Where to stay in Positano First Time: Best areas

The best areas to stay in Positano for first-timers are Lower Positano, Chiesa Nuova, Fornillo Beach, Montepertuso, Nocelle, Liparlati, Arienzo, and Laurito Beach. These neighborhoods are popular for tourists that offer a range of attractions and amenities.

In this post, I will help you to decide where to stay in Positano for the first time, on a budget, for honeymooners, couples, and families.

Positano is one of the best places to stay in Amalfi Coast along with many other towns such as Amalfi Town, Sorrento, Ravello, Praiano, Maiori, Minori, and Salerno. With its beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, stairways, colorful houses, vibrant nightlife, it attracts lots of celebrities and jet-set people.

There are no airports in Positano. You can take flights to Rome or Naples, then take a train to nearby Sorrento or Salerno. From Sorrento, there is an hour SITA bus ride to Positano. You can also take ferries from Amalfi Town, Sorrento, Naples, Salerno. The private car transfer from Naples for Positano is the fastest way but it can cost around 130 euros.

Within the town, you can get around by public bus running along the main road that cost around 2 euros, as well as by ferry, rent a Vespa, or hire a private car with a driver. 

With so many tiny and pedestrian streets, Positano is perfect for walking, but because it is built vertically, there will be lots of uphill walking via steep staircases. There are also local buses helping you to get around but it is often crowded.

Positano is one of the most expensive summer destinations in Europe, accommodations here can cost on average 300 euros-700 euros per night and it can have a higher rate on peak season. 

Positano has more expensive food and drink than in other parts of Italy. The sun-loungers for rent can cost 20 euros a day. Car packing can be a nightmare, do research before you park.

To stay in Positano on a budget, you are able to find budget hotels out of the downtown areas in Chiesa Nuova, Montepertuso, and Nocelle. There are some guest houses and B&B that cost around 150 euros. 

Lower Positano is the best place to stay in Positano for first-times due to its prime location. If you stay here, you will be located within easy access to Positano’s main beach and town center, as well as many restaurants, bars, and boutique shops without hiking up and down the hill with endless steep staircases. 

There are plenty of boutique hotels, villas, beds & breakfasts for whole families and a group of friends. Most luxury hotels offer a balcony or private terrace with a stunning view. I recommend booking well in advance about 4-5 months to have the best room deals.

💖 Best Area for first timers:Lower Positano
💎 Best luxury hotel:Le Sirenuse 
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Hotel Palazzo Murat
💰 Best budget hotel:Hotel Casa Albertina 

8 Best areas to stay in Positano for tourists

1. Lower Positano, where to stay in Positano for first-timers

Lower Positano

Lower Positano is the best area to stay in Positano for first-time travelers because it is the most convenient location to enjoy the beaches, nightlife, and the stunning views without hiking up and down the hill with endless steep staircases and streets. This area also offers plenty of choices in accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops.

There are plenty of shops that sell ceramics, lemon products such as limoncello, as well as handmade leather sandals, clothing designs, and souvenirs. You can also buy local artists’ paintings from art galleries in town. 

Positano is also known for its Moda Mare Positano, a Positano fashion style born in the late 1950s by a local dressmaker. You can find shops at Piazza Dei Mulini, Via dei Mulini, the bottom of Viale Pasitea, and along many narrow streets.

In the 15-century, the lower slopes of the town were abandoned to flee from the pirate raids, and locals returned to Lower Positano when it’s over and built attractive mansons in the 19th century.

Lower Positano is home to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (Mother Church), which is known for its 12th century Byzantine icon, called Madonna di Positano. It was restored in Baroque style and has a beautiful majolica tiles dome. 

Within a few meters below the church, you can find the MAR Positano, which is the Roman Archeological Museum of Positano. Built on the remains of an ancient, the museum displays beautiful wall paintings, artifacts, and old crypts during the excavations.

The main beach of Positano, Positano Spiaggia, is located within a few steps from the church of Positano. This is a 400 m beach with a pier on the right side and bathhouse on the left side. There is a lane from the pier leading to Fornillo Beach.

The Spiaggia Beach has lounge chairs, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as playgrounds for kids, hanging cabins, showers, restaurants, and bars. This area offers vibrant nightlife, especially in summer. Music On the Rocks is a unique nightclub that is carved from the rocks of the cliffside, located right under Rada Restaurant.

With its colorful umbrellas and Positano houses on the hill, this is an ideal place for travel bloggers and Instagram influencers. The middle of the main beach, called Spiaggia Libera, means free beach. You can sunbathe and swim here for free. 

Due to its prime location, there are plenty of hotel options, and some of the most expensive hotels in Positano are located here. Many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities stayed in this area.

