44 Best Things To Do In Miami, Florida

Hi guys, on my website, I already wrote article about the best places to stay in Miami for tourists ( I will put the link inside the article). Today we will be going over all of the best things to do in Miami so that you can take full advantage of everything the city has to offer. Although best known for its beaches and party scene, Miami has so much more to enjoy. 

Whether you are planning a family vacation or a spring break remember, Miami is the perfect destination. There are tons for everyone to see and do. Even the forty-four attractions I will be covering here only scratch the surface of the Magic City.

Let’s get started on discovering all the exciting stops you can add to your Miami itinerary. No matter how long you will be staying in the city, you will have no trouble at all filling your time. 

44 Best things to do in Miami are:

1. Visit the Miami Beach

When most people think of Miami, with its endless sandy beaches and party atmosphere, they are probably thinking of the Miami Beach area. This is the primary vacation destination of Miami. Perfectly geared towards delivering the hedonistic fun in the sun that so many flocks to the city for. 

The long, narrow island is practically a city unto itself. Along with the beachside resorts and towering hotels, Miami Beach is home to iconic shopping districts, museums and galleries, and some of Miami’s biggest events spaces. 

Wherever you choose to stay in Miami, you should make time to explore Miami Beach. Aside from having tons to see and do, it is where you will find that distinct Miami vibe. 

Of course, the actual beach of Miami Beach is one of the best in a city known for its beaches. Rows of sun-loungers cover the soft white sand, providing the perfect environment to completely relax. 

2. Enjoy Cuban Flavour at Little Havana

Miami is a city with a rich Cuban heritage and nowhere is that more apparent than the district of Little Havana. The area is right at the heart of the city center, just west of downtown Miami, so it is super convenient to get to and explore. 

The area is a hub of Cuban and Latin culture. You will find some of Miami’s best Latin restaurants in Little Havana, including the iconic Versailles

Theatres and galleries celebrate the breadth of central and south America’s artistic heritage and developments. 

There are plenty of bars to keep you entertained after dark. Little Havana, particularly the area around West Flagler Street, is a bustling nightlife quarter with a Latin flare. 

Meanwhile, Southwest 8th Street is the place to go for live music. If you are in that area during the day, make sure to swing by Domino Park. A lively public square is a popular place for locals to meet up and shoot the breeze over board games in the fresh air. 

3. Relax In Style At South Beach

South Beach is the area covering the southern end of Miami Beach island. A vibrant hub of nightlife, shopping, and, of course, luxurious beaches, South Beach is one of the most desirable places to stay in Miami. 

Being such a popular location with both tourists and locals, it is little surprise that there is tons to see and do in the area. South Beach is home to some of the best shopping districts in Miami, including the fashionable Lincoln Road Mall. The area is also jam-packed with incredible restaurants and bars. 

That’s without even mentioning the eponymous beach. The long stretch of pristine white sand is the perfect place to kick back and relax, even if it can get pretty crowded. 

Aside from its party and leisure scene, South Beach is known for its distinctive Art Deco architectural style. 

Ocean Drive, which runs right along the waterfront, is lined with stunningly designed buildings. Taking a walk along this road, with the beach and ocean on one side and the fabulous Art Deco structures on the other, is a dream come true for any architecture enthusiast. 

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4. Explore The History Of Deering Estate at Cutler

The sprawling Deering Estate preserve offers an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the history and natural environment of Miami. The estate is dedicated to preserving the area’s natural and archaeological heritage. 

Covering 444 acres, there are tons of interesting sites to discover throughout Deering Estate. 

In addition to exploring the historic buildings and relics of the estate, there are also plenty of fun activities to get involved in. 

Kayaking and paddleboarding are two popular pastimes you can enjoy in Deering Estate’s artificial bay. 

5. Meet The Animals Of Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a part theme park, part zoo. An exciting destination to take the whole family, Jungle Island is as educational as it is fun. 

There are over 3000 animals housed at Jungle Island. Species range from tigers to penguins and snakes, but there is a particular focus on parrots.

In addition to the numerous animal friends you can meet, there are also plenty to fun activities to try. Take a ride along the zipline or step up to the challenge of the onsite escape room

Various events are also held throughout the year, including stunning illuminations festivals. 

