Where To Stay in Corfu: TOP 12 Best Areas

Where to stay in Corfu? It’s a question that has many answers, and it all depends on what you’re looking for. In this blog post, I will be discussing the best areas to stay in Corfu and what you should take into consideration when deciding on an area. I hope this information can help you decide where to stay during your trip!

Corfu is the capital of the Ionian Islands and forms the north-western border of Greece’s territory. With a collection of historical hotspots, fabulous beaches and legendary party destinations, it has been a popular tourist destination for decades.

However, which such a diverse range of attractions, choosing where abouts to stay on the island is an important decision, and getting it right can make or break your trip. That’s why today I will be giving you my picks for the top 12 areas on Corfu and explaining exactly why I think they’re so great. 

So, if you’re planning your own visit to the island, are still a little uncertain and want to make sure you make the right decision, I would highly recommend reading on.

Where To Stay In Corfu: Tips & Info

Before we begin, let me point out a few things you may want to keep in mind while reading, which could help you come to a decision a little easier.

For example, are you looking for a romantic getaway? In which case you’ll want to pay close attention when we look at Kassiopi.

Those of you looking to come and party your trip away will likely have heard of Kavos, but have you considered Dassia as an alternative?

What about the thousands of people who visit the island each year to enjoy its legendary beaches? While they are dotted all around, the long golden stretches at Agios Georgios, the shingled beaches near Roda and the isolated cove of Agios Georgios all offer something very different.

There could even be major issues that are so obvious you overlook them. For example, Corfu is known to have history spread throughout, but if that’s your priority, there is nowhere as good as Corfu Town. Equally, the island is generally child friendly, but perhaps nowhere is better suited for families than Paleokastritsa.

If you ensure you take all of these sorts of things into consideration while reading through, it will dramatically speed up making your decision and almost guarantees you’ll manage to have yourself an absolutely fantastic vacation.

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Where To Stay In Corfu Greece: 12 Best Areas To Stay In Corfu

So, now you know exactly what to look out for, let’s get stuck in and hopefully discover the perfect location for your very own trip to this historic destination.

Best Areas to Stay in Corfu Map

To see more detail of best areas to stay in Corfu, go to google map;

1. Corfu Town, Where to Stay in Corfu for First Time Visitors

Where To Stay in Corfu, Greece town

We begin our journey on the east coast, in the eponymous Corfu Town, the capital and largest city on Corfu. Home to more than 1/3rd of the island’s population, the city is broken into two distinctly different sides, the Old Town and the New Town.

Old Town is the most historic part of the island and the entire area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007. Dotted with historic churches, houses, tombs and other attractions, its most iconic location is the ruins of Korkyra.

Korkyra was an ancient city, its earliest records dating back to the 7th century B.C, with many believing its origins go back even further still. Among its features are a number of impressive temples, including the Kardaki Temple, the Temple Of Artemis and the Temple Of Hera.

Anyone coming to Corfu looking to take in the island’s history will simply find no better location to do so than right here. Then, on the other hand, we have the New Town part of the city.

This is your more traditional Greek tourist city. While historic locations and artifacts are still dotted throughout, you will find a greater selection of shops, hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars here.

When you combine the history, vibrance and convenience the city offers, then throw in attractions like the stunning harbour, sea views and collection of museums on offer, and it becomes clear that Corfu Town is the most diverse and varied destination on the island, if not in all of Greece.

Corfu Town is a great place to stay if:

  • You want to be in central location
  • You are interested in the history of the island
  • You enjoy shopping 
  • You enjoy a busy, bustling environment
  • You want to experience a diverse choice of attractions

Best Hotels in Corfu Town

2. Kavos, the best area to stay in Corfu for nightlife

Next, we move to the south-eastern point of the island and the town of Kavos. Outside of Corfu Town, Kavos is undoubtedly the most famous location on the island, however, it has earned the distinction for a vastly different reason.

Kavos is a destination famed worldwide for its wild party reputation, being a popular destination particularly among younger travelers from around Europe. Featuring a strip largely dedicated to clubs, tourist shops, restaurants and bars which stay open into the early hours, those looking to drink and dance their nights away will have no shortage of options in a place like this.

People looking to party around the clock won’t be disappointed either, as the region features some of the islands most stunning beaches, which are plenty of bars, vendors, and activities to make your days just as thrilling as your nights.

