous for its olive oil, and the hidden beach Mandomata Nudist Beach.

Faliraki has just a small permanent population but its accommodation capacity is 40,000 including a few 5-star hotels. There is something for every budget. 

Best Places to Stay Rhodes in Faliraki:

luxury ($$$): Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness, 5-star hotel, located directly on the Kallithea beach, offering luxurious rooms and grand pools, and free parking for those travel with a car.

mid-range ($$): Esperos Palace Resort, 4-star beachfront accommodation with a private beach, featuring 2 swimming pools with lazy river, and a wellness centre. You can choose to stay in a room with sea views. It is located within a short walk from Water Park.

budget ($): Kouros Exclusive Hotel & Suites – Adults Only, 4-star beachfront hotel, one of the best places to stay in Rhodes for couples, a few steps from the sandy beach. Its location offers easy access to a great range of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the lively village of Faliraki.


4. Kolymbia – popular town for families and couples, young and old

Kolymbia is conveniently located half way betwen Lindos and Rhodes Town and easy access by bus. It was just a small village until the word got out 30 years ago about its lovely child-friendly beach. It has plenty of hotels now but it still has a pleasant quiet feel so it is good for young families and couples wanting to relax.

The village was built when the Italians brought 30,000 colonists to the Island just after the First World War to create more settlements. The ruins of an early Christian basilica show that people lived here many centuries before that. The Church that stands today dates back to the 1920s when Kolymbia was being built. The bell tower is the most impressive feature of that church.

There are two bays, either side of a rocky cape. Bathing is especially popular in the southern bay while the harbor is in the northern bay. Pleasant hotels line both of the beaches and reviews regularly talk of Kolympia as one of the prettiest places on the Island.

Following the path of eucalyptus trees on the main street – Eucalyptus Avenue, you will be led to one of the longest beaches in Rhodes, Afandou Beach. Afandou village lies around the natural bay. You will also find the Rhodes golf course on the coast road.

If you like clearly sandy beaches, you can head to the beautiful sandy beach of Tsampika. There is the Tsambika Monastery sits on the cliff above the beach. To the north of Kolymbia beach is the Paramithia Monastery.

Away from the beaches, you should visit the Artistic Village Contemporary Art, Rodos Folklore Museum. There you will see lovely sculptures, ceramics, and traditional rugs. You can also book a tour out to sea from the harbor or a range of water sports equipment. 

Other places of interstest to look at are the Seven Springs Nature Park, Fish Spa, Tsambikos Watersports, Magellanos, Kolymbia Express, and Oasis Bar. All-inclusive resorts are mainly accommodations in Kolymbia but you can also find self-catering apartments and villas.

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Kolymbia:

luxury ($$$): Casa Cook Rhodes (Adults Only), 5-star hotels, one of the best hotels in Rhodes Kolymbia for couples, well located in between Lindos and Rhodos Town. It provides an outdoor pool, an a la carte restaurant and a fitness room.

mid-range ($$): Kolymbia Bay Art – Adults Only, 4-star hotel, one of the best places to stay in Rhodes for couples, located just a few steps from the resort’s sandy-pebble beach and within easy distance from Kolymbia’s tree-lined main street with its shops, bars and taverns. Couples can enjoy wellness spa with steam bath or massage treatments.

mid-range ($$): Marathon Hotel – All Inclusive 4-star family-friendly hotel, located within walking distance from the beach of Kolymbia in Rhodes. It has family rooms, sun loungers, games room, and a special shallow pool for children as well as a playground.


5. Stegna – best area to stay in Rhodes for quiet time

Located 30km from the capital city on the East Coast is the peaceful beach resort of Stegna. It is another place that is relaxing, offering a lovely village feeling. With its crystal clear and calm water, it is popular for families with young children.

Stegna Beach is a long, sandy and pebbly beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. You can find shops and tavernas along the sea front promenade. There is also beautiful Tsambika beach nearby!

The downside is that you will need to book well in advance because there is only one hotel. There are some apartments and rooms to rent privately elsewhere but one section of the beach is only for guests of the hotel. Most of the bars, tavernas and restaurants, and indeed the apartments are right on the seafront. 

There are less than 100 inhabitants in Stegna although there is the town of Archangelos less than half an hour walk away, a 2 minutes in the car. The local economy relies quite strongly on tourism but there is also fishing so enjoy eating the day’s catch at dinner. There is some agriculture, primarily olives and oranges. 

If you want some time away from the beach things of interest locally are the ruins of St. George Castle and the Church of St. Michael Archangel in Archangelos. On the road between Archangelos and Stegna up on the hills is the Koumellos Cave with its stunning stalactites. 

