FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Sardinia

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Sardinia, you can see more about where to stay in Sardinia in this guide 21 Best Areas to Stay in Sardinia.

Should You Stay In Sardinia North Or South? 

Whether it is better to stay in the north or south of Sardinia is purely down to personal preference. The south of the island is filled with historic, cultural destinations, like Cagliari and beautiful, calm sand beaches. If you simply want to stroll along the sand or through fabled streets, then this is probably a good choice for you.

While there is still plenty of history, culture and sandy beaches in the north, it also has a little bit more of an edge to it, and I’m not just taking about the caves and coves along the rugged coastline. With high octane destinations like Costa Smerelda and cities like Alghero hosting festivals that last 6-months, it certainly seems there’s a little more life to things up here.

At the end of the day, both are fabulous choices, which one you pick is entirely down to your personal preferences. 


Where To Stay In Sardinia For The Best Beaches?

Choosing where to stay based on beaches brings me to two options, with either one a potential choice, depending on what sort of beach you’re looking for.

If you want a high-end, exclusive area, with relaxing beaches, then Costa Smerelda and the Cervo Hotel Costa Smerelda Resort, with its stunning views and classy surroundings, should provide everything you’re looking for.

However, if you would prefer a slightly more fun-filled, laid back environment, then Golfo Aranci is located just a few miles down the coast. It offers beaches of a similar quality and has the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites located right on the sand.

Where To Stay In Sardinia For Nightlife? 

Despite being a fairly pricey area, Costa Smerelda is comfortably the most popular spot on the island for nightlife, with clubs and bars open into the early hours being one of the prime reasons it has developed its tourist reputation.

While you may worry about coming to such a pricey area if you weren’t already planning to, think of it as Sardinia’s answer to Miami and perhaps you will change your mind. Just like when discussing beaches above, I would again recommend the Cervo Hotel Costa Smerelda Resort as the ideal spot to stay in the area.

Where To Stay In Sardinia For Hiking?  

Selecting a destination for hiking in Sardinia could bring you to a host of different answers but I would personally have to go with Alghero. Whether it be hiking around the ancient city walls or to the beaches, bays and natural parks surrounding it, there are great options in abundance for walkers and hikers on this part of the island.

Perhaps its best offering is the Hotel Catalunya, a 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” 8.6/10 rating, located right on the tourist harbour, providing visitors with sensational views.

Where To Stay In Sardinia Without A Car?

While I was tempted to recommend Cagliari for this one, in the end I had to go with Olbia for its transport links. 

With its port and airport allowing you to conveniently arrive and leave Sardinia, trains running to other cities on the island and regular buses to some of its most amazing beaches, Olbia is a destination where you can experience a little bit of everything, even without renting a car.

The Hotel Panorama is a perfect choice for such a visit. A 4-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.1/10 rating, located in the heart of the city, it combines quality and convenience in a single package.

Where To Stay In Sardinia With Family?

Selecting a destination for a family needs to be one that offers a little bit of everything, which is why I have gone with Oristano. 

It provides plenty of culture and history to keep older guests happy, has a beach with calm, shallow waters, ideal for small children and weak swimmers, and will also be less crowded than more popular destinations, offering you a more relaxed environment in which to keep your group together.

I would also recommend the Hotel Il Duomo, a 4-star hotel with a “fabulous” 8.6/10 rating, which will provide, comfortable, luxurious surroundings, for you and all the family.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In April?  

For those visiting Sardinia in April, I would recommend staying in Alghero, as this is when the Festival Alguer will begin. With an array of open-air musicals, live jazz shows, theatrical performances and cultural events, held at two of the city’s most historic venues, it is a truly magnificent spectacle to be a part of.

As I did when we discussed hiking, I will again recommend the Hotel Catalunya as the place to stay while in town, as it simply covers all the bases.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In June? 

For anyone visiting the island in June, I would highly recommend staying in Olbia, as this is when Le Cozze Di Olbia, also known as Mussel Month, takes place. A festival where more than 30 different restaurants provide exhibitions and cook unique and interesting dishes, if you’re a fan of seafood, this is an experience you aren’t going to want to miss.

 As I mentioned in the “where to stay without a car” section, the Hotel Panorama is the best choice for accommodation in the city, to keep you right in the thick of things at all times.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In July?  

