FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Zurich

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Zurich, you can see more about where to stay in Zurich in this guide 10 Best Areas to Stay in Zurich.

Where To Stay In Zurich For One Night? 

When it comes to staying in a city for just one night, the priorities revolve around how easy it is to get to your accommodation and what there is to do in the area. 

For this reason, I would suggest Kreis 11 as your destination. Located right by the airport, you will waste little time getting to and from your destination, and there are plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants in the vicinity, to keep you occupied for an evening.

Additionally, being just a short taxi ride from the city centre means you can commute in if there are any particular attractions you are desperate to see.

The Radisson Hotel is a beautiful 4-star hotel, with an 8.4/10 score on booking.com. Located right by the airport, this is the perfect spot for you to quickly drop your bags off and get out into town, while providing luxurious surroundings to unwind in when you’re done.

Where To Stay In Zurich For Tourists? 

When it comes to picking the best place for tourists to stay, the number one factor that needs to be considered is how much there is in the area to keep them entertained. In Zurich, like many cities, this means staying in the centre of the city.

Altstadt provides a fabulous combination of famous attractions, historical locations, shops, bars and restaurants, to keep everyone entertained, no matter what their interests.

The Storchen Zurich is an absolutely stunning, 5-star hotel, located right on the edge of Lake Zurich and boasting a “superb” rating on booking.com. Not only will it provide the perfect location for your stay, but it also offers the type of quality and high class living commonly associated with Switzerland.

Where To Stay In Zurich In March? 

March is one of the quieter months in Zurich, which makes it a good time to experience some of its attractions that may be more overcrowded during the peak seasons.

One such activity that goes perfectly with the spring season is exploring the famous Lake Zurich. While always beautiful, getting to witness it as the seasons are changing and when there are minimal tourists around makes for a vastly different experience.

Whether you want to take a boat trip out across the water or simply walk around its stunning shores, there probably isn’t a better time to do so. 

As for where to stay to achieve this goal, the lake’s eastern shore in Riesbach provides some of the best options for both boat tours for exploring, as well as bars and restaurants to take in the views.

The Opera Hotel is a beautiful, 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” rating on booking.com, located right on the water’s edge, which makes fulfilling all your springtime dreams on the lake easy and enjoyable.

Where To Stay In Zurich For Two Nights?  

While the difference between one and two nights might seem minimal, it actually makes the ideal location significantly different. While for one night you may want somewhere near the airport, to minimise the time you spend getting in and out of town, a two day trip gives you the opportunity to see more, which means reducing the time spent travelling between attractions is much more important.

That means you’ll want to head to Altstadt, the city centre, so you have plenty to do and see, all within close proximity to one another, allowing you to squeeze as much as possible into your trip.

The Central Plaza hotel will allow you to take that “in the middle of things” feeling to the next level, as it is located right in the very centre of the city. With countless attractions in every direction, stunning views across the lake and a location close to the city’s main train station, it will allow you to spend the most time possible enjoying everything the city has to offer.

Where To Stay In Zurich In December? 

When it comes to travelling in December, the holiday season, most specifically Christmas, is often one of the biggest factors at play. That’s particularly true in a location such as this, as Switzerland is famed for stunning Christmas displays, markets and traditions.

That means many visitors coming to Zurich in December will want to take in as many of the festive attractions as they can. Thankfully, the people of Zurich have made that a pretty straightforward job, as the four main Christmas markets in the city are all located within close proximity to one another.

So, for anyone wanting to visit them all during their trip, staying in the heart of the city will make that as easy as possible.

The Boutique Hotel Herzkammer is not only located right in the middle of the four attractions, it also has an “exceptional” rating on booking.com and is located just across the street from Zurich’s famous singing Christmas tree. What better way to fill you trip with festive cheer than by spending a few nights here?

Where To Stay In Zurich City Centre? 

For those wanting a city break, Zurich is a perfect option, as it is a beautiful city, brimming with history, culture and stunning views. When it comes to such a break, people usually want to be right in the centre of things, so they don’t waste time travelling from place to place.

The city centre is usually the perfect place to achieve this and in Zurich that is no different. While it offers plenty of fantastic places to stay, to keep you surrounded with things to do and see, perhaps none are as perfect as the Baur Au Lac.

