Where to Stay in Koh Lanta: Top 7 Best Areas

Are you planning to visit Koh Lanta, Thailand any time soon? You’re going to love its excellent facilities and surroundings, but first, you have to know where to stay. Whether you’re a couple on a romantic getaway or a digital nomad, read on to find out the best places to stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand for you!

The 7 Places to Stay on Koh Lanta

But with its big area with numerous, it can get a bit confusing as to where to spend your vacation in, as there are also different towns and types of accommodation to choose from. To help you choose the best one, check out these top areas to stay when visiting Koh Lanta:

  1. The Best for Families: Khlong Dao Beach in Northern Koh Lanta
  2. The Best for Budget Travelers: Phra Ae Long Beach in Northern Koh Lanta
  3. The Best for Nightlife: Klong Klong Beach in Middle Koh Lanta
  4. The Best for Couples: Klong Nin Beach in Middle Koh Lanta
  5. The Best Calm Beaches: Kantiang Bay and Bamboo Bay in Southern Koh Lanta
  6. The Coolest Place to Stay: Old Town in East Coast Koh Lanta
  7. The Best for First-Timer Tourists: Saladan Village in Northern Koh Lanta

7 Best Areas where to Stay in Koh Lanta Map

1. Khlong Dao Beach: Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Families

The beaches are perfect for family getaways because no one will say no to the beach, whether you’re young or old! Kids will have fun making sandcastles, parents can lounge by the beach or spend quality time in spas, and seniors can enjoy delicious food by the pool.

If you’re traveling with the entire family, I highly recommend you to stay in Khlong Dao Beach in northern Koh Lanta for its family-friendly accommodation and facilities. 

Where to Stay on Khlong Dao Beach Koh Lanta?

Are you going with the entire family and need a spacious place to stay in? Here are the following hotels and resorts that will suit your budget:

Luxury Resorts: Southern Lanta Resort is one of the best for families and groups for its villas and bigger rooms. Lanta Mermaid Boutique House also offers families excellent services and huge rooms for the family, as well as amazing facilities and a beach that’s just a 3-minute walk away!

Mid-Range Hotels: Lanta for Rest Boutique is a quaint hotel that has a cooling poolside and is in the prime location of the Beach district. Lanta Smile Beach is just right by the beach, offering rooms great for families of more than 4 people, as well as My Home Lantawadee, which offers buffer meals and fast wifi.

Budget Hotels: When tight on a budget, El Greco Bungalows Koh Lanta is an affordable area that has rooms suitable for families of 4 and above. Lemonade Boutique Inn is also another high-end yet affordable inn that offers local excursions and activities, While Hey beach hostel is a simple accommodation offering dormitory rooms your family can sleep nicely in.

2. Phra Ae Long Beach, Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Budget Travelers

Koh Lanta is a huge and beautiful island, a fun area to be with no matter what kind of tourist you are. Many people will love the romantic surroundings for a walk around the beach, while digital nomads will adore the surroundings as they work. Backpackers and tourists will also have fun with the nightlife and scrumptious food waiting for them!

In fact, you can even find areas to stay in when you’re on a budget, with Phra Ae Long Beach being the ultimate choice. 

Where to Stay on Phra Ae Long Beach Koh Lanta?

If you want to stay in Phra Ae Long Beach without killing your wallet and bank account, here are highly-rated accommodation options to choose from:

Luxury Hotels: Long Beach Chalet and Siri Lanta Resort, giving you some of the most comfortable rooms without the high price.

Mid-range Hotels: Pana Long Beach Resort and Fill-Feel @ Long Beach Resort, both of which are conveniently located near restaurants and bars while giving you the beach view.

Budget Hotels: Hubs of Joys Hostel, Blanco Hostel Lanta, and Phra Ae Apartments, which are usually shared with common rooms and bathrooms, but still comfy enough to sleep in after a day of fun. 

