Where to Stay in Corfu First Time: Best Areas & Towns

The best areas to stay in Corfu for first-timers are neighborhoods of Corfu Town, Agios Gordios, Kavos, Kassiopi, Acharavi, Sidari, and Agios Georgios. I this blog, I will help you to decide where to stay in Corfu without a car, for nightlife, families, couples, best beaches, and the best hotels in Old Town and near the airport.

Corfu is the capital of the Ionian Islands and forms the north-western border of Greece’s territory. With a collection of historical hotspots, fabulous beaches and legendary party destinations, it has been a popular tourist destination for decades.

Corfu Town is the best place to stay in Corfu for the first time because it has a central location, within walking distance to the famous tourist attractions. Corfu Town offers the widest range of accommodations, restaurants, bars, and shops. It is the transport hub of the island, you can easily explore the other towns by bus.

If you’re looking for where to stay in Corfu without a car, Corfu Town is the best base. It’s close to the airport, has a more diverse range of attractions and amenities than anywhere else on the island, and has plenty of beaches close by.

You can easily getting around the island by foot, bus, taxi, and car rental. The bus is the most convenient and affordable way to explore Corfu Town. There are green and blue buses to Corfu International Airport and other villages and beaches on the island. The central bus station is located close to the cruise ship terminal.

If you’re traveling as a couple, you’ll want to pay close attention when we look at Corfu Town, Benitses, and Acharavi. Those of you looking to come and party your trip away will likely have heard of Kavos, but have you considered Dassia as an alternative for great nightlife.

💖 Best Area for First-Timers:Corfu Town (Kerkyra)
💎 Best luxury hotel:Corfu Palace Hotel
🏨 Best mid-range hotel:Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel
💰 Best budget hotel:The Royal Grand Hotel

Best areas to stay in Corfu for tourist

1. Corfu Town, where to stay in Corfu for first time

Corfu Town, best area to stay in Corfu for first time

Located on the east coast, If this is your first visit, Corfu Town, or Kerkyra, is the capital of the island. Home to more than 1/3rd of the island’s population, the city is broken into two distinctly different sides, the Old Town and the New Town.

If this is your first visit, there is no better location to stay on the island than in Corfu Old Town. Old Town is the most historic part of the island and the entire area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007. Beautiful cobbled streets are lined with historic churches, tombs, Venetian fortresses, British mansions, as well as French esplanades and grandiose palaces.

Kerkyra was an ancient city, its earliest records dating back to the 7th-century B.C, with many believing its origins go back even further still. Among its features are a number of impressive temples, including the Kardaki Temple, the Temple Of Artemis, and the Temple Of Hera.

The Venetian-styled Old Town of Corfu is located between the two ancient fortresses, the Old Fortress (Byzantine) juts out into the sea, while the New Fortress (Venetian) rules a hilltop position behind the old town.

In the front of the Old Fortress sits the Spianada Square (Esplanade), the largest square and most significant monument of Corfu, a meeting place for its locals and tourists. Here, you will find the Georgian-style palace, Palace of St Michael and St George, also known as Royal Palace of Corfu.

This former Greek Royal Palace was built in 1815 by the British, now houses the Classic Relics Authority of Corfu, the Museum of Asian Art, and the Historical Archive.

On the western side of the Esplanade square, you will find the Napoleonic French style, Liston Paved Avenue, which offers impressive architecture, the beautiful arches, lined with cafés, restaurants, and boutiques.

The most important churches like the Church of St Spyridon, the church of Saint John, and the church of the Blessed Virgin of the Strangers can be found around the Square of the Saint.

If you’re a fan of museums, be sure to check out the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum in the Campiello quarter. Other attractions like Kanoni and Mouse Island, Ionian Parliament, Town Hall, and Ionian Academy are also worth visiting.

This is your more traditional Greek tourist city. While historic locations and artifacts are still dotted throughout, you will find a greater selection of shopping malls, hotels, resorts, tavernas, restaurants, and bars here.

Meanwhile, Corfu New Town expands to the west of the New Fortress, and filled with cement buildings and the bigger streets.

Corfu town is easily explore on foot but there are also buses, taxi and car rental. You don’t need a car to stay in Corfu Town unless you want freely explore the whole island. The bus is cheap and convenient, bus from Corfu town go to airport and many other towns.

Corfu Town and Acharavi are the parts of the island that are open year-round, if you looking for where to stay in Corfu in the winter months from October to April, Corfu Town is the best place to stay in Corfu in any month of the year for familes and couples of all ages.

