Where to Stay in Frankfurt First Time: 10 Best Areas

In this blog, I will help you to decide Where to stay in Frankfurt first time (for one night, two days). I’ll show you the list of the best areas to stay in Frankfurt (with a video and map), best hotels for all budgets (including the hotel where I stayed), and the safest places.

Located in the south-western Germany, along the Main River, Frankfurt on the Main is the most populous city in the state of Hesse and the fifth-most populous in all of Germany, one of the most important financial centers in the world.

Frankfurt is famous for being home to Germany’s largest airport and most skyscrapers, as well as the headquarters of the European Central Bank, and the frankfurter sausage, cider in the apple-wine taverns in Sachenshausen.

Frankfurt is general a safe city to travel, but as in any big city, you should watch out for pick-pocketing near the main train station and in crowded touristy areas. Stick to well-lit and populated streets, especially after dark.

If you are looking for the safest areas in Frankfurt, look into the central old town district and Westend, the banking district. You should avoid walking at night in the areas of Hauptbahnhof, Konstablerwache, and Hauptwache.

Where to stay in Frankfurt first time?

The best areas to stay in Frankfurt for first-time visitors are Altstadt, Innenstadt, Bahnhofsviertel, Sachsenhausen, Westend, Bornheim, Gallusviertel, and Gutleutviertel. These are popular areas for tourists that offer a wide variety of attractions and amenities.

The Altstadt (old town) is the overall best area to stay in Frankfurt for first-timers due to its central location and proximity to iconic attractions like the Imperial Cathedral and Town Hall. It is very walkable, you can easily explore historical sights, restaurants, and shops on foot.

Bahnhofsviertel is probably the best area for nightlife. Known as the entertainment hub of the city, it features perhaps even more bars, clubs, and live entertainment venues, while also being the home of the red-light district, for those interested in that sort of thing.

If you are looking for stereotypical Frankfurt city breaks, the city center of Innenstadt would be an ideal place to look, as it offers the sort of range of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions you would expect in any major city.

If this is your first visit, I recommend spend at least 2 – 4 days in Frankfurt, which is a good amount of time to the main tourist attractions and get the sense of the local culture.

Where did I stay in Frankfurt?

When I first visited Frankfurt, I stayed for 3 nights in the city center at the mid-range Ruby Louise Hotel Frankfurt. It had a prime location in Old Town and easy access to public transportation, so I was able to explore most sights on foot and by trains. My room was small but comfortable, the roof bar was incredible with nice cocktails.

💖 Best Area for First-Timers:Zentrum-Altstadt(City Centre)
💎 Best luxury hotel:Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof 
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Motel One Frankfurt-Römer
💰 Best budget hotel:Moxy Frankfurt City Center

Map of areas and neighborhoods in Frankfurt:

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Map of Best Areas & Neighborhoods
Where to Stay in Frankfurt Map of Best Areas & Neighborhoods

🎬 You can watch this short video about the best areas in Frankfurt, and continue reading:

Best areas to stay in Frankfurt for first-time tourists are:

1. Altstadt (Old Town)

Altstadt, also known as Old Town is the best overall place to stay in Frankfurt for first-timers due to its prime location, safety, and proximity to top attractions like Imperial Cathedral, Romer Town Hall, and Goethehaus. Staying here offers easy access to many sights, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Located on the northern bank of the river Main, Altstadt is home to many medieval buildings and beautiful squares. It is easily explore on foot and public transport. Altstadt is the smallest district in all of Frankfurt, covering just half a square kilometer, surrounded on all sides by Innenstadt.

The historic center of the city was once one of the largest half-timbered towns in Germany, many of which dated back to the middle ages. While the majority of these were destroyed during World War 2 and replaced with cheap and quick replacements, many of the most iconic buildings were carefully restored.

The Imperial Cathedral (Kaiserdom) is the largest religious building in the city and the 3rd to stand in its current location since the original was constructed in the 7th-century. A collegiate church with stunning gothic architecture that towers over the city, is a symbol of national unity. Frankfurt Cathedral was used as the coronation site of German kings and emperors centuries ago.