3. Klong Klong Beach, Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Nightlife

Are you single and ready to mingle? Then you’ll want to experience the party and nightlife in Koh Lanta! While the island is peaceful and quiet, you’ll be able to go barhopping when the night comes. Of course, you can only do this when you’re in the right place, and Klong Klong Beach in Middle Koh Lanta is the ultimate destination for partygoers!

Have fun as you meet new people in their line of bars and clubs, and even get something good to munch on after in their many popular restaurants and world-class accommodation. 

Where to Stay on Klong Khong Beach Koh Lanta?

When getting ready for a party, you’ll want somewhere near restaurants and bars! These places are near the best parties and also offer some of their own:

Luxury Hotels: Alanta Villa offers all the services you need to have a mini-party in your room, from huge villas to local restaurants within 10 minutes of the property. Coco Lanta resort is equipped with friendly staff and a good restaurant where you can mingle with other people, as well as Lanta Casa Blanca, which comes with a private beach area!

Mid-Range Hotels: Arthaya Villas features everything one needs for fun and relaxation, being less than a kilometer from Long Beach where all the fun is at! OYO 1082 Chom Dao Resort and Lanta Happy Hill are also excellent choices, with various restaurants and bars that are just a few minutes away from the hotels.

Budget Hotels: DOX Ko Lanta is affordable but comes with the private rooms you need, as well as its own bar that holds fun events and parties. Zabit Bungalow is small, yet great for solo travelers looking for fun, being a few minutes away from different bars and restaurants. If you’d like something simple, head to the guest rooms of the Cat Bungalow, with shared lounges to meet people in.

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4. Klong Nin Beach,, Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Couples

Planning to pop the question or want to spend your honeymoon in Koh Lanta? Head to Klong Nin Beach located in the Middle Koh Lanta area. This area offers some of the best luxurious accommodation options suitable for couple getaways!

Here, you can find couples spending their celebrations as well, with hotels offering candlelit dinners, the romantic sunset view, and other fun activities to help you and your partner relax or have the time of your life in adventures. 

Where to Stay on Klong Nin Beach Koh Lanta?

Whether you’re surprising your loved one or celebrating an anniversary, here are accommodation options to make your vacation extra special:

Luxury Hotels: The Lanta Intanin Resort is the absolute best for honeymoons, as they have the friendliest staff ready to accommodate any surprise you plan to make! SriLanta Resort and Spa is perfect for the romantic views you can share with a drink and massage.

Mid-Range Hotels: The Lanta Infinity Resort is just 150 meters away from the Klong Nin Beach, also having its own pool and garden to walk around in with loved ones. If you want adventure, The Valley Kon Lanta offers tours and will surround you with lush greenery, beaches, and a spacious room.

Budget Hotels: You can still spend a romantic getaway on a budget in Lanta Mattia Bungalows and Resort, which is just 2-minutes away from Klong Nin Beach, or in Samati Best House, a guesthouse offering privacy with family and couple rooms.

5. Kantiang Bay & Bamboo Bay, Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for Calm Beaches

Another huge plus is that this underrated island in Thailand isn’t as jam-packed compared to other beaches worldwide, so you’ll feel like you have the whole place to yourself. All without the hefty prices on food and accommodation!

So if your main focus is to have a calm and relaxing vacation, then you’ll love both the Kantiang Bay and Bamboo Bay located in Southern Koh Lanta.

Where to Stay on Kantiang Bay & Bamboo Bay Koh Lanta?

Want the calm breeze and waters without the people and crowds? These hotels will show you a great time and help you appreciate the serenity:

Luxury Hotels: Pimalay Resort and Spa will give you the ultimate relaxation, not just with its beachfront but with the massages and spa facilities they offer. But if you want your own jacuzzi and absolute privacy, Baan Puteri Lanta Villa is for you.

Mid-Range Hotels: Alama Sea Village Resort is settled around a quiet beach without the noise from bars and clubs, 200 meters away from Ba Kan Tieng Bay. If the view calms you, then you’re going to love the Kantiang View Resort, which features an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the sky and beach.