Corfu town has widest range of accommodation options that suits all budget from luxury to budget guest houses. It is also home to some of the best hotel on the whole island. The port of Corfu Town and the airport are only short ride away.

Stay in Corfu Town if you’re a first-time visitor and want to be in a central location; you looking for the best place to stay in Corfu without a car; you enjoy shopping; you want to experience a diverse choice of attractions.

Best places to stay in Corfu town:

luxury ($$$): Corfu Palace Hotel 5-star hotel is within a few minute’s walk from the center of Corfu town, close to the Archaeological Museum, Asian Art Museum, D.Solomos Museum, and Byzantine Museum. It offers a thalassotherapy spa center, an outdoor pool, fine dining, and elegant rooms with a marble bathroom and private balcony or terrace.

mid-range ($$): Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel 19th-century mansion is located in Corfu’s Old Town, it offers charming rooms with classic wooden furniture, oak wood floors, marble bathrooms, a satellite TV, air conditioning, and free wifi. Also close the town hall and Corfu’s Spianada central square, the famous Liston, Serbian Museum, Museum of Banknotes, and Royal Baths Mon Repos.

budget ($): The Royal Grand Hotel is a boutique hotel in Corfu Town, within walking distance from Kanoni Beach, Chalikiopoulou Lake, Mouse Island, Cafe Royal, and Pontikonisi. It features an outdoor pool, 2 restaurants, a buffet/plate service breakfast, 2 bars, and a café overlooking Mouse Island and Corfu Airport.


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2. Kavos, where to stay in Corfu for nightlife

Located on the south-eastern point of the island, Kavos is one of the most famous location on the island, along with Corfu Town. Kavos is a destination famed worldwide for its wild party reputation, being a popular destination particularly among younger travelers, 18 to 30 years old, from around Europe, especially Brit tourists.

Featuring a strip largely dedicated to clubs, tourist shops, restaurants, and bars which stay open into the early hours, those looking to drink and dance their nights away will have no shortage of options in a place like this.

People looking to party around the clock won’t be disappointed either, as the region features some of the island’s most stunning beaches, which are plenty of Englis style bars, vendors, and activities to make your days just as thrilling as your nights.

Kavos beach has soft sand and shallow turquoise waters and offers many facilities such as sunbeds, beach bars, umbrellas, and water sports like windsurfing, jet-skiing, and parasailing.

While most of the life and accommodation is located on a single strip to suit all pockets, Kavos actually happens to be a small seaside town. It may surprise people familiar with its reputation to know that you are actually able to rent private villas in the quieter surrounding areas too.

In this area, you can check out Aqua Park Kavos, one of the biggest Water Parks in the world; the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Arkoudilas Beach, a wild sandy beach, located in a small bay surrounded by high cliffs; and The Rose Tree.

This means that Kavos can also be suitable for those who enjoy a fun-filled beach or the occasional wild night out, on a vacation that is still largely a relaxing Greek getaway, so don’t dismiss it out of hand just because of its reputation.

Kavos is located 10km from Ioannis Kapodistrias Corfu international aiport and 45 km from Corfu town. You can take a taxi, bus, ferry or rental car to Kavos. There are plenty hotel options, especially in the font of the port, known as the strip, as well as in the main town area.

Stay in Kavos if you want clubs and bars that are open into the early hours, you want a dedicated tourist area, you enjoy busy beaches, full of amenities and attractions; you want budget-friendly accommodations on the island;

Best Places to Stay in Corfu in Kavos:


3. Benitses, where to stay in Corfu for family and couple of all ages

3. Benitses, popular place to stay in Corfu for tourists with traditional charms
Panos Apartments in Benitses

Located on the east coast of Corfu, the town of Benitses, is one of the first tourist resorts in Corfu. Benitses is well-connected by buses, you can easily travel to other parts of Corfu, a short ride from Corfu Town and the airport.

Benitses is a small picturesque fishing village that gains its name from the two small rivers which have formed where the springs from the Agioi Deka and Stavros mountains meet.

Benitses was a famous go-to resort for the 18-30 crowd with its notorious nightlife in the past. But today, it’s a popular resort for families and couples of all ages looking for a relaxing break.

A much quieter destination than Corfu Town and Kavos, the economy of the area has historically relied on fishing and fruit farming, with its mild temperature and plentiful water supply making it an ideal growing location for produce such as lemons, oranges, and olive groves.

