Hiking travel gears

Hiking Must Have Travel Gears

In order to plan a trip successfully, you have to make sure you have the correct equipment. What is the point of going out of your comfort zone and doing something adventurous but not being able to have fun because you don’t have the tools?  Hiking is like dipping your toe in freezing water. One of the best activities for you to venture out to your adventurous side. It isn’t the most difficult but it tests your endurance. In order to make your experience much easier, here is some gear that you should pack along with you.


  • NavigationAlways need to have some kind of map on you when you set out for a hike. Sure, these days all of us have GPS but the best option would be to carry a compass and a topographical map. You wouldn’t want to lose your way just because you don’t have network. Many travel websites offer hiking trails and routes that you should check out before setting out.



  • Sun ProtectionIf you’re one to sunburn easily or not, carrying sun protection along is crucial. The UV rays can cause some serious harm to your body, better not to take a chance.
  • Insu​lationWhichever part of the world you decide to go hiking in, it probably will get chilly at night. Best to carry something to protect you from the elements. An insulating jacket is your best bet, better than lugging around blankets and too many layers.
  • IlluminationTorches. These tiny little inventions are the ones that are going to save your butt. They come in all shapes and forms. You could purchase a headlamp or just the plain old flashlight but one thing that is absolutely necessary is BATTERIES! All those electronics would be useless without them.
  • First Aid SuppliesYou should at least pack the bare necessities. Some antiseptic, cotton and band aids would be a good start.

First Aid

First Aid

  • Fire SuppliesAnother necessity. Some kind of fire starting supplies like matches or lighters should be on you at all times. Fire can help you with warmth, light as well as protection.
  • Repair toolsI find it best to carry a swiss knife. They are compact but comprise of numerous tools that could come handy while on your hike. Make sure the one you get has at least one knife, a pair of scissors and a tool to break twigs.
  • NutritionThis actually should be first one the list. Without nutrition, I doubt you would be able to successfully complete your hike. Always pack enough for the number of days and then some.
  • HydrationHydration and nutrition go hand in hand. One could probably live without food but never without water. Again, carry enough and some more.
  • Emergency ShelterYou never know what nature might throw at you. Carrying a shelter like a tent or a reflective blanket, is a great idea. You can just pop into one of them till the bad weather passes.

Hope your trip goes great!

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