Budget Hotels: You don’t have to spend so much to relax, with Aha Lanta Cozy Hostel proving just that with their serene ambiance even when sharing in dorms. The Kantiang Oasis Resort and Spa is another affordable option, offering spa packages and the convenience of being near Kantiang Beach. 

6. Old Town, Coolest Area to Stay in Koh Lanta

Are you well-traveled and searching for the hippest place to stay for unique experiences the typical tourist doesn’t know about? Head a bit out of the beaches and to Old Town in East Coast Koh Lanta! You can still visit amazing beaches, but you get to learn more about the culture here, along with other interesting experiences.

In Old Town, you can go sightseeing in caves, beach bumming, or explore the Lanta Old Town and meet the locals and National Park for more of a green change.

Where to Stay on Old Town Koh Lanta

For the well-versed travelers who want to explore beyond what’s “usual,” here are the accommodation options to help you out with that:

Luxury Hotels: The Mango House is the best for those who want the mix of natural and modern design, which offers water sports facilities and rooms with a patio and kitchenette. 

Mid-Range Hotels: I Talay Lanta is perfect for those who want the luxurious hotel vibe without the higher price. It’s also near many different attractions and has you receive the privacy you need after a long day. Deep House Sea View also gives you the privacy and aesthetic perfect for taking photos in. Lounge by their terrace and garden, or rent a bike to roam around the area!

7. Saladan Village, Where to Stay in Koh Lanta for First Timers

Is it your first time traveling to Koh Lanta, or your first time traveling to “uncharted waters?” If you’re still new to the waves and want a good place to stay without getting lost, you’ll like Saladan Village in Northern Koh Lanta.

This is the main entry and exit point from Koh Lanta, the “metropolis” where all the boats bring tourists to and from the island. It’s best known for its amazing wooden houses over the waters, as well as its list of notable restaurants, resorts, bars, and the like. 

Where to Stay on Saladan Village Koh Lanta?

Whether it’s your first time traveling the world or in Koh Lanta alone, check out these cool accommodation options for lots of comfort and fun:

Luxury Hotels: You will love DEEPSPACE Villa, which is set on a private beach and a secret that not many tourists know about! You have your own villa with a jacuzzi and your own beachfront, giving you space and relaxation away from crowds.

Mid-Range Hotels: La Chambre Boutique is less than 1.5km away from beaches and has spacious rooms, including a patio and fully-equipped kitchen, perfect if you’re staying for the long-term.

Budget Hotels: I like Lanta Chaolay because of its interesting industrial design with its cultural attributes. It offers all the facilities first-time travelers need, including free parking, WiFi, and a tour desk.

Where to Stay on Koh Lanta? 

What else is there to know about where you should stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand? Here are some tips to learn more about the area:

Where to Stay on Koh Lanta: Tips & Info

When in Koh Lanta, follow these travel tips for a fun stay:

I recommend that you stay in Koh Lanta for at least three days to truly experience life in the area. It’s also best to visit from April to December, which is the best time to visit because it isn’t as rainy, with optimum beach weather.

If you’re wondering what to do, you don’t only lounge on beaches! Research ahead and book boat tours, diving, or even explore the island with a rented scooter! You can also visit their national park and mangrove to experience the beautiful greenery. 

Make sure you pack for hot weather and don’t forget your sunscreen, as it gets REALLY hot during peak season!

Our Best Place to Stay on Koh Lanta

In my opinion, the best area to stay when in Koh Lanta is Long Beach, regardless of the type of tourist you are. Long Beach offers a bit of everything for couples, backpackers, adventurers, digital nomads, partygoers, and even first-time travelers! 

This Long Beach has a lot of suitable places to watch the amazing sunset, and it’s also close to various hotels, resorts, guesthouses, restaurants, and other fun and relaxing amenities to suit your needs. Plus, when you go at the right time, you can experience peace and quiet as you walk or go on water adventures.