In fact, it has become famous for the latter of those three, as it produces the greatest quantity of olive oil on the island, even having growers from elsewhere on Corfu bring their produce here to use the infrastructure they have in place.

The beaches here are a mix of shingle and sand, including Laopetra beach, Chontrakia or Loutrouvia beach. They are well organized with lifeguards, sunbeds for rent, as well as water activities such as swimming, sailing, and water sports.

Attractions nearby include the ruins of the old Roman Baths, one of the best-preserved archaeological sites of the Roman era; the Achillion Palace, on top of the hill in the village of Gastouri, with views of green hills and valleys and the Ionian Sea; and the Corfu Shell Museum (Sea Museum), one of Europe’s largest collection of shells and other marine species.

The traditional Greek fishing village has the sort of amenities you may be used to at larger resorts, such as shops, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Located 20 km from Corfu Town, easy reach through No 6 City Bus, Benitses has all kind of accommodations for all budget travelers;

Stay in Benitses if you want to experience a traditional Greek fishing village; you travel as young couples or family;

Best Places to Stay in Benitses:


4. Paleokastritsa, picturesque village on northern Ionian island

Paleokastritsa, where to stay in Corfu for quiet holiday

If you want to stay in a quieter part of Corfu, hear to the north of Corfu, in the town of Paleokastritsa, a Jewel of Corfu. Long considered one of Corfu’s most beautiful parts of the island, the town has developed a reputation as a thriving tourist destination.

Paleokastritsa encompasses six small coves and beaches including Agios Spyridon, Agios Petros, Agia Triada, Platakia, Alipa, and Ambelaki. The main beach is located under the Monastry of Paleokastritsa, where you can find public showers and toilettes, as well as umbrellas and deck chairs for rent.

An abundance of amenities, such as traditional bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, resorts, and beaches, attract visitors from all over, giving them the opportunity to relax and enjoy a vacation in beautiful surroundings, with all of the conveniences they could ask for.

This is also why it is a popular destination for people traveling as a family and with small children. Kids can spend a day at the fabulous Corfu Aquarium, but without the boisterous atmosphere that you’re likely to find in a destination like Kavos.

This is also an ideal choice for anyone who likes to get out on the water or explore beneath it. With multiple boat rental companies, as well as spots like The Blue Eye Cave and Ampelaki Bay, this is a great chance to get out and sail on the waves, do a little diving and generally relax and see the sights, without having to be surrounded by other people.

Paleokastritsa contains some gems for you to explore, most notably the Agios Spiridonos Church and the Theotokos Monastery, which features a beautiful graveyard and is stunning both inside and out.

There are many family hotels, B&B, guest houses, and apartments in Paleokastritsa. It is only 30 km from the capital Corfu Town, and there is buses that departs from Corfu Town.

Stay Paleokastritsa if you prefer a quiet and relaxing holiday; you are traveling as a family or with small children, you prefer self-catering to hotels, you are a fan of snorkeling or scuba diving, you plan on renting a boat.

Best Places to Stay in Paleokastritsa:


5. Acharavi, best place to stay in Corfu for family

Acharavi, where to stay in Corfu for families
Villa Tasos in Acharavi

The town of Acharavi is the main resort on Corfu’s northern coastline, 1 hour drive by car from Corfu Airport and Corfu Town. Acharavi is a popular area to stay for families, young couples, and older travelers who are looking for a laid-back and quiet feel.

This is a location that has a long history as a tourist resort, however, it has slowly lost ground against some of the other, more famous destinations on the island.

The golden sand with pebbles beach of Acharavi Beach and Almyros Beach, are beautiful place to swim or sunbath. Its seafront promade is surrouned with beach bars, tavernas, and many resort hotels in the back. It is beautiful location to take a stroll along and admire the stunning views across the sea to Albania from its shores.

If you’re looking for a fun day with families, head to the second largest water park in Corfu, Hydropolis Water Park. It has special facilities for children like a children’s pool, 6 giant slides, 4 mini slides, and an adventure playground.

Another must cultural landmark is the archaeological site, Roman Baths, as well as the folklore museum of Acharavi. This is a good chance to learn about history and culture of the island.

The local area is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants, to keep you entertained both day and night. You can head to Central Restaurant, and Faros Restaurant Acharavi to grab you dinner or lunch.

All in all, Acharavi is a quieter, more relaxed type of resort. It’s perfect for those looking to simply enjoy their break with some beautiful weather and quality time, although it admittedly will be a little quiet for anyone after a fast-paced trip or an abundance of nightlife.

