Where to Stay in Bogota Colombia

Best Places To Stay In Bogota, Colombia

Wondering where to stay in Bogota for the first time, backpackers, tourists, or nightlife? We will help you find the best areas and neighborhoods to stay in Bogota in this guide.

When making a trip like this, you’ll need to fully analyse the options available to pick not just the best location, but the one best tailored to what you are looking for in a vacation.

My aim today is to make that job a whole lot easier for you and help you decide exactly where you want to stay on your trip.

Where To Stay In Bogota, Colombia – The 7 Best Area And Neighbourhood

Bogota is the capital and largest city in the South American country of Colombia. Featuring a rich and storied history, divided into 20 districts, it can be quite confusing to pick where is best for you without knowing exactly what each area offers.

In this article on where to stay in Bogota, Colombia, I’m going to narrow those 20 districts down into the 7 best areas and neighbourhoods, to make things a whole lot smoother when choosing your destination.

Where To Stay In Bogota, Colombia – The 7 Best Areas And Neighbourhoods

  1. Candelaria
  2. Santa Fe
  3. Chapinero
  4. Teusaquillo
  5. Antonio Nariño
  6. Usaquen
  7. Barrios Unidos

Where to Stay in Bogota Colombia Map

Where to Stay in Bogota Colombia Map
Where to Stay in Bogota Colombia Map

To see more detail of where to stay in Bogota Map, go to Google Map.

1. Candelaria

Where to Stay in Bogota: Candelaria

We begin in what is affectionately known as the old city in Bogota – Candelaria, a less than 1 square mile area that contains some of the city’s most beautiful and famous attractions.

Home to an array of museums, theatres and historic libraries, all set to the picturesque backdrop of small, cobbled streets and beautifully decorated squares, surrounded by stunning buildings designed in art deco and baroque styles of architecture.

This is unquestionably the place to come if you’re looking to experience the history and culture of the city and with incredible rates available on accommodation it’s more than accessible for everyone, no matter their budget.


  • You enjoy culture and historic sights
  • You like old fashioned areas
  • You want a fantastic deal on accommodation
  • You want to be in one of the most iconic parts of the city

2. Santa Fe

While the majority of Santa Fe is located directly to the east of Candelaria, Candelaria is actually an enclave, meaning Santa Fe surrounds it on all sides.

A substantially larger area that is almost 22 times the size, it features a number of similar sights to Candelaria but interspersed with many more modern facilities and built up areas. This makes it perfect if you want to experience the history without living in it throughout your stay.

It’s also intersected by 4 different rivers, which provide some unique walks and stunning views, both day and night.

Unsurprisingly, given its location, it features similar pricing to the deals found in Candelaria but with much more variety of types of accommodation, making it another area that is accessible to all budgets.


  • You are interested in history and culture
  • You want a great deal on accommodation
  • You like rivers
  • You want to be able to take a step back from the historic sights and relax, without having too far to travel to see them.

3. Chapinero

Where to Stay in Bogota: Chapinero

We move to the district located directly to the north of our previous stop now, but this time the destination is quite different.

While there are some historical sites, such as Chico Museum, Bogota Church and Our lady Of Lourdes Basilica, this is a more built up area that has features more in line with modern day cities.

It does, however, still feature lots of traditional architecture, even featuring many 19th century English style buildings.

Chapinero is a good place to stay if you want a normal city break, where a rich history features as a side attraction.

It’s also a very affluent area, so the quality of hotels is incredibly high to match. However, while it’s still a little pricier than our previous two districts, it is still incredible value for what they have offer.


  • Love beautiful hotels
  • Like more built-up areas
  • Want to be close to the history but not in it
  • Want a city break

4. Teusaquillo

Where To Stay In Bogota, Colombia : Teusaquillo
Teusaquillo Edgar Zuniga Jr.

Located in the centre of Bogota, Teusaquillo lies directly east of our three previous destinations.