While most of the life and accommodation is located on a single strip, Kavos actually happens to be a small seaside town. It may surprise people familiar with its reputation to know that you are actually able to rent private villas in the quieter surrounding areas too.

This means that Kavos can also be suitable for those who enjoy a fun filled beach or the occasional wild night out, on a vacation that is still largely a relaxing Greek getaway, so don’t dismiss it out of hand just because of its reputation.

Kavos is a great place to stay if:

  • You want clubs and bars that are open into the early hours
  • You want a dedicated tourist area
  • You enjoy busy beaches, full of amenities and attractions
  • You want to stay in a traditional village but have tourist facilities right on your doorstep

Best Places to Stay in Kavos  

3. Benitses, an old traditional fishing village in Corfu

Staying Benitses traditional fishing village in Corfu
Panos Apartments in Benitses

We remain on the east coast of Corfu for our third destination, the town of Benitses, which is situated between the previous two. Benitses is a small fishing village that gains its name from the two small rivers which have formed where the springs from the Agioi Deka and Stavros mountains meet.

A much quieter destination than our previous two choices, the economy of the area has historically relied on fishing and fruit farming, with its mild temperature and plentiful water supply making it an ideal growing location for produce such as lemons, oranges, and olive groves.

In fact, it has become famous for the latter of those three, as it produces the greatest quantity of olive oil on the island, even having growers from elsewhere on Corfu bring their produce here to use the infrastructure they have in place.

This thriving industry has been gradually drawing more and more interested visitors over the years and in the last two decades it has caused tourism in the area to explode, turning it from an afterthought to the number one source of income for the towns economy.

The population of the village has doubled in that span, with people keen to set up tourist hotspots in a previously untapped market, to take advantage of the opportunity.

What that has left you with is a destination that still resembles a traditional Greek fishing village yet has the sort of amenities you may be used to at larger resorts, such as shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. This makes Benitses a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy the island’s culture, in the most luxurious way possible.

Benitses is a great place to stay if:

  • You want to experience a traditional Greek fishing village
  • You want to sample some of the island’s finest olive oil
  • You like fresh fruit
  • You want tourist luxuries and amenities, without overbearing crowds

Best Places to Stay in Benitses  

4. Paleokastritsa, a famous picturesque village in Corfu

Where To Stay in Corfu, Greece Paleokastritsa

Moving now to the west coast of Corfu, we come to the town of Paleokastritsa. Long considered one of Corfu’s most beautiful parts of the island, the town has developed a reputation as a thriving tourist destination.

An abundance of amenities, such as bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, resorts and beaches, attract visitors from all over, giving them the opportunity to relax and enjoy a vacation in beautiful surroundings, with all of the conveniences they could ask for.

This is also why it is a popular destination for people travelling as a family and with small children. They have everything nearby to keep the whole group entertained and catered too throughout their stay, including a fabulous aquarium, but without the boisterous atmosphere that you’re likely to find in a destination like Kavos.

This is also an ideal choice for anyone who likes to get out on the water or explore beneath it. With multiple boat rental companies, as well as spots like The Blue Eye Cave and Ampelaki Bay, this is a great chance to get out and sail on the waves, do a little diving and generally relax and see the sights, without having to be surrounded by other people.

While not containing the history or culture that can be found in other destinations around the island, the area still contains some gems for you to explore, most notably the Agios Spiridonos Church and the Theotokos Monastery, which features a beautiful graveyard and is stunning both inside and out.

Paleokastritsa is a great place to stay if:

  • You are travelling as a family or with small children
  • You want all of the tourist luxuries in a laid-back destination
  • You prefer self-catering to hotels
  • You are a fan of snorkelling or scuba diving
  • You plan on renting a boat

Best Places to Stay in Paleokastritsa 

5. Acharavi, one of the best areas to stay in Corfu for families

Stay in Acharavi Corfu for family
Villa Tasos in Acharavi

We now move to the first of 3 destinations on the northern coast of Corfu, to the town of Acharavi. This is a location that has a long history as a tourist resort, however it has slowly lost ground against some of the other, more famous destinations on the island.

As a result of this, it now not only receives slightly less visitors than it once did, but the prices have also dropped accordingly. This makes it an incredibly attractive prospect for those who prefer the amenities and conveniences that come with a tourist resort, without having to suffer the bloated prices and mobs of tourists that usually go hand in hand with such a location.