Stay in Acharavi if you are traveling with family, you love stunning coastal views, you prefer to stay in a traditional tourist resort, you aren’t too worried about nightlife, you’re looking for a relaxing vacation.

Best Places to Stay in Acharavi:


6. Roda, small fishing village in northern coast of Corfu

Roda, a small fishing village in northern coast of Corfu

Slightly further west along the northern coast and within walking distance to Acharavi, you will come to the laid-back town of Roda, perhaps the most well-known of the cluster of towns in the area. Roda is a great area to stay for all types of travelers: couples, solo travelers, young adults, culture vulture, families with children.

It is known due to the fact that it has remained largely unaltered through the years, retaining its traditional appeal of a small Greek fishing village. This has drawn people to the region who want to experience what life on the island is truly like, with no tourist modifications to distort their experience.

In everything from the shops and restaurants to accommodation options, the feel here is distinctly local, allowing you to fully embrace the culture. It is also located near the highest point on the island, providing fantastic views of both the ocean and of Corfu itself.

The area also features shallow waters and one of Corfu’s longest Blue Flag shingle and sandy beaches, making it perfect for those who enjoy long walks along the seafront, as well as small children and novice swimmers, who want to safely enjoy the water.

Some of the attractions include the church of Saint Goerge, the Temple of Apollo, Aqualand Resort Waterpark, and the Sidari Water Park.

While it is an area largely popular with older visitors, looking to take advantage of the slower pace, it does still have some opportunities to liven things up as well, most notably with the boat rental companies that will let you hire your own car and race it around on the waves for an afternoon.

Stay in Roda if you want a traditional location, you enjoy a slower way of life; you are looking for a destination for more senior visitors, you enjoy long walks along the beach, you want to visit the highest point on the island.

Best places to stay in Corfu in Roda:


7. Sidari, where to stay in Corfu for young couples

Sidari, where to stay in Corfu for young couples
The Seahorse in Sidari

The former fishing village of Sidari is located on the northwestern coast of the island. It’s now a busy tourist resort, popular with young-at-heart couples and families who enjoy great nightlife and beautiful beaches.

Featuring a wide range of shops, English style bars, and restaurants, both local and international themed, it is a great location for anyone interested in having a relaxing holiday, as it provides all of the amenities and conveniences you would expect, without being as overcrowded as the more popular destinations.

Probably its main selling point is the fabulous beaches on offer here, which are spread out around a number of different bays. The most famous of these is the Channel of Love (Canal d’Amour), a beautiful bay, carved into the rocky cliffs by the sea, which offers soft sands, fantastic views, and crystal clear waters to swim and dive in.

There are also the rock formations of Cape Drastis, a charming, fascinating, unspoiled, and wild cape natural scenery that you should not miss while in Corfu Island; the Sidari Water Park, within walking distance along the path of the beachfront; Corfu Diving Fun Club, has a dive shop in the center of town and provides scuba-diving lessons and diving trips

There are also some of the most incredible experiences on the island available here too, with boat trips to the Diapondia Islands and the Albanian coast, as well as water sports and horse rides along the beach among the list of activities on offer. Perfect for those looking for an action-packed holiday.

Stay in Sidari if you want lively nightlife and beautiful beaches; Great Blue Flag beaches are your priority, you want a tourist resort without the massive crowds, you want to take a boat trip, you are young couples.

Best Places to Stay in Sidari:


8. Gouvia & Kontokali, beautiful area near Corfu Town for all ages

Gouvia & Kontokali, family-friendly coastal tourist resorts near Corfu Town
Art Hotel Debono in Gouvia

Located a short way north of Corfu Town, Gouvia is a mid-sized town that offers a nice variety of options. It still maintains a somewhat traditional vibe yet has been updated to feature tourist amenities and conveniences.

Being located so close to Corfu Town, only 8km away, means that visiting the sights and attractions here is easily accomplished, but you are then able to retreat to your resort, as opposed to having to stay in the city, which may be a little busier and more expensive.

Featuring a pleasant beach and marina, there are plenty of daytime activities on offer in the town, from water sports to boat tours. Then, in the evenings, you can eat in one of the many bars and restaurants, perfect for unwinding with a nice meal and a few drinks.

For those who like a little more vibrancy in their nightlife, there is also a small town called Dassia (more on that later) just to the north, which is known for its clubs, bars, and thriving nightlife scene.

When you combine all of that with the fact the airport is just within walking distance away, Gouvia becomes an incredibly well-rounded destination. One that offers a little bit of everything, perfect for those who have no primary reason for visiting and simply want to see what’s on offer.