Best places to stay in Lower Positano:

Luxury ($$$): Le Sirenuse This 5-star hotel is one of Mediterranean’s most iconic hotels, centrally located in Positano, within a short walk from the Sponda bus stop, as well as its famous church and beach. Le Sirenuse is one of the best places to stay in Positano for a honeymoon. The hotel has an oyster bar, a Michelin-starred restaurant with a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. You can relax at its wellness center with a sauna, hammam, and massages.

Luxury ($$$): Hotel Villa Franca The 5-star hotel is located within a short free shuttle ride from the town center and Positano Spiaggia. Located on a hilltop, the hotel offers stunning views of the sea, and one of the top choices for honeymooners. There is a rooftop pool, an outdoor pool, and a spa. You can enjoy a drink and meal at its on-site Gallis bar, Galligrill restaurant, and the gourmet Li Galli restaurant.

Mid-range ($$): Hotel Poseidon This 4-star hotel is located in Via Pasitea, the main street of Posinato. It has Mediterranean style guest rooms, a sun terrace that offers stunning sea views, and a wellness area with a Turkish bath excavated in the rocks. You can enjoy traditional Neapolitan cuisine at its on-site restaurant. Porter service is free and available day and night.

Mid-range ($$): Hotel Palazzo Murat This 4-star hotel is set in an 18th-century building, in Positano’s downtown, close to the beach and Sponda bus stop. The hotel offers free beach towels, and a boat for tours along the Amalfi Coast in summer. 

Budget ($): Hotel Casa Albertina This 3-star hotel is located within a 10-minute walk from the Positano Spiaggia Beach. There is a sun terrace offering views of the sea and a bar. Guest rooms come with air-conditioning, free wifi, a TV, minibar, and private bathroom.

2. Chiesa Nuova, where to stay in Positano on a budget

Chiesa Nuova

Chiesa Nuova is located on the upper part of Positano, the first bus stop in Positano of Blue Sita Bus if you are coming from Sorrento. It stops near Bar Internazionale in the upper town. Another bus stop is Sponda in the lower town near Hotel Le Sirenuse and the Marincanto.

Chiesa Nuova is named after the 18-century church, Positano’s most ancient part. Locals preferred to stay in the upper part to avoid the risk of the sea. Chiesa Nuova has its authentic local atmosphere, with its butcher, fish market, fruit, and vegetable shops. 

Check out the Bar Internazionale, a popular bar located on Via Marconi where locals meet for good coffee and snacks. The bar is surrounded by ceramics tables and Positano’s old photos.

There is a long walk down through steep walkways and stairs from the Chiesa Nuova to the beach. So if you don’t have any problem with walking, or you are looking for budget-friendly accommodations, Chiesa Nuova is the best place to book your stay in this vertical city. 

Accommodations here are mostly budget-friendly villas, guest houses, and B&B, offering breathtaking views of the sea. Try to book a hotel close to the bus stop if you travel by bus, so you don’t have to drag your luggage up and down many stairs.

Best places to stay in Chiesa Nuova:

3. Fornillo Beach, where to stay in Positano for families

Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is one of the main beaches in Positano, located within a short distance from Positano’s main beach, Spiaggia Grande di Positano. It can be reached by boat from the same harbor, or a few minutes walk through a romantic road, between the cliffs and the sea, connecting two beaches.

The beach is 300 m long and is a family-friendly beach with pebbles and rocks. Each end of the beach stands ancient towers: Torre del Fornillo and 16th century Torre Trasita. 

Fornillo Beach has one free public beach and 3 private beaches. Public Beach here is nicer, quieter and relaxing, than the Public Beach at Positano’s downtown. There are also a wide range of restaurants in the neighborhood.

Fornillo beach hosts the annual Fish Festival every year in the summers. People dance and eat on the beach and all sun loungers and umbrellas are removed.

Best places to stay in Positano in Fornillo:

4. Montepertuso, budget friendly area, high on the hill, good for trekking, 

Montepertuso Positano

Montepertuso is located in Positano’s upper part on the hill, offering the most amazing seaside view. It is also known as hole in the mountain because it has a hole right in the rock. Due to its paths connecting Montepertuso to the Lattari Mountains, it is a great place to hike.

This small and charming Montepertuso town was only accessible by a 1500 steps staircase, but now as there is a road built, it can be easily reached by car and bus within a few minutes ride.

Montepertuso offers hotels with splendid views, as well as some good restaurants with panoramic terraces, a great place to grab a meal and enjoy the sunset.

Another must-see historical and cultural attraction is the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Old Fountain, or Fontana Vecchia3. Santa Maria delle Grazie held a festival in July each year celebrating the legend of the Devil and the Virgin Mary with a fireworks display.

