15 Best Packing Cubes for Travel Reviews 2024

When you’re packing, you may have wanted to try separating your essentials into categories, such as toiletries, clothes, shoes, and other important stuff.

Sadly, some carry ons and luggages have no provisions for organizing your stuff, making you spend a lot of time trying to create a makeshift provision, or you wasting time trying to look for your toothbrush once you’ve already arrived in your destination! It’s a hassle, am I right?

These are where the best packing cubes for carry on or other types of bags come along. Packing cubes are lightweight bags that come in different sizes, but hold the same cube or rectangular shape. They are sized differently according to how you categorize your items.

You’ll be able to use smaller packing cubes for toiletries or gadgets, while the bigger cubes are used for clothes or shoes.

A lot of packing cubes come in different designs and features that cater to any travel destination. You can find the best packing cubes for carry on luggage, or the best waterproof packing cubes if you will be going on an adventure! You can even find the best packing cubes for Europe, making it perfect for backpacking.

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Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

Packing cubes aren’t the newest invention, actually. These little packing bags have existed for years, but a lot of travelers ignore them, as they seem like an unnecessary expense, or are expensive.

BUT, that’s not the case! While you can find a lot of packing cubes that go over the top on prices, you can find the best packing cubes on Amazon for more or less $30. And that’s a complete set!

So, are they worth it? Definitely. These affordable bags will save a ton of time and effort as you travel, having you focus more on the sights rather than looking for a way to pack in everything without messing your luggage up. Plus, it lessens your stress levels while you pack as well.

15 Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Base on our research and overall customer reviews, the best compression packing cubes for travel are Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Packing Cube Set which is our favorite compression packing cube, Gonex Compression Packing Cube which the best compression and waterproof packing cube, and Shacke Pak – 5 Set Packing Cubes which is the best price on packing cubes. In this guide we will be looking at some pros and cons of each packing cube.

1. Gonex Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

This Gonex Compression Packing Cubes set is a great combination of compression and waterproof with a beautiful design. Gonex brand offers you comfortable cubes made of high-quality nylon fabric with mesh panels. These cubes remove air through compression and save space for more clothes. 

The set includes 4 variations of sizes: 1 x extra-large (17.3in x 13in x 3.54in), 1x Large (14.5in x 10.6in x 3.54in), 1 x Medium (11.8 x 8.9 x) 3.54), 1x small (9.8 x 7.5 x 3.54). You have a choice of 8 colors (green, purple, mauve, blue, pink, dark gray, black). 

This set is one of my favorite items and an integral part of my travels around the world. Compression saves a lot of space in my suitcase, and the mesh panel keeps my clothes smooth. The quality and the fabric are high class and are preserved both during washing and drying.

You should choose Gonex Compression Packing Cubes for Travel because:

  • Good price.
  • Waterproof set with compression.
  • Keeps clothes smooth and breathable.

2. Shacke Pak – 5 Set Compression Packing Cubes

If you are looking for the best price on packing cubes, then the Shacke Pak is the one for you. they are known to be the best price packing cubes, coming in a complete package and a variety of designs to choose from. Made out of high quality nylon that is also water resistant, they are the most durable and strongest of packing cubes you can get for your next adventure.

It comes in for pacing cubes (XL, L, M, and S), all four inches deep to fit in everything you need. It even comes with a laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes after your vacation! You get more than what you pay for with this packing cubes set.

3. PRO Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Pro Packing is one of the best packing cubes brands that can offer you quality, convenience, and a wide selection of colors and sizes. The product is made of strong polyester nylon, resistant to pressure, and can reduce your luggage by 40% of the space it occupies. 

Another great feature of the packing cube is the zippers, which are durable in time and conditions of use. Each set comes to you in 10 pieces of different variations: 2 x large, 4 medium, and 4 small. The size of the largest variation is 17.5 x 12.75 x 0.5 inches. 

You have a choice of a wide range of colors and the option for the set to be two-color or one-color. This travel organizer is suitable for long trips where your luggage will be well worn.


  • Lightweight and durable with strong zippers.
  • Large selection of colors.
  • Caring for luggage during long trips.


  • It is not waterproof.

4. Bago Compression Packing Cubes For Travel

One of the quality packing cubes to travel with is from bago, coming with a whopping ten set luggage organizer system to easily categorize and pack away everything without spending too much time! The package comes with four square cubes, two medium cubes, and the six organizing durable zip bags for your travel accessories and essentials.