The Kontokali resort is set at the main entrance of Gouvia Marina, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the splendid view the marina offers. An ancient Venetian harbor is in the middle of the two villages. You can find the Komeno village where you can walk through the all green hill, and the celebrations for its Saints Days in February and July, to Ipapanti Church.

Stay in Gouvia if you want to stay near the airport, you want to be near Corfu Town, you want an area that offers a little bit of everything, you enjoy the vibrant nightlife, you want to take part in water sports or go on a boat tour.

Best places to stay in Corfu in Gouvia:


9. Kassiopi, charming village north of Corfu Town

Moving even further north up the east coast, we come to the town of Kassiopi, located on the very north-western point of the island. The best way I can think to describe this location is to imagine Corfu Town, only on a much smaller scale. It is one hour drive by car from the capital, Kerkyra and the airport.

A small fishing village, it features some of the most stunning architecture in the area, from its beautiful square to the stunning port and even a Byzantine-era castle. Check out the Monastery of Pantokrator, the Church of the Panayia Kassopitra, and Kassiopi Castle. The town has a beauty, both natural and historical, that is balanced to perfection.

With two gorgeous beaches, an abundance of greenery, and incredible views across the sea to Albania, you could spend countless days here, mixing culture, beauty, and relaxation, without ever having to move. Some of the best beaches nearby are Kalamionas Beach, Kanoni Beach, Bataria Beach, Kerasia beach, and Avlaki Beach.

While the nightlife here isn’t as lively as some other parts of the island, there is still a nice collection of bars and restaurants here to enjoy your evenings in, with many serving traditional local fare.

This is the sort of destination that won’t be for everyone, but its charm and beauty are perfect for those looking to enjoy the majestic nature of the island, or couples after a romantic getaway.

Stay in Kassiopi if you are traveling as a couple, you want to stay in a quiet, traditional location, you want somewhere that balances fun, history, and culture.

Best Places to Stay in Kassiopi:


10. Agios Georgios Pagon, peacefull area, beautiful bay, golden, sandy beach

Agios Georgios Pagon, also known as Agios Georgios Pagi – North or San George, is a beautiful resort town located at the mouth of a beautiful valley providing incredible views of the delightful bay below.

It is 35km from Corfu Town on the Northwest coast. It was named after the 28th Century church of Agios Georgios in the area, and Pagon is the nearby village of Pagoi. it is differrent with ​​Agios Georgios Argyradon in the south.

Agios Georgios Pagi offers plenty of many lovely tavernas, shops, restaurants, cafes, and accommodation options. The taverns and restaurants provide perfect sunset views.

The main beach Agios Georgio is Blue Flag beach with soft sand and pebbles and, crystal-clear and shallow waters, great for families with young children for swimming. You also have beautiful beaches like Proto Tomoni Beach. The beach is well-organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and is surrounded by beautiful cypress trees.

Accommodations here are mainly family run guest houses, and apartment and studios. Many hotels offers rental cars, motorbikes, scooters or bicycles rental. There are charming hiking trails with epic scenery nearby.

Stay in Agios Georgios if you are traveling with families; you like hiking; your main priority is beautiful Blue Flag beaches;

Best places to stay in Corfu in Agios Georgios North:


11. Agios Georgios, charming town on the southwest coast

Agios Georgios, a charming resort town on the southwest coast
Stars Hotel in Agios Georgios

Moving to the southwest coast of the island, we come to a location called Agios Georgios, not to be confused with the town of the same name in the north. This is a destination that is really only known for one thing, which is the incredible beaches the region has to offer.

Sandwiched between the ocean and Lake Korission, you will find Issos Beach and Halikounas Beach. These are two of the most stunning and famous beaches on the island. With sprawling golden sands, they feature a diverse mix of chilled-out, relaxing sections, as well as more tourist focussed areas, featuring bars, vendors, and water sports.

In the other direction along the coast, you also have Lakkiess Beach and Paralia Agios Georgios. While not quite as famous, they are still incredibly well known, and offer an alternative on any day you find the other beaches too overcrowded or are simply in need of a change of scenery.

As you would expect from such an area, it is well serviced in one of the many bars, restaurants, and shops, so there is no worrying about sacrificing convenience for location, as you have a wide range of choices when it comes to how you spend your evenings as well.

With beaches that people travel from all over the island to visit if relaxing on the sandy beaches is the primary focus of your trip, it just doesn’t make sense for you to stay anywhere else. 