The local area is filled with shops, bars and restaurants, to keep you entertained both day and night. The beach isn’t one of the most popular on the island, due to having a combination of both pebbles and sand, but is still a beautiful location for those who enjoy sea front walks, as there are stunning views across the sea to Albania from its shores. Not getting your shoes filled with sand may even be seen as a welcome bonus for many.

All in all, Acharavi is a quieter, more relaxed type of resort. It’s perfect for those looking to simply enjoy their break with some beautiful weather and quality time, although it admittedly will be a little quiet for anyone after a fast-paced trip or an abundance of nightlife.

Acharavi is a great place to stay if:

  • You are travelling on a budget
  • You want to visit Hydropolis Water Park
  • You love stunning coastal views
  • You prefer to stay in a traditional tourist resort
  • You aren’t too worried about nightlife
  • You’re looking for a relaxing vacation

Best Places to Stay in Acharavi 

6. Roda, a laid-back area to stay in Corfu

Where To Stay in Corfu, Greece roda

Slightly further west along the northern coast, you will come to the town of Roda, perhaps the most well known of the cluster of towns in the area.

It is known due to the fact that it has remained largely unaltered through the years, retaining its traditional appeal of a small Greek fishing village. This has drawn people to the region who want to experience what life on the island is truly like, with no tourist modifications to distort their experience.

In everything from the shops and restaurants to accommodation options, the feel here is distinctly local, allowing you to fully embrace the culture. It is also located near the highest point on the island, providing fantastic views of both the ocean and of Corfu itself.

The area also features shallow waters and one of Corfu’s longest Blue Flag shingle and sandy beaches, making it perfect for those who enjoy long walks along the seafront, as well as small children and novice swimmers, who want to safely enjoy the water.

While it is an area largely popular with older visitors, looking to take advantage of the slower pace, it does still have some opportunities to liven things up as well, most notably with the boat rental companies that will let you hire your own vehicle and race it around on the waves for an afternoon.

Roda is a great area to stay if:

  • You want a traditional location
  • You enjoy a slower way of life
  • You have small children or less experienced swimmers with you
  • You are looking for a destination for more senior visitors
  • You enjoy long walks along the beach
  • You want to visit the highest point on the island

7. Sidari, one of the best areas to stay in Corfu for families

Sidari in Corfu
The Seahorse in Sidari

Moving even further west along the northern coast brings us to the last of this group of three towns, that being Sidari. Out of the group, Sidari is easily the largest and most tourist focused of the three.

Featuring a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants, both local and international themed, it is a great location for anyone interested in having a relaxing holiday, as it provides all of the amenities and conveniences you would expect, without being as overcrowded as the more popular destinations.

Probably its main selling point is the fabulous beaches on offer here, which are spread out around a number of different bays. The most famous of these is the Canal d’Amour, or “Channel Of Love”, a beautiful bay, carved into the rocky cliffs by the sea, which offers soft sands, fantastic views, and crystal clear waters to swim and dive in.

There are also some of the most incredible experiences on the island available here too, with boat trips to the Diapondia Islands and the Albanian coast, as well as water sports and horse rides along the beach among the list of activities on offer. Perfect for those looking for an action-packed holiday.

Sidari is a great area to stay if:

  • Great Blue Flag beaches are your priority
  • You want a tourist resort without the massive crowds
  • You want to take a boat trip
  • You want to go horse riding on the beach
  • You are a fan of water sports

Best Places to Stay in Sidari 

8. Gouvia & Kontokali, the most central located coastal village in Corfu

Located a short way north of Corfu Town, Gouvia is a mid-sized town that offers a nice variety of options. It still maintains a somewhat traditional vibe yet has been updated to feature tourist amenities and conveniences.

Being located so close to Corfu Town means that visiting the sights and attractions here is easily accomplished, but you are then able to retreat to your resort, as opposed to having to stay in the city, which may be a little busier and more expensive.

Featuring a pleasant beach and marina, there are plenty of daytime activities on offer in the town, from water sports to boat tours. Then, in the evenings, you can eat in one of the many bars and restaurants, perfect for unwinding with a nice meal and a few drinks.

For those who like a little more vibrancy in their nightlife, there is also a small town called Dassia (more on that later) just to the north, which is known for its clubs, bars and thriving nightlife scene.

When you combine all of that with the fact the airport is just within walking distance away, Gouvia becomes an incredibly well-rounded destination. One that offers a little bit of everything, perfect for those who have no primary reason for visiting and simply want to see what’s on offer.