An absolutely gorgeous, 5-star hotel, with a “superb” rating on booking.com, its lavish grounds and interiors are surrounded by the most famous attractions in the city, which are complimented by stunning views out across Lake Zurich. It simply has everything you could possibly dream of on a trip like this.

Where To Stay In Zurich With A Family? 

When it comes to selecting the best place to stay with a family, you want to find a destination that allows you to see your desired attractions without having to do too much travelling, yet is far enough out of the centre of things so you can enjoy some quiet time if necessary. It may also need to include plenty of activities to keep younger members of your party entertained.

With that in mind, Kreis 2 is the perfect destination for your trip. With its northern point located in the centre of the city, then stretching out to the south, down the edge of Lake Zurich, it offers the perfect blend of fast paced entertainment and slower, carefree relaxation.

The Alden Suite Hotel perfectly matches the feel that you’re going for with this destination. A 5-star hotel with an 8.4/10 rating on booking.com, located on the edge of Lake Zurich, it provides luxury and stunning views, while the larger, suite style, rooms are perfect when travelling as a family.

Where To Stay In Zurich On A Budget? 

Those looking to make a trip on a tight budget are usually trying to find a place that is easy on the wallet, but don’t necessarily want to just find the cheapest place going.

Oftentimes, finding an emerging neighbourhood provides you with low-cost accommodation, while still being able to offer a level of quality to make you feel like it’s a treat to be there, which is usually what you want on a vacation.

They can do this as the area won’t have a reputation that pushes the price up yet, giving those shopping on a budget the best value returns for their money.

As far as Zurich goes, the best place to demonstrate this is Industriequartier and, more specifically, The Henry hotel. A stunning hotel, with a “fabulous” rating on hotels.com, it is available for substantially less than would be expected for accommodation of this calibre, with the shops and restaurants surrounding it providing a similar level of value.

Where To Stay In Zurich Old Town? 

For those seeking an authentic “Old Town” experience, the Savoy Baur En Ville is simply unbeatable. 

A beautiful, historic hotel, located in Zurich’s most famous square, Paradeplatz, on its most famous street, Bahnhofstrasse, surrounded by some of the city’s most iconic churches and museums, it offers the complete package when it comes to immersing yourself in the history of the area.

Where To Stay In Zurich Near A Train Station?

For those who would prefer to travel by train than by plane, Zurich is certainly a fantastic choice to visit. Not only does it have incredible transport links throughout, but it also features the busiest railway hub in Europe and one of the busiest in the world in Zurich Hauptbahnhof. This makes getting in and out of the city a breeze.

Located in Kreis 1, near where it meets Kreis 4, 5 and 6, it is perfectly situated to serve most of the inner areas of Zurich. Speaking of perfect, the Hotel Schweizerhof is a 4-star hotel with a “superb” rating on bokking.com, located right next to the station itself, making it the perfect choice on everything from luxury to location.

Where To Stay In Zurich In May?

The month of May is a time of the year that can be hard to establish what people will want from a vacation. The winter months, perfect for activities such as skiing, have passed, but the warm, summer months aren’t quite here yet, meaning cities have to rely on the events they hold to draw the visitors in.

Zurich is no different in that respect, so those planning a trip in May might be excited to learn that the popular Zurich Tanzt performance art festival is held during the month. Featuring performances at over 175 events, in both private and public locations, it annually draws 15,000 visitors to witness the spectacle.

With the festival being largely centred around Zurich’s main train station, staying in close proximity to that will allow you to take in everything the festival has to offer, which makes the 4-star Hotel Schweizerhof, with its “superb” rating on booking.com, located just opposite the station, the perfect choice.

Where To Stay In Zurich In February?

When planning a trip to a city, you should never overlook the activities you can do outside the city while you’re there. With Switzerland being one of the worlds premier skiing destinations, and many of its resorts being located in close proximity to Zurich, why not take the opportunity to get on the slopes while you can?

There is perhaps no better time to do so than February, as this is considered to be the month that provides the country’s best conditions for skiing.

When it comes to where to stay to do this, the closest ski resort to the city is Sattel-Hochstuckli, located south of the city.

That makes Kreis 2 and, more specifically the Ibis Zurich Adliswil, a perfect location to stay, as it is less than a 35 minute drive to the resort from the hotel, allowing you to easily combine skiing with your city break.

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