Jungle Park is right across the road from Miami Children’s Museum, so it makes a perfect family day out. 

6. Appreciate the Architectural Style Of The Art Deco District

Running along the back of South Beach’s eponymous beach is Ocean Drive, also known as Miami’s Art Deco District. This stretch of road running along the waterfront is world-renowned for its striking Art Deco buildings. 

Appreciators of architecture flock to the area to take in the distinctively styled structures. Even if architecture is not one of your passions, the stunning combination of the beautiful buildings contrasted against the glistening ocean makes it worth visiting the area. 

If you do want to learn more about the Art Deco District’s history and significance, the Art Deco Welcome Centre is available to guide you. 

The Welcome Centre also houses a small museum, complete with scale models, period furnishings, and photos of the area throughout its history. 

For an even more in-depth exploration of the area, you can book a walking tour. Your guide will take you around all the most impressive buildings, providing insights into their design and history. 

7. Take The Perfect Instagrammable Selfie At Wynwood Walls

Any art lover will have a field day in Miami, with its plethora of galleries. Those who prefer their art scrawled over walls and buildings, brightening up the streets rather than confined to a museum, will especially find plenty to love about this city. 

The Wynwood Walls are a collection of designated graffiti and street art spaces that form an open-air art museum. 

As is the nature of street art, the pieces are constantly being covered over by new works, so it is definitely worth making a return visit whenever you have the opportunity. 

The vibrant murals that decorate the space have made the unique art museum one of the most Instagrammed locations in Miami. If having the coolest Instagram feed possible is important to you then you will definitely want to stop by Wynwood Walls for a photoshoot. 

The Graffiti Gallery is also just across the road if you aren’t satisfied with Wynwood Walls alone. In fact, the whole area is packed with galleries, so even the most avid art aficionado can leave satisfied.

8. Take A Walk Along Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a long road running along the back of South Beach. For most of its length, the road provides an unobstructed view out over the beach and the ocean beyond. 

With such stunning views, it is little surprise that Ocean Drive is lined with bars and restaurants. It is one of the best locations in Miami to enjoy dinner and drinks alongside spectacular sea views. 

Ocean Drive runs straight through the Art Deco District. Not only will you be treated to the stunning ocean views on one side, but also the striking Art Deco buildings on the other. 

9. Browse The Stores Of Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a popular shopping mall right by the water in downtown Miami. Full of well-known brands, as well as some higher-end designer names, it is the perfect place to take a break from running around the city and indulge in some retail therapy. 

Of course, in addition to the various stores, the mall is full of places to grab a drink or bite to eat. The various coffee shops and cafes offer you a chance to rest and refresh between activities. Bayside Marketplace is also surrounded by popular attractions. 

It is super convenient to stop in here on your way to or from one of the many sights in the surrounding area. The Frost Museum of Science and the Perez Art Museum are just a short walk up the road. The Freedom Tower is right across the street too.

10. Step Back In Time At Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are a beautifully preserved testament to the Miami of a bygone era. The oceanside estate dates back to the start of the 20th-century. 

The museum portion of the estate is housed within the lovely mansion at its heart. 

The stunning, European-style house contains a collection of over 2000 artifacts from period furnishings to artworks. The grounds are a network of manicured, ornamental gardens surrounded by protected woodland. 

Spread over ten acres, the gardens provide plenty for you to explore and discover. Admire the sculptures dotted throughout the gardens, or simply appreciate the shade offered by the 400-year-old trees on a hot afternoon. 

11. Spy Some Rare Animals At Zoo Miami

Currently covering over 300 acres, and with further expansions planned, Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in Florida. The extensive park is arranged into sections based on the geographical locations of the animals’ natural habitats. 

More than 2000 animals call Zoo Miami their home. A wander around the zoo will take you past species from around the world, including some particularly rare or endangered species. 

Zoo Miami is involved in a wide array of conservation and research projects that you can learn about at the park. 

As well as observing the various animals, there are also some fun activities for you to get involved in. If you don’t feel like schlepping around the park on foot, you can hop on a tram tour through part of the park instead. 