Best places to stay in Rhodes island in Stegna:

luxury ($$$): Porto Angeli, 5-star beachfront hotel, located in a prime location, great base for families and couples in rhodes. It has a private sandy beach, 2 outdoor adults pools and 3 children pools, all with sunbeds and parasols.

mid-range ($$): Bella Vista Stegna, great accommodation, nestled upon the cliff above Stegna Beach, offering panoramic sea views. It has family rooms, and is located close to many Restaurants, shops and bars.

budget ($): Riva Del Mare, great family-friendly hotel, located in Archangelos, 100 metres from Stegna Beach, which is is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas.


6. Kalathos & Haraki – small resort town on the eastern coast

Kalathos is located on the eastern coast of Rhodes, 50 km from Rhodes Town and 7 km from the Lindos. This village has become a resort in recent times but still has the feel of a traditional Rhodes village. Its beach is amongst the longest on the whole Island yet it remains relatively quiet.

Kalathos beach is about 2.5 miles long, comprising small pebbles but the real bonus is the beautiful crystal clearshallow waters making it ideal for children. There is no commercial development on much of the beach. The few tavernas on the beachside display typical Greek hospitality. Konstantin Taverna and Ostria Taverna are popular ones.

The original village is up in the hills from where the views out to sea are spectacular. It is not a good region for agriculture so tourism has become the major employer. There are the church of Aghios Ioannis and the ancient oil-press nearby.

A little away from Kalathos you will find the former fishing village of Charaki which is livelier than Kalathos. It overlooks a pleasant bay and has bars, tavernas, and pizzerias which cater for tourist demand. Tourists have the choice of guesthouses and rooms to rent but there are no hotels. 

The ruins of Feraklos Castle up on the hilltop are worth a visit. There are suggestions that tunnels from the Castle led to the sea at one time. It was taken by the Knights of St. John early in the 14th Century and it was modernized in the second half of the 15th Century by the occupying Italians. 

This part of Rhodes is definitely family-friendly, especially for those with young children. 

Best places to stay in Kalathos:

  • luxury ($$$): Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas, 5-star elegant hotel, located a short walk from Kalathos Beach and a short drive from picturesque Lindos, featuring an exclusive restaurants, private beach area, and free car parking.
  • mid-range ($$): Daniel Luxury Apartments, family-friendly self-catering accommodation that has views of mountain or Aegean Sea. It has a 24-hour front desk, a shared lounge with pool table and a swimming pool.
  • budget ($): Athoniki Villas, this accommodation has family rooms, come with a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom with free toiletries and a hair dryer.

7. Vlycha – where to stay in Rhodes all-inclusive resort

Vlycha is the long pebble beach, located on the eastcoast of Rhodes, near Lindos, 50km from Rhodes Town. Vlycha is home to many inclusive resorts hotels and most romantic adults-only hotels.

Vlycha Beach has plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas for everyone. The shore slopes more here so the sea is somewhat deeper than the area to the north. There is a glass-bottom boat that will allow you to see any marine life close to the shore.

It is rare that large crowds are found here. There is not a huge beach but there is room for all. It does attract tourists and locals coming to the short walking distance up from Lindos looking for a quieter day. Children always enjoy playing on this beach while many locals, especially the elderly like relaxing on the seafront with a drink in hand. 

If you want to guarantee that there will not be many people around, head to the right-hand side of the beach. If everyone heeds this advice, it may not be quite much longer. 

The hotels in Vlycha are either on the seafront or on the hills above the beach. You will easily find a range of restaurants and the village’s amenities include equipment for hire to enjoy water sports. Banana Beach Bar is an amazing beachside café with good food and drink.

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Vlycha:

luxury ($$$): Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel-Adults only, 5-star hotel, located on a quiet hillside with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the best places to stay in Rhodes for young couples that has private beach, freshwater pools, a tennis court and a spa.

mid-range ($$): Lindos Aqua Terra, 4-star beachfront boutique hotel, located right in the heart of Vlicha Beach, featuring familt rooms, a swimming pool and poolside bar in an olive-tree garden.

budget ($): Lindian Jewel Hotel and Villas, great 3-star hotel, one of the best places to stay in Rhodes on a budget, located on its private beach area of the Blue Flag Vlycha Beach. It offers stunning views of the Lindian Gulf, and Free on-site parking.


8. Lindos – most popular resort in south of Rhodes island

Lindos Rhodes

Lindos is located an hour drive by car from Rhodes Old Town and Rhodes Diagoras airport. Lindos is a famous for its Acropolis, archaeological site and formerly just a fishing village.