Gouvia is a great area to stay if:

  • You want to stay near the airport
  • You want to be near Corfu Town
  • You want an area that offers a little bit of everything
  • You enjoy a vibrant nightlife
  • You want to take part in water sports or go on a boat tour

9. Kassiopi, the largest village in the Corfu’s northeast

Moving even further north up the east coast, we come to the town of Kassiopi, located on the very north-western point of the island. The best way I can think to describe this location is to imagine Corfu Town, only on a much smaller scale.

A small fishing village, it features some of the most stunning architecture in the area, from its beautiful square to the stunning port and even a Byzantine era castle. The town has a beauty, both natural and historical, that is balanced to perfection.

With two gorgeous beaches, an abundance of greenery and incredible views across the sea to Albania, you could spend countless days here, mixing culture, beauty and relaxation, without ever having to move.

While the nightlife here isn’t as lively as some other parts of the island, there is still a nice collection of bars and restaurants here to enjoy your evenings in, with many serving traditional local fare.

This is the sort of destination that won’t be for everyone, but its charm and beauty are perfect for those looking to enjoy the majestic nature of the island, or couples after a romantic getaway.

Kassiopi is a great area to stay if:

  • You are travelling as a couple
  • You want to stay in a quiet, traditional location
  • You want somewhere that balances fun, history and culture

Best Places to Stay in Kassiopi 

10. Agios Georgios, quiet resort in a beautiful bay of Corfu

Agios Georgios on south west coast of Corfu
Stars Hotel in Agios Georgios

Moving to the south-west coast of the island, we come to a location called Agios Georgios, not to be confused with the town of the same name in the north. This is a destination that is really only known for one thing, which is the incredible beaches the region has to offer.

Sandwiched between the ocean and Lake Korission, you will find Issos Beach and Halikounas Beach. These are two of the most stunning and famous beaches on the island. With sprawling golden sands, they feature a diverse mix of chilled out, relaxing sections, as well as more tourist focussed areas, featuring bars, vendors and water sports.

In the other direction along the coast, you also have Lakkiess Beach and Paralia Agios Georgios. While not quite as famous, they are still incredibly well known, and offer an alternative on any day you find the other beaches too overcrowded or are simply in need of a change of scenery.

As you would expect from such an area, it is well serviced in one of the many bars, restaurants and shops, so there is no worrying about sacrificing convenience for location, as you have a wide range of choice when it comes to how you spend your evenings as well.

With beaches that people travel from all over the island to visit, if relaxing on the sandy beaches is the primary focus of your trip, it just doesn’t make sense for you to stay anywhere else. 

Agios Georgios is a great area to stay if:

  • Your main priority is beautiful Blue Flag beaches
  • You aren’t renting a car

Best Hotels in Agios Georgios

11. Dassia,  a lively resort in a good location

Dassia a lively resort in Corfu
Ikos Dassia in Dassia

Our penultimate destination takes us back to the east coast, to the north of Corfu Town and Gouvia, to the town of Dassia.

The best way to describe this destination is to say it is like a slightly downscaled version of Kavos. The main selling points are still bars, clubs and beaches, but it’s less notorious reputation means it will be slightly quieter and cheaper than its more famous counterpart down south.

That makes it the great choice for anyone who is coming to the island looking for a party, but perhaps doesn’t have the funds to go all out in Kavos or would simply like a similar experience but with a few less people and a little more control.

Its location is also a fantastic selling point, as it is located between two larger towns, in Gouvia and Ipsos, as well as being only a short way from Corfu Town. This means that even though the majority of the trip may be spent raving in clubs or having fun on the beach, the option to take in a little bit of culture is still there if you choose to explore it.

Dassia is a great area to stay if:

  • Your priority is a wild nightlife, full of dancing, partying and drinking
  • You want to spend your days on the beach
  • You want a more affordable location
  • You want to be near bigger towns, so you have the choice to venture further afield
  • You want to visit Aqualand Water Park

12. Agios Gordios, the best area to stay in Corfu on budget

Let me begin by saying no, that isn’t a typo, Corfu has two towns called Agios Gorgios and one called Agios Gordios. The latter is the one we will be looking at here and it is located on the west coast of the island.

This is somewhat of a unique destination, as it is a tourist hotspot, featuring a number of large hotels and on rentable accommodation options, yet is a fairly quiet and remote location.