Alternatively, climb aboard the Lostman’s river ride and take a relaxing ride around the everglades area. If you have any spare energy, you can pedal out onto the Amazon & Beyond Lake in a graceful swan boat. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants throughout the park to perk you up later. 

12. Explore The Wonders Of The Everglades National Park

The famous Everglades National Park lies just a few miles south of Miami. If you have time to take a day trip outside of the city limits, you should definitely take the opportunity to visit one of America’s most iconic habitats. 

Known as the River of Grass, the Everglades are a subtropical wetland bursting with life. You can spot unique plant life, including the massive ancient cypress trees that tower into the sky. The Everglades is also home to the western hemisphere’s largest protected mangrove forest.

The winding roots of the mangroves make the perfect hiding place for numerous aquatic species. You might even spot a gentle manatee floating about. 

Boardwalks allow you to explore part of the Everglades on foot. Make sure to keep an eye out for crocodiles though! Deeper into the Everglades is better traversed by boat. 

There is plenty of guides and tour companies happy to take you around.

13. Appreciate The Cultural Heritage Of The Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College

Nestled in amongst the modern skyscrapers of downtown Miami, the Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College still manages to stand out. The Spanish revival style architecture of the building is a charming contrast against the sleek glass and metal of the surrounding structures. 

Initially built as the headquarters for The Miami News newspaper, the tower has held several functions over the intervening decades. 

As a part of the Miami Dade College, the Freedom Tower is now a center of the arts and home to the Museum of Art and Design. 

The Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College is a significant part of the history of Miami’s Cuban population. It acted as the Cuban Assistance Centre in the ‘60s and ‘70s, welcoming refugees of the Cuban revolution. The tower still carries significance with the local Cuban community.

On top of its function as an arts center, the Freedom Tower houses the Cuban American Museum. The Cuban Legacy Gallery showcases contemporary works by Cuban American artists. Meanwhile, the Exile Experience delves into the realities faced by those forced to flee their homeland.

14. Meet Up With Friends At Bayfront Park

Just across the road from the Freedom Tower is Bayfront Park. As the name suggests, this is one of Miami’s numerous waterside gardens. Being centrally located and within walking distance of numerous top attractions, Bayfront Park is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. 

Aside from being a lovely place to take a break by the water, the park is also packed with features. 

The centerpiece of Bayfront Park is its large fountain, right up against the water’s edge. There are various statues and monuments around the park, including the Torch of Friendship, dedicated to the Latin migrants of the ‘60s.

The north end of Bayfront Park is dominated by the FPL Solar Amphitheatre. The large, open-air arena hosts frequent concerts and music festivals. One of the perks of the venue is that attendees can enjoy the show and the waterfront views at the same time. 

If you really want to appreciate the view over the waterfront, you should take a ride on Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel. The towering Ferris wheel is perched right next to the water, allowing riders stunning views of both the ocean and the city from the glass pods.

15. Entertain The Kids At Miami Children’s Museum

If you are looking for an easy way to keep the kids entertained for a few hours, take a trip to the Miami Children’s Museum. Located on an island between Miami Beach and Downtown, the museum is super convenient to get to from wherever you are staying. 

The vibrant museum is geared towards younger children. The varied interactive exhibits allow children to learn about a wide variety of topics through playing and exploring the elaborate sets. 

Covering over 55,000 square feet, the museum has plenty of space for kids to run about and work off some energy. Exhibits teach kids about everything from money to dinosaurs. It is certainly a productive way for them to spend a few hours. 

Just across the street from the Children’s Museum is Jungle Island Theme Park. Filled with exotic animals and thrilling rides, the park makes the perfect pairing with the museum for a full, family-friendly day out. 

16. Take A Break From The City At Crandon Park

Located on Miami’s southernmost island, Crandon Park is a sprawling nature reserve that offers a refreshing reprieve from the busy city. Half of the park is covered by untouched woodland. The rest is a network of walking trails and various tourist amenities.  

Crandon Beach is also a nice change of pace from the rowdy beaches of the city center. Covered in little copses of palm trees, it has a bit more of an exotic vibe. 

The reef hidden below the water keeps the waves calm for swimming. It is also fun to explore if you bring a snorkel. 

