FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Vienna

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Vienna, you can see more about where to stay in Vienna in this guide 18 Best Areas to Stay in Vienna.

Where To Stay In Vienna On A Budget? 

For those travelling to Vienna on a budget, I would suggest the district of Favoriten as your ideal destination. Featuring the greatest number of value hotels in the city, it gives you plenty of options, without having to worry about money. It’s also the location of the city’s main train station, making it easy to get around, so you don’t have to sacrifice seeing the sights to stay within your budget.

The Arion Cityhotel Vienna Und Appartements is one of the best value options in the city, while still being a 4-star hotel. This makes it a great place to start your search for affordable accommodation.  

Where To Stay In Vienna For First Time Visitors?

First time visitors to the city will want to see plenty of the sites but may not be set on exactly what they want to see just yet. With that in mind, I would recommend staying in Leopoldstadt.

Located adjacent to the very heart of the city, it makes exploring incredibly quick and easy. It also has major train and U-Bahn stations, so travelling around the city to see other sights is just as easy.

The Hotel Stefanie is a beautiful 4-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.1/10 rating. This is ideal for those who want to experience the best of everything Vienna has to offer on their first visit to the city.

Where To Stay In Vienna For A Weekend/Three Nights?  

When looking at where to stay in Vienna for a weekend/three nights/long weekend, I would give you pretty much the same answer as above, for many of the same reasons. That means I am again going to recommend Leopoldstadt and the Hotel Stefanie.

It is located close enough to the city centre to make seeing the most famous attractions simple. However, the presence of its train and U-Bahn stations opens up the rest of the city to visitors. This is ideal for those who have slightly more time on their hands with which to explore.

Where To Stay In Vienna With Family?

For those travelling to Vienna as a family, especially those with children, I would recommend staying in Landstrasse. Its central location will make getting around to the attractions quick and easy, so kids don’t get bored travelling all the time. Then the cheaper prices and wide-open spaces make it family friendly for those who don’t want to spend a fortune and need to let the kids loose on occasion.

The Hotel Spiess & Spiess is a perfect choice for accommodation, featuring beautiful family rooms and a “superb” 9.1/10 rating.

Where To Stay In Vienna For Tourists/Sightseeing?  

Anyone coming to Vienna to see the city’s most famous sights is going to want to stay in the city centre, Innere Stadt. The reason for this is that this is the “Old Town” part of the city, where the majority of the most famous attractions are located.

Staying here will allow you to fit the most you possibly can into your stay, as you won’t be worrying about wasting time travelling from place to place. It’s also quite a compact location too, so you don’t even need to worry about travelling around within the district, as everything can comfortably be reached on foot.

Where To Stay In Vienna City Centre?  

Carrying on from our previous question, if you have decided to stay at the heart of the city, in Innere Stadt, I would recommend staying at the Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz. A beautiful, 4-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.4/10 rating, it is located at the very centre of the district.

This means not only will you be staying in luxurious surroundings throughout your stay, but you will also be an equal distance from all of the attractions. This ensures your stay will perfectly combine quality and convenience.

Where To Stay In Vienna For Nightlife? 

When it comes to where to stay in Vienna for nightlife there are two locations that spring to mind. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is Innere Stadt. As is often the case with city centres, there is a great selection of late-night bars and clubs to keep people of all interests satisfied. As above, I would again recommend staying at the Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz if you choose this district.

Alternately, you could give Ottakring a try. It features a brewery that hosts parties and beer tastings, as well as the “Balkan Mile”, where a range of Yugoslavian bars and nightclubs is on offer. Perfect for those looking for a slightly more unique type of nightlife.

Accommodation in the area is a little limited but they do have the Hotel Schwalbe. With its “superb” 9.1/10 rating and incredible price, it makes a perfect choice for anyone staying in this district. 

Where To Stay In Vienna In January? 

For anyone visiting Vienna in January, I would recommend staying in Innere Stadt. Not only does it host the world-famous New Year’s Concert, but it also features some of the city’s top New Years Markets as well. If you happen to be visiting at this time, it makes sense to make the most of the opportunity to experience these events.

I would again recommend staying at the Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz, as I have every time I’ve mentioned Innere Stadt.

Where To Stay In Vienna In February?  

For visitors in February, I would again suggest Innere Stadt and the Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz. This time it is for some different attractions though.

Firstly, this is the height of Vienna’s legendary ball season, with two of the most famous taking place here. Then there is the Wiener Eistraum ice world, which sets up in front of the Rathaus for a month.

