FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Cyprus

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Cyprus, you can see more about where to stay in Cyprus in this guide 15 Best Areas to Stay in Cyprus.

Where To Stay In Cyprus With A Family?

A lot goes in to determining the perfect destination when travelling as a family, especially if that includes young children. How much there is to do, how much travelling will be involved, how far it is from the airport; these will all have to be taken into consideration before deciding on where to stay.

Thankfully, there is one location in Cyprus that ticks all of those boxes, and that is Larnaca. Featuring a huge range of things to do and see, both historical and touristy, as well as a location near to the airport, it sets itself apart as the ideal location for families.

It even has hotels such as the Lordos Beach Hotel And Spa, a 4-star resort, with an 8.4/10 rating on booking.com, featuring multiple pools and its own private beach, giving you plenty of choices to keep the entire family occupied during the day.

Where To Stay In Cyprus For Couples?  

When it comes to where is best suited for a couple to stay in Cyprus, I would have to recommend Polis Crysochous.

With it being a much quieter destination, you can enjoy some quality intimate time, lazing on the beaches and strolling through the beautiful, traditional streets. Then, in the evenings, you can enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner, looking out over the stunning harbour.

You can even complete the experience with a stay at Anassa, a 5-star hotel with an “exceptional” rating on booking.com, providing views out across the bay, to make every second of your trip as magical as it could possibly be.

Where To Stay In Cyprus For Beaches? 

Where to stay in Cyprus for beach lovers is a question that largely depends on what your perfect beach entails.

If you want a wide range of busy, well equipped, tourist focused beaches, then Ayia Napa should be your preferred destination. However, anyone preferring a quieter, more relaxed beach environment, will be better suited by what’s on offer around Rizokarpaso.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In January Or November? 

As you might expect, travelling in January or November means you will be met by colder temperatures when you arrive in Cyprus. That largely rules out a beach vacation, and the lack of any notable holidays or festivals means it will be a trip that revolves primarily around sightseeing.

This makes Limassol the perfect option, as not only does it have some of the best things to see, it is also located in the centre of the island, making travelling to see sights elsewhere significantly easier.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In February? 

If you are visiting Cyprus during February, the biggest attraction on offer will be the Cyprus Carnival. Celebrated across the island, with parades, parties and processions, the top destination to visit during this period is Limassol. In addition to everything above, it also hosts concerts and masquerade balls, making it the perfect choice for anyone wanting to take part in the festivities.

While here, the Alasia Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel with a “wonderful” rating on booking.com, perfect for making your celebration one that will last for the entirety of your stay.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In March? 

Anyone deciding to visit Cyprus late in the month of March will be in for a treat, as March 25th is Greek Independence Day, a holiday which is widely celebrated across the island.

While there are numerous parades held throughout Cyprus, the biggest and best are held in the cities of Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos. With that in mind, I would recommend staying in one of these locations, to give you the opportunity to get involved in the festivities and truly make the most of everything that comes with them.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In April? 

With easter being the most important event of the Orthodox calendar, experiencing how they celebrate it is a unique opportunity for anyone visiting Cyprus during this time of year.

With that in mind, I would suggest staying at a location offering perhaps the most incredible festivities on the island at this time of year, which is Larnaca.

With military displays and grand church services, there’s a variety to do and see here, to help you truly understand the importance of the occasion.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In June? 

During the month of June, the city of Larnaca hosts the Festival Of The Flood, or Kataklysmos as it’s also known. A cultural event, lasting for 3 weeks, the streets are filled with stalls, rides and temporary Loukomades restaurants, making this the perfect destination for your trip if you want a unique and enthralling experience.

Staying at the Sun Hall Hotel, a 4-star hotel with an “excellent” rating on booking.com, will allow you to have a luxurious stay, located right amongst the festivities, making for a trip you’re sure to remember for a long time to come.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In August? 

While travelling to a destination like Cyprus in the height of summer means you will be looking for plenty of sun and warm weather, it can still get a little much at times for most of us. That’s why if you’re visiting during August, I would recommend staying in Paphos.

Featuring the mildest temperatures on the island, and with plenty of history and tourist resorts in the surrounding area, it is a destination that should be able to provide you with a happy balance of a little bit of everything.

The Elysium is a stunning, 5-star hotel, with a “wonderful” rating on booking.com, that perfectly reflects this, as it is not only luxurious but is surrounded by historical attractions and tourist amenities as well.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In September?

While September may seem a little late in the season for many, as the weather is beginning to cool off and the kids are back to school, there is a unique opportunity to be had at this time with a trip to Ayia Napa. This is because, not only will many of the clubs be hosting parties to close for the season but it’s also when the Ayia Napa International Festival takes place.

