FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Seville

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Seville, you can see more about where to stay in Seville in this guide 14 Best Areas to Stay in Seville.

Where To Stay In Seville On Your First Visit? 

Anyone visiting the city for the first time is going to want to stay in a location that gives them the chance to see the most while they’re there. In the case of Seville, that unquestionably means staying in the Casco Antiguo district.

The very centre of the city, also known as the old town, this is an area where culture and history is visible in every direction you look. Then when you throw in the affordable accommodation in the area and the abundance of shops, bars and restaurants, it becomes clear that this is somewhere you could enjoy a diverse holiday in, without ever having to travel around.

That makes it ideal for those on a first trip to the city, as they will be able to see plenty, without worrying about wasting time moving from place to place.

Where To Stay In Seville Centre/Old Town?

So, if you’ve decided that the city centre/old town is the place for you, but aren’t sure exactly where in it you should stay, allow me to recommend the Hotel Legado Alcazar. A beautiful, 4-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.3/10 rating on booking.com and a price that is hardly believable considering what you get for your money, this offers everything you could want from a hotel.

It’s a luxurious hotel, situated right in the midst of the most famous and historic attractions the city has to offer, that offers incredible value. When a hotel ticks that many boxes, it should become clear that it is the ideal place to take an already great vacation up another level.

Where To Stay In Seville For Nightlife? 

For anyone who has nightlife at the top of their list of priorities when visiting Seville, I would highly recommend staying in Triana.

Featuring a unique and vibrant atmosphere, with a wide range of bars, clubs and restaurants, many of which stay open into the early hours of the morning, there simply isn’t a better place to stay for those looking to eat, drink and dance their nights away.

While there, I would recommend staying in the Eurostars Torre Sevilla. A stunning, 5-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.1/10 rating on booking.com, this will allow you to recover in luxurious surroundings from whatever antics you get up to on your wild nights out.

Where To Stay In Seville With A Car?  

When you’re travelling with a car to Seville, there are very few places that aren’t a good choice, with the exception of perhaps Santa Cruz, as you have the freedom to go where you like, when you like.

However, if I had to suggest the absolute best place to stay, it would be El Arenal. This is because outside of its neighbour, Santa Cruz, it has the best attractions in the city.

That means even though you have a car, you can easily spend days walking around the area and exploring when you choose not to use it.

As for exactly where to stay, the Hotel Kivir is a perfect choice. A 4-star hotel with an “exceptional” 9.5/10 rating on booking.com, it combines convenience and luxury into one affordable package. 

Where To Stay In Seville Without A Car?

For those visiting Seville without a car, I would recommend staying in the district of Santa Cruz. With its small, winding maze of streets, it is a picturesque place to visit, but can become a hassle if you plan to travel around by car.

Visiting without one means you can take full advantage of this and really immerse yourself in the traditional atmosphere.  The fact that a large portion of the city’s most famous attractions are located here also means you won’t have to worry about transport while you’re in town, which is ideal for those who don’t, or are choosing not to drive.

With Santa Cruz being located in the city centre/old town, I am again going to recommend the Hotel Legado Alcazar, for all the same reasons as I did before, as it’s a hotel you just can’t go wrong with.

Where To Stay In Seville Near The Train Station?  

For anyone who prioritises staying near the train station on a trip to Seville, there is really only one option, which is Nervion. Featuring not just one but the two largest train stations in the city, you are sure to be in a prime location to catch your train, wherever you are going to or coming from.

As for where in Nervion to stay, the Ayre Hotel Sevilla is a perfect choice. A 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” 8.6/10 rating on booking.com, located right next to Santa Justa station, you can be assured of not missing your train or having to drag your luggage around, while enjoying the type of luxury most long for on a vacation.

Where To Stay In Seville With Family?

If you are travelling to Seville with family, particularly with small children, you are going to want an area that doesn’t require a lot of travelling, offers plenty of open spaces and generally has a relaxed vibe to it. For that reason, I would suggest one of two places.

First is El Arenal, as it’s a more laid-back section of the inner city, which eliminates much of the travelling, making sightseeing easy. As before, if you choose to stay in this neighbourhood, I would recommend the Hotel Kivir as your accommodation.

The other option is to stay across the river in Triana. While slightly further from many of the attractions, it offers a real family friendly, traditional vibe, that feels incredibly welcoming to all visitors. As I stated earlier, the Eurostars Torre Sevilla is a fantastic choice of accommodation I the area that you really can’t go wrong with.

Where To Stay In Seville For Sightseeing?

Much like when asked about where to stay with a car, I am again going to suggest El Arenal and the Hotel Kivir, for the same reasons as before.

It is a location surrounded by many of the best attractions in Seville, yet one that makes it easy to bring or rent a car, opening up all of the attractions in the rest of the city to you. What more could a person visiting the city for the purpose of sightseeing ask for.

Best Time To Visit Seville?

While Seville is a city that’s beautiful at any time of year, if I had to pinpoint the absolute best time to visit, I would have to go with April, specifically around easter time, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this is a time when the weather is starting to warm up as we approach summer. That means you will find a pleasant climate with plenty of sun, which hasn’t got too hot yet, like it often does in the height of summer. This makes for absolutely perfect conditions to explore the city.

The other reason, the one why I have been so specific with my timing, is the celebrations that take place in Seville around this time.

First, you have holy week, with some of the most incredible processions in the country held throughout the city. Then, a week later, you have the Seville Fair, where people can drink, party and enjoy activities like an amusement park.

Visiting at this time of year simply adds so much value to your trip, with the culture you’ll witness and experiences you’ll get to have while you’re there.

So, if you don’t have a specific time in mind for your trip, I would highly recommend looking up the exact date of the festivities in the year you plan to visit and timing your vacation to match.

How To Get Around Seville?

When it comes to travelling around Seville you are spoilt for choice. You can walk around many of the attractions in the centre of the city or you could hire a car and drive from place to place. However, if I were to suggest the best way to do it, I would recommend using public transport.

Seville has a fabulous transport network, covering every region of the city, meaning you can simply hop on a bus and enjoy looking at the sights as you travel around, without having to worry about parking when you get there.

How Long To Stay In Seville?

Seville is a city with a rich history and an abundance of things to do and see. That said, a large quantity of the attractions are located within a relatively small area, making it possible to tick many of them off in a single day.

That’s why I would estimate that 7 to 10 days is an ideal length of time to visit the city for. It should give you time to tick off everything you want to see, no matter where in the city it’s located, while being able to do it at your own, leisurely pace.

Best Things To Do And See In Seville?

Narrowing down the best attractions to just a short list in a city like this is a real tough task, as there is just so much on offer. That said, there are a few things that stand out above the rest.

Firstly, there is the old town. With the entire district brimming with character and history, you simply have to wander its labyrinth of streets and discover the wonders for yourself.

Speaking of which, the unique culture to be found on the Isla De La Cartuja is just as enjoyable and fascinating, meaning you can get two for the price of one if you ensure you explore both places.

Then there are the remnants of the city’s ancient walls, most prominent in Macarena. If you want to get a true sense of where this city started centuries ago, this is a spot you truly have to visit.

Finally, the Maria Luisa Park in Distrito Sur, with its array of buildings and museums from the Ibero-American Exposition Of 1929, is a fantastic place to learn about the history of the city.

Oh, and while the farms aren’t technically in the city, I do feel you’ll be a little disappointed if you don’t rent a car and get to try the legendary Seville Orange’s at their freshest, straight off the tree.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Seville. See more about Spain travel here:

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