There are a couple of restaurants and cafes along the beach, so you can comfortably spend the whole day here if you like. 

You won’t have to worry about getting bored, as there are plenty of amusements just off the sand. The butterfly garden, peacock park, and carousel ride should keep everyone entertained. 

17. Escape Into the Tranquillity Of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Miami is home to several wonderful botanical gardens and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is one of the city’s best offerings. Covering over 80 acres, the gardens are home to some especially rare plant species and a wide variety of exhibits. 

Some of Fairchild’s collections are renowned around the world for their breadth and significance. 

You can enjoy the largest selection of bamboo in the world, with over 125 varieties on show. Fairchild is also known for housing over 700 species of fruiting and flowering trees, providing a spectacular visual attraction.

Plants are not the only thing to admire here. You should also make sure to visit the Lisa D. Anness South Florida Butterfly Garden. 

The garden is dedicated to raising and showcasing the many species of butterfly that are native to the local area. You will even be able to learn about what kinds of flowers to grow to encourage butterflies to visit your own garden. 

18. Take A Dip In Venetian Pool

There are tons of swimming spots throughout Miami but, if there is one in particular that you should make a special effort to visit, it is the Venetian Pool. Once a limestone quarry, it was transformed into a public pool in the twenties. 

Designed to resemble a natural lagoon, some consider Venetian Pool to be one of the most beautiful public pools in the world. The pool features waterfalls, concealed caves that glow like Mediterranean grottos, and islands accessible by Italianesque bridges. 

Venetian Pool is understandably popular and it can get pretty busy, especially on hotter days. It is still well worth a visit to appreciate the stunning design and attention to detail though. 

19. Explore The Collections Of Wolfsonian FIU

Located right at the heart of Miami’s Art Deco District, the Wolfsonian FIU is a perfect example of the stylized architecture in the area. The striking building houses a museum with a collection of over 200,000 objects, although only a fraction of those are on display. 

The Wolfsonian FIU museum primarily focuses on how art and design can be used to influence progress and politics. 

There are exhibits on propaganda, the significance of architectural fashions, and technological advancement to name just a few. 

Of course, the Wolfsonian FIU also hosts frequent temporary exhibitions and events. With three exhibition spaces dedicated to a packed schedule of fresh displays and installations, there is always something new worth checking out at the Wolfsonian.

20. Enjoy A Show At The Olympia Theatre

The historic Olympia Theatre may appear unimpressive from the outside but inside it is delightfully grand. 

The paneled ceilings, vaulted halls, and ornately tiled floors make you feel as if you are stepping back in time to a more stylish era. On its hay day, the Olympia played host to big names including Elvis Presley and Etta James.

The Olympia Theatre first opened in the 1920s as a silent movie theatre. Since then it has acted as a cinema, a concert hall, and currently primarily as a performing arts theatre. The opulent style of the interior lends itself perfectly to its current occupation. 

Although theatre is the main offering of the Olympia Theatre, it does also still host other events and performances as well. 

Community events and conferences are often held here, along with film screenings, concerts, and dance shows. There is usually always something interesting on Olympia’s itinerary.

21. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is the pinnacle of what a modern celebration of the sciences should be. The hypermodern complex contains sleek displays, covering a wide range of scientific subjects from the natural world to technological innovations. 

Along with multiple floors full of exhibitions on everything from natural history to space exploration, the Frost Museum also houses a planetarium and its own aquarium. It is a fantastic destination for those traveling with family. There is sure to be something to keep visitors of every age entertained. 

Although the museum is popular, and a frequent destination for school field trips, it is more than big enough that it rarely feels overcrowded. The museum is set in the Maurice A. Ferré Park and right opposite the Perez Art Museum, so there is plenty more to see and do in the immediate area too. 

22. Dive Into Cuban Culture At Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Centre

Nestled right at the heart of Little Havana, the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Centre is a celebration of the vibrant Cuban heritage of the area. The museum is a lively bar, the walls of which are covered in paintings by Cuban artists from throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The pieces on display are constantly being switched out. Return visits to Cubaocho will always reward you with new artwork to discover and appreciate. Probably one of the world’s most laid-back galleries, sipping on cocktails in a cozy bar is a great way to develop an appreciation for art. 

