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The 5 Best Travel Towels of 2020

Packing is always a battle between space and comfort. It’s important to bring things that will save you space, time, and money. When travelling, many of us expect towels to be provided. However, if you’re a budget-minded tourist, that may not be the case. Bringing your own towel has more benefits than you might think. It’s important to pick the best travel towels for your potential vacation or it could be a colossal waste of space.


The 5 Best Travel Towels of 2017Why Bring Your Own Travel Towel?What Type of Travel Towel Should You Bring?Travel Towel for the Beach GetawayTravel Towel for the Road WarriorDo it allThe Best Travel Towels#1. Turkish towels#2. Sea to Summit Drylite: No Frills Microfiber Travel Towel#3. Compact Quick Dry Lightweight Antibacterial Towels#4. Microfiber Light Weight Travel Towel#5. Microfiber Beach TowelsThe Best of the Best Travel Towels

Why Bring Your Own Travel Towel?

Yes, most hotels and resorts offer towels to guests free of charge. If you plan on going to one location, and staying in a decent hotel, perhaps a towel is not necessary. However, remember times are changing. Some hotels are beginning to charge for renting towels at their pools or charging a deposit for any extras.

Likewise, backpackers know that most hostels DO NOT provide a free-use towel. This is especially true in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. Over a long trip, rental fees and lost deposits can add up.

Also, always having a towel is a delightful convenience. You can shower, go to the beach, or clean up messes at a moment’s notice. It’s easy to forget to request a towel at check-in. By the time you remember, reception may be closed, or you might already be on that bus to the beach. Having a towel is a part of being an independent traveller.

Beach Travel Towels

Beach Travel Towels

Don’t forget, most towels are not made for travel. They are usually engineered for the comforts of home. They can be bulky and heavy. While that may be nice for your daily shower, on the road it’s not the best option. Microfiber bath towels will reduce your weight, and preserve space in your bag for the souvenirs and new clothes you want to bring home.

Quick drying travel towels are made to go from the shower into your bag with minimal down time. That means you can have a refreshing wash before your early morning flight and arrive ready to enjoy a new city, without the hassle of wet clothes. When travelling for extended periods, there’re really no substitute for a towel made specifically to move.

What Type of Travel Towel Should You Bring?

The answer is… it really depends. Based on your type of trip, there are diverse choices that could benefit you in different ways. For example, if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach, it’s important to have a thick, smell resistant towel, that’s also quick to dry in the sunshine.

True backpackers will want a multipurpose item that can go from the bathroom to the beach, and onto the next destination with minimal upkeep, space, and weight.

A skeptic may question the difference between options, and bring a cheap towel from home. While this is better than the alternative, there’s no substitute for the performance of dedicated travel towel.

Travel Towel for the Beach Getaway

The most important factors are size, weight, and material. For a long, beach-heavy vacation, you need a big comfortable towel that will make you comfortable even on those rockier shores. Since, you’ll be bringing less clothing, you can splurge a little bit on size and weight. Feel free to opt for a luxurious cotton or supple terrycloth material, as you’ll be keeping it separate from your general clothing.

Travel Towel for the Road Warrior

The serious trekkers will need a durable performer. A quick drying microfiber is ideal for making sure the rest of your close don’t get wet when you have to hostel hop. Bag space is always a struggle so small size is a great feature. Absorbency is key, consider an almost chamois material that you can use to dry anything at a moment’s notice. If you like hitchhiking and camping, a good towel is a must have accessory for quick cleanups between showers and cleaning and drying utensils.

Do it all

If your trip will include stops at a beach or longer stays. A mixture of the two features will provide you with a multipurpose option that will keep you happy in different climates. You’ll still want the faster drying features of microfiber, but perhaps the luxury of a bigger size is worth it in the long run, especially for those long beach days. A good travel towel can double as a light blanket, or small pillow for those late night flights.

The Best Travel Towels

Now you know what features you are looking for, you can make an informed decision about which towel best suits your trip. Here are the 5 Best travel towels on the market in 2017:



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Turkish towels

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Sea to Summit Drylite: No Frills Microfiber Travel Towel

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Compact Quick Dry Lightweight Antibacterial Towels

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Microfiber Light Weight Travel Towel

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Microfiber Beach Towels

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#1. Turkish towels

Swan comfort is dual purpose travel beach towel. This turkish style travel towel is could be an excellent option for a beachside vacation. It’s thin enough to be lightweight and compact, but thick enough to stay put and keep you comfortable on rocky shores.

Made from 100% cotton it is soft absorbent and quick drying. Made in the peshtemal style of Turkish baths, meaning it comes with a natural protective coating that resists stains and smells.

Turkish towels


One of the best features is the stylish design that allows this turkish towel to double as a shawl, skirt, or summer dress. For female beachgoers, it’s a space saving two-for-one that eliminates the need to cover-up after you leave the sand.