The town revolves around a large bay, featuring stunning views, a long golden beach and calm shallow waters. This makes it a fabulous destination for anyone looking to truly get away from it all for a little while.

There are a few shops, bars, restaurants and places to take part in activities, however the choice is admittedly quite limited.

This is really going to be one of those love it or hate it destinations, which is why I left it till last. If you want a small beach resort that is largely quiet and isolated, this could be your ideal destination. However, for everybody else, you may be better off looking elsewhere

Agios Gordios is a great area to stay if:

  • You want a quiet, isolated beach resort
  • You aren’t worried about nightlife
  • You want to stay in a stunning bay
  • You want to visit Aqualand Water Park

Best Hotels in Agios Gordios

Now, even though we’ve narrowed down the choices for your ideal place to stay on Corfu, twelve is still quite a large number to choose from, meaning many of you might remain undecided.

I’m therefore going to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions people have about the island, to hopefully help you put any lingering doubts you have to bed and make your mind up once and for all.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu with Family?

Anyone travelling as a family or with small children will be looking for a location that has plenty of tourist conveniences nearby and a wide range of activities to keep everyone occupied, all in a relatively compact area that doesn’t require too much travelling or break the bank.

In Corfu’s case, this easily makes Paleokastritsa the great choice, as it ticks all of those boxes. I would personally recommend staying at the mid-range hotel Villa Ampelaki 2. This beautiful 4-star hotel is a self-catering destination, you will have plenty of space in your own private villa, situated right on the beach and in the center of the neighborhood, with all the attractions an equal distance away.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu for Beaches?

Corfu has a number of beautiful beaches spread across the island, with long stretches of golden sandy beaches, tourist hubs, and even some pebbly, shelly beaches, perfect for long walks, dotted around.

If I had to suggest one place to stay with beaches in mind though, it would have to be Agios Georgios. That’s because this is surrounded by some of the most amazing beaches on the island.

The Labranda Sandy Beach is a 5-star resort, located just a short walking distance from Issos Beach and is surrounded by bars, restaurants, and shops. Even without getting into what’s on offer in the rest of the town, if you are purely looking for a relaxing beach vacation, this is the place to go.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu for Couples?

When travelling as a couple, getting the location perfect is paramount to ensuring your romantic break is a success. For anyone who is struggling to pinpoint where to take such a trip on Corfu, I would highly recommend staying in Kassiopi.

A traditional, quiet, picturesque village, it offers an incredible experience for couples. If you stay at the Melina Bay boutique hotel, you’ll be situated right on the water’s edge.  It offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and balcony overlooking the Ionian Sea or the garden. Restaurants and bars are within walking distance

Best Places to Stay in Corfu Town?

With Corfu Town having two such different sides to it, many people are going to want to look around both, in order to get a true taste of everything that’s on offer here. That means staying at the heart of both districts, right in the centre of town, is the ideal place to be.

The Corfu Palace Hotel is a 5-star resort, located on the edge of both sections of the city, right by the waterfront and reasonably close to the airport. Corfu Palace offers a thalasotherapy spa center, an outdoor pool, and fine dining. All elegant rooms feature Ionian Sea views.

This makes it a destination that is perfect all around, providing its own luxury, as well as beautiful views and ease of access to all of the attractions this diverse and varied city has to offer.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu Old Town?

Now, while I previously recommended staying in the centre of Corfu Town, in order to get the best of both worlds, there will undoubtedly be those that are visiting purely for the historical value the area holds, who would prefer to stay in the Old Town during their visit.

The Kamara Old Town Studios are a perfect choice for such a visit, as they will have you in the heart of the district, surrounded by traditional buildings and famous attractions, in a place that allows you to keep in the spirit of your trip throughout your stay. All rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fridge, a kettle, a bidet, a hairdryer and a wardrobe. 

The fact that it has an “exceptional” 9.5/10 rating on booking.com just makes the choice even easier, as it means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience either.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu for Nightlife?

Where to stay for nightlife somewhat depends on what you mean by nightlife, as while most will usually take it to mean clubs and bars, others could see it as any form of evening entertainment.

However, for the purpose of answering this question, I will assume you mean the former, which produces a clear and easy answer to the question, which is Kavos.

Home to a number of the best bars and clubs on the island, this is the destination of choice for anyone visiting the island to go wild, while drinking, dancing and partying their nights away.