Of course, the art celebrated at Cubaocho isn’t just displayed on a canvas. The bar hosts frequent live music and dance performances. 

You may even have the opportunity to learn some Latin moves at one of their dance masterclasses.

Even if you don’t have any particular love for the arts, it’s still well worth spending an evening at Cubaocho, taking in the atmosphere. 

You are always sure to have a night to remember. Cubaocho boasts a broad selection of quality rums and expertly blended cocktails. At the very least, it’s a great place to go for a drink.

23. History Miami Museum

Dedicated to chronicling the history and heritage of Miami and the surrounding area, History Miami Museum is the perfect place for anyone who wants to delve into the city’s colorful development. The museum always has a packed schedule of events for visitors to get involved in.

The museum displays various artifacts from throughout the region’s history. You can view cultural items of the people who populated Florida prior to colonization. 

Most of the collection of almost 40,000 objects are from across the 20th century.

In the midst of downtown Miami, the History Miami Museum is conveniently central and easy to get to. Being a relatively small museum, you can easily slot a visit into your itinerary as you explore the numerous other attractions of the city center. 

24. Marlins Park

Sports fans will already know all about Marlins Park. Officially called Loan Depot Park, the stadium is the home ground of the Florida Marlins baseball team

The park is fairly new, having only opened in 2012.

Aside from baseball, Marlins Park hosts a wide variety of other events. Numerous other sports are held here, such as soccer, football, car racing, and boxing

Some big-name music artists have also performed here, including Beyonce and Guns & Roses.

Located in Little Havana, there is plenty to do around Marlins Park. You will have no trouble finding somewhere to grab dinner before or after an event, with tons of excellent Latin restaurants in the neighborhood. 

25. Brickell City Centre

Right in the heart of downtown Miami, the Brickell City Centre shopping complex is a highlight for any shopaholic visiting the city. The chic, ultramodern mall is packed with fashionable stores and stylish eateries. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to splash out on an upscale shopping spree without having to stray from the city center. Brickell City Centre specializes in luxury shopping. Some of the high-end brands you can expect to find here include AllSaints, Rolex, Ted Baker, and Boss. 

The dining options here are equally fancy. From Latin fusion to quality sushi and sleek coffee shops, when you need a break carrying around all your purchases you will have plenty of options to choose from. 

26. Splash Out At Dolphin Mall

At the far western outskirts of Miami, you can find the city’s largest outlet shopping mall. Dolphin Mall boasts over 240 stores and vendors, making it the perfect location to let loose on an indulgent shopping spree. 

Although it is a bit of a trek from the city center, it is worth the travel. Even if you don’t have a car, plenty of bus routes stop right outside Dolphin Mall.

The mall is home to a huge variety of stores from well-known high-street names like Nike to higher-end luxury brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. 

With all of them selling their wares at discounted rates, you should not miss the opportunity to snag some incredible bargains. 

There are plenty of dining options to stop at when you need a break. With so many stores to get around, you are probably going to need to take advantage of the coffee shops, restaurants, or food court. You will need to keep your strength up to carry all your shopping bags home.

27. Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain is one of the most iconic live music venues in Little Havana. If you really want to experience the pinnacle of Cuban and Latin music, you need to spend an evening at Ball & Chain. 

You can soak up the Cuban culture with delicious food and excellent music. 

Just one of the many live music venues that line Southwest 8th Street, it takes a lot to stand out. That Ball & Chain has been an institution since the ‘30s is a testament to its value in the community.

Even the sidewalk in front of the bars here celebrates the heritage of Latin music and arts. The Calle Ocho Walk of Fame runs along this stretch of Southwest 8th Street. 

The names of various Latin musicians, artists, and icons are set into the paving stones.

28. Wonder At The Ethereal Coral Castle Museum

Coral Castle is one of the most unique and striking attractions in Miami. The stunning building, the walls surrounding the grounds, and the sculptures in the gardens, are all carved from coral. 

Over a thousand tons of coral were used in the construction of the elaborate art piece. 

Coral Castle was carved entirely by hand and opened in 1920. The artist behind the work is Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian American who built the entire castle entirely by himself. How he managed the impressive feat baffles people to this day, and he took the secret of his method to his grave.