They have the right amount of compression to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and utilize more space. These are great when traveling with family or when leaving your luggage in the hotel. You can unpack easily and repack when the trip ends.

5. Dot&Dot Medium Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Dot&Dot comes in different colors to choose from, with its four medium to large packing cubes perfect for your clothes and other accessories. They’re a great addition to your big luggage, fitting clothes and items good for a whole week of traveling. They don’t only help protect your clothes, but they also look pleasing to the eyes. You can purchase different colors to easily identify them when unpacking as well.

It is made out of see through mesh for added breathability for your clothes, and to also save time looking for the cube you need. It maximizes luggage space, lessens the weight, making it worth the investment.

6. Kiva RSK-05201 Packing Cube Set

Kiva RSK-05201 Packing Cube Set has a simple design made out of mesh material. They are plain black with different colored tags on the zippers to identify the size and category you packed your items in. It’s made out of polyester mesh for soft protection.

If not in use (yet), you can add it into your pack by collapsing it flat, saving a ton of space. The packing cube is five inches deep, enabling you to add in a lot of items when needed.

The three piece set (one large and two small cubes) is perfect for short trips, preferably for a weekend trip or up to three days backpacking around places. You can fit in whatever you want in these packs without worry of damage. For those who are looking for the best packing cubes for backpacking, this simple and affordable design is it.

7. Bagail 6 Set Compression Packing Cubes

If you are looking for travel cubes made of high-quality fabric with a wide choice of colors and sizes, then Bagail Set offers you all this. The set consists of 6 pieces and includes: 2x large sizes (17.5in x 13.7in x 4in), 2 x medium sizes (13.7in x 9.8in x 4in) and 2 x slim (13.7in x 5in x 4in).

You can choose from 8 colors: purple, pink, gray, fuchsia, dark gray, burgundy, blue, black. The Bagail brand offers you a great quality product covered with strong seams that guarantee durability and mesh panels.

 The cubes are also comfortable as hand luggage and presented with ethereal ease. Bagail products are among the best packing cubes for luggage and will be of great benefit to you if you are on a long family trip.


  • Large selection of colors and sizes.
  • Durable on a long journey.
  • Lightweight and suitable for hand luggage.


  • Zipper problems may occur.
  • They have no compression and are not waterproof.

8. Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes

If you want a set of travel cubes that is waterproof and environmentally friendly, maybe Veken is the right brand for you. The product comes in 6 pieces with sizes ranging from small to XL: Small (11in x 6.75in x 4in), Medium (13.75in x 9.75in x 4in), Large (13.75in x 12.75in x 4in), Extra Large (17.5in x 12.15in x 4 in).

The set also includes a bonus shoe bag and a laundry bag. The other great feature of the product is the huge non-standard color selection of 12 colors: White Marble, Upgraded-beige, Teal, Purple, Pink, Gray, Green Leaf, Forest Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Black, Black Leaf. 

Made of thick nylon waterproof fabric that protects your luggage from spills or stains. The ecological fabric keeps the clothes smooth and wrinkled. A great choice for you if you are a backpacker traveler because Veken is one of the best packing cubes for backpacking.


  • Large selection of colors and sizes.
  • Suitable for backpacking.
  • Good Price.


  • Not suitable to put in the dryer.

9. JJ POWER Travel Compression Packing Cubes

JJ Power brand offers you double padded and tightly sewn travel cubes with double-sided zippers. This product is a benchmark for quality and durability supported by a nylon fabric that keeps your luggage tidy. 

Served in gorgeous cream vintage colors in 12 shades. The set consists of 5 pieces: 2 x Large (17.8in x 13.8in x 4.7in), 1x Medium (13.6in x 7.8in x 3in), 2 x Small (8.7in x 6.7in x 3, 2in). This stylish set fits perfectly in a 30-inch suitcase.

Another great option for this product is the shoe bag (12.4in x 7.5in x 4.7in), which can hold two pairs. Due to its quality, design, and value, this product has the best price on a packing cube. Extremely favorable for long trips and adventures and mandatory sets for every passionate traveler.


  • High resistance to pressure.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Good price.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • No compression.

10. Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Presented in 6 pieces, this set will keep saving your luggage even on your most extreme trips. With double zippers, compression, and a great design created from a special polyester fabric offers you good care and space in your luggage or backpack. 

