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Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Singapore, you can see more about where to stay in Singapore in this guide

Where To Stay In Singapore On A Budget

Singapore can be quite a pricey city, and if you’re a budget traveler or a backpacker, then the best place to head for is the Little India area. This district is very central and has the city’s best selection of hostels, budget guesthouses, and hotels. 

Little India is also a great place to save money by dining on fabulous Indian and local Singaporean cuisine at the many inviting street food stalls and cafes that fill the streets.

If little India doesn’t appeal to you, then an alternative option for budget accommodation is to stay out of the city center on the East Coast between the city and Changi airport. This area isn’t so touristy, and you can rent apartments at bargain prices and cook for yourself.

Where To Stay In St John Island Singapore 

St John’s Island is a tiny beach destination in the seas off the south shore of Singapore’s main island. Cat lovers with delighted to learn that this relaxed place is famed for the large numbers of domestic cats that live here. You can explore the island by taking a walk on the St. Johns Island trail or just chill out beside the beach. The island is almost entirely undeveloped, and if you want to stay here, you’re pretty much limited to campsites. This low-rise, low-key destination is a very refreshing alternative to the skyscrapers and ultra-modern ambiance of Singapore to the north.

Where To Stay In Singapore With A Family 

If you’re traveling with family and you have the budget for it, then you should consider staying on Sentosa Island. This destination has been developed with family holidays in mind and the kids will love a trip to the Universal Studios theme park. There are some lovely beaches here as well, and if you fancy a flutter, you can always pop into the casino.

Despite staying on a separate Island, the connections to central Singapore city via road, cable car, and monorail are excellent, so it’s straightforward to go to and fro.

If you’re determined to stay on Singapore’s main island, then the Orchard Road area, with its large number of shopping malls, complete with entertainment for all the family, is a good alternative option.

Where To Stay In Singapore With A Baby 

If you’re visiting Singapore with a baby, or a young infant, then you might choose to stay somewhere in the city center, in a large hotel that provides good child care facilities. An excellent way to escape the city center’s noise is to pick a tower block hotel and stay on one of the upper floors where you can escape all of the urban noise. 

You’ll find hotels like this in the Orchard Road area and also around the Marina Bay development. Marina Bay is a bit more open and has many pedestrianized areas, so this is probably the best choice for a young family.

Where To Stay In Singapore With Family On A Budget 

If you want a family traveling on a budget looking for the best place to stay in Singapore, you might want to choose an area like Bugis. This is a strange but quite relaxed part of the city, with some pleasant pedestrianized streets full of old renovated Shophouses. There’s lots of shopping and dining here, and the area is quiet in the day, only becoming more lively as the restaurants open for evening meals. There are some excellent boutique hotels here and apartment rentals, all at prices that are more affordable than many parts of the city.

Where To Stay In Singapore Cheap 

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in Southeast Asia. If you want to travel here on a budget, then you need to plan ahead. You can find cheap accommodation in Little India, and this is the budget travelers’ leading destination in Singapore. Besides cheap hostels and guesthouses, you can eat very economically here at food stalls and restaurants serving delicious Indian and Singaporean cuisine. 

To make your money go a little bit further, remember to get the Singapore Travel Pass that makes it very cheap to get around the city.

Where To Stay In Singapore For 3 Nights 

If you’re staying in Singapore for three nights, why not stay in the Marina Bay area? There’s so much to see and do in this pretty waterfront setting that you’ll have no trouble filling your time. There are museums and galleries and make sure that you visit the spectacular Gardens By The Bay. 

Marina Bay is also right in the very heart of Singapore, and it’s easy to jump onto the excellent MRT network to get to any part of the city that you like. You could even travel over to Sentosa island to go to the beach or visit the Universal Studios theme park.

Where To Stay In Singapore For Indian Tourist 

If you are visiting Singapore from India, and you’re interested in getting a flavor of home then you should stay in Little India. This area is home to Singapore’s large Indian community and is full of restaurants serving delicious Indian foods and sweets. 

But of course, that might not be what you want to do. After all, the idea of international travel is to explore other cultures and to see things that are interesting and different. If you’re going to explore the modern and vibrant parts of Singapore, then why not stay in the Riverside or the Marina Bay areas? These ultra-modern parts of the city are full of architectural marvels, top-class shopping, and fabulous international restaurants.

Where To Stay In Sentosa Island Singapore 

Sentosa is a fascinating island off to the south of Singapore that is packed with holiday entertainment like artificial beaches and the spectacular Universal Studios theme park. If you’re going to stay here, then you are limited to high-end hotels. Why not stay in Resorts World? This is a massive development that includes Universal Studios theme park, and there’s also a casino if you fancy a flutter. The complex also has shopping arcades, restaurants and bars, and all kinds of activities.

Where To Stay In Singapore Near MRT

Singapore has a comprehensive and extremely affordable transport network, the highlight being the MRT underground service, which connects with the island’s overground rail system. This means you are never far away from a station across the majority of Singapore island. Consequently, if you are staying in Singapore’s central city area on the south coast, you can rest assured that wherever you stay you will be close to an MRT link.

Where To Stay In Singapore Near Universal Studios

if the highlight of your trip to Singapore is going to be a visit to the spectacular Universal Studios theme park, then you will need to head to Sentosa island. Universal Studios is a part of Resorts World, a vast hotel, casino and resort complex located on Sentosa. If you want to be right next to Universal Studios park, then stay here.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy staying in Sentosa and you’d rather get to the park using the excellent public transport connections between Singapore and Sentosa, then stay in the Marina Bay area of Singapore which is central and convenient.

Where To Stay In Clarke Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay is a part of Singapore’s Riverfront district. This part of the city is the center of Singapore’s nightlife scene and is packed with restaurants, bars and clubs. The Riverside area runs through the heart of the central business district, and there are a large number of hotels, mainly in the mid to high price categories. You can choose any of these hotels and just be a couple of minutes away from Clark Quay.