Running for more than 35 years, it celebrates the islands history and culture, with theatre performances, operas, concerts, and dancing, along with a wide variety of exhibitions.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a stay at the Adams Beach Hotel, a 5-star resort with an 8.2/10 score on booking.com, that offers incredible value deals at this time of year.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In October? 

When it comes to the best place to visit in Cyprus during October, I would have to recommend staying in the city of Paphos. As one of the larger, more diverse locations on the island, it is a destination that can thrill year-round. However, at this time of year, it hosts the Open Studios Cyprus festival, where local artists open their doors and discuss their works with the visitors, giving you the opportunity to get an even deeper sense of the culture in the region.

Where To Stay In Cyprus In December? 

While Cyprus may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about Christmas, it is sure to be in most people’s thoughts come December. That’s why if you’re travelling to the island during the month, you may want to take the opportunity to see how they celebrate the season.

With Nicosia known for its Christmas Village, featuring wooden houses, Christmas trees and performers, Limassol’s Santa’s, who sing, dance and give sleigh rides to children, and Larnaca’s traditional Christmas market, you actually have plenty of choices on offer.

So, with that in mind, I would highly recommend staying in one of these three locations if you do happen to visit Cyprus in December.

How To Get Around Cyprus?

Cyprus is a destination that is well connected, with a network of roads, public transport and ports. However, you have to realise that it is also a large island, spanning around 150 miles between its western and eastern points.

For that reason, if you want to explore more of the island than just the area surrounding your accommodation, I would highly recommend hiring a car. While it is possible to get around by other means, it really isn’t time or cost effective.

Best Things To Do And See In Cyprus?

With an island covering more than 3,500 square miles, that has as much history and culture as Cyprus, narrowing down the best things to do and see into a short list is quite the challenge. That said, there are a couple of choices that do spring to mind when asked such a question.

The first thing I think of is the incredible collection of castles. From larger, more famous offerings, such as Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Kyrenia, to the smaller sites, dotted around the hills outside Kyrenia and near Famagusta, these offer a look into the island’s historic past, allowing you to see the structures first-hand, in the locations they’ve stood for centuries.

Next, my mind would probably turn to beaches. With Ayia Napa having such a massive collection of bustling tourist beaches, many of which have been awarded the blue flag, and places like Polis Crysochous and Rizokarpaso offering quieter, more relaxed choices, this is a location where there is sure to be a beach to suit everyone’s taste. When you realise that, it would be a real shame to visit the island and not take the opportunity to enjoy at least one or two of them.

The final thing that stands out is the incredible selection of festivals held on the island throughout the year. With both bigger festivals, like Easter and Christmas, as well as smaller, more local traditions, like the Ayia Napa International Festival, Open Studios Cypress, The Festival Of The Flood and Cyprus Carnival, there is almost always something going on.

If you happen to be present when one of them is taking place, you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to experience the unique cultures and traditions of the native Cypriot people.

As I said at the start, there is an incredible amount to keep you occupied in Cyprus, no matter how long you are staying or what your interests are. That said, if you can tick these three off your to do list, they will add more value to your stay than anything else I can think of.

Best Place To Eat Cyprus?

If food is a priority when you go travelling, Cyprus is a destination that will have your mouth watering the second you step off of the plane or boat. Featuring a wide range of Greek and Turkish cuisine, as well as some of the freshest seafood you are likely to find, you are going to be spoilt for choice throughout your entire stay.

While pretty much any town, city or village on the island will have its own fantastic offerings, if I were to recommend a single location for its food it would be the capital city of Nicosia.

Not only does it feature some of the very best restaurants on the entire island but, being the largest city, it also offers the greatest variety too, in terms of both cuisines and price. That makes it ideal for absolutely everyone to be able to find some fantastic food to enjoy during their stay.

With the Hilton Nicosia you could even stay in a 5-star hotel, with an “excellent” rating on booking.com, that features its own restaurant, meaning you could enjoy some of the incredible fare on offer without even leaving your accommodation.

Best Time To Visit Cyprus?

While Cyprus is a beautiful island to visit year-round, it is also one that I am comfortable stating what I believe the perfect time to visit is, which would be the end of June. The reasons for this are threefold.

Firstly, we have the obvious issue of the weather. By the end of June, the temperatures will have reached a point where sunbathing, swimming and generally spending a lot of time outdoors will all be enjoyable. However, it also won’t have reached the peak highs that it will achieve at the height of summer, meaning the heat will be pleasant, yet not overbearing.

 Next, we have the issue of school holidays. With most family’s waiting to take their vacation in July and August, when schools have broken up for the summer, it opens up the opportunity for those without kids to enjoy the island without mobs of kids and tourists if they visit at this time.

Finally, we have the festivals held on the island. Many of the oldest and most popular festivals in Cyprus are held between mid-June and early July. Visiting at the end of June will give you the opportunity to travel around and experience a number of these stunning events, all in a single trip.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Cyprus. See more about European travel here:

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