FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Corfu

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Corfu, you can see more about where to stay in Corfu in this guide 20 Best Areas to Stay in Corfu.

Where To Stay In Corfu With Family?

Anyone travelling as a family or with small children will be looking for a location that has plenty of tourist conveniences nearby and a wide range of activities to keep everyone occupied, all in a relatively compact area that doesn’t require too much travelling or break the bank.

In Corfu’s case, this easily makes Paleokastritsa the ideal choice, as it ticks all of those boxes. I would personally recommend staying at Villa Ampelaki 2, a beautiful, 4-star, self-catering destination, with a “wonderful” rating on booking.com, you will have plenty of space in your own private villa, situated right on the beach and in the centre of the neighbourhood, with all the attractions an equal distance away.

Where To Stay In Corfu For Beaches?

Corfu has a number of beautiful beaches spread across the island, with long stretches of golden sand, tourist hubs and even some pebbly, shelly beaches, perfect for long walks, dotted around.

If I had to suggest one place to stay with beaches in mind though, it would have to be Agios Georgios. That’s because this is surrounded by some of the most amazing beaches on the island.

The Labranda Sandy Beach is a 5-star resort, located just a short walk from Issos Beach and is surrounded by bars, restaurants and shops. Even without getting into what’s on offer in the rest of the town, if you are purely looking for a relaxing beach vacation, this is the place to go.

Where To Stay In Corfu For Couples?

When travelling as a couple, getting the location perfect is paramount to ensuring your romantic break is a success. For anyone who is struggling to pinpoint where to take such a trip on Corfu, I would highly recommend staying in Kassiopi.

A traditional, quiet, picturesque village, it offers an incredible experience for couples. If you stay at the Melina Bay Boutique Hotel, with its “wonderful” 9.2/10 score on booking.com, you’ll be situated right on the waters edge. I simply can’t think of anything more romantic on the entire island than sipping a drink and watching the sun set over the boats in the marina at this stunning location.

Where To Stay In Corfu Town?

With Corfu Town having two such different sides to it, many people are going to want to look around both, in order to get a true taste of everything that’s on offer here. That means staying at the heart of both districts, right in the centre of town, is the ideal place to be.

The Corfu Palace Hotel is a 5-star resort, with an 8.2/10 rating on booking.com, located on the edge of both sections of the city, right by the water front and reasonably close to the airport.

This makes it a destination that is perfect all around, providing its own luxury, as well as beautiful views and ease of access to all of the attractions this diverse and varied city has to offer.

Where To Stay In Corfu Old Town?

Now, while I previously recommended staying in the centre of Corfu Town, in order to get the best of both worlds, there will undoubtedly be those that are visiting purely for the historical value the area holds, who would prefer to stay in the Old Town during their visit.

The Kamara Old Town Studios are a perfect choice for such a visit, as they will have you in the heart of the district, surrounded by traditional buildings and famous attractions, in a place that allows you to keep in the spirit of your trip throughout your stay.

The fact that it has an “exceptional” 9.5/10 rating on booking.com just makes the choice even easier, as it means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience either.

Where To Stay In Corfu For Nightlife?

Where to stay for nightlife somewhat depends on what you mean by nightlife, as while most will usually take it to mean clubs and bars, others could see it as any form of evening entertainment.

However, for the purpose of answering this question, I will assume you mean the former, which produces a clear and easy answer to the question, which is Kavos.

Home to a number of the best bars and clubs on the island, this is the destination of choice for anyone visiting the island to go wild, while drinking, dancing and partying their nights away.

The Nuevo Vista Boutique Hotel has an “exceptional” 9.9/10 score on booking.com and is located right on the towns main strip, meaning there likely isn’t a better place on the island for you to fulfil all of your wildest dreams.

Where To Stay In Corfu Without A Car?

With Corfu having a relatively strong transport network, getting to most of the resorts on the island isn’t too difficult, even if you don’t have a car. That said, you’ll still likely want to find the destination that has the most to offer, so you don’t waste large chunks of your trip travelling from place to place.

That’s why I would recommend anyone visiting that doesn’t want to hire a car to stay in Corfu Town. It’s close to the airport, has a more diverse range of attractions and amenities than anywhere else on the island and has plenty of beaches close by.

This means if you want to spend your entire trip in one location, you’ll still likely be able to do everything you want here. As I mentioned above, the Corfu Palace Hotel is a perfect place to do just that, as its style and location allow it to demonstrate the best of everything the city has to offer.

Where To Stay In Corfu For Beaches And Nightlife?

If a combination of both fabulous beaches and a vibrant nightlife are your main priorities during your stay, I would once again recommend Kavos. 

As I have already stated, it provides the best nightlife on the island, so when you combine that with the fact that it is home to one of the most popular tourist beaches in Corfu, it becomes a clear choice for anyone wanting to laze on the beach during the day and party in the clubs at night.

The Trabukos Beach Complex is located right on the beach and just minutes’ walk from the busiest street in town, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for that kind of trip.

Where To Stay In Corfu In April?

April is an unusual date to travel to a destination like Corfu. However, if you are planning a trip then (or at the end of march, dependant on the year), you may just stumble into an experience that even surpasses what you would find in the summer.

The reason for this is the legendary Easter celebrations that take place on the island. Being one of, if not the, most important festival on their calendar, the citizens and churches of the island go all out with their displays, perhaps nowhere to the extent of Corfu Town.

So, if you are planning to visit the island around that time, I would highly recommend staying in Corfu Town, so you can fully immerse yourself in all of the wonderful festivities that will be taking place.

Where To Stay In Corfu In October?

October is a much cooler, sometimes rainy month, in Corfu, which doesn’t make it ideal for a beach centred trip. Sure, swimming and sunbathing are still possible, but it’s safer if you plan a trip at this time of year around something else.

With that in mind, I would recommend staying in Corfu Town if you visit in October. It has by far the most to do and see outside of beaches and is close to the airport. This means you can comfortably spend most of your time here without any fuss, then if you do decide you want to see something elsewhere on the island, you can easily make a day trip of it, using Corfu’s public transport network.

Alternately, while it might be too late, depending on how late in the month you come, partygoers may even be able to catch one of the closing parties for clubs in Kavos as they shut for the season, so that’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on too.

Where To Stay In Corfu Near The Airport?

I know I’ve recommended it a few times already but Corfu Town and the Corfu Palace Hotel is the perfect place to stay for anyone wanting to remain near the airport throughout their visit.

With the airport being located on the outskirts of the city and this hotel in particular being located on the nearest side of town to it, it makes for the ideal location to avoid wasting any time or effort dragging your luggage from place to place.

How Long To Stay In Corfu?

Putting a timescale on a trip like this can be difficult, as there are those who need to have something new to explore each and every day, while others will happily spend their entire trip relaxing by the pool or on the beach.

I think the safest timescale to recommend would be between one and two weeks. This should be plenty of time for the explorers to exhaust all of their options, the clubbers to get burnt out and even to beachgoers to start to get a little sick of doing nothing, while at the same time not being so short that people end up feeling rushed.

Where Is The Best Resort To Stay In Corfu?

Stating what the best resort to stay in on Corfu is a challenging question, as it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. That’s why I’m going to suggest a couple of options instead.

For most people, Corfu Town would be the best bet, as it has the greatest number of attractions, as well as the most diverse offerings, meaning there is likely something for everyone to be found here.

That said, I would also recommend Kavos to anyone prioritising a wild, party filled stay on the island, as well as Agios Georgios for those who are simply looking to spend their time relaxing on the best beaches the island has to offer.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Corfu. See more about Greece travel here:

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