Most famous for being the location of Bogota’s university, this area is much more of a residential location, featuring a slower pace to your day to day activities.

You’re now starting to get a little more into downtown modern-day Bogota and the historical sites are few and far between. Here the highlights include Simon Bolivar Park and El Campin Stadium.

A beautiful part of the city where you can come to learn more about current cultures and traditions of the area, the accommodation is just as good value as everywhere else we’ve looked at and has a very similar range to Chapinero, perhaps with prices even slightly lower than that.


  • You prefer more residential areas
  • You are interested in sports and stadiums
  • You like parks
  • You enjoy nightlife
  • You want incredible deals on accommodation 
  • You would rather modern culture to history

5. Antonio Nariño

Where To Stay In Bogota, Colombia: Antonio narino
botero museum Tom

Antonio Nariño area, named after one of Colombia’s earliest military and political leaders, is one of the smallest districts in the city and lies just south-east of Candelaria.

This is quite a unique area, as while it features buildings of a similar age and architecture to Candelaria, it is a more residential district with less in the way of tourist sites and attractions.

This makes it a prime location to come and quietly study the buildings and history of the area, without having to worry about groups of tourists all the time. Its location also makes it perfect for you to easily see the sites and attractions in the old city and then retreat to your quieter neighbourhood when you’re done.

Unfortunately, its lack of tourist attractions means accommodation here is very limited so, while still providing a similar value to the rest of the city, if you do want to stay here then you’ll need to make sure you get booked early. 


  • You like history
  • You want a more traditional area
  • You want a quieter, less touristy location
  • You are happy to book things well in advance

6. Usaquen

The most north-eastern district in Bogota, as well as one of its largest, Usaquen was previously a municipality all of its own until it became part of the city in the 50’s.

Located in the foothills of the Eastern Hills, it features a lot of similar architecture and styles to that found in Candelaria, due to its colonial past, and a 16th century church features as one of its historical highlights.

However, it also features much more modern attractions too, such as golf clubs, shopping malls, markets, bars and restaurants. This makes it a great destination to experience a nice balance of modern and traditional Bogota, all while enjoying some of the features you would hope for on a relaxing vacation away.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, accommodation in Bogota is incredibly good value, with a wide range of options and Usaquen is no different in that regard.


  • You like mountains
  • You want more traditional tourist luxuries
  • You prefer a balance of history and modern culture
  • You like value for money
  • You enjoy shopping

7. Barrios Unidos

Where To Stay In Bogota, Colombia: Barrios Unidos
Salt Cathedral rachaelvoorhees

Our final stop, Barrios Unidos lies to the south-west of Usaquen, between it and Teusaquillo.

An almost completely residential neighbourhood, this district is a change of pace from everything else we’ve looked at, as its primary selling point is its parks.

Featuring numerous wide open green spaces within the confines of the city, while we aren’t talking on the scale of Central Park in New York, this still makes it a perfect location to enjoy the freedom and relaxation they provide while you’re on a visit.

It’s location also further boosts its appeal, as trips to Usaquen for some more built up attractions and nights out, as well as journeys further south to see the historical sights are just as easy to achieve, meaning you can enjoy a little bit of everything.

As with almost everywhere in Bogota, accommodation is varied and affordable, so can be enjoyed by everyone. 


  • You enjoy parks
  • You want to be able to travel to a diverse variety of locations
  • You are travelling as a family or with children.

Tips For Choosing Where To Stay In Bogota

When deciding on the best place to stay in Bogota, you need to think carefully about exactly what it is you want to experience on your vacation.

A few things you may want to consider, to ensure you select the perfect location include:

  • Do you like historic sights?
  • Do you want to stay in a historic location?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you like parks?
  • Do you enjoy mountain views?
  • Do you like shopping?
  • Do you require vibrant nightlife?
  • Do you want to be situated right in the middle of things?
  • Do you want access to tourist amenities?
  • Are you interested in sports?
  • Do you like rivers?