Visitors are free to explore all the parts of this mystical site. Try to puzzle out how you think Mr. Leedskalnin managed to create it. 

Some of his old tools are still on display inside the castle, which may inspire some ideas. 

29. Indulge In Luxury In The Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a stylish hub of all things creative. The area celebrates cutting-edge design in all areas, from architecture and fashion to food and art. Always buzzing with the latest trends and artistic advances, the Miami Design District is one of the city’s most fashionable areas. 

The various galleries of the area display works that define postmodernism and innovation. The Institute Of Contemporary Art is one of the premier modern art museums in Miami. 

Even the interior décor and furniture stores in the area are practically galleries themselves. 

If you are looking for a luxury shopping experience, this is the place to go. You can spend hours browsing all the high-end brands, big-name labels, and exclusive boutiques. 

When you need a break, you can stop by the Dior coffeeshop for a designer latte.

30. Celebrate Modern Creativity At The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

With so many art galleries packed into Miami, it takes a lot for them to stand out individually. The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami has managed to establish itself as one of the top galleries in the city, as well as a significant community center.

One of the first museums in Miami to focus on contemporary art, the museum has a particularly impressive collection. A varied calendar of temporary exhibitions, both inside and in the plaza, keeps people coming back. 

Although it is about ten miles north of downtown Miami, the Museum of Contemporary Art is well worth the travel. The museum offers more than just paintings and sculptures, also hosting frequent jazz concerts. 

There are frequent and varied events held at the museum. From talks with local artists, celebrations of world cultures, and craft workshops that visitors can try, there is always something to get involved with.

31. Admire The Masterpieces At Perez Art Museum

If you are a fan of modern and contemporary art, then you will want to visit the Perez Art Museum. The museum displays pieces from artists across the world, providing a delightfully varied range of works to enjoy. 

The museum itself is a work of art. The entrance welcomes you in with hanging gardens and sculptures. The striking façade is accented by the Floridian sun glistening off the water just meters away. 

Inside you will find a number of permanent galleries, along with temporary seasonal exhibitions. There is always something new being displayed at the Perez Art Museum, so even returning visitors can enjoy another look around. 

Found in Downtown Miami, the museum is fantastically easy to get to. Surrounded by other popular attractions, working it into a packed itinerary will be a breeze. 

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is right next door, whilst Bayside Marketplace is just a short walk along the waterfront. 

32. Explore Neighbouring Coral Gables

Technically speaking, Coral Gables is its own city. However, it is so intertwined with Miami, just a couple of miles from downtown, that it really acts as an extension of its more famous neighbor. 

Even though it is not even a part of the main city, Coral Gables contains some of the Miami area’s best attractions. The Venetian Pool and the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden both feature frequently on Miami bucket lists and both are located in Coral Gables. 

Coral Gables also has some excellent shopping and dining options. The main commercial hub of Coral Gables is known as the Miracle Mile and is home to some of the best casual restaurants in the city. 

33. Escape the Crowds At Matheson Hammock Park

The southern end of Coral Gables is largely taken up by Matheson Hammock Park. For all its wide-open green space, the most notable feature of the park is the little peninsula jutting out at the northern end. The peninsula is home to a little marina and, most notably, a tiny, enclosed beach. 

Of all the beaches in the Miami area, the beach at Matheson Hammock Park is particularly charming. Rather than the long swathes of sand that form Miami Beach or South Beach, Matheson Hammock Beach is a ring of sand surrounding a manmade swimming hole. 

The enclosed pool is better suited to new or weaker swimmers, not yet ready to face open water. Away from the city center, Matheson Hammock is also typically less crowded than the larger beaches. 

34. Take a Free Ride on the Miami Beach Trolley

Since Miami sits close to the southernmost point of the United States, it tends to get pretty hot. Whilst that is perfect for a beach vacation, spent sunbathing and splashing about in the sea, it can get pretty uncomfortable when you want to explore the city. 

The Miami Beach area has a wonderful solution for this. Air-conditioned trollies that transport passengers around the island entirely for free. 

There are four routes looping around various parts of Miami Beach. Together they allow you to get around the whole island without having to trek in the blistering sun. 