Meanwhile, the Römer – today’s city hall features stunning, traditional stylings, with a neo-Gothic façade. The Römer is was the indoor marketplace for Roman merchants. The Römer is located on the large cobblestoned public square, Romerberg Square, boasting a beautiful Fountain of Justice, the oldest fountain in Frankfurt, and sculptures.

North of Romerberg Square stands St Paul’s Square (Paulsplatz) which is home to St Paul’s Church, the Frankfurt Parliament, also a meeting place for US President John F Kennedy to give a speech in 1963.

Nearby, you will find the Domrömer quarter, the most recent renovation projects in the city with historical alleyways, romantic squares, picturesque courtyards, restaurants, craft workshops, and the new City Hall Market.

To the south of the square stand the Nikolaikirche (St Nicolas’ Church), Historic Museum Frankfurt, the Museum for Comic Art, and the Haus Wertheim which is the only half-timbered building in Altstadt that survived the air raids in 1945.

Be sure to visit the birthplace and family home of the great German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Goethe House now houses a collection of art inspired by the Romanticism movement and Goethe.

The MMK Museum of Modern Art on the northern edge of Frankfurt’s Old Town is also a must-see.

You can stroll along the promenade along the river Main and across one of its pedestrian bridges which connect to the Sachsenhausen district such as the 19th-century Eiserner Steg bridge.

From 2012 to 2018 a restoration project was put into effect between these locations to restore the area to its former glory. Buildings, squares, and streets were reconstructed as they would have appeared before the war, boasting a similar style and creating an atmosphere akin to what you would have traditionally been greeted by here.

In addition to historic; attractions, the Old Town has a fabulous collection of traditional cafes and restaurants dotted around the streets and squares. Whether learning about the area’s past or taking in its beauty with a meal or a drink, you are assured of a cultural experience like no other in Altstadt.

From the front of the city hall, you will have lovely views of the six steep-roofed, half-timbered terraced houses on the eastern side of the square. This is the best area of the Christmas market in December, with traditional market stalls selling charming seasonal crafts and serving warm drinks.

The hotels in Old Town are slightly higher rates than the rest of the city but it’s worth staying in the heart of the city within walking distance to the top attractions!

Old Town is also home to numerous metro stops and is close to the central station make it a well-connect area to stay in Frankfurt. The Zentrum-Altstadt is the best area for 2 days.

Stay in Altstadt if this is your first visit; you want to do lots of sightseeing, history, and culture of the city; you prefer a more traditional location; you travel to Frankfurt in December and for Christmas Markets; you travel without a car;

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Zentrum-Altstadt:

luxury ($$$): Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, 5-star hotel, located the middle of the historic, financial district of Frankfurt, short distance from the Emperor St. Bartholomäus’s Cathedral, where the emperor’s coronation once took place. Easy walk to Willy-Brandt-Platz Station, with links to 6 different underground lines and Frankfurt Central Station.

mid-range ($$): Motel One Frankfurt-Römer, a sustainable hotel, situated in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, within easy walking distance from the Old Town, cathedral and the modern art museum.

budget ($): Moxy Frankfurt City Center, a stylish hotel lies in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, between the Zeil shopping street and the financial district. It is within easy walking distances of shops, museums and going-out areas.

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2. Innenstadt

Innenstadt, where to stay in Frankfurt for business travellers

Frankfurt’s Financial District, Innenstadt is the central city district of Frankfurt, making up the hub of its commercial and business districts. Originally located outside the city walls until the 14th-century, it wasn’t until the 18th-century that growth here began to far outpace other areas of the city and it made itself Frankfurt’s most important district.

As such, the stylings differ from other areas of the city, featuring a great number of grand, Bourgeois buildings, including opera houses and palaces that were once used by the Kaisers when they were visiting the city.

The inner city stretches from Konstablerwache all the way up to Alte Ope where you find the famous Old Opera House, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Börsenplatz, the Frankfurter Volksbank tower, Main Tower, and the Nextower.

Innenstadt is also home to Hauptwache, a center of modern Frankfurt, with many public transportation stations, and close to Zeil Shopping Mall, the largest pedestrian shopping street in the country.