Today, its population is just a few hundred but it has become one of the most popular tourist resorts on Rhodes. Its summer population multiplies many times over. It is in the south of a large bay that looks north to Charaki. 

It was founded by the Dorians in the 10th Century BC, hence its archaeological and historical importance. It was an important trading settlement before Rhodes Town was ever built. It declined but today, the main historical remnant is the Acropolis of Lindos.

In those original days, it was the huge Temple of Athena. Later there was the fortress built by the Knights of St. John in their efforts to repel the Ottomans.

It is regarded by many as the most beautiful settlement on Rhodes. The contrast between the blue sea and the whitewashed houses is very attractive. Tourists want more than history and most come to enjoy the Lindos beach, also known as Main Beach or Megali Paralia. The cobbled streets are pedestrian-only and unauthorized buildings are not permitted.

Apart from the Lindo beach, you can also find Pallas Beach and St Paul’s Bay Beach.They are both beautiful sandy beaches, great place to swim and snorkel in Lindos Rhodes. There are 2 charming beach bars within walking distance from Lindos.

Beside the medieval town Acropolis, and St. Paul’s Beach Strand, you can find a beautiful but modest church built in the most beautiful spot, is surrounded by rocky hills –Agios Pavlos.

Most holidaymakers staying in Lindos go self-catering; there are plenty of apartments for rent. Lindos also attracts tourists on organized coach tours around the Island so by daytime it can be very busy indeed. Lindos is the largest of the resorts in the south and that remains a good choice away from Rhodes Town in September, October.

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Lindos:

luxury ($$$): Lindos Village Resort and Spa – Adults-Only, 5-star adults-only Greek village-style hotel, one of the best hotels in Rhodes for couples, located only a short distance from Vlicha and Kalathos Beach. It has free private car parking, 2 beautiful pools with parasols and sun beds.

mid-range ($$): Lindos View Hotel, 4-star family-friendly hotel that has air-conditioned rooms with self-catering facilities, short distance from Lindos Acropolis, Lindos Megali Paralia Beach, Agios Pavlos Beach, Lindos Beach Palace, Vlicha Beach, and Kalathos Beach.

budget ($): Ville Di Lindos Close to Pefkos Beach and Lindos offers rooms with balconies and the views of Aegean Sea. It has an on-site restaurant that serves Italian and Greek dishes. The hotel staff can organize the car rental and provide information on nearby beaches.


9. Pefkos (Pefki) – best place to stay in Rhodes for families

Pefkos (Pefki)

Pefkos, means pine tree in Greek, is located on the south-east coast, just a couple of miles away the famous Lindos village. It is much quieter than Lindos with some beautiful hotels, apartments, and villas, for families, couples, singers, senniors, travelers of all age.

The pine trees inland from the coves make for a great photo of Pefkos from the shoreline. You will find chairs available in its small coves. There is a gentle slope down the blue flag beach into the lovely clear water. If you want a quiet holiday, this is a place to consider, especially as there are all the amenities you might want.

Certainly, Pefkos is a favorite of locals, including people from Rhodes Town in the far north. It is a pleasant drive down this eastern coast as you will have found out yourself on your journey to Pefkos. Everyone who stays at Pefkos will experience its lovely relaxing atmosphere. The locals are very welcoming to all whether families, couples, or singles of any age. 

This is another resort ideal for families, completely safe in all aspects for young children. The trip in the glass boat is fun and who knows what you will see?

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Pefkos:

  • budget ($): George Beach Studios, family-friendly self-catered accommodation, located only a 3-minute walk from the beach. It is surrounded by a lush garden and features free private parking and car and bicycle rental services.
  • luxury ($$$): Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort & Spa, 5-star beachfront hotel, that has rooms for both couples and families with children older than 16 years.
  • mid-range ($$): Pefkos View Suites & Maisonette, great accommodation that has family rooms, located within walking distance from the beach.

10. Lardos – beautiful village, short distance from Lindos

Elements hotel in Lardou

Nestle among vineyards, Lardos is beautiful village on the south east side of the island, short distance from Lindos. Just village size again, you can expect a few more amenities than in Pefkos including mini-golf and go-karting.

You will get a flavor of local life in the village square. Locals regularly come to the central square to draw natural spring water even though the piped water is drinkable. Join them in the cafes to drink coffee or even ouzo and watch the games of backgammon. Live music is often played in the Square with bars and hotels often playing modern music.

There are numerous small shops selling ceramics and other potential souvenirs. The tavernas specialize in seafood and it is as fresh as it comes. Some of the bars open until late, selling a good range of cocktails. 