Best places to stay in Agios Georgios South:


12. Dassia, lively resort, good location close to Corfu Town

Dassia a lively resort in Corfu
Ikos Dassia in Dassia

Located10 km away from Corfu town, between the villages of Gouvia and Ipsos, to the town of Dassia. Famous for its pebble sandy beaches, great nightlife, and many outdoor activites such as cycling and hiking.

The Blue Flag for cleanliness, the pebble beach Dassia Beach is about 15m wide and 200m long. Beach facilities for hire are sunbeds and umbrellas, watersports facilities for water skiing. The Dassia Chandris and the Corfu Chandris are two modern, 4-star hotels nearby on the main road.

On the main road in the center of Dassia, you can rent a bike at the eco-friendly Corfu Mountainbike Shop and take a guided cycling tour to Mount Pantokrator.

The best way to describe this destination is to say it is like a slightly downscaled version of Kavos. The main selling points are still bars, clubs, and beaches, but its less notorious reputation means it will be slightly quieter and cheaper than its more famous counterpart down south.

That makes it a great choice for anyone who is coming to the island looking for a party, but perhaps doesn’t have the funds to go all out in Kavos or would simply like a similar experience but with a few fewer people and a little more control.

Its location is also a fantastic selling point, as it is located between two larger towns, in Gouvia and Ipsos, as well as being only a short way from Corfu Town. This means that even though the majority of the trip may be spent raving in clubs or having fun on the beach, the option to take in a little bit of culture is still there if you choose to explore it.

Stay in Dassia if your priority is a wild nightlife, full of dancing, partying and drinking, you want to spend your days on the beach, you want a more affordable location;

Best places to stay in Corfu in Dassia:


13. Agios Gordios, where to stay in Corfu on budget

Agios Gordios budget place to stay in Corfu
Agios Gordios Beach Resort in Agios Gordios

Let me begin by saying no, that isn’t a typo, Corfu has two towns called Agios Gorgios and one called Agios Gordios. The latter is the one we will be looking at here and it is located on the west coast of the island. it’s within good proximity to the Pink Palace, I.Kapodistrias Airport, Agios Gordios, and Corfu Town.

This is somewhat of a unique destination, as it is a tourist hotspot, featuring a number of large hotels and rentable accommodation options, yet is a fairly quiet and remote location. It is a good option for budget travelers who looking for budget accommodations.

The small Agios Gordios village is surrounded by green olive-clad mountains that head down to a long golden sandy beach with crystal clear water. Close to Agios Gordios, you will find 3 traditional Greek villages such as Kato Garouna, Pentati, and Sinarades village (Folklore Museum) where you can go by foot through charming paths and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The town revolves around a large bay, featuring stunning views, along the golden beach and calm shallow waters. This makes it a fabulous destination for anyone looking to truly get away from it all for a little while. You can also take a day trip by boat to visit Butrint National Park with its Roman archaeological site and UNESCO-protected Greek in Albania.

There are a few shops, bars, restaurants, and places to take part in activities, however, the choice is admittedly quite limited. With attractions nearby are the Corfu golf club, Aqualand Water Park, and the Kaisers Throne.

If you want a small beach resort that is largely quiet and isolated, this could be your ideal destination. However, for everybody else, you may be better off looking elsewhere

Stay in Agios Gordios if you want a quiet, isolated beach resort, you aren’t worried about nightlife, you want to stay in a stunning bay, you want to visit Aqualand Water Park.

Best Places to stay in Corfu in Agios Gordios:


14. Ipsos (Ypsos), attracts many families, young crowd and couples

The lively coastal resort of Ipsos has a narrow beach, sand, and pebbles, and is located on Corfu’s east coast, 9 miles from the capital. It was once regarded as an 18-30 type pubs and clubs resort but not anymore, now it attracts many families, young crowd and couples.

The coast road runs parallel to the beach, so Ipsos is very accessible. The Ipsos village behind the main road, or hire a car and drive to the quaint traditional Greek villages set in the hillside behind Ipsos, such as Agios Markos or Ano Korakiana. There are also fishing harbors and a small Greek church.

You will not choose it if you want to learn more about Corfu’s culture but if you want plenty of water sports and warm waters, Ipsos is for you. Umbrellas and loungers are available on the beach. Boat trips are easy to organize while there is scuba equipment for hire as well. 