In modern times, it has become a stereotypical tourist destination like you would find in any major European city. Shops, bars, and restaurants are in abundance throughout the district, providing ample places for visitors to let loose and enjoy themselves during their stay.

A transport network that includes subway and tram systems ensures ease of access not just within the district but to all other parts of the city as well.

You can also find a great range of hotels on offer, from the more affordable, budget options, to grand offerings within historic buildings. All of this combined, makes Innenstadt a well-rounded destination, suitable for all manner of travelers, regardless of their budget or interests.

Stay in Innenstadt if you’re visiting Frankfurt as a business traveler; you desire a great range of shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels; you want a central location with great public transport links;

Best Places to Stay in Frankfurt City Center Innenstadt:

  • luxury ($$$): Jumeirah Frankfurt, luxury hotel, located right in the heart of Frankfurt, only steps away from the Zeil major shopping street. It is also within easy walk from Hauptwache Underground, S-Bahn Train Station, and Römer Square.
  • mid-range ($$): NH Collection Frankfurt City, 4-star hotel, centrally located in Frankfurt, within walking distance of Konstablerwache Underground and S-Bahn Station, offering links to Frankfurt Airport and the Frankfurt Trade Fair.
  • budget ($): Flemings Hotel Frankfurt Main-Riverside, modern hotel located in the heart of Frankfurt am Main city centre, 10 minute walk from Konstablerwache Underground Station.

3. Bahnhofsviertel

Bahnhofsviertel is the second smallest district in Frankfurt, train station district, and is a densely populated location in the inner city. The area first began being developed in the late 19th century, giving it a more modern feel than other parts of the city. This is one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city.

While not featuring as many historic and iconic attractions as you will find elsewhere, it is still a popular destination among tourists for a number of reasons. 

The first is that it is the part of the city where you will usually find the best value on accommodation. The low prices on generally pleasant hotels make it affordable for those on a budget, without having to worry about the sort of quality you will end up with.

The other selling point of the district is that it is known as one of the city’s main entertainment hubs. With a huge number of bars, restaurants, clubs, and venues hosting live entertainment, especially on the main street Kaiserstraße. It is an ideal destination for visitors who prioritize nightlife or are looking to party while they are away.

A third feature that certainly won’t be for everyone but still draws a lot of visitors to the area is that it is home to a large portion of Frankfurt’s Red Light District on Taunusstraße street and nearby.

Even if Frankfurt’s Red Light District isn’t a place that you would personally choose to frequent the establishments of, it is still an iconic part of the city and one that could at the very least be interesting and worth exploring while you are in the area.

South of the district is the Main Riverbank, one of the most visited green areas of Frankfurt. Stroll along the Kaiserstraße, and the Hauptbanhof, you will see most of the city’s tourist attractions.

Bahnhofsviertel is home to the central train station, Hauptbahnhof. The Underground and Surface Train, U-Bahn and S-Bahn pass through the neighborhood, and two Tramlines. It is the best-connected area in Frankfurt, you can easily travel to other parts of the city, to the airport, and to other cities in Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

Bahnhofsviertel is safe during the day but you should take extra cautious at night. Bahnhofsviertel offers a good selection of budget accommodation options, you can easily find the cheapest hotels in Frankfurt in this expensive city. From budget hostels to boutique hotels, there’s always something for you!

Stay in Bahnhofsviertel if you prioritize nightlife while you are away; you are traveling on a budget as Bahnhofsviertel probably has the cheapest hotels in Frankfurt; you want to stay in the entertainment hub of the city;

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Bahnhofsviertel:

  • mid-range ($$): Scandic Frankfurt Museumsufer, eco-friendly hotel, situated within walking distance from the main train station and Museumsufer in the centre of Frankfurt am Main. The main trains station has regular bus, S-Bahn, underground and long-distance services.
  • mid-range ($$): the niu Charly, great hotel, located within walking distance from Frankfurt Central Station, close to English Theatre, Messe Frankfurt and Goethe House.
  • budget ($): Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper, 4-star apartment, offering views of the River Main, easy reach Frankfurt Central Station and the Zeil street by underground train.

4. Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen, for traditional German nightlife, many museums
Hotel Cult Frankfurt City in Sachsenhausen

Founded as Frankfurt’s bridgehead in the 12th century, Sachsenhausen is both the largest and most populous district in the city. While many of the historic parts of the city center were damaged or destroyed during the world wars, much of the old part of this district remains intact, making it a fabulous destination for those interested in history and culture.

The main attractions of the district lie largely along the river, in an area known as the Museum Embankment. Here you will not only find the city’s largest flea market, Schaumainkai flea market but also some of Germany’s best-known museums.

You will find the Städel Art Museum, Museum of World Cultures, the Icon Museum, the German Architecture Museum, the German Film Museum, Post and Telecommunication museum, the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Applied Art.

If you like sculptures, visit the Museum of Ancient Sculpture, Liebieghaus, which displays more than 3000 works from ancient Egypt through the French Revolution to modern times.

It is also the location of the city’s Museum-Embankment Festival/Night Of The Museums, where the buildings are all open throughout the night with reduced entrance fees, allowing for guests to visit and have a completely different experience to the one they would usually expect.

Schweizer Strasse, known as Swiss Street, is the main street in Sachsenhausen. It is lined with coffee shops, a French bakery, fast-food, banks and schools. There is a farmers market by Sudbahnhof every Tuesday and Firday.

Other famous attractions away from the embankment include the Henninger Turm, Goetheturm, Textor Strasse Crossing, and the Sankt Georgen Graduate School Of Philosophy And Theology.

In Alt-Sachs, known as Old-Sachsenhausen, you’ll find traditional German style drinking spots, an Irish Bar, a Hooters, Italian restaurants, Argentinean Steakhouses. The frame houses on small cobbled streets make you feel tranported in time.

In addition to the more cultured side of the area, it is also well known for its vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene. Dozens of apple-wine taverns, beer gardens, bars, restaurants allowing you to drink the nights away while surrounded by history. 

Meanwhile, two of Frankfurt’s most famous cider bars are also located here, with the orchards that supply them clearly visible in the countryside surrounding the district. Be sure to check out the well-known Frankfurt apple wine Apfelwein taverns near the Rittergasse pedestrian area and the Atschel restaurant for apple wine and pork knuckle/ Schweinshaxe.

Sachsenhausen’s accommodation are varied that suits all budgets from youth hostels to luxury hotels. Sachsenhausen is also well-connect public transport with Sudbahnhof (South Train Station), Bus, Tram or Train,the S-Bahn, or U-Bahn.

Stay in Sachsenhausen if nightlife and a wide range of places to drink is important to you; you want to experience some of the city’s history and culture, you are a fan of museums, you want to see some traditional German cider houses and their orchards.

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Sachsenhausen:

  • mid-range ($$): Hotel Cult Frankfurt City, 4-star hotel, located in the Sachsenhausen district, short S-Bahn train from Frankfurt Central Station, the Zeil shopping street and the old town.
  • budget ($): Living Hotel Frankfurt, great hotel in the Sachsenhausen district, offering paid private parking in an underground parking for those travel with a car.
  • budget ($): Jugendherberge Frankfurt – Haus der Jugend, youth hostel, located right on the River Main, offering views of Frankfurt’s skyline. Easy reach Frankensteiner Platz tram stop.

5. Westend

Westend along with the Old Town is a safe area to stay Frankfurt for tourists but it is quieter than Old Town. Westend attracts many families wishing to stay in a quiet area with plenty of green spaces, beautiful houses, and close to the center of the city. Westend is separated into the Southern Westend-Süd and the Northern Westend-Nord.

Bordered by Innenstadt to the southeast and Bahnhofsviertel to the southwest, Westend is a largely residential area that is known for having the highest real estate prices in all of Frankfurt. Known for its beloved Wilhelminian style buildings, it is an area that exudes style and sophistication.

Many esteemed law firms and companies in the financial sector have taken to using traditional style villas in the area as offices, to give themselves an air of style and sophistication. 

In terms of more recent buildings, the southern part of the district combines with Innenstadt and Bahnhofsviertel to form Bankenviertel, the city’s central business district. Here, as well as in the nearby Messe Grounds, you will find a greater concentration of skyscrapers than anywhere else in Germany.

