FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Kefalonia

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Kefalonia, you can see more about where to stay in Kefalonia in this guide 14 Best Areas to Stay in Kefalonia.

Where To Stay In Kefalonia Without A Car? 

The vast majority of Kefalonia is accessible by public transport, so not having a car isn’t a major issue when visiting the island. If you want to minimize the amount of time spent on buses, however, I suggest staying in or near the capital city of Argostoli. 

The modern town has everything from varied restaurants and shops, to museums and historic sights, and even the natural wonder of endangered turtles and the mysterious ocean sinkholes. Beaches are also just a comfortable walk or quick bus-ride away.

Where To Stay In Kefalonia For Families? 

Families, particularly those traveling with children, will appreciate the holistic convenience of the beach town of Lassi. Within walking distance of the capital, Argostoli, or just a few minutes by bus or car, you are never far from the modern conveniences of city life. 

The real perk to staying in Lassi, over Argostoli itself, is the easy access to the town’s multiple beaches.  Rather than having to drive or bus to the nearest beach, or transport wet children home in your car, you can simply walk a few minutes from your hotel. 

Where To Stay In Kefalonia For Couples? 

For those looking for a romantic escape, the picturesque village of Sami is ideal. A town with a unique aesthetic charm, the village exudes romance.

There are plenty of historic sites to visit by day, then in the evening retreat to one of the waterfront tavernas for dinner and cocktails by the sea.

For a magical date idea, take a cruise tour out to Melissani cave and witness the way the sun reflects off the water, to cast the secluded grotto in an ethereal blue glow.

Where To Stay In Kefalonia For Nightlife?   

Far from a notorious party island, you won’t find a ton of clubs on Kefalonia. Whilst you can find a few late-night bars in the bigger resort towns like Skala, most of the nightlife action centres around the capital, Argostoli.

Here you will find the widest variety of restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, discos, and even a few clubs. Plenty to keep you entertained all night long.

Best Things To Do And See In Kefalonia? 

When you are in Kefalonia, you should definitely keep an eye out for the endangered carretta-carretta sea turtles that populate the island. The best place to see them is in the harbour of Argostoli, particularly the morning when the fishing boats drift in and throw the turtles a feast of unwanted fish. Alternatively, try the beautiful Kaminia beach, whose soft sand provides a comfortable nesting ground.

If you are interested in the history of Kefalonia, you should definitely visit the oldest monastery on the island. The 8th century Monastery of Panagia Atros is located 5 kilometres away from Poros. A Mycenaean tomb can also be found nearby, which some believe is the resting place of the classical hero Odysseus.

One of the most iconic natural sites in all of Greece can be found near the small town of Sami. The Melissani Cave is an ethereal grotto, containing a lake of blue water and plants thriving from the sunlight filtering through the hole in the roof. When the sunlight hits the right angle, it reflects off of the water, lighting the whole cave with an otherworldly glow.

The town of Fiscardo is the only village on the island left standing after the devastating earthquake of 1953, that destroyed most of the rest of the island. If you are interested in seeing some historical architecture and revelling in the traditional culture of Kefalonia, you should definitely pay it a visit.

Best Places to Eat in Kefalonia? 

For traditional Greek cuisine in beautiful surroundings, you can’t beat O Makis. Located in the mountain town of Vasilikades, this highly rated restaurant provides authentic Greek dishes and barbecue, served in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 

Myrtos Taverna in Diverata serves delicious seafood and Greek dishes against the stunning backdrop of the surrounding mountains. Their beautiful terrace dining area is the perfect place to spend an evening enjoying a good meal.

If you somehow find yourself growing tired of Greek food, larger tourist towns like Argostoli offer cuisines from around the world. The Chinese Dragon, overlooking the central square of Argostoli, offers delicious Chinese meals, in a beautifully styled restaurant, with terrace dining leading out onto the square.

In Sami, the Afrala Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is a welcoming family restaurant, serving wonderful, fresh food, with views overlooking the marina. It’s a lovely place to spend an evening sipping cocktails and watching the boats.

Best Beaches in Kefalonia? 

Kaminia is one of the longest beaches on the island, with sand so soft it makes a popular nesting ground for carretta-carretta turtles. It’s near to the popular tourist hub of Skala and all the conveniences that provides, while also having a solid array of beach bars and restaurants of its own. 

During hatching season, some sections of the beach may be sealed off to protect the endangered turtles.

Lourdas beach is another favourite. A long stretch of sand, well stocked with sunbeds, and plenty of parking, it’s both beautiful and convenient. The many bars and tavernas pressed up against the sand provide dining options to please everyone. 

As popular as it is, Lourdas can get very busy, so, If you want somewhere a little less packed, Kanali beach right next door is equally beautiful, but being just a little further away from the car park and bars, it is generally quieter.

For some stunning scenery and photo opportunities try Xi Beach, with its stunning contrast of bright orange sand and pure white cliffs.

Best Time to Visit Kefalonia? 

Primarily a destination for people seeking sun, sand, and sea, the summer months are the most popular time to visit Kefalonia. Temperatures peak from June through August and start to dip in late September. 

The hot, dry summer climate is ideal for long days lazing on the beach, and the warm evenings are perfect for al fresco dining by the ocean. Be prepared for the more popular locations to be particularly crowded at this time of year though.

Alternatively, visit in early autumn, from September to October, after the summer crush but with the temperatures still comfortably warm for sunbathing. With school summer holidays now over, the beaches and resorts will all be much quieter than in the peak months. 

Just a little cooler than the peak heat of high summer, early Autumn is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the hiking trails through the beautiful Kefalonian landscape without working up the kind of sweat best saved for the gym.

How to get Around Kefalonia? 

Kefalonia, with its many small villages scattered across the island, along winding, mountain roads, is best traversed by car. There are plenty of rental companies across the island, though demand is high during peak season, so it could pay to book ahead. 

Many companies allow you to pick up directly from the airport, which is the height of convenience, particularly when it comes to hauling your luggage to your hotel.

If you can’t, or don’t want to, spend your vacation driving yourself around, most areas, including beaches and remote sites of interest, are serviced by public buses. While you should be able to find a bus to take you wherever you want to go, make sure you check the local schedules, as some routes are more frequent than others. 

Sometimes, for the convenience and time saved, it even pays to considered taking a taxi.

Alternatively, for sites within a reasonable distance, consider walking. Kefalonia has some stunning scenery and much of it is at its best when viewed from the trekking routes.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Kefalonia. See more about Greece travel here:

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