FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Sicily

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Sicily, you can see more about where to stay in Sicily in this guide 16 Best Areas to stay in Sicily and Where to stay in Taormina without a car.

Where To Stay In Sicily For Best Beaches? 

The small town of Cefalu is famous for its beautiful beaches. Despite the millions of tourists who visit each year, the area still feels less crowded and more relaxed than the bustling beach cities of Catania or Palermo.

The nearby Hotel Kalura is very affordable considering it has direct access to its own private beach. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about hunting for a free space during peak sunbathing time.

Where To Stay In Sicily For A Week?

If you are planning to be in Sicily for more than a couple of days, consider staying around Castellammare del Golfo. Full of historical attractions, sprawling beaches, and trendy bars, the town is perfect for a relaxing vacation. 

Take full advantage of your week-long break by visiting the neighboring tourist hubs of Palermo and Trapani. Each just 20 miles away and boasting a slew of famous historical sights, they make perfect day trips, without having to put up with the constant crush of fellow travelers.


Where To Stay In Sicily In January? 

The dead of winter may not be the most obvious time to visit a summer paradise like Sicily but visiting in the off-season has its perks. Aside from fewer crowds and lower prices, the mountainous island is actually home to several popular ski resorts.

If you’ve never considered the thrill of skiing down an active volcano, you may want to start. The sturdy volcanic landscape makes for particularly smooth ski trails, perfect even for beginners.

Where To Stay In Sicily In February? 

February is typically the coldest month in Sicily’s climate. It’s not unheard of for the north of the island to get cold enough for snow, so I recommend sticking to the southern cities during the winter months. You still shouldn’t plan for comfortable sunbathing weather though, as temperatures across the island will have you reaching for a jacket.

Since sunbathing by the beach is off the menu, consider heading to an inland town like Piazza Armerina, to enjoy wandering around the historical landmarks without the pressing crowds of the summer tourist season.

Where To Stay In Sicily In March? 

Temperatures in March are still cool, but just starting to creep back up to Sicily’s balmy spring climate. Take advantage of the comfortable weather and lack of tourist-season crowds to explore some of Sicily’s most popular attractions in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Taormina is one of the most popular tourist towns during the summer, with a packed calendar of festivals and events drawing crowds and driving up prices. Visit in the off-season to really appreciate the history of this medieval town and its ancient structures, without hundreds of other tourists crowding in for photos.

Where To Stay In Sicily In June? 

If you are heading to Sicily in June, you absolutely have to consider staying in Taormina.

A gem of culture and history year-round, the town comes alive in June, with the arrival of the Taormina film festival. Full of film screenings, previews, and press conferences, this is a world-renowned festival that draws some big Hollywood names. Ideal for anyone interested in film or rubbing shoulders with the stars.

This is also the first month of the year in which you can experience a live performance at the ancient Greek amphitheater. 

Hotels in this area can get quite pricey but the B&B Evelyn is a relatively affordable option. Located in the heart of the town, near to the amphitheater, and with an ‘exceptional’ review score, the B&B Evelyn will keep you close to the action, without compromising on quality or your budget.

Where To Stay In Sicily In July? 

July is one of the hottest and busiest months in Sicily’s calendar, so you may want to consider staying somewhere away from the worst of the crowds.

The little coastal village of Scopello is still relatively low key, and the crystal-clear waters around the quiet bay are perfect for cooling off with a swim. The tiny town provides a charming taste of authentic Sicilian life, with a growing variety of accommodation options.

Where To Stay In Sicily In April? 

By April, the warmer temperatures are returning, bringing with them the attraction of the island’s beaches. However, despite the summer rush not yet having arrived, the Easter holidays bring with them an influx of local tourists to many of the major attractions.

Consider taking the opportunity to hike some of the trails around the base of Mount Etna in comfortable temperatures. Catania and Taormina are both situated close to the mountain, with plenty to keep you entertained on days you don’t feel like going on a trek.

Where To Stay In Sicily In August? 