While much of this may not seem directly appealing to tourists, what it does is create a safe and sophisticated atmosphere, where those seeking high-end hotels, shops, and restaurants can visit and be confident they will be surrounded by establishments that meet their lofty expectations

It isn’t without its own tourist attractions either, as the Senckenberg Museum, Goldkammer Museum, Museum of Natural History, the Opera House, Rothschildpark, Goethe University, Amerikahaus, Messeturm, Festhalle, Westend Synagogue, historic horse stables, and hammering man are just some of the historic buildings, monuments, and places of interest found in the district.

There are many parks in Westend for families to relax such as the Grüneburgpark and Palmengarten which is one of three botanical gardens in Frankfurt am Main. You can experience flora from a diversity of climate zones, and internationally well-known exhibitions and festive events.

Stay in Westend if you’re traveling with families; you want to stay in a more exclusive, upper-class part of the city, you are traveling to do business with one of the companies located here;

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Westend:

  • luxury ($$$): Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, great hotel, located opposite Frankfurt Messe exhibition grounds, short distance from the Festhalle/Messe Underground Station.
  • mid-range ($$): NH Frankfurt Messe, 4-star hotel, short distance from Frankfurt Trade Fair, the Messe Underground Station, and Frankfurt Central Station for link to Frankfurt Airport.
  • budget ($): Hotel Villa Florentina, 3-star hotel, located in a quiet location in the elegant Westend district, within easy walk from the exhibition grounds, financial district, and Alte Oper opera house.

6. Bornheim

Located in the North East of the center, Bornheim is another populated area in Frankfurt. it has the nickname Das lustige Dorf, or the funny village.

Due to its close proximity to the city center and well connection with two underground stations, this district is popular with young professionals, students, and families. 

Bornheim is close to many parks and the zoo. Günthersburg Park, between Bornheim and Nordend, is perfect for a picnic! There is a playground with slides, swings, sandpits, basketball court both in summer and winter.

Zoo Frankfurt in nearby Bornheim and Ostend offers endless entertainment for the kids. It is home to more than 4,500 animals in about 500 different species.

Berger Straße is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt. It is lined with all kinds of bars, restaurants, wine shops, boutiques. It’s a great neighborhood to discover on a sunny day.

Don’t forget to check out Berger Street Food, Sandbar, Old Fritz, Naxos Studios, and Cafe Süden.

Bornheim is home to theInterkulturelle Bühne, which has intercultural events, theater, art galleries; the stadium, Eintracht Frankfurt, is also nearby. Meanwhile, Eissporthalle is open to the public for ice skating. 

Bornheim hosts the annual Dippemess fair and the Wednesday fresh food market. You can find some air bnb, guest houses, and traditional hotels in this neighborhood.

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Bornheim:

  • mid-range ($$): Best Western Premier IB Hotel Friedberger Warte, 4-star hotel, located next to the historic Friedberger Warte tower, easy walk from the A661 motorway, Gießener Straße underground station for trains to the Zeil shopping area and Frankfurt Central Station.
  • budget ($): Penthouse Frankfurt, sustainable apartment located in Bornheim district of Frankfurt/Main, offering spacious apartment with flat-screen TV, a seating area.

7. Bockenheim

The third most populous district in the city, Bockenheim is a largely residential location, bordered to the east by Westend. It is similar in many ways to its neighbor, however features far fewer businesses and high-priced hotels and establishments.

As such, it is able to offer many similar experiences in terms of the style of buildings you will be able to see while allowing those without such extravagant budgets to enjoy the hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants around a long cobble-stone street of the Leipziger Strasse.

In addition, the lack of as many companies creates a much more local feel. This makes it an ideal destination for those who are looking to experience the true culture and feel of the local people and their way of life.

That said, big businesses haven’t completely avoided the area, with it even being the home of the headquarters for Deutsche Bundesbank, the German Federal bank.

The Tower of Europe, Europaturm is a telecommunications tower, the second-highest in Germany after the TV tower in Berlin.