If you ask yourself these 11 questions before making your decision on where to stay, it will go a long way to ensuring you pick the right location.

Where Should I Stay In Bogota For The First Time?

If you’ve never been to Bogota before and aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, then I’d recommend staying in Barrios Unidos on your first trip.

Not only does its location make it easy to access other parts of the city that you discover while you’re there, the wide open spaces also make it a perfect fall back in case you decide some of the more historical sites of the city aren’t for you or get a little bit too much.

How Long Should I Stay In Bogota?

Bogota is an interesting city that certainly has plenty to offer. That said, it isn’t the sort of city you want to spend an age in either. While a couple of days probably won’t be enough, you may find you run out of things to do if you stay too long.

I’d recommend a week as a perfect length to stay, giving you ample time to take in everything you want to see, but not so long that the magic starts to wear off.

Is Medellin Or Bogota Better?

As the second largest city in Colombia, Medellin is often compared to Bogota when people are deciding on where to go. Located in the north-west of the country and separated by only 260 miles, it is still a very different experience.

Located in the foothills of the Andes mountains, if it’s a trip out into nature that’s calling you then Medellin may be a better bet. 

However, as we’re looking at cities, it’s likely a city break you’re after, in which case it simply has to be Bogota, as there is just so much more history and culture to experience.

Where To Stay In Bogota Safely?

While Bogota is a much safer city nowadays than it was in the past, if you’re still worried about your safety on a trip there then I would recommend staying in Chapinero.

A very affluent part of the city, it features crime rates that are about as low as anywhere in Bogota. This means you can relax, put your mind to rest and focus on enjoying all the wonderful sights and sounds that await you in this historic city.

Where To Stay In Bogota For Backpackers?

If you’re backpacking through Colombia, or South America in general, and arrive in Bogota needing a place to stay, then Santa Fe is probably your best bet.

First off, it’s home to a number of incredibly cheap hostels, which are always popular with backpackers for their value and convenience. Then there’s the fact that you’re in a prime location to catch all the city’s most famous sights while you’re in town, without needing to worry about transport.

Where To Stay In Bogota For One Night?

If you only have time for a short trip to Bogota, I would definitely recommend staying in Candelaria, as this is where many of the attractions and historical sites are located.

That means on a flying visit, it gives you the best chance to squeeze as much as you can into your trip, without worrying about wasting time travelling from place to place.

Where To Stay In Bogota For Nightlife?

If nightlife is your primary goal on a trip to Bogota, you simply have to stay in Teusaquillo. While most of the city centres around history and culture, this is a popular student region as it’s home to the university, where there’s plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels to enjoy a fabulous evening in.

While Bogota as a whole isn’t a city I would generally recommend as a nightlife destination, if you’ve got your heart set on seeing it, this is the best place to get some nigh-time entertainment while you’re there.

Is It Safe To Walk Around Bogota At Night?

While Bogota used to have a bad reputation for crime, they have worked diligently over the past 25 years to bring the rates down and restore their international image as a result.

Thankfully, their actions have been successful and the experience in the city now is vastly different than it used to be.

While there are certainly still safer places in the world, you shouldn’t be worried about your safety at night, providing you are sensible and keep to the more populated, tourist friendly areas.

Best Area To Stay In Bogota For Tourists?

This one may be a little dependent on exactly what type of tourist you are, but for the purpose of the question, the best all round location to stay in Bogota for a tourist is Usaquen.

Featuring a combination of historic sights, mountain ranges and a plethora of bars, restaurants and beautiful hotels, this is the part of the city that offers something for everyone and an experience that will warm the hearts of tourists of every kind.


So there it is, the definitive guide on where to stay in Bogota, Colombia- the 7 best areas and neighbourhoods.

While this isn’t a city that will appeal to everyone, it certainly has an incredible amount to offer. If that has piqued your interest and you’ve decided you absolutely must see it for yourself, this article should make your life much easier when it comes to deciding exactly where is the best location for you to stay.

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