If you are visiting in August and want to really experience the history and culture of Sicily, consider heading to Piazza Armerina

A beautiful town filled with baroque architecture, Piazza Armerina hosts a yearly festival in August, dedicated to its medieval heritage. The festival involves several days of historical re-enactments, competitions, and parades.

If you choose to spend your vacation in this architectural beauty of a town, you can carry the artistic appreciation through to your accommodation at the Suite D’Autore Art Design Gallery. A chic hotel at the heart of the city, each room boasts a unique designer flare. Guest reviews are very positive, garnering the hotel a ‘fabulous’ score on booking.com.

Where To Stay In Sicily In October? 

Autumn is peak grape harvesting season and, as the capital of Italy’s wine production, Sicily in October is a great place to being for wine connoisseurs. The city of Marsala is known across the world for its eponymous wine variety, so keep an eye on local media in the area, to see what events and festivals the area will host this year.

Where To Stay In Sicily In December? 

In December, temperatures will likely have dropped below comfortable swimsuit weather. Whilst, not an ideal time to work on your tan, you can still enjoy December vacation in Sicily if you know where to look.

The southern city of Catania will be even more relaxed without the summer press of tourists, allowing you to experience more of the local culture, and prices for accommodation and tours are generally more affordable than in peak-season. 

Where To Stay In Sicily In September? 

September is a great time to visit Sicily. The temperatures are still delightfully balmy, but down from the sweltering highs of midsummer, and the crowds of tourists have started to dissipate. 

Trapani, with its beautiful beaches and nearby islands now noticeably less crowded, is an ideal location to take at the end of the Sicilian summer.

Where To Stay In Sicily In November? 

By November, temperatures will have noticeably dropped below what most would consider comfortable sunbathing weather. If you are set on spending your vacation by the beach regardless, you may want to consider looking at Messina in the north-east of the island.

Protected from the worst of the polar front by mainland Italy, Messina often stays a few degrees warmer than other areas of the island. Perfect for squeezing in a few more weeks of beach hopping.

Where To Stay In Sicily Near Palermo? 

The Sicilian capital city of Palermo is full of culture and history, with plenty to attract visitors. As a historical port city, many of the main attractions are located near to the waterfront, so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to stay close to the beautiful harbour.

Rated ‘superb’ by past guests on booking.com, Kasa Kala offers rooms in a 17th century building, with private balconies looking straight out over the marina. Just a short walk from Palermo Cathedral and nearby street markets, you couldn’t be better placed for exploring the city.

Where To Stay In Sicily Without A Car? 

If you are not planning to hire a car for your Sicilian vacation, I recommend you consider staying in the northern town of Cefalu. 

The town is small enough to comfortably explore by foot, but still has plenty to keep you occupied, as evidenced by the millions of tourists who visit each year. The main draw to the area is the comfortable beaches, just steps away from the bustling town center.

The Artemis Hotel is perfect for travelers without a car. A stone’s throw from the beach and just 350 yards from the Central Train Station, it’s hard to beat for sheer convenience. With beautiful rooms, set in a converted 1950’s convent, you won’t be sacrificing quality for location and past guests agree, awarding it a ‘fabulous’ review score on booking.com

Where To Stay In Sicily For Couples? 

For a romantic, Mediterranean escape, the southern city of Noto is the perfect location. Famous for its baroque architecture, the city is absolutely beautiful and full of romantic cafes, tucked away down winding, cobbled streets. 

To make the most of the inherent romance of the town visit in May, when the Infiorata di Noto festival of flowers transforms sections of the city into vibrant, floral wonderlands.

Rated as ‘exceptional’ by past guests on booking.com, the B&B Novecento Siciliano is located in the very center of the city, just across the street from where the main celebrations of the flower festival take place. Within easy walking distance of the historic Cattedrale di Noto and the Convitto delle Arti art museum, the hotel is surrounded by popular tourist spots and ideal date destinations.

Where To Stay In Sicily With A Family? 

Parents traveling with young children will appreciate the convenience of Cefalu, as there is plenty to see and do here to keep everyone occupied. 