In terms of its own tourist attractions, they are somewhat limited. Perhaps the most notable location is the Bockenheimer Depot, a historic central tram depot built around 1900, home to the Städtische Bühnen, the biggest communal theater in Germany.

Another landmark is the 15th-century gothic watchtower, and enjoy a market under the foot of the tower with books, fruits, vegetables, and traditional German houses around the market.

Being close to the campus of the University of Frankfurt, Bockenheim is crowded by students. You can find the International Bilingual Montessori school, the Frankfurt International School, Schools catering to Japanese, French, Chinese or Spanish.

Bockenheim is close to Palmengarten, the Botanic Gardens. It is home to more than 13,000 species of plant. Here you find the garden’s Art-Deco-style Palm House, Rock and Heather Gardens, the Japanese-inspired Bamboo Grove. There are also various of activities for children.

Bockenheim has good public transport links to the city center, the Frankfurt Fair, and the central railway station, buses, tramway, and two autobahns.

Stay in Bockenheim if you want to experience the true local people and their culture; you want student atmostphere;

Best places to stay in Frankfurt in Bockenheim:

8. Gallusviertel

Located close to the central railway station and the Frankfurt Fair (Messe Frankfurt), Gallusviertel is a hub for industrial and trade firms. in the inner part of the city. This former working class neighborhood named after the Frankfurt gallows that once located here.

However, in recent years, developments have been underway to create new housing and commercial areas within the district. While they are far from complete, what this means is it is a location where you will be able to find a number of great deals.

You will find the former factory grounds, Teves complex which is now home to the Grüne Theater, and boxing and table tennis camp, as well as artists’ studios.

The Gallus cityscape is dominated by redbrick buildings and Bauhaus style residential estates. You will find the 14th-century Galluswarte tower, built by the Landwehr militia close Mainzer Landstraße. There are plenty of pubs, snack bars and restaurants in this major thoroughfare.

As with many “up and coming neighborhoods”, establishments will often be willing to sell products and services for much less than they would elsewhere, as they know the market and reputation in the area hasn’t built up yet. This makes it a great place to visit for those traveling on a budget or anyone who simply loves getting a bargain.

Beyond that, its other main selling point is that it is the location of the Frankfurt Train Station. With regular trains traveling in and out of the city to a number of destinations, it makes it an ideal and convenient choice for anyone who is planning to make their trip by training themselves.

Stay in Gallusviertel if you want to stay in an up-and-coming location, you are traveling on a budget or are simply looking for a great deal, you are traveling via train on your trip, or you’re a business traveler looking for places to stay near Frankfurt Messe.

Best Places to stay in Frankfurt in Gallusviertel:

9. Gutleutviertel

Gutleutviertel, the coolest area to stay in Frankfurt
Pearl Design Hotel in Gutleutviertel

The former port district, Gutleutviertel is another inner-city location, which was once a refuge for lepers, hosted by the “fraternity of good people”. It’s located next to the central railway station, to the west of Frankfurt center, and beside the Main river.

A largely residential area with a working-class background, it has seen numerous developments and renovations in recent years, making it a much more appealing destination for visitors.

Distinctly middle-class shops, bars, and restaurants now operate in the area, giving visitors the opportunity to frequent some stylish establishments, without having to pay the extortionate fees that usually accompany similar venues in more popular areas.

In addition, its residential nature means the businesses will cater more to locals than tourists and you will be shopping, dining and living around them throughout your stay. This makes it the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation and experience the ways and culture of the local area and its people.

While there are no real notable tourist attractions located within the district itself, its proximity to the more popular destinations like Innenstadt makes it easy to commute in to see them.

Here you will find the 109 meters high Westhafentower, famous for its cider glass facade The Rib which close to the Peace Bridge on Westhafenplatz. It named after the medieval Gutleutviertel Gutleuthof, an area outside the city walls hospital for lepers.

To the west of the district close to Main-Neckar bridge lies Sommerhoff park. The park is named after the family Sommerhoff that sold by the Frankfurt banker John Noe Gogel in 1803 landscaped mansion in 1928 to the city of Frankfurt.

Accommodation in Gutleutviertel are mostly 3-star, and 4-star hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and Bed & Breakfast.

