The best Myanmar

The Best Myanmar Places and Activities To Do!

When it comes to traveling, you’ll definitely want to visit Myanmar! Formerly named Burma, this nation has one of the best and most cultural sights to appreciate. But what exactly can you do in Myanmar? The best Myanmar sights and things to do are just out there, waiting to be experienced! Whether you’re alone or … Read more

happy ending massage

Happy Ending Massage

Many people, especially those who travel to South East Asia are often curious about a happy ending massage. For those less informed such a treatment may seem something of a traveller myth but the happy ending massage is a real thing and we have some answers to your questions. Table of Content What is Happy … Read more

Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Can you guess where the word Matryoshka come from? Have you ever heard this word before? Probably not, unless of course you are from Russia. For Matryoshka is a Russian word and Matryoshka Dolls refers to the traditional nesting dolls given to children as toys. What are Matryoshka Dolls? Matryoshka dolls are also known as … Read more

Hotel vs Hostel vs Airbnb

Hotel vs Hostel vs Airbnb

There are so many accommodation options available to us when we travel that it is hard to know where to start. It seems that everyone is looking for the best deal, and are never willing to pay full price. There are price comparison sites popping up left right and center, it is tricky to get … Read more

Hong Kong Buffet

Five Best Hong Kong Buffet

Hong Kong is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant place. A buzzing and pumping metropolis that never once stops, not even for a moment! As such, Hong Kong is truly a twenty-four-hour city and in order to function at maximum capacity there must be food! Good food at that! This is where the Hong Kong Buffet … Read more

is safe

Is Safe?

Is Safe is the question of many people and in this article, we will help you deal with this. With over one million properties in 225 countries has fast become the go to option for business travellers and holiday-makers alike. With properties in every country in Europe and an handy app to match … Read more

How to Navigate Your First Time Flying

If you are preparing for your first time flying, there are a few things you should know. Flying can sometimes be stressful, scary, or just overwhelming. But by following these tricks and tips for your first time flying, you will feel much more at ease and quickly become a veteran flyer! More… How to Navigate … Read more