However, there are still plenty of English bars, pool bars, and restaurants while the shopping is good. Some English-style bars mix with an increasing number of tavernas and nice restaurants, ideal for a romantic meal.  Accommodation is readily available with self-catering very popular.

Stay in Ipsos if You want good entertainment facilities, Water sports are important to you, Self-catering is your preference..

Best places to stay in Ipsos:


15. Barbati, on the northeast coast of Corfu

Located 19 km north of Corfu Town, Barbati is on Corfu’s northeast coast, below the island’s highest mountain, Pantokratoras mountain. The white pebble, Blue Flag beach, and blue sea make a great photo.

Barbati is has charming bays and a beautiful beach. With the water shallow, swimming is fine for all age groups. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available on the beach for those who are more interested in relaxing than water sports or boat trips.

Bars, cafes, and shops line the beach while behind you will find hotels and self-catering apartments.  At the other end of the resort, there are holiday complexes as well as shops, bars, and restaurants. The pine and cypress trees add to the beauty of Barbati, and it is well worth leaving the beach to see more.

You will not find any noisy music bars but there is still plenty to do at night. This is the perfect place for those who search for a peaceful break. To get to Barbati, you can take the bus from Corfu town, or take a water taxi that lets you reach Ipsos and the near bay of Nisaki.

Best places to stay in Corfu in Barbati:


16. Nissaki, tranquil village on the northeast coast

Located between the villages Barbati and Kassiopi, Nissaki means little island in Greek. It is a place of simple pleasures but one that attracts many wealthy visitors. It is set back a little from the coast that is accessed through pleasant olive groves which produce lovely oil.

Nissaki beach is small, a mix of sand and pebbles with lava rocks rising out of the clear blue water. You can swim in the little coves as well as snorkelling around the area.

You will find some water sports, but it is scuba divers who choose this place as their favorite.  Otherwise, it is not especially commercialized and thereby attracts more older tourists than youngsters. Certainly, if you want to relax, Nissaki may be for you.

Nissaki is not especially busy and even quieter are some of the small coves nearby. You will find all the tavernas, bars and shops you need for a good holiday and the restaurants will not disappoint. Nor will the luxury apartments, hotels, and villas be available for rent. 

Best places to stay in Nissaki:


17. Kalami, lovely village on northeast coast of Corfu

Kalami is another lovely village heading up from Nissaki. Kalami bay is set on the Northeast coast of Corfu, just 7 km from Kassiopi, and 30 km from Corfu Town. It may not be the best place for couples with youngsters because there is little to retain their interest but if you want to relax, Kalami is worth investigating.

Kalami is in a bay with cypress and pine trees growing on its hillsides. If you enjoy hiking or biking, explore the hillsides with their many trails. Walking along the coast also reveals quiet coves.

Below the greenery is white pebbled, clear blue waters, the Blue Flag beach where you can hire parasols and loungers. There are small shops and tavernas with water sports equipment available for rent.

The Nobel Prize-nominated author Lawrence Durrell lived here in the 1930s and his White House is now a taverna; visit it! Self-catering apartments, family guest houses, and adult-only hotels are your accommodation options. 

Stay in Kalami if You want a relaxing holiday; A good choice of accommodation is important; You enjoy exploring.

Best places to stay in Kalami:


18. Liapades, small traditional village in the western Corfu

The small traditional-style village, Liapades is the western part of Corfu and is the third biggest village of Corfu. It’s 5 km from one of the most popular resorts on the island- Paleokastritsa and 20 km from Corfu Town

Liapades is a great base for families, couples of all ages who love nature, beaches, and wineries. You will find you’ll find excellent local wine in Liapades.

You will see evidence of Corfu’s history if you go to Liapedes. That is because of the Venetian architecture that sits alongside traditional Ionian buildings. There are the typical cobbled streets of an old Greek village that have not changed in many years. Mass tourism has not changed Liapedes much with hotel and self-catering options for those who want to stay.

Liapades is at the midpoint of the west coast of Corfu at the tip of the Ropa Valley. It has just a small shingle beach but there are loungers and umbrellas, as well as water sports. You will find shops, bars, and restaurants in near proximity.

Small coves to either side can be reached by roads such as Rovinia Beach, Klimatia Beach, Iliodoro Beach, and Limni Beach. Some beaches can only be reached by boat like Stelari beach and Paradise beach.

Head to the main square to see local life and experience typical Greek hospitality. By day, see the locals at work in their olive groves and vineyards.

Stay in Liapades if You want the real feel of Corfu, The beach is not a top priority, You enjoy exploring.