Most conveniently, the hotels press right up to the beach, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting fussy children to and from a beach miles away from your hotel. 

A short walk from the town centre, Hotel Tourist is just meters from its own fully equipped, private beach. You can’t get more convenient than that. 

Where To Stay In Sicily For Sightseeing? 

If you want to take full advantage of all the cultural and historical attractions Sicily has to offer, you will find plenty to keep you busy in Taormina.

The town boasts numerous historic ruins to explore, including a stunning ancient Greek amphitheater with some of the best views in the region. Located in the foothills around Mount Etna, you will be conveniently placed to take a tour of the most active volcano in Europe.

The Taormina film festival in June coincides with the beginning of theatre season, so you can see live performances at the ancient amphitheater and attend previews of brand-new films on the same day.

The ‘superb’ hotel Valentina also sits at the heart of the historic town, right by the beautiful Palazzo Corvaja, and down the street from the ancient theatre.

Where To Stay In Sicily Catania Or Palermo? 

Catania and Palermo are the two major cities in Sicily. Whilst both offer a vibrant, multi-cultural experience, full of food and history, they still hold distinct appeals from one another.

Palermo is considered the more refined of the two. Full of fashionable bars, restaurants, museums, and art galleries, Palermo leans into its status as the Italian Capital of Culture. If you’re looking for the typical trappings of a city break with a Sicilian twist, Palermo is for you.

Catania is more laid back. A city founded on adaptability and frequent rebuilding, much of the culture here is based around creativity and community, as you’ll notice from the prevalent kiosk culture. The more adventurous amongst you will appreciate the opportunity to explore nearby Mount Etna.

Where To Stay In Sicily East Coast? 

Catania is the largest city on the east coast of Sicily. With a vibrant nightlife, a wide array of local attractions, and beautiful beaches, Catania offers almost anything you could want from a Mediterranean vacation. 

Close to the foothills surrounding Mount Etna, the city is a great base for anyone who wants to explore the famous volcano.

The B&B Oriental Palace is situated in the heart of Catania’s historic old town and has been rated as ‘exceptional’ by previous guests. Within walking distance of major attractions, the Catania Centrale train station, and the picturesque harbor, the hotel is perfectly located for most casual tourists.

Where To Stay In Sicily For Nightlife? 

The two major cities of Palermo and Catania are your best options for active nightlife. Of the two, Catania offers the most varied and laidback experience more likely to appeal to tourists. Catania is full of attractions to keep you occupied during the day, and fashionable bars and clubs to keep you satisfied well into the night.

Located right at the center of the city, B&B Gisira offers simple but stylish accommodation for those looking to save their cash for the city’s bars and clubs. Previous guests have left it a ‘superb’ review score on booking.com, so you don’t need to worry about compromising on quality to fit your budget.

Where To Stay In southeast Sicily? 

Syracuse is home to one of Sicily’s most famous tourist attractions, the Syracuse Amphitheatre, the largest Greek amphitheater on the island. The rest of the town keeps up the cultural atmosphere, with a charming old town, local museums, and the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Necropolis of Pantalica.

Combined with sprawling beaches and a gorgeous marina, the city is a gem of Sicilian history and hospitality.

Settled in the center of Syracuse, near to the historic Old Town, Laurus Sicilian Holiday is a stylish yet affordable B&B that will have you within easy reach of the best that Syracuse has to offer.

Where To Stay North East Sicily? 

Taormina is the crown jewel of north-eastern Sicily. Home to an abundance of historical ruins, host of the internationally renowned Taormina Film Festival, and nestled amongst the foothills of famous Mount Etna, you will never be left wanting for things to do in Taormina.All the sightseeing may leave you craving a few days relaxing by the beach, which makes the Panoramic Hotel a perfect choice. Located a little outside of the main town center and just 20 yards from the beach, with stunning ocean views, this ‘superb’ hotel is perfect for unwinding and soaking in the Mediterranean sun.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Sicily. See more about Italy travel here:

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