The set includes 2 x Large cubes (14in x 10in x 4in), 2 x Small cubes (10in x 7in x 1in) with a laundry bag, and a tubular cube. The color range varies in 7 variations: white with green stripes, dark blue with white stripes, black with red stripes, dark green with orange stripes, dark green with brown stripes, and summer graphic design. 

This product will surprise you with its unusual design compared to other cubes. The laundry bag and the tube cube are an advantage that is well worth the price. This product deservedly falls into the category of best packing cubes compression.


  • Large selection of colors.
  • Large selection of great designs.
  • A durable model with compression.


  • It is not waterproof.

11. AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel

If you are a budget traveler, then Amazon offers you a great choice of 4 cubes set in 6 colors. This set is light, comfortable, and practical and will perfectly complement your trip.

The set includes: 1 x Large (17.5in x 12.75in x 3.25in), 1 x Medium (13.75in x 9.75in x 3in), 1 x small (11in x 6.75in x 3in), 1 x slim (14in x 5in x 2.8 in). The color range includes a clean design of 6 varieties: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, and sky blue. 

Another quality feature of the set is the mesh panel, double zippers, and strong seams in turbulence. Your clothes will be preserved, breathable, and safe. 

The cubes are quite convenient for washing and drying in the machine without damaging the integrity of the cubes. The set can be considered one of the best packing cubes on Amazon.


  • Large selection of colors.
  • Budget set.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • The set has no compression.

12. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Packing Cube Travel Set

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter is a compression cube, meaning it will be able to hold as much items but use lesser space, compressing it to make more room for your luggage. It’s one of the best packing cubes for compression because of its sleek design and versatility.

You’ll be able to pack in a ton of clothes into your pack without having to carry extra clothes or checking in your luggage. The size is perfect enough for carry on bags or small luggages but can fit as much as a three to five day trip.

With the compression pack, you won’t need to take time squishing in your clothes in one bag. This packing cube will do the job for you and will look great at the same time. Plus, they are one of the quality packing cubes brand to trust!

Pack-It Starter Set I Eagle Creek

13. Best Compression Packing Cubes Set Travel

The Valilan brand presents you with a six pieces set of travel cubes in several color ranges. The product is made of durable nylon, wool threads, and a stable zipper system. 

The advantage of this project is the interlaced panels on the upper part of the set. That’s is a great option for visibility and easy access to a specific item that you need or look for in your luggage while traveling. 

Besides, your clothes will be able to breathe easily and not keep odors. The set comes to you in three colors: Gray, Blue, and Black. 

Dimensions include: two large cubes (15.75in x 11.61in x 3.54in), two medium cubes (12.99in x 9.65in x 3.54in) and two small cubes (10.24in x 7.87in x 3 , 54in). It is suitable for family and long trips and is considered to be the best lightweight packing cubes.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Mesh panel to keep clothes smooth and breathable.
  • Wide choice of sizes.


  • It is not completely covered.
  • It is not waterproof.

14. LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes Luggage

Lean Travel is a brand that can guarantee you quality and durability. The product includes a set of 6 pieces with f color shades stylish design. 

It is made of high-quality polyester in combination with a durable mesh panel and a compressive effect that protects your clothes from odors and crushing. The set will be very useful for people who often carry a lot of luggage. 

Compression allows you to save space by reducing the capacity of clothes up to four times. Lean Travel packing cubes come in three size pairs: 2 x Large (15.5in x 11.5in x 4in), 2 x Medium (11in x 11in x 4in) and 2 small (11in x 7.5in x 4in). 

The color range offers you several shades of black, gray, dark gray, and graphic design. The zipper system of the set is strong and durable and does not hurt your clothes when closed quickly. Lean Travel is among the brands that presented the best quality of packing cubes.


  • High quality and durability.
  • Stylish design in several colors.
  • Compression system with mesh panel.


  • It is not а waterproof.
  • It can take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

15. TravelWise Packing Cube System

Travel-Hanging Packing Cube System offers you innovation among packaged cubes. The nonstandard  design of the product allows you to sort your clothes into special compartments while traveling. The double zipper system gives you the confidence to open without any problems. 

The production matter is polyester nylon, which is resistant to pressure and keeping your clothes smooth. The product organizer offers you strict luggage distribution without having to look for a certain garment for a long time. 