You should stay in Gutleutviertel if you want to stay in a hip, residential area, you want to experience the local customs and culture, you want easy access back into the popular tourist hubs.

Best Places to stay in Frankfurt in Gutleutviertel:

  • luxury ($$$): Roomers, great hotel, located within walking distance from Central Station and the River Main.
  • mid-range ($$): IntercityHotel Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Süd, excellent hotel, located close to Messe Frankfurt, English Theatre and German Film Museum.
  • budget ($): Hotel Europa Life, 3-star hotel, short walk from Central Station, Baseler Platz tram station, and Hauptbahnhof Underground Station for trains to the Messe Exhibition Centre.

10. Frankfurt International Airport

As is the case in many large cities, the main airport in Frankfurt actually lies outside of the city limits. In this instance, it lies to the southwest of the city, near the town of Kelsterbach.

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is one of the most important gateways to Germany and the European continent, the main hub of the German airline Lufthansa. It’s a well-connected area with S-Bahn, just 25minute from Hauptbahnhof.

Traditionally, the area has been a region primarily dedicated to farming and agriculture. Located on the bank of the Main River, you can take in some stunning views of the countryside, enjoy some traditional culture and architecture, as well as see a number of small churches that are dotted around the area.

However, in the years since the airport’s construction, the area has become gradually more and more industrial, with a number of factories opening up, due to the convenience of being right by the airport, as well as buildings owned by companies involved in the operation of the site.

With that in mind, visitors will want to be careful when selecting a hotel, to ensure they get one in the traditional area and don’t end up spending their vacation staying in an industrial park.

Despite the potential drawbacks of the area, it is clearly a good choice for anyone who wants to stay near the airport. Whether you are on a layover, worried about missing your flight or simply don’t want to drag your baggage all over town, this is a destination that makes getting to and from the airport as quick and easy as it could possibly be.

Stay in the Frankfurt Airport area if you want to stay close to the airport, you prefer to stay outside the city limits, you want to experience a more rural, small-town environment.

Best places to stay near Frankfurt Airport Area:

Where should I stay in Frankfurt for the first time?

Altstadt is the best area to stay in Frankfurt for first-timers due to its prime location. If you stay here, you will be located in the middle of everything, within walking distance to the major sights, as well as many restaurants, bars, and shops.

What are the best areas to stay in Frankfurt?

Altstadt, Innenstadt, Bahnhofsviertel, Sachsenhausen, Westend, Bornheim, Bockenheim, Gallusviertel, and Gutleutviertel are the best areas to stay in Frankfurt because they are the most popular neighborhoods for tourists that offer a wide range of attractions and amenities.

What are the safest areas to stay in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a safe city to visit, but as in any major city, you should always practice common sense and stay alert. Altstadt and Westend are the safest areas in Frankfurt for tourists.

Where not to stay in Frankfurt?

You should avoid Hauptbahnhof, Hauptwache, and Konstablerwache, especially at night. You should also avoid walking alone in the poorly lit streets at night. 

Where should I stay in Frankfurt for two days?

Zentrum-Altstadt is the best area to stay in Frankfurt for 2 days because it is the most central and well-connected to public transports of Frankfurt. 

Where to stay in Frankfurt for one night?

Hauptbahnhof, or Frankfurt’s central train station is the best area to stay in Frankfurt for one night because it offers quick access to the airport and the attractions in the Old Town.

Where to stay in Frankfurt for the Christmas market?

Zentrum-Altstadt is the best place to stay for the Christmas market because the only Frankfurt Christmas market is held around Römerberg and Paulsplatz in the Old Town.

See more:

In conclusion, Altstadt, Innenstadt, Bahnhofsviertel, Sachsenhausen, Westend, Bornheim, Bockenheim, Gallusviertel, and Gutleutviertel are the best places to stay in Frankfurt for tourists anf first-time travelers. They provide easy access to major landmarks, and wide range of hotels for all budgets.

Overall, I recommend old town, Altstadt as the best overall base in Frankfurt for first-time visitors due to its central location. Staying here puts you within walking distance to the most famous tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops.

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