There is no easier way to see the attractions of Miami Beach. Since the routes are loops, you can even just sit on them and spot the attractions you pass by until you wind up back where you started. 

35. Dive Into History At An Ancient Spanish Monastery

Miami may not be the first place you expect to find a medieval Spanish monastery, and for good reason. The Ancient Spanish Monastery that stands on the west bank of Maule Lake was originally built in Spain in the 12th century.

The monastery was deconstructed, shipped over to the United States, and meticulously rebuilt over the course of several decades in the 20th century.

Visitors are now free to explore this slice of European history without having to hop on a plane across the Atlantic. 

If you visit on a Wednesday evening, you can experience a service held in the monastery. Even if you are not spiritual yourself, it is an excellent opportunity to experience the monastery serving its original purpose. 

36. Wander Upmarket Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a chic, upmarket neighborhood, just south of the city centre. The affluent community is a laid-back hub of fashionable restaurants and bars, chic coffeeshops, and fancy boutiques. 

As one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods, there is also a certain historic charm to Coconut Grove. Most of the older buildings have been replaced by modern developments, but some older mansions and Victorian-era houses can still be spotted amongst the newer buildings. 

The area is particularly well known for its various waterside parks and gardens. The Barnacle Historic State Park is particularly notable for its lush mangrove forest. 

The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens are also at the south end of the district. 

37. Get A New Appreciation For Music At The New World Centre

The New World Centre is one of the most cutting-edge auditoriums around. Home to a respected orchestral academy, everything about the space is designed to deliver an exquisite auditory experience. 

The concert hall was designed by Frank Gehry, the same architect who designed the world-famous Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, so you know it is something special. Whilst it may appear fairly standard from the outside, the sound quality in the auditorium is anything but. 

If you have an appreciation for live music and have the opportunity to see a performance here, you should definitely take it. Although the New World Centre’s primary function is as an academy for upcoming musicians, there are still frequent recitals and events hosted here. 

The New World Centre is attached to Soundscape Park. The park continues the mission of bringing arts and music to the public. Open-air movie and concert screenings are held here, projected onto one of the white walls of the center. 

38. Enjoy A Family Day Out At Miami Seaquarium

Covering 38 acres, the Miami Seaquarium is a must-visit for any animal lover. There are hundreds of species in dozens of habitats for you to admire. 

From various types of turtle and fish to orca whales and manatees, Seaquarium displays the vibrant diversity of our oceans.

As well as being able to look at tons of exotic marine animals, there are also opportunities to get up close and personal with various species. 

Swim with seals and dolphins. Touch penguins and sharks. Even spend a day working alongside the trainers and learning how to prompt the animals to perform their tricks. 

If you are planning a family vacation, you should definitely add Miami Seaquarium to your itinerary. It is the perfect family-friendly attraction for anyone visiting with children. 

The park seamlessly blends education and entertainment for a truly fulfilling day out.

39. Attend An Unforgettable Event At The American Airlines Arena

Also known as the FTX Arena, the American Airlines Arena is one of the principal events venues in Miami. If there is a big show taking place in the city, there is a good chance it is going down at the American Airlines Arena. 

Home of the Miami Heat basketball team, the arena frequently hosts major sporting events. In addition to basketball, the stadium also hosts wrestling and mixed martial arts events. 

It is not just sports that shine here though. The American Airlines Arena has played host to numerous major music artists, from Janet Jackson to Kanye West and Dua Lipa. 

The complex even boasts an ice rink and Florida’s largest theatre, the Waterfront Theatre

Sandwiched between two lovely waterfront parks and right next door to the Bayside Marketplace and Freedom Tower, there is plenty to do in the area around the American Airlines Arena. You can beat event day traffic by getting here early and taking advantage of all the nearby attractions. 

40. Take In The Diverse Beauty Of Nature At Kampong

The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens offer a luscious reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Trade in the urban jungle for an afternoon wandering around an exotic wonderland of flora from across the global south. 

The Kampong Botanical Gardens have a particular focus on edible plants. You can discover tropical fruits you have never even heard of before. There are fifty varieties of mango alone. 