With July being the height of the season for destinations like this, there is plenty going on across the island to keep you entertained. That said, if I had to narrow it down to a single destination for visiting at this time of year, I would go with Sardinia’s capital of Cagliari.

The reason for this is that there are two festivals occurring in the region at this time: the Ross Tango Art Festival in the city and the Sagra Delle Pesche peach festival in the nearby village of San Sperate.

While neither are going to make you travel to the island by themselves, they both offer an additional insight into the fabulous culture on offer here.

The city also offers you the perfect place to stay, in the shape of the Palazzo Doglio. A 5-star hotel with a “superb” 9.1/10 rating, it will allow you to spend your entire trip surrounded by luxury.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In August?  

Of all the attractions on the island in August, perhaps none are as special as the Festival Of Monti Vermentino. A 2-day wine festival, featuring wine tasting, folk dancing, live local music and fresh food stalls, all held in an old-fashioned wine village, what better way to soak up the true local culture of the island.

While I wouldn’t recommend staying in the village itself, as there is little else to do, nearby Golfo Aranci and its Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites offer a perfect alternative. Not only is it located close to the village but the historic train that runs between the two will add even more to the experience.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In September?  

For those visiting Sardinia in September, I would again recommend Alghero. While I already mentioned the Festival Alguer, this is when the Saint Miquel takes place. Essentially the closing ceremonies of a 6-month long festival in the city, everything goes into overdrive now. All of the attractions, performances and culture you could dream of come to life throughout the entire city, making for a truly wonderful experience.

Considering I recommended the Hotel Catalunya for those visiting Sardinia in April, I will do so again, as its selling points are no less valuable now than they were before.

Where To Stay In Sardinia In October?  

When it comes to visiting the island in October, I am going to recommend Alghero and the Hotel Catalunya one last time. This time it is for a different reason though, as it is now that the city hosts the Alghero Challenge Cup.

A regatta held by the Alghero Yacht Club, it features many spectator events in the harbour that visitors can enjoy, as well as some in the town, such as a torch lit procession through the streets.

What better way to add a little extra to your trip than getting to watch everything unfold while eating or drinking in one of the city’s fabulous bars and restaurants.

Best Time To Visit Sardinia?

If I had to recommend the best time to visit Sardinia, I would go with either June or September, for two reasons.

Firstly, the weather is beautiful at this time of year but isn’t quite as hot as the two months in between, meaning you can enjoy it without things becoming a little too much. Then there is the fact that schools will be in during that time, which means you won’t have to contend with overly large crowds on the beaches or at the attractions.

You combine these two factors, and it becomes clear that June and September are the ideal months to visit the island of Sardinia.

How To Get Around Sardinia?

When it comes to travelling around Sardinia, you do have a few options. If you plan to stay in a single location, you could simply walk around and take in the beauty of the island on your way between stops. Alternately, those who would prefer to see more of the island could also make use of the public transport, with buses and trains available in certain destinations.

For the more extravagant of you, you could even hire a boat or yacht and sail your way from place to place along the coast. However, despite all of that, on an island the size of Sardinia, easily the most cost and time efficient option is to rent a car.

With so much to do and see here, being able to get from place to place with as little fuss or wasted time as possible is essential if you want to fit everything in. Considering the alternatives, if you have your heart set on travelling around, I strongly recommend renting a car for the duration of your stay.

Best Things To Do And See In Sardinia?

Narrowing down what to do and see in Sardinia is quite a challenge, given how much the island offers. However, there are a few options that particularly stand out.

First there is Asinara National Park. With such a unique history and beautiful landscape, it provides something so different to everything else on the island that it will help you spice things up a bit.

Second is the olive plantations around Sassari. Given how synonymous the fruit is with Italian culture, you simply have to take the opportunity to experience it at the source.

Then you have the capital city of Cagliari, which is simply brimming with history and culture in every direction. No matter why you are visiting or where you are staying, I highly recommend everyone spend at least a day here.

Beyond that, you could easily spend your time hiking through nature parks, exploring historic locations, relaxing on glorious beaches or taking incredible cruises. While I couldn’t possibly list everything to do, just know you certainly won’t be left wanting for activities in Sardinia.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Sardinia. See more about Italy travel here:

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