If you’re visiting in February, you might as well try and experience at least one of these famous attractions.

Where To Stay In Vienna In March?  

For visitors coming to the city in March, I would recommend staying in Hietzing. March is the month of Vienna’s famous easter markets and the most popular is held at the legendary Schonbrunn Palace, which is located in this district. Staying here allows you to easily jump in and out of the festivities, as and when you choose.

You even have the opportunity to stay in the palace itself, with the Schloss Schonbrunn Grand Suite. What better way to not only stay near the action but to give yourself a trip you’ll never forget?

Where To Stay In Vienna In May?

I know I’ve recommended Innere Stadt and the Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz a number of times but perhaps never as much as I would in May. With, among other things, The Vienna Beer Festival, the Fest Der Freude free concert and the Vienna Wine Festival on its outskirts, there is something going on here the whole time in May, making it easily the best place to stay during the month.

Where To Stay In Vienna In November?  

With many of the attractions in November relating to Christmas (which we’ll cover below), I’m instead going to recommend something that focuses on a different attraction. 

In November, the city holds Fesch’Markt Vienna, a festival celebrating the art, cuisine and products of the city. Held in the halls of the Ottakring brewery, more than 200 exhibitors come together to offer visitors a true taste of Viennese culture. This makes for a truly immerse and enjoyable experience.

That’s why I would recommend visitors in November stay in Ottakring and the Hotel Schwalbe. This will allow you to stay right where the action is and truly make the most of what the festival has to offer.

Where To Stay In Vienna In December/For Christmas?

As I mentioned above, in December Vienna, as well as a large number of European cities, becomes all about Christmas. Markets spring up all over the city, each offering something a little different to one another.

Those who want to experience some of the grandest markets may want to stay in either Hietzing or Landstrasse, for the offerings at Schonbrunn Palace or The Belvedere, respectively.

However, those who simply want the greatest number of markets to explore will be best suited staying in Innere Stadt, as this has the largest number of any location in the city.

Accommodation wise, I would again recommend the same places I previously have for these three districts. The Boutique Hotel Am Stephansplatz in Innere Stadt, the Schloss Schonbrunn Grand Suite in Hietzing and the Hotel Spiess & Spiess in Landstrasse. 

Where To Stay In Vienna Near A Train Station?  

If your priority is remaining near the train station during your visit, staying in Favoriten will be ideal. That’s because this is the location of the city’s main train station.

The Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof Is a 4-star hotel with a “fabulous” rating, located just 350 yards from the station, which makes a perfect choice for anyone worried about missing their train or dragging their luggage all over town.

You could also consider Leopoldstadt and the Hotel Stefanie as an alternative, as it features the city’s former main train station, as well as one of its busiest U-Bahn stations.

Where To Stay In Vienna As A Solo Female?  

Vienna is a city where safety isn’t a major concern, no matter where you choose to stay. That said, if it is something that is truly your top priority, I would recommend staying in Josefstadt. In the same vein I would also recommend it for demographics such as women travelling by themselves.

A largely middleclass, residential neighbourhood, it is one of the safest locations in the entire city. It is also located right in the heart of the city, making travelling to the attractions from your accommodation a quick and easy process.

The Hotel Josefshof Am Rathaus is a stunning 4-star hotel with a “fabulous” rating, located less than a mile from the city centre. This makes for the perfect choice when it comes to combining safety, luxury and convenience.

Where To Stay In Vienna Near The Airport?  

Anyone prioritising staying near the airport on their trip will be best suited staying in Simmering. Located just 5 miles from Vienna’s main airport, this will ensure you can easily and efficiently get between your hotel and the airport.

You could even stay at the NH Vienna Airport Conference Centre if you really wanted to avoid any hassle at either end. A 4-star hotel with a “fabulous” rating, it means you won’t be sacrificing luxury for the sake of convenience.

Where To Stay In Vienna If You’re Gay?  

For gay visitors coming to Vienna, I would recommend staying in the district of Neubau. Most of the gay clubs and bars in the area are located in Naschmarkt, which is on the border of three districts, Neubau being one of them.

However, just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you won’t want to see the sights just as much as any other visitor would. Of the three districts I mentioned, Neubau is the one that gives the easiest access to the most famous attractions in the city. This combines the best of everything that someone from the LGBT community may look for during their stay.The Hotel Admiral is located right in between the Naschmarkt and the city centre, making it an ideal choice for those looking to spend time in both locations.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Vienna. See more about Austria travel here:

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