The beach front is adround 30 minute walk from the village center. Here you will find several hotels to book your stay. There are organized trips around the Island and you can even sail to the much smaller Greek island of Simi or Marmaris in Turkey.

The local Folklore Museum is an interesting diversion from the sandy/pebble beach. You can see exhibits of embroidery, historic photographs, and silver icons. Lardos Castle built on the hilltop dates back to the 12th Century but today all you can see are the ruins. You can hire a motorbike or cycle to explore further if you wish.

Best places to stay in Rhodes island in Lardos:

  • mid-range ($): Lindos Princess Beach Hotel 4-star hotel, located on the blue-flag, sandy beach of Lardos, its has 2 sweet-water children’s pools, a spa, a mini club for children, and free private car parking.
  • budget ($): Lardos Bay 3-star hotel in Lardos, within a short stroll from Lardos Beach, and Lothiarika Beach.

11. Kiotari – beautiful beach with numerous of watersport activities

You are still just 10 miles or so by road from Lindos and only 35 miles from Rhodes Town, Kiotari is a beautiful resort in the southeastern coast of the island. Kiotari is known for its all-inclusive hotels, usually with spas and always with pools.

There is a good choice for eating, ranging from pizzerias to seafood specialists and fine dining. If you pick Kiotari, you can be sure of fine Greek cuisine using the freshest of produce, and of course that wonderful seafood.

There are two small headlands and the beach is pebbled. Hire equipment to enjoy water sports is easy whether you want to jet ski or sail. Day cruises head up and down the coastline. 

Kiotari was a sleepy fishing village, but now become popular destination for tourist with beaches and a number of luxury hotels and villas. Some places of interest are Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, Stefano Fish Restaurant, and Hilioravdi.

Lindos is close enough for a night out if you want something a little livelier but it is not a late night clubbing resort.  

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Kiotari:

luxury ($$$): Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa – Adults Only, 5-star hotel, great base for young couples in Kiotari beach, less than 3 km from the village centre. Featuring private pools and modern spa facilities, an on-site restaurant, and car parking.

luxury ($$$): Atlantica Dreams Resort, 5-star kid-friendly hotel, located close to Gennadi Beach, offering a children’s playground, evening entertainment and luggage storage space.

mid-range ($$): Rodos Princess Beach Hotel, 4-star family-friendly beachfront hotel, one of the best places to stay in Rhodes with kids, located on unspoiled Kiotari Beach. Free sun beds and umbrellas. It has a children-only restaurant with entertainment programmes.


12. Gennadi & Plimmari – peaceful and quiet place in Rhodes

Gennadi’s development is fairly recent. It remains a quiet village intrinsically yet that development has included trendy villas in bright colors. The development has been due to the lovely sandy beach and the waves that make it ideal for surfing.

The coast road makes it easy to find and people passing through will see modern hotels and villas for those who decide to stop. The number of quiet, almost untouched beaches in the vicinity ensures that its popularity will continue to grow. 

Despite its relative quietness, Gennadi has become known for its Sunday beach parties with music playing in the seafront bars. The streets become crowded with traditional greek tavernas serving Greek favorites and plenty of fresh seafood. 

Mid-price range hotels and villas comprise the majority of accommodation in Gennadi. 

Nearby Plimmari is definitely family-friendly with jet ski and banana boats ensuring that older children will have plenty to occupy their days. There is a quality hotel available here and villas line the seafront. Tavernas, bars and restaurants with fresh fish on the menu also offer views out to sea for their customers. 

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Gennadi:

  • luxury ($$$): Gennadi Grand Resort, s5-star accommodation in Gennadi that has a private beach area, a kids’ club, , outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground as well as bike hire and car hire rental services.
  • mid-range ($$): Southern Dreams Apartments, great apartments with pool views, family rooms, a picnic area, free WiFi and free private parking, situated in Gennadi.
  • budget ($): Eco Beach And Magic Garden Hotel, great hotel located in the seaside village of Gennadi, on the southeast part of Rhodos. It has a garden with BBQ and hammock area.

13. Ixia and Ialyssos – twin purpose-built resorts in Rhodes

If you head a short way west from Rhodes Town, you will soon come to the hotel beach resort of Ixia and Ialyssos. It is a cosmopolitan resort with quality accommodation, a good choice for those wanting to be close to the Old Town, but not too close. The beach is part pebble, part sand and it is arguably the favorite resort for windsurfers this side of the island.

Parts of the beach are under private ownership, owned by the respective hotels. The water sports centers cater not just for windsurfing but also offer jet skis and surfing boards.