The village offers an authentic local atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Positano. There are several good family-owned restaurants, small grocery stores and shops that sell local cuisine and products in the town.

Positano has many restaurants that offer traditional cuisines, seafood speciality, local wine, cocktails. La Tagliato is one of the best restaurants in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, offering typical and handmade food in the mountains.

Best places to stay in Montepertuso:

5. Nocelle, spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast

Lattari Mountains Positano

Nocelle is a rural village, located beneath the summit of Montepertuso, 461m high above Positano. The village offers spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast and Capri island, as well as lower prices in accommodations and food than in Positano.

Nocelle was a strategic location to monitor the coastal territory against pirate raids. It is also the starting point of many hiking trails throughout the Lattari Mountains including Path of the Gods trail, or Sentiero degli Dei, linking the hill top of Nocelle and Agerola.

Located away from the busy tourist town center, Nocelle is a great place for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Nocelle can be reached from Positano by a very windy bus ride or by foot through 1600 steep steps. 

Nocelle is a great place for relaxing and experiencing authentic local life with some local restaurants, and shops. Accommodations are mostly 3-star to 4-star guest houses, apartments, and B&B. There is a 20-25 minute bus ride or a short taxi from Nocelle to Positano town center.

Best places to stay in Nocelle:

6. Liparlati, lesser known neighborhood in Positano

Liparlati Positano

Liparlati is a lesser known, small neighborhood that sits on a hill in the upper Positano. It is one of the oldest districts of Positano. Its nickname, dead city, was given by Stefan Andres, due to emigrants searching for a new life in new lands leaving many houses empty of the neighborhood. Stefan Andres is a German writer who lived there for a long time with his family to escape from Nazi.

In the 19th-century, many beautiful and luxury villas were built due to its position. The 12th century Church of San Giacomo (St James) and its onion-shaped spire bell tower are also a must-see. It was founded by sailors trading with Spain. 

Liparlati is located close to Positano town center, as well as the main church and its beach. There are restaurants, hotels, and shops in the district, and it is not dead anymore.

Best places to stay in Positano in Liparlati:

7. Arienzo, the 300 steps beach

Arienzo Positano

Arienzo beach is a small bay with a private and free beach. You can reach the beach by boat from Spiaggia di Positano Marina Grande in downtown Positano, as well as by a private car, and walk down a long staircase. It is known as the 300 steps beach, because visitors have to walk a 300 steps stair to reach the beach. 

You can check out the Arienzo Beach Club, one of the best beach clubs in Positano by many people. It offers a private beach for guests. You might see its famous orange umbrellas and chairs from Instagram.

Arienzo Beach club offers a towel, sunbed, umbrella,limoncello, and espresso. Bagni Arienzo Beach Club restaurants offer good food like seafood, pasta, and antipasti. Some of the villas and hotels nearby offer private access to Arienzo Beach.

Best places to stay in Arienzo:

8. Laurito Beach, hidden beach of Positano

Laurito Beach Positano

Laurito Beach is small, wild, and is one of Positano’s most hidden beaches. Located towards Praiano and Amalfi Town, foreign tourists hardly know about it. The beach can be reached by boat from the sea, or by a staircase near Hotel San Pietro. 

The beach is a small crystal waters cove with pebbles and gravel in the west and flat rocks on the east. There are a few rows of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.Water activities here are swimming, diving, snorkeling.

You can find Da Adolfo’s restaurant terrace above the beach. Da Adolfo is a famous seafood restaurant. Grab a lunch here with freshly caught fish, mussels, and mozzarella grilled on a lemon leaf.

The Treville Beach Club is only a five minute boat ride from Positano harbor. There is a beautiful restaurant and rooms if you want to stay.

Best places to stay in Positano in Laurito:

Where should I stay in Positano for the first time?

Lower Positano is the best place to stay in Positano for first-timers because it is the most convenient location in Positano to see attractions without walking up and down through endless of steep staircases.

What are the best areas to stay in Positano?

Lower Positano, Chiesa Nuova, Fornillo Beach, Montepertuso, Nocelle, Liparlati, Arienzo, and Laurito Beach are the best areas to stay in Postano because they are the most popular neighborhoods in the city.

Where did the Kardashians stay in Positano?

The Kardashians stayed at the luxurious Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano. This 5-star hotel features breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and has been a popular destination for celebrities and high-profile individuals.

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Overall, Lower Positano is the best area to stay in Positano for first-timers because it is the most convenient location to enjoy beaches, nightlife, shopping, and dining without worrying too much about step staircases. This area also offers many choices in accommodations, restaurants, bars, and shops. So there you have it, where to stay in Positano, all you need to do now is to book a hotel and get ready to go!

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