Where To Stay In Singapore Near Airport

Singapore’s Changi airport is located about 20 km out of the city center on the southeast coast of the island. Many hotels surround the airport at all price ranges, and these are very convenient for onward travel. 

But you should be aware that since Singapore has such good connections between the city and the airport that you don’t really need to stay close to the airport even if you are arriving late or leaving early. Having said that, the East Coast area of Singapore has a lovely beach and is an attractive, low-key part of the island that is a good option if you want to stay close to the airport.

Where To Stay In Singapore For 2 Nights

If you have two nights to spend in Singapore, then why not stay in the world-famous shopping haven that is the Orchard Road area. This part of town has an enormous choice of quality hotels and is full of shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. It’s very well connected to the rest of the city so you will have no trouble jumping on the MRT to visit all of the main attractions quickly and conveniently.

Where To Stay In Singapore Solo Traveller

If you plan to visit Singapore as a solo traveler, then it’s a good idea to book accommodation in a hostel, where you have an excellent opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers. Singapore has some good hostels and you’ll find the most extensive selection around the Little India part of the city. This area is very central for all city sights and is the favored choice of backpackers and independent travelers.

Where To Stay In Singapore Near Tourist Attractions

Singapore’s main tourist attractions are located around the Marina Bay area, where the Singapore River meets the sea. This part of the city is packed with museums and galleries, parks, shopping malls and theaters. It’s a great place to stay if you want all of the city’s attractions on your doorstep. 

Marina Bay is a very central location too, so if you want to explore the shopping delights of Orchard Road or the restaurants of little India, then they are just a couple of stops away on the excellent MRT service.

Where To Stay In Singapore For 1 Night

If you only have one night to spend in Singapore and you want to go into the city, then why not stay in the Marina Bay area? This most central part of Singapore has an abundance of things to see and do, and staying here will give you the best chance to make the most of your short visit to the city. 

If you are really short on time though, you might want to stay at an airport hotel. You can do this and still explore the city by taking one of the free, yes free, city tours that run several times a day from Changi airport. Just inquire in the arrivals lounge and you can find out more information about this option.

Where To Stay In Singapore For New Years Eve

If you are lucky enough to spend New Year in Singapore, then you should stay in the Riverside or Marina Bay areas of the city. Marina Bay is the best place to see in the New Year since there are spectacular lights and firework displays here, and the nightlife and parties of Riverside are close by too.

Where To Stay In Singapore For 1 Month

If you are planning a more extended stay in Singapore, then it probably isn’t economical or even desirable to stay in an expensive city center hotel. The good news is that there are good accommodation options a little way out of the city. And because Singapore has an excellent public transport network, it’s easy to dip into and out of the city center as you wish, while staying somewhere a bit more peaceful. 

A good option is to stay in a lovely beachfront setting on Singapore’s East Coast, between the city center and Changi airport. You should have no trouble renting an apartment here by month at a very reasonable rate. You will have an attractive sandy beach on your doorstep, and there are excellent restaurants in this part of the island.

How To Stay In Singapore For Long Term

Most visitors to Singapore receive a standard Singapore tourist visa which is valid for a period of 30 days. If you’d like to stay in the country for longer than this then you can apply for a Short-term Visit Pass Extension to your visa, which grants you up to an extra 89 days’ stay in the country.

If you want to stay in Singapore for even longer than this, then things get a little bit more tricky. You’ll need to apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass. To obtain one of these visas, you need to have a Singapore employment pass, earn a monthly salary of $6,000 or you will need to be sponsored by a Singapore registered company.

Where Should I Stay In Singapore For The First Time

If you’ve never been to Singapore before and you want all of the wow factor of this super-modern city and its architectural marvels, then you should stay at Marina Bay. If you stay in the huge Marina Bay Sands complex, you can enjoy their casino and the fabulous view from the swimming pool, restaurants and gardens that top the three distinctive tower blocks.

You can also visit the space age delights of the Gardens By The Bay, and it’s easy to explore the rest of Singapore by jumping on the nearby MRT subway.

Where Do Japanese Stay In Singapore

Singapore is a top-rated destination for Japanese tourists. The modernity and 21st-century design ethic of the city strike a chord with many Japanese visitors, who are accustomed to ultra-modern cities like Tokyo.

Japanese visitors choose to stay all over the city, but areas like Orchard Road for shopping or Marina Bay and The Riverside, close to the CBD, are very popular. Singapore has many Japanese restaurants for Japanese visitors looking for a taste of home.

Can You Stay In Singapore Airport Overnight

Singapore’s Changi airport has several hotels on the airside, where you can stay without passing through passport control. You can book these hotels in 6-hour blocks and build up the amount of time you need as required. It’s incredibly convenient and saves you the trouble of passing through customs if you don’t need to. 

If you do choose to stay at the airport on one of the Singapore side hotels, then you might want to take advantage of the free Singapore tours that are provided here. These trips take you quickly and conveniently to the significant sights of Singapore, and then at least you’ll have seen a little bit of this fascinating destination.

Where To Stay In Singapore Orchard Or Marina

If you are a keen shopper, there’s no better place to stay in Singapore than the Orchard Road area. This part of the city is internationally renowned as one of the best shopping districts in the world. Its malls are packed with stores selling the best designer wear, electronic goods, and quality products from all over the world.But if you’re interested in exploring Singapore outside of shopping, then Marina Bay is a better place to stay for a more comprehensive city experience. This area has a casino, extensive botanical gardens, lots of restaurants, and shopping. And Marina Bay is right in the heart of town too.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Singapore. See more about Singapore travel here:

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