It is not just a place for exclusive hotels; there is something for every budget. Shoppers will certainly enjoy Ixia while several restaurants offer tasters of local cuisine as part of their service.

Ixia is sandwiched between Rhodes Town and Rhodes’ second city, Ialysos. Ialysos is close to the Ancient Greek City of the Dorians where the boxer Diagoras of Rhodes lived. In recent decades its population has gone from 2,500 to over 10,000 as it has become popular with locals working in Rhodes Old Town .

When tourism began to grow on Rhodes over half a century ago, Ialyssos was one of the earliest resorts. At just 2 miles distant from Rhodes Town, there were obvious advantages, and still today, it is a favorite with families. There is a huge number of hotel rooms on a stretch of road between Ixia and Ialyssos. 

Its location is on the summit of Mount Filerimos on the west coast. It is a relaxed place with both local and international cuisine readily available.  You will enjoy a night in Rhodes Town, you are close enough, but you may prefer somewhere quieter, the reason for choosing Ialyssos in the first place.

Watersports are readily available and there are plenty of things to explore within the town including the Museum of Mineralogy and Palaeontology and the Church of Our Lady of Filerimos.

Best places to stay in Rhodes in Ixia and Ialysos :

  • luxury ($$$): Sheraton Rhodes Resort, 5-star hotel, offering views of Ixia Beach, situated 4 km from Rhodes’s Medieval Town. It features a private beach area, as well as numerous pools.
  • mid-range ($$): Dionysos Hotel, 4-star family-friendly hotel, located in a blooming tropical garden, amongst pine and olive trees, with bars and restaurants surrounding its water lake pool. It has family rooms, children’s pool and the playground.
  • budget ($): Sunday Hotel, 3-star hotel, one of the best places to stay in Rhodes on a budget, located in Ialyssos of Rhodes, short walk from the beach.

14. Monolithos & Embonas – Greek village life and good wine

Monolithos is a small village located on the hills of Akramiti Mountain. This typical blue and white Greek village is well down the west coast, in Attavyros. Its 15th Century Monolithos Castle, built by the Knights of St. John, sits on a rock over 300 feet up with the aim being to defend the region. It largely ruins today but, in its time, it was never captured. 

Take care when climbing the slippery steps but once there, enjoy the views and go into the chapel, Saint Pantaleon, which still operates today.

Back in the village, you will find lovely tavernas and shops selling two important local products, olive oil and honey. There are two small beaches, a mix of sand and pebbles, just a short distance away if you want a day by the sea.

Embonas is another Attavyros village located at around 2,000 feet, halfway to a summit where you will find the Temple of Zeus. It must have been a spectacular sight in its time, and still worth a visit.

This is the heart of Rhodes’ wine industry and that in itself brings plenty of day-trippers. Why not stay there as an alternative? You can enjoy the locally produced wine and liqueurs in local tavernas or book a tour with tasting. Olive oil and honey are produced locally, and the museum has exhibits of rugs formerly made here.

There is a pleasant atmosphere here with local cuisine regularly recommended. The village square is the hub of Embonas so head there in the evening and you will have a great night.

Best places to stay in Rhodes island in Monolithos:

  • budget ($): Limeri Traditional Guest House, great accommodation, featuring a garden, free private parking and a bar. It is a short drive from Prasonisi, Ancient Kamiros, Seven Springs.
  • budget ($): Thomas Hotel, self-catering accommodation in the mountain village of Monolithos, offering views of the countryside. short distance from Monolithos Castle.

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See More:

While weekend visitors may pick Rhodes Town as their base, those staying on the Island for a week or even two are more likely to want somewhere elsewhere on the Island.

As the season reaches its last few weeks in October, the daytime temperatures are still good, prices fall a little and crowds disappear. A lovely way to enjoy yourself before winter arrives.

To summarize, Rhodes Town, Kallithea Beach, Faliraki, Kolymbia, Stegna, Pefkos, Lindos, and Ialyssos are some of the best places to stay in Rhode for tourists, families, and couples. They offer plenty of things to do and see, as well as a wide range of hotels for all budget travelers.

Overall, Rhodes Town is the best overall area to stay in Rhodes for first-timers due to its prime location. Staying here allows you to be located within walking distance to major attractions, as well as some of the island’s best restaurants, bars, and shops.

Rhodes Town is also one of the best places to stay in Rhodes without a car. It is a walkable town, you can easily explore on foot. Additionally, it is the transport hub of the island, you can easily make day trips to nearby beaches and towns by bus without the need of having a car.

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