Our Best Hotels in Koh Lanta 

If you’re looking for luxurious hotels for more comfort, but still with the amazing beachside property, then head on to either of these two places:

  • Long Beach Chalet in Long Beach offers Thai-style bungalows and chalets, where you can stay on the beach or garden! Their spacious chalets will certainly bring in comfort, as well as their stellar customer service and grand amenities.
  • Pimalai Resort and Spa in Kan Tiang Beach is also another excellent choice, as they offer huge villas and personalized services to make you feel like a VIP. You’re surrounded by a lush tropical forest overlooking stunning surroundings and the beachfront!

FAQs on Best Areas to Stay on Koh Lanta

Now that you know where you should stay when in Koh Lanta, how can you further narrow down your choices until you find the ultimate one for you (based on the list I put out above)? These are frequently asked questions to help you out: 

1. Where should I stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand?

There isn’t a place you SHOULD stay in when in Koh Lanta, as this is entirely up to you! It also depends on different factors, such as the type of traveler you are, your budget, and the amenities you need in the place you plan to stay in.

With all this in mind, you can refer to the list I mentioned above, as I mention the top places to visit suitable for first-timer travelers, couples, budget travelers, partygoers, and the like! This will help you find out where to stay and visit for a more fun time.

2. Where is the best area to stay in Koh Lanta?

There are so many places to stay in when in Koh Lanta, with the entire island separated into different areas. 

Under all the different areas and beaches, I highly recommend that you stay in either Long Dao Beach or Long Beach. These are the two most popular beaches visited by locals and tourists alike. 

Both beaches have a huge selection of places to eat and stay in, though Klong Khong may be better for those who want a low-key area with beautiful villas you can rent for better privacy. Long Beach is great if you’d like to meet new people and enjoy the nightlife!

3. Where is the best places to stay in Koh Lanta for Nightlife?

If you’re looking for the ultimate place to stay for nightlife, then you’re going to like Klong Khong Beach! Sure, it may be low-key and not as crowded, but they sure know how to throw a party. Make sure you stay in the best places that hold mixers and have their own bars, so you’re able to mingle with people.

You can also try Long Beach, which is just as fun and exciting, though more crowded if that’s your style. One can go barhopping and have a ton of fun with the many restaurants and clubs around!

4. Where is the best places to stay in Koh Lanta for Backpackers?

Backpackers can enjoy any area in Koh Lanta, really. If you’re a solo traveler and want an area to relax and work in, then you’ll love Southern Koh Lanta, which is home to Kantiang Bay and Bamboo Bay. You’ll have the beaches to yourself and love the calming sounds of the waves as you take a rest.

But if you’re looking for cool and luxurious, Old Town in East Coast Koh Lanta offers interesting and unique attractions to help you explore more of the culture. Those on a budget can also try Phra Ae Long Beach for its affordable accommodation options.

5. Where is the best places to stay in Koh Lanta for Couples?

Couples are doing to love the Klong Nin Beach in Middle Koh Lanta. It isn’t only popular for its peace and quiet, but it’s the ultimate destination for couples on a honeymoon or celebrating special events! You can get luxurious treatment in many of their hotels, offering packages suitable for couples such as spas and massages, candlelit dinners for two, and other activities you’ll enjoy with your partner.

Other areas in Koh Lanta also offer this, but I love Klong Nin Beach for its serenity and romantic vibe, making it the ultimate are couples will love to spend their vacation in.

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Final Thoughts

I’m in love with the relaxed atmosphere and quiet beaches within Koh Lanta in Thailand, especially when you choose the perfect place to stay in. No matter who you’re with or what kind of tourist you are, the beautiful island has something for everyone, and with the unique and amazing facilities, each place has, you won’t go wrong with whatever you choose. 

I hope that my list of where to stay in Koh Lanta helped you find a beautiful hotel or village to relax in. So start looking into these areas and plan out your next vacation now!

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