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Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Mykonos, you can see more about where to stay in Mykonos in this guide 14 Best Areas to Stay in Mykonos.

Where To Stay In Mykonos For A Party? 

If you want to party hard in some top nightclubs, then the best place to stay on Mykonos Island is definitely at Paradise Beach or nearby Super Paradise Beach. These two beaches are on the south coast of Mykonos about 8 km from Mykonos town. This area developed as the center of the island’s nightlife over 40 years ago. 

These days as soon as the sun sets the competing sound systems of the bars and clubs begin to beat out the a that says party. There are lots of results and hotels here, if you want to stay in the more accessible of the two beaches then stay at Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach is just over the hill.

Where To Stay In Mykonos On A Budget? 

If you are traveling on a budget or as a backpacker, then a good place to stay when you visit Mykonos is in Mykonos Town. This is the largest settlement on the island and has a huge range of accommodation, including some excellent hostels and budget guesthouses. There are lots of shops and markets here where you can buy excellent quality, economic street food.

If you want to get out of the busy Mykonos town and stay at the beach on a budget, the best place to choose is Paraga Beach. A small result on Mykonos’ South Coast, it has long been popular with independent travelers. Paraga is a pretty beach and welcomes nude sunbathing.

There is a lively bar scene here on the beachfront, but you can avoid that by heading back up into the village, where there are some excellent value guesthouses and homestays.

Where To Stay In Mykonos Beach Or Town? 

Mykonos Town is one of the busiest and most exciting of all of the towns on the Greek islands. it’s a great place to stay and you will always find plenty to see and do, but what about the beach? Well, since Mykonos Town is on the coast you don’t actually have to choose between the town and the beach. 

What you can do is stay just a few minutes walk from the center of town at pretty Megali Ammos Beach. This is a great little stretch of sand with some good hotels and resorts, so you can head straight to the beach if you want or stroll into town to enjoy all of the restaurants, bars, shopping, and facilities that it offers.

Where To Stay In Mykonos For Honeymoon? 

If you just got married, then you’re probably looking for somewhere a holiday destination that is intimate, attractive, and sophisticated. You will need a pretty beach as well probably, so why not stay at the classy and private Elia Beach?

Elia Beach is a gorgeous little resort on the southeast coast of Mykonos. You will find fantastic middle and upper range boutique hotels here that will offer you five-star service, especially if you tell them that you are newlyweds. Alternatively, you could rent a luxurious private Villa with waterfront views and truly impress your new life partner.

Where To Stay In Mykonos For Nightlife? 

Mykonos has some fabulous nightlife; the question is, what kind of nightlife do you prefer? If you want beach clubs and full-on parties, then, without question, you need to head down to Paradise Beach and next door Super Paradise Beach. These well-established clubbing havens have many bars and nightclubs and make one of the best nightlife destinations in the whole of Europe.

But it’s entirely possible to enjoy a party without needing to go full-on all-night dance club. You will find the island’s most extensive collection of bars and restaurants in Mykonos Town. Here you can see live bands and a very different night scene to the club frenzy of Paradise Beach.

And then if you want a cool, chilled-out beach with some beach bars that are very lively and kick on a bit later then try Paraga Beach, with its young backpacker-friendly vibe.

Where To Stay In Mykonos In October? 

October is a great time to visit Mykonos since the weather is still hot, the Aegean Sea is still swimmably warm, and the island has come down a bit from the peak of the high season and isn’t nearly as crowded. In fact, this is one of the best times of year to visit mykonos.

You might choose to stay in a resort like Platis Gialos Beach, a resort that can feel uncomfortably crowded in July and August but is a lot more fun in October when there seems to be so much more space. You will find a huge choice of accommodation here, and prices will be a bit cheaper than at the peak of the peak season so that you can expect great value for money.

Where To Stay In Mykonos Young Couple? 

Ornos Beach is an excellent choice for younger couples traveling together. This beach resort is just a ten-minute drive from Mykonos town and all of its shopping and facilities. There are excellent tourist facilities here with many good restaurants and pretty little beachside bars where you can watch the sun go down together.

Ornos Beach has a regular boat service that takes visitors to the nearby island of Delos, famed for its fabulous architecture and ancient Greek history.

Where To Stay In Mykonos With Family? 

One of the most family-friendly resorts on Mykonos is Ornos Beach. This pretty beach has plenty of large-scale tourist development, and there are some larger resorts here that have great children’s facilities. Ornos Beach is an attractive and sheltered bay, and so the calm waters and inviting sands provide another excellent place for the kids to play. Ornos Bay has plenty of shops, lots of restaurants and cafes, and plenty to keep the family interested and occupied throughout a delightful Greek Island holiday.