Best places to stay in Liapades in Corfu:


19. Glyfada, the most popular beach on Corfu island

Located 15km from the capital city, Glyfada on the west coast of Corfu is rightly proud of the blue flag awarded to the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, attract many young people enjoy beach bars on the sandy shore.

Behind there are the steep volcanic cliffs with dense vegetation adding to the colors of the setting. Head to Glyfada if you want to relax and you will not be disappointed. But be aware during August the resort is packed with Italians.

Cafes, tavernas, and shops line the beach with a little accommodation close by, apartments, and hotels. There is waiter service to your lounger from the beach bars with umbrellas giving you shade.

You can enjoy water sports and if you are a good swimmer, a rocky outcrop 40 feet high is reachable from the beach. Only the brave go cliff jumping here. The beaches nearby are Mirtiotissa beach and Pelekas beach.

Local flora and fauna reward those exploring inland. By night, you will enjoy the quiet atmosphere after a busy day.  

Stay in Glyfada if You enjoy active holidays, Noisy nightlife is of little interest, You love the natural environment.

Best places to stay in Glyfada:


20. Mandouki, traditional suburb of Corfu town

Mandouki, also known as Mantouki, is a traditional, beautiful, and picturesque suburb of Corfu Town that gives you access to all the capital’s facilities while allowing you to enjoy its history.

Saroko Square is close, with all the associated activities that important squares provide. The monastery of Panagia Platytera and the old port are close as well so you can walk around and catch some important landmarks.

The houses are mostly 17th and 18th Century, mostly Venetian in style. Whenever pirates attacked Corfu, it was Mandouki that usually had to defend the initial assault. In 1799, the French defeated the locals, many of whom hid in Platytera. They were killed anyway.

Restaurants, cafes, and shops line the streets, many paved with stone with a central road running through its midst. 

Stay in Mandouki if A central location is important to you; you want to stay close to Corfu Town;

Best places to stay in Mandouki:


21. Arillas, where to stay in Corfu for relaxation

Kokkinos Apartments  Arillas, where to stay in Corfu for relaxation
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Arillas is a quiet and safe resort on the North-Western part of Corfu island. With its golden sand and crystal clear shallow waters, Blue Flag Beach is an ideal destination for families with children, couples, and for all types of tourists who seek a peaceful vacation.

Arillas is surrounded by a green valley and olive groves hills. You can find nice restaurants serving local homemade food, Mediterranean cuisine, nice cafes, and beach bars with great sea views along the main boulevard of Arillas.

There are many small islands in Arillas that offer a spectacular sunset view. The little rocky island of Gravia is populated by seagulls and wild goats, the Diapolo and Diakopo, the smallest of the Diapontia islands – the island of Mathraki, the largest of the Diapontia islands – Othoni with its charming Calypso’s cave, and the beautiful Erikusa island.

Relaxation is the word if you choose Arillas as your base for a Corfu holiday. It has the reputation of being Corfu’s spiritual capital and if you are looking for meditation, arts, and massage, you have found the right place. It is important if you have a stressful daily life right around the year that your holiday gives you the chance to re-energize. Arillas will do that.

This is not a budget holiday place. It offers a relaxed feel with naturalist beaches and some of the beaches are private. The water is as warm, clear, and beautiful as everywhere else on Corfu. 

While Arillas may not be as developed as some other parts of Corfu, it is more developed in those things that it specializes in. That means retreats and spiritual centers, health treatments. Accommodation is basic but facilities are quite enough when you have specialized priorities.

Stay in Arillas if Re-energising is your absolute priority, You have no interest in tourist crowds, You want good health retreats on your doorstep.

Best places to stay in Arillas:


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As you can see, Corfu is a beautiful island that has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy exploring its history, spend long days lazing on the beach, have wild nights drinking and partying, or simply take in some of the vibrant culture and sights, you’re sure to find something to suit you here.

Overall, Corfu Town is the best area to stay in Corfu for first-timers. Booking hotel in the capital city of the island, you will be located in the heart of actions, within walking distance to the famous tourist attractions, as well as shopping, dining, and nightlife. It has the widest range of accommodaiton options and home to some of the best hotel on the whole island.

The best times to visit Corfu are April to May and September, October, and November. The peak season in Corfu is July and August when the average temperatures are around 32 Celcius. You should by now have settled on the best areas to stay in Corfu. So, all that’s left to do is go and start getting things booked, so you have to wait as little time as possible before you get to start experiencing all of the island’s wonders for yourself.

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