However, the massive variety of colors ensures that men can find something that suits the more masculine minded. At under 10 ounces and measuring at 39 by 70 inches, this could be the only towel you need in your beach bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Thin
  • Multi-use as post beach cover
  • Traditional, functional, pleasing design


  • Not as absorbant as microfiber
  • Tendency to wear out over long periods
  • Big

#2. Sea to Summit Drylite: No Frills Microfiber Travel Towel

Sea to Summit DryLite Towel offers a perfectly basic microfiber travel towel. It’s quick to dry, super absorbent and useful for everything you will need. It’s light, and compact, so it can be a great choice for backpackers or seriously light campers.

Sea to Summit Drylite


Coming in 5 size options, from extra small (supercompact bath size) to extra large (great as a beach/bath combo), Sea to Summit allows you to carry the size you need and nothing more. Ranging between $12-$36 respectively, they offer a decent value for true microfiber convenience.

The small mesh carrying case illustrates the truly slim nature of this quick dry towel. The variety of neon colors make it harder to lose as well. The slight suede finish allows, While it’s not cheap, it is a decent value for the segment and a useful addition to any backpack.


  • Price
  • No frills performance
  • Light and small


  • Smaller options are hand size

#3. Compact Quick Dry Lightweight Antibacterial Towels

Discovery trekking outfitters: more than a basic microfiber towel. This towel may seem different than other microfiber travel towels on this list. That’s because it’s not microfiber at all. Designed to pull the water from skin and spread it across the breadth of the towel, this towel actually doesn’t absorb anything at all.

Once the water is off your body, it lets the elements evaporate it naturally. The result is one of the cleanest and most odor-resistant travel towels on the market. It’s can be a great choice for frequent use with seawater, which often contains smelly bacteria and stinky salt. For the same reason, campers and exercise fiends will love it’s ability to remove sweat and stay clean.

Compact Quick Dry Lightweight Antibacterial Towels


An added benefit is the silver fiber coating that reduces the growth of bacteria. This feature also keeps your investment clean and smelling good time after time. The medium size, clocking in at a reasonable $19, is perfect as a piece of your toiletry kit. The large size, a more serious $35, is great as a hybrid beach towel you can quickly take back home. Overall, discovery trekking has put serious technology into their towel, and it shows.


  • Technology
  • Stays clean, and smelling fresh
  • Antimicrobial coating, great for seawater


  • Price
  • Not a traditional towel

#4. Microfiber Light Weight Travel Towel

Shandali is the lightweight travel towel. Shandali offers one of the lightest and most affordable options on the market. A compact roll in only small and medium sizes could be great to stuff in your bag for a long journey. It’s small stature makes it a favorite of campers, hikers, and yoga enthusiasts.

Shandali Towel


Bringing a towel can make your workout more enjoyable, but it’s usually added weight, and gets stinky fast. At just $7 or $11 the price is right to pack it and forget it. The 100% warranty covers your limited investment for life.


  • Super light
  • Compact
  • Quick Dry
  • Amazing price
  • Warranty


  • Only small sizes
  • No beach option

#5. Microfiber Beach Towels

The Dock and Bay Microfiber beach towel is designed with the sand in mind. The surf inspired retro look is an added plus. With a massive profile you will have one of the most comfortable spots on the beach. The large is checks in at 65 x 31 inches, and the mammoth extra large is 78×35, meaning you can sprawl out without getting sand all over.

Microfiber Beach Towel


This towel also features built in pockets to hide and carry your phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. You might not even need to bring a bag to the beach for short stays. Likewise, Dock & Bay offers all the traditional perks of true microfiber.

It dries fast, even for it’s size. Its could be a very useful choice for campers, and boaters. It’s best used for summers laying on the sand or covering that hot deck chair or lounger


  • Big, and comfy
  • Good Price
  • Excellent features


  • Big and heavy
  • Beach engineered

The Best of the Best Travel Towels

All the options have their benefits, and as stated above, the best choice for you is based on the specifics of your vacation.

For example, if you’re planning on just using your towel at the beach, Dock & Bay has the best option. It’s a great price for a lot of fantastic material.

Also, the dual purpose Turkish towel from Swan Comfort is an excellent choice for those tired of carrying a cover-up to the beach.

If you want to stay around the water, and don’t feel like changing all the time, it can be a very useful. It’s hard to beat the value of the Shandali, but it can be a bit small for everyday use.

Being a traveller and especially a backpacker is all about making the most of space. Efficiency is key to effective travel.

Bringing dual function items is the best way to save space, time, and money on the road. For this reason, if you plan on going to the beach at all on your vacation, you should opt for the futuristic travel towel from Discovery Trekking Outfitters.

The price is more than reasonable and the revolutionary design allows you to pat dry over and over. It dries so quickly and is ready to head into the suitcase with the rest of your clothes.

It’s great for quick trips into the sea, or ocean and the antimicrobial coating ensures you and your bag won’t stink the whole way home. The futuristic technology is a little hard to get used to at first, but after a while you’ll be used to patting dry and wonder how you ever put up with subpar material.

In essence, the best travel towel is one you can take anywhere, anytime. With Discovery Trekking Outfitters, you can go from the bath or the beach, to the airport without stinky damp clothes. That will prove extremely valuable time and time again.

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