Best Luggage Scale Reviews 2024

10 years ago searching for the best luggage scale would be ridiculous. Airlines were catered to customer service and loyalty, but also charged premium fares. For better or worse, the industry experienced a complete shift in values.

The rise of the low cost carrier has put all airlines in the position to start charging for everything. That means you have more options, lower prices, and can customize your experience.

However, the first casualty of the revolution was free baggage. When the concept of paying per bag was first introduced it was viewed as preposterous.

Today, its almost an industry standard. Now airlines are looking to make up for their lower rates with any type of fee they can conceive. The prime target is your, again, luggage. The best luggage scale will keep you fee-free and ensure you enjoy those low rates around the world.

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Why Buy the Best Luggage Scale?

Most airlines are charging for checked bags. That means it’s already expensive to bring everything you need. But it can get even worse if your bag is overweight. For example, Delta Airlines charges $100 for a bag that weighs in above the allotted 50 pound (23 kilogram) limit.

The fee doubles to a debilitating to $200 for bags above 70 pounds (32 kilograms). These can turn cheap, bargain fares into less than reasonable options. While these weight limits are standard practice for many airlines, it’s very important to check your airlines parameters before leaving for the airport.

Here is a quick overlook of some major airlines fees and policies.

Once you know your limitations, you can pack accordingly. The only way to make sure you won’t be paying fees at the check-in desk is to weigh your luggage at home. Don’t get burned by your bathroom scale.

For an accurate measurement, you need a dedicated scale engineered to deal with the irregularities of bulky baggage. This is where a luggage scale comes in. By completely suspending the bag you can be sure that you get an accurate reading, and stay on budget by avoiding unnecessary fees that will start your trip on the wrong foot.

Skip the Stress

Getting on a plane is already stressful. There’s no reason to add to it by being unsure on the way up to the check-in counter. By paying for a small luggage scale, you’re making certain your check-in will be a breeze, at least on the baggage front.

A precise scale gets you out of line and onto the plane without any extra fuss.

The Return Journey

It’s totally natural to pick up souvenirs on your trip. With a luggage scale you can plan ahead. Pack your bag well below the posted limit, or if you have more than one, pack one full and leave plenty of space in the other. This enables you to bring back gifts for friends and family.

Bring Travel Scale with You

Also, bringing a compact travel scale with you is an excellent idea. If you are flying many different airlines, you may routinely have to shuffle items from your checked bags to your carry-on to meet changing weight requirements.

For example, if one airline offers 70 pounds for a checked bag, you can save money by only checking one bag, and bringing the rest aboard. Spending money on fees is frustrating and annoying. Although, don’t forget budget travel options give you a chance to game the system, as they allow you to only pay for what you need.

Save money by avoiding fees and making the most of every service you pay for. Keep the savings to have an extra special meal, or upgrade your hotel.

Embarrassing Unpacking

We’ve all seen it. The person at the airport shuffling clothes from one bag to another to avoid the overweight fee. Having everyone see the entrails of your bags is quite embarrassing.

Avoid playing bag Tetris in line by showing up confident your luggage is within the requirements. That is, unless you’re trying to show off your new underwear to hundreds of complete strangers.

Your Carry-on is Not a Safety Net

Bringing a carry-on is where intrepid travellers save the most money. Most airlines allow you to bring a carry-on bag, and a personal item. The cabin bag is usually not restricted by weight but instead by size.

That is not always the case as some restrictions change by destination. If there are weight limits, it’s usually around 20-25 pounds (7-10 kilograms). The personal item must be placed under the seat in front, restricting your feet space, but also keeping your valuables closeby. Unlike checked bags, if your carry-on is overweight or oversize, you have no recourse but to pay the gate check in fee.

For example, serial fee offender Ryanair allows a carry on of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size and 10kg. If your bag does not comply, you’ll be forced to pay a fee of $50-$70. Likewise fellow low cost competitor, easyJet, only allows one bag on board (yes, your purse counts). EasyJet charges its customers for overweight bags $3-$10 per over-limit kilo.

Unfortunately, these fees are often imposed at the gate which could lead to a missed flight and provides no opportunities for moving items from bag to bag. The income from these fees is how these airlines offer such cut rate flights. Take advantage of the deals and don’t be caught off guard. A luggage scale can keep you flying cheaply across continents, on many different airlines.

Best Luggage Scale 2023 Reviews

Deciding to make a minimal investment in a luggage scale is a great idea to protect your hard earned vacations, or to avoid devastatingly embarrassing fees on business travel. Picking the right one can be challenging.

Cheap airport options can break after only a few uses. Also, accuracy is of utmost importance when 1 pound can mean $100 dollars. So here are the 5 best luggage scales to keep your trip fee free:

#1. Etekcity Digital: The Best Luggage Scale for Space Savers

Weighing in at an incredible 2 ounces, the Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale is a perfect example of space saving design. The small profile allows you to take it to all your destinations. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It can process weights of up to 110 pounds or (50KG), meaning you’re not sacrificing performance for size.

The Etekcity effortlessly shifts between pounds and kilograms so you won’t get burned by bad math. The built in thermometer also toggles between fahrenheit and celsius, so you can keep any souvenirs at a safe temperature.

Another innovative feature is the tare option, which allows you to measure the weight of individual items in case you have to do some shuffling. Overall, the Etekcity is the best luggage scale for those looking to save space and of course, weight.

 Etekcity Digital: The Best Luggage Scale for Space Savers



  • Unbelievably Small
  • Excellent features
  • Good Performance
  • Price


  • Small Handle
  • Easily lost

#2. Camry EL10: The Reliable Choice

Camry is a name known for pedestrian reliability. In this case it extends to their easy to use luggage scale. The durable construction and simple features leave little to be desired. At $9, this option could be a great choice for those travellers who just need it to work.

A little bigger, weighing in at 6 ounces, the Camry EL10 makes it easier to lift those bigger bags. There’s no substitute for pure and consistent performance. Accurate down to a tenth of an ounce (50 grams) the Camry can get you where you need to go without paying extra. The two year warranty is consistent with the company’s desire for customer satisfaction.

Camry EL10: The Reliable Choice



  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Price


  • No Backlight
  • Bulky

#3. Tariss Jetsetter: The Best Luxury Luggage Scale

The Tariss Jetsetter lives up to its namesake. It