The Nuevo Vista boutique hotel has an “exceptional” 9.9/10 score on booking.com and is located right on the towns main strip, meaning there likely isn’t a better place on the island for you to fulfil all of your wildest dreams.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu without a Car?

With Corfu having a relatively strong transport network, getting to most of the resorts on the island isn’t too difficult, even if you don’t have a car. That said, you’ll still likely want to find the destination that has the most to offer, so you don’t waste large chunks of your trip travelling from place to place.

That’s why I would recommend anyone visiting that doesn’t want to hire a car to stay in Corfu Town. It’s close to the airport, has a more diverse range of attractions and amenities than anywhere else on the island and has plenty of beaches close by.

This means if you want to spend your entire trip in one location, you’ll still likely be able to do everything you want here. As I mentioned above, the Corfu Palace Hotel is a perfect place to do just that, as its style and location allow it to demonstrate the best of everything the city has to offer.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu for Beaches and Nightlife?

If a combination of both fabulous beaches and a vibrant nightlife are your main priorities during your stay, I would once again recommend Kavos. 

As I have already stated, it provides the best nightlife on the island, so when you combine that with the fact that it is home to one of Corfu’s most popular tourist beaches, it becomes a clear choice for anyone wanting to laze on the beach during the day and party in the clubs at night.

The Trabukos Beach Complex is located right on the beach and just within walking distance from the busiest street in town, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for that kind of trip.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu in April?

April is an unusual date to travel to a destination like Corfu. However, if you are planning a trip then (or at the end of march, dependant on the year), you may just stumble into an experience that even surpasses what you would find in the summer.

The reason for this is the legendary Easter celebrations that take place on the island. Being one of, if not the, most important festival on their calendar, the citizens and churches of the island go all out with their displays, perhaps nowhere to the extent of Corfu Town.

So, if you are planning to visit the island around that time, I would highly recommend staying in Corfu Town, so you can fully immerse yourself in all of the wonderful festivities that will be taking place.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu in October?

October is a much cooler, sometimes rainy month, in Corfu, which doesn’t make it ideal for a beach centred trip. Sure, swimming and sunbathing are still possible, but it’s safer if you plan a trip at this time of year around something else.

With that in mind, I would recommend staying in Corfu Town if you visit in October. It has by far the most to do and see outside of beaches and is close to the airport. This means you can comfortably spend most of your time here without any fuss, then if you do decide you want to see something elsewhere on the island, you can easily make a day trip of it, using Corfu’s public transport network.

Alternately, while it might be too late, depending on how late in the month you come, partygoers may even be able to catch one of the closing parties for clubs in Kavos as they shut for the season, so that’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on too.

Best Places to Stay in Corfu near the Airport?

I know I’ve recommended it a few times already but Corfu Town and the Corfu Palace Hotel is the perfect place to stay for anyone wanting to remain near the airport throughout their visit.

With the airport being located on the outskirts of the city and this hotel in particular being located on the nearest side of town to it, it makes for the ideal location to avoid wasting any time or effort dragging your luggage from place to place.

How Long To Stay In Corfu?

Putting a timescale on a trip like this can be difficult, as there are those who need to have something new to explore each and every day, while others will happily spend their entire trip relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

I think the safest timescale to recommend would be between one and two weeks. This should be plenty of time for the explorers to exhaust all of their options, the clubbers to get burnt out and even to beachgoers to start to get a little sick of doing nothing, while at the same time not being so short that people end up feeling rushed.

Where Is The Best Resort To Stay In Corfu?

Stating what the best resort to stay in on Corfu is a challenging question, as it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. That’s why I’m going to suggest a couple of options instead.

For most people, Corfu Town would be the best bet, as it has the greatest number of attractions, as well as the most diverse offerings, meaning there is likely something for everyone to be found here.

That said, I would also recommend Kavos to anyone prioritising a wild, party filled stay on the island, as well as Agios Georgios for those who are simply looking to spend their time relaxing on the best beaches the island has to offer.

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As you can see, Corfu is a beautiful island that has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy exploring its history, spend long days lazing on the beach, have wild nights drinking and partying, or simply take in some of the vibrant culture and sights, you’re sure to find something to suit you here.

You should by now have settled on the perfect destination to make your dream vacation to the island happen. So, all that’s left to do is go and start getting things booked, so you have to wait as little time as possible before you get to start experiencing all of the island’s wonders for yourself.

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