Where To Stay In Mykonos Quiet? 

Mykonos is an extremely popular Island that can get quite packed in there tourist high season, but it is also a very large island and even at the busiest times, so you can always find a quiet corner to unwind. I guess the question is just how quiet do you want it? 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and high budget kind of quiet, with excellent but limited facilities and no crowds, then head for Elia Beach on the east coast. 

If Elia Beach is still too busy for you or you’re looking for something at a lower budget, then try the nearby Kalo Livadi Beach. And if you want to try and escape beachside tourism altogether then why not stay in the pretty, inland town of Ano Mera.

Where To Stay In Mykonos First Time? 

If you have never been to Mykonos and want to have the best opportunity to explore the island to the fullest, you should probably stay in Mykonos Town. There is a lot to see and do in Mykonos Town, like the splendid historic windmills, but it is also a great transport hub for exploring all of the rest of the island using the excellent local bus service, or taxi if you prefer. 

Nowhere on Mykonos is much further than a 20 or 30-minute drive from Mykonos Town, so you are free to explore the beaches and the coastlines all over the island from your base in the main town.

Where To Stay In Mykonos In May? 

May is perhaps the prettiest month to visit Mykonos. The weather is becoming warmer, and if you want comfortably warm rather than blazing hot temperatures, then late Spring is the best time to visit. 

Since the tourist crowds haven’t arrived yet you will find the island delightfully peaceful, and room prices will be much more affordable than in peak season. Why not stay at pretty Agios Iannes Beach, the one featured in the movie Shirley Valentine? This is a lovely and quiet location that is private and secluded but only a short way from Mykonos Town’s excitement.

Where To Stay In Mykonos In September? 

Mykonos has excellent weather in September, and this is a great month to visit the island. This is the last month of the tourist high season, so the busier resort beaches may still be a little bit crowded for your taste. At this time of year, a visit to Elia Beach or Paraga Beach can be very rewarding. These two destinations are just a little bit off the beaten tourist track, and so you can be sure that they’ll be plenty happening, but you won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of fellow travelers.

Where To Stay In Mykonos In April? 

Springtime is a very nice time of year to visit Mykonos, just as long as you aren’t a keen swimmer. At this time of the year, the Aegean is still warming up from its winter cool, and only the hardiest of cold-water swimmers will dare to take to the waters. 

However, there is very little rainfall, and temperatures are mild and very comfortable in April. This is a good time of year to stay in Mykonos Town. There won’t be so many tourists, but you can always be sure to find something going on in the streets of the island’s capital.

Where To Stay In Mykonos Gay? 

Mykonos is a very LGBTQ+ friendly destination and is one of the most popular gay destinations of all the Greek islands. Elia is a beach popular with the gay crowd that has a sophisticated and distinctly classy vibe. Ornos Beach is another beach resort popular with gay travelers. Ornos attracts a younger and more down-to-earth crowd.

Where To Stay In Mykonos With No Car? 

You don’t need a car to explore Mykonos since it is a relatively small island served by a good and regular local bus service. The local buses connect you with the main town, all of the main beaches and everywhere but the most remote of the island’s destinations. 

Also, many beaches, particularly those on the southern coast, are connected by water taxis to, and these are a fun way to get around. 

If you intend to spend a lot of your time exploring all the beautiful beaches and hidden corners of the island, you should consider staying in Mykonos Town, since this is the starting point for most bus and transport services.

Where To Stay In Mykonos With Friends? 

Choosing where to stay on Mykonos for you and your friends is very much a question of who you are and what you’re looking for. 

If you plan to travel with a young group who likes to party, you should stay at Paradise or Super Paradise Beach. These two beaches are famous clubbing hotspots in the island’s south.
Other great places for group travelers include Mykonos Town, with all of its shopping and entertainment, or busy beaches like Ornos and Platis Gialos Beach.

Wherever you choose, if you were traveling as a group, be aware that Mykonos has some excellent Villa and apartment rentals. Villas and private rentals are an ideal personal and economical choice for group travelers.

Where To Stay In Mykonos For Solo Traveling? 

If you want a solo traveler visiting Mykonos, then perhaps you should choose to stay somewhere Central like Mykonos Town. This thriving center point of the island has some excellent traveler-friendly hostels and guest houses, which are great places to meet other travelers in a social and secure setting. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay by the beach, then Agios Stefanos is another good choice of destination. It is a lovely beach with plenty of places to stay, and lots of dining and entertainment, just 3 km away from the main town.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Mykonos. See more about Greece travel here:

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