FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Milan

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Milan, you can see more about where to stay in Milan in this guide 16 Best Areas to Stay in Milan.

Where To Stay In Milan With Family? 

San Siro is one of the best places to stay in Milan if you’re traveling with your family. This western suburb is most famous as the home of Milan’s two great football rivals, but their enormous stadium complex is home to some great child-friendly activities.  

San Siro is a safe and attractive suburb that will suit your family perfectly. There are also plenty of good places to eat, drink, and shop in and around the stadium. San Siro has a large number of well-priced hotels and apartments to rent.

Sure, it’s a little way out of town, but San Siro has excellent links to all the city center sights via the quick and convenient Metro system.

Where To Stay In Milan On A Budget?

If you are traveling on a budget, then overwhelmingly the best place to stay in Milan is the Citta Studi. This is the accommodation center for Milan’s huge student population. As we all know, students live frugally, which means that there are great value places to eat and drink and shops that won’t break the bank.

An added advantage of this area is that it is close to the Duomo and the city’s historic center. So if you want to explore all of the extravagant cultural wonders of central Milan, you can get there after a 15 or 20-minute walk or by jumping on the tram.

Where To Stay In Milan For First-Timers? 

If you’ve never been to Milan before, why not treat yourself to a stay in the historic center of the city? Some beautiful hotels are located close to The Duomo di Firenze. The whole area surrounding this central highlight is packed with beautiful churches, renaissance architecture, and all kinds of things to see and do.

Here, you can just step out of your hotel into the beautiful Piazza Duomo, and you’re right in the heart of the old Milan.

Where To Stay In Milan For 2 Nights? 

If you are visiting Milan for two nights, then it makes sense to stay somewhere close to the center of town, but if you want to be a little bit away from the busiest tourist spots then you should book accommodation in the district of Porta Venezia

This central yet suburban area is just to the east of the historic center of the city and a stone’s throw from the Piazza Duomo and all of the tourist attractions that surround it. But it is a world away in atmosphere, being an affluent and mostly residential suburb, full of parks, and nice little bistros, restaurants and shops.

Where To Stay In Milan For One Night? 

If you can only spare one night for all of Milan’s historic and modern delights, you really need to stay somewhere close to the center of the city. Time is of the essence here. You will want to visit the Duomo (or Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) and some of the other museums and historic buildings of the historic center, so it makes sense to stay in the Centro Storico, or historic center

Most of your accommodation in this area is in the mid-to-upper range, but you can also find some decent budget options if you shop around. If you’re staying here, then it’s simplicity itself to spend an afternoon on foot going from sight to sight and making the most of your brief stay in the city.

Where To Stay In Milan For 3 Nights? 

If you can spend three nights in Milan, why not stay in Brera, a conveniently central district of the city, overflowing with charm and character.

Brera is conveniently placed for all of the sites of the historic center of the city, being just a short distance away to the northwest. But you will find plenty of delights to attract you in the area itself, which is an enchanting maze of winding streets and traditional architecture that houses some excellent contemporary shops, and great restaurants and bars too.

This area also boasts a spectacular art gallery, the Pinacoteca Di Brera. It’s the perfect base for a long weekend in Milan.

Where To Stay In Milan For Nightlife? 

If you are a creature of the night, then you should most definitely choose the district of Navigli as your home base in Milan. 

This district is the uncontested center of Milan’s nightlife scene. You will find a spectacular collection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs surrounding the two central canals that form this area’s heart. Starting with sunset aperitivos, and heading on into an evening that can last as long as you want it to, you are sure to find a party venue here that suits you just perfectly.Where To Stay In Milan Near Duomo? 

The Piazza Duomo is the central square of Milan, home to the spectacular Duomo Cathedral. High-class boutiques, opulent shopping arcades, and many of the city’s best things to see and do are right here.
The streets and avenues surrounding this beautiful area have some great, if relatively expensive, places to stay. But, especially if you are a first-time visitor, the expense is well justified by your surroundings’ convenience and wonderful atmosphere.

Where To Stay In Milan Near Train Station? 

 If you are traveling to Milan by train and want to stay somewhere conveniently close to the central train station then why not stay in the nearby Citta Studi? This is the city’s student heartland and is a vibrant and exciting place to be, full of interesting shopping and great restaurants, bars, and nightlife, all of which are designed to be easy on the budget.

It’s just a short walk from Citti Studi to the Central Station. This area is much more appealing than the slightly seedy and down-at-heel area in the station’s immediate surroundings. A handy tip is that you should take special care of your belongings and look out for pickpockets and scam artists around the train station.

Where To Stay In Milan City Centre? 

Piazza Del Duomo, is the uncontested heart of Milan. This is the core of the Centro Storico historic center of the city and is home to spectacular Renaissance architecture, fabulous museums and galleries, top-of-the-range designer shops, and a seemingly endless supply of things for tourists to see and do. 

If you want to stay in the center of Milan, choose a hotel anywhere within about 500m of the Duomo, and you can’t go far wrong, since everything you want to see and do will be within convenient walking distance.

Where To Stay In Milan For Shopping? 

In Milan, shopping is everywhere. The city rivals Paris when it comes to being the home of chic design and top-class fashion. If you are looking for designer labels, classy food stores, and other high-budget high-quality shops, then you should stay in the Centro Storico, or historic center, a central district with many fabulous shopping arcades.
If you are on more of a budget and you’re looking for small and unique, non-brand-name things to buy, then take a look around the Citta Studi area. This lower budget, student-friendly area is packed full of interesting and idiosyncratic stores selling all manner of shopping items.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Milan. See more about Italy travel here:

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