FAQs about Best Places to Stay in Athens

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Athens, you can see more about where to stay in Athens in this guide 15 Best Areas to Stay in Athens.

Where To Stay In Athens With Family/Toddler/Baby?

If you are traveling to Athens as a young family with an infant or toddler, then it might be a good idea to stay outside the center of the city. In this case, the leafy, affluent suburb of Kifissia is a calm place to stay. There is good mid-range and high-end accommodation here, and despite being out of town, the tourist sights of the city are convenient to access by bus or metro train services.

An alternative, if you are determined to be located in the city’, is The Plaka. This tourist-friendly central location is mostly pedestrianized and has convenient facilities and family-friendly accommodation.

Where To Stay In Athens For Couples?

Monastiraki is a central area with good couple-friendly hotels. It is easy walking distance from all of the main tourist sites, and what could be more romantic than visiting the Parthenon together around sunset? 

There are many classy restaurants in this area where you can sit at a table for two and soak up the local atmosphere. There are some excellent boutique hotels in Monastikiri that are friendly and intimate and perfect for couples to enjoy each other’s company without being overrun by crowds.

Where To Stay In Athens For One Night?

If you are in a hurry and only have a day and a night to experience Athens’ delights, you should stay in the Plaka.

This tourist-friendly area is the perfect base for a quick trip to the Acropolis. The old architecture and charm of the pedestrianized streets give you an excellent sample of this beautiful ancient city.

You might also find time to visit one or more of the museums in the area to gain a deeper understanding of Athenian history.

There are ample accommodation options for all budgets, as you’d expect in this Central tourist area. 

Where To Stay In Athens For 2 Nights?

If you have a couple of nights in Athens, you probably want to stay somewhere quiet central just so that you can get to all the sights quickly and conveniently. 

You could plump for the Plaka, which is the most popular tourist choice in the city. 

But if you fancy somewhere central, but a little bit different, why not choose the artistic and up-and-coming suburb of Gazi? You can visit the local museum and cultural center and check out some fantastic modern artwork, and then hop on the metro train and be at the Acropolis in no time.

Where To Stay In Athens For 3 Nights?

If you are planning to stay in Athens for three nights, then you can afford the luxury of staying a little way out of the city center in an attractive, leafy suburb like Kifissia. Here you can escape the crowds and throngs of central Athens and dip in and out to explore the city’s best visitor attractions using the excellent public transport system.

Where To Stay In Athens For The First Time?

Without question, if you’re a first time visitor to Athens, you can’t choose a better base than the Plaka.

There are all kinds of tourist sites here, but perhaps the greatest charm is exploring the maze of streets and alleys of this ancient quarter of Athens. It seems that there’s something interesting to see at every turn, whether it be a cathedral, a museum, or an attractive little eatery.

Then there is the flea market and all kinds of craft and antique stores. And you can dine and drink to your heart’s content in the scores of restaurants and bars in the area.

Best Places To Stay In Athens For Nightlife?

Athens has a thriving night scene. Psiri is the part of the city with perhaps the highest concentration of bars and nightclubs and is a top-rated nightlife destination for local Athenians.

If you’re looking for something a little more edgy and bohemian, you might choose the area of Exarchia, with it’s exciting, countercultural atmosphere.

Or if finding excellent tourist-friendly restaurants, bars, and cafes is more your kind of thing, then stay in one of the three areas which encircle the Acropolis; The Plaka, Thissio, and Monastikiri. 

Where To Stay In Athens Near The Airport?

Athens International Airport is located in the eastern city suburb of Spata, 20 km out of the city center. Here you will find plenty of hotels at all price ranges that are convenient for recent arrivals or onward travel.

 The main draw of this suburb is, of course, the airport, but since it is right at the edge of the Athenian metropolis, it is an interesting choice for people looking for a more spread-out and rural environment.

 The surrounding countryside is a farming area that specializes in the cultivation and production of Greek retsina wine.

Where To Stay In Athens For Sightseeing?

The Plaka is the best location in Athens for sightseeing. This central, pedestrianized, tourist-friendly area is right at the foot of the Acropolis.

There are many things to see and do here, including the Museum of Greek Folk Art, the museum of Greek musical instruments, and the Kanellapoulos museum, full of ancient Greek artifacts. You can also stroll through The Agora, the ancient Greek central city area.

Where To Stay In Athens Safe?

The Plaka is the tourist center of Athens, and it is probably the safest area to stay. You can expect police in this area to speak English and other international languages and be prepared to help with any issues you might have.

The Plaka is pedestrianized, taking away the undeniable dangers of the chaotic Athenian traffic system.

But remember that Athens is a big city and like any other big city you should take special care of your personal belongings. If you are a solo traveler, then ensure that you avoid dark and quiet places late at night, and always tell someone where you will be.

Where To Stay In Athens Near Acropolis?

If you aim to stay near The Acropolis, you should consider staying in one of three areas. 

The first and most famous of the neighborhoods that surround this magnificent ancient monument is The Plaka. This area has everything a tourist could want and is an excellent choice, with great accommodation options particularly in the mid and upper range.

Monastiraki is another area adjacent to The Acropolis, and this part of Athens is a thriving shopping center, so if shopping is your thing, then stay here.

Thissio is an area to the west of The Acropolis that also has an abundance of tourist facilities and lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes. It is just a fraction less busy than The Plaka.

Where To Stay In Athens Close To Attractions?

The central areas of Athens surrounding the Acropolis are unquestionably the best places to stay to be close to all the beautiful sites of the city. The Acropolis is just next door and there are a host of museums and historic buildings throughout the area.

There are also many travel agencies here who will be happy to arrange trips to some of the other remarkable sights that lie a little further afield.

So for an essential attraction-filled base in Athens, you can choose between The Plaka, Monastakiri, and Thissio, these being the three areas that immediately border the Acropolis.

Where To Stay In Athens Near Beach?

Varkiza is a suburb of Athens that has a beautiful beach. Located in the South-east suburbs of the city, Varkiza is an extremely well-heeled and classy area that is popular with Greek and international Beach lovers alike. So much so that this part of the coast is known as the “Greek Riviera.” 

Accommodation here is mainly in the mid to high-end price range, but if you search carefully, you should find more budget-friendly options. 

Alternatively, you can get here via public transport from any other part of the city if you just fancy a daytime escape from the urban sprawl to dip your toes into the Aegean.

Where To Stay In Athens As A Tourist?

The Plaka is unquestionably the tourist heartland of Athens. The Plaka is central to all of the most popular tourist sites in the city, and it has every facility that tourists could possibly ask for.

Here you will find travel agencies, foreign exchange booths, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, and plenty of accommodation ranging from backpacker hostels up to five-star boutique hotels.

If you want a safe, attractive, tourist-friendly base for your stay in Athens, choose the Plaka.

That’s my  Frequently Asked Questions about the best places to stay in Athens. See more about Greece travel here:

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