The set includes 5 pieces of: 2 large cubes (4in x 12in x 17in), 2 medium (3in x 9in x 13in) and 1 small (3in x 6.5in x 11in). The colors are presented in Lime Green, Pink, Gray, Black, Blue, Lavender, Teal.


  • Good Price.
  • Innovation design in several colors.
  • Lightweight and durable on long trips.


  • It is not а waterproof.
  • Zipper problems are possible.

Why Use Best Packing Cubes?

You’re probably wondering: Why bother investing in packing cubes anyway? They’re probably a waste of money, especially when you’re on a budget from spending money for your next vacation!

But purchasing a set of packing cubes will definitely help you with a ton of things, not just the packing stage itself! Here are some of the benefits packing cubes have to offer:


Many of these packing cubes are strong and waterproof, perfect for backpacking and adventures. Your clothes are protected from water or any damage that may come your way as you travel, and will be able to keep your essentials safe.


These packing cubes are lightweight and will not add any unnecessary heaviness to your luggage, so you won’t need to check it in or pay more when weighing your luggage or carry on.


Not only will you be able to categorize your items, but you will lasso keep them clean. Folding your clothes properly and adding it into the packing cube will free it from wrinkles, while your toiletries are less susceptible of spills or messes when added to a pack rather than just spread into your luggage.

Types of Packing Cubes

You can find the following types of packing cubes for your travels:

  • Waterproof Packing Cubes to protect your clothes and essentials from water.
  • Mesh Packing Cubes to easily identify what’s inside the pack and to encourage breathability.
  • Lightweight Packing Cubes to lessen the weight in your luggage for easier handling.
The Ultimate Packing Cubes Guide | How To Use & Choose The Best Packing Cubes For Travel

How to Use Compression Travel Packing Cubes?

It isn’t difficult using your packing cubes when organizing your luggage! All it takes is the proper organization. Here are effective tips to achieve the best way to pack packing cubes:

  • Make sure that you categorize your items first before adding them to your pack. Place them in piles to easily put them inside the packing cube. We recommend that you list it down to prevent overpacking.
  • Start folding your clothes or organizing your medicine and cosmetics to fit it into the packing cube. Fold your clothes efficiently and make sure that your toiletries are closed tightly to avoid messes.
  • Add the items into the packing cube efficiently, taking up as much space as possible to compress and save up on room.
  • Place the packing cubes into your luggage, making sure that everything fits and you have made the proper provisions to easily get the pack you need when unpacking.

What Size of Compression Travel Cubes Should I Get?

Like mentioned, there are various sizes when choosing your acing cubes. But how can you choose the best packing cube sizes for your travels?

Usually, you’ll need three different sizes of packing cubes. There’s a small one, which is for important essentials such as money, gadgets, or medicine. The large-sized cute is for all your clothes, including undergarments or socks.

You can find packing cube sets that come with both large and small packing cubes, sometimes including a medium-sized packing cube or laundry bag to further categorize your luggage.

Choosing the best packing cubes for luggage requires research more so than simply evaluating its size, though. Here are some factors to consider when making the choice on what to invest in:


What will you use it for? Will it be purely for medicine and important things, or for clothes as well? This will help determine the size of packing cubes you need.


Don’t only examine how big the packing cubes should be (for your essentials), but your luggage as well. If you’ll be using packing cubes for your carry on, purchase a smaller size. If it is for your big luggage, find bigger-sized packing cubes.


Design and colors won’t only be for your preference, but to also keep it visible. Bright colors are great to help find it easier when wearing a backpack or looking through your luggage.


Your packing cubes should be very durable, made to withstand any form of weather or travel destination. Find ones that are waterproof, come with breathable mesh for your clothes, but will also compress it to keep clothes wrinkle-free and your items secure.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to packing, you’ll want to make sure you do it the right way. This calls for investing in the best packing cubes for backpacks and other forms of luggages! With best value packing cubes, you’ll not only save money, but you will also get to organize and save wasted time from trying to organize your essentials.

We chose the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set because of its simple yet innovative design. Plus, they are one of the best packing cubes Amazon has to offer! With its durability, strength, and ease of use, it definitely makes it a great travel buddy that sheds off your packing time! They are the best brand of packing cubes you can invest in without worry.

Hopefully, these reviews of packing cubes helped you become knowledgeable with what you need for your next travel destination. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best quality packing cubes with the help of this ultimate purchasing guide today!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more questions or reviews on these best packing cubes for backpacking and travel, then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think.

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