Right on the water’s edge, and shaded by colorful, exotic trees, Kampong provides a tranquil escape from the smothering Floridian heat. You can spend hours wandering the winding pathways, discovering ponds, manicured gardens, and endless beautiful flowers. 

Located just a couple of miles south of Downtown Miami, Kampong is super easy to get to. It is just a pleasant walk along the waterfront, past little marinas, and various pretty parks. If you find yourself just needing a quiet, chill day, this is the perfect way to spend it.

41. Delight In Authentic Cuban Cuisine At Versailles Restaurant

The Cuban influence in Miami is unmistakable and nowhere is it better represented than Versailles Restaurant. Touted as ‘The Most Famous Cuban Restaurant In The World,’ Versailles has been the centre of Miami’s Cuban community for decades. 

Versailles is well worth its enduring hype. The food is a fantastic example of Cuban cuisine. The restaurant offers sandwiches and pastries along with full meals and sumptuous desserts. If you are just after a quick snack, the attached bakery offers even more traditional treats. 

For all its prestige, Versailles is super laid back. More indulgent comfort food than haute cuisine, you don’t need to worry about dressing up. This is casual dining at its finest. Just show up ready to kick back with cocktails and croquetas.

The restaurant itself can seat almost four hundred people, so, despite its fame and popularity, you can still often score a table. Alternatively, Versailles also offers take-out and delivery, so even on busy days you can still enjoy the iconic cuisine. 

42. Indulge Your Inner Trainspotter At The Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Anyone with even a passing interest in trains will want to stop by the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. The museum displays a variety of train cars from throughout the United States’ history. Visitors can even board some of the old cars to feel what it would have been like to ride in them. 

One of the carriages in the collection is even notable for having been the official train car for several American Presidents. If you would like to climb aboard the armored carriage that carried presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan, this is your opportunity. 

Visitors can also take a ride on some of the trains. There are three trains that operate short routes around the grounds. The more specialist trains only run one day a month, so make sure to check ahead as to what day you need to visit. 

Just north of Zoo Miami, and right next door to the Miami Military Museum, the railroad museum is easy to slot into your itinerary. You can easily squeeze in an hour at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum on your way to or from larger attractions. 

43. Take A Break At South Pointe Park

Capping off the south end of the Miami Beach area, South Point Park is a lovely little green space, right by the water’s edge. Bridging the gap between South Point Beach and Miami Beach Marina, South Point Park is a conveniently located slice of urban peace.

On days where you want to enjoy the ocean breeze without the rowdy revelers that flock to the beaches, South Point Beach is the ideal reprieve. Or it is just a scenic route from the marina to the sand. 

The park consists of various landscaped lawns and wooded gardens. There is a splash park where children can play and a chic oceanside restaurant where adults can relax and enjoy the view across to Fisher Island. The trails winding through the park are popular with cyclists and pedestrians alike. 

The natural beauty of the park is accented by various installations. A line of sparkling water fountains greets visitors entering the park from the west. Meanwhile, the South Pointe Park Lighthouse sculpture is a unique, postmodern interpretation of the classic utility. 

44. Shop In Style Along Lincoln Road Mall

If you are staying in the South Beach area and want to splash out on a shopping spree, you can’t beat Lincoln Road Mall. The treelined, pedestrian avenue is lined with an eclectic mix of well-known brands and more niche stores and boutiques. 

The stores here tend to be more high-end. Lacoste, AllSaints, and Guess are just some of the fashion brands that you can find along Lincoln Road Mall. 

If you want to mix some culture into your retail therapy, there are also several art galleries and studios along the street. There is also an open-air antique market, where you can pick up some unique and interesting souvenirs. 

In amongst the various shops and boutiques, there are, of course, plenty of chic cafes and restaurants. From chain coffeeshops to stylish bistros, you will have plenty of options to choose from when you need a break from browsing the stores. 

So that is an introduction to the top forty-four things to see and do in Miami. If it is your first time visiting the city, then you are sure to have plenty to pack into your itinerary. There is plenty to keep even return visitors occupied. 

Of course, this is only the start of what Miami has to offer. Miami is a city with endless wonders to discover around every corner, whether you are traveling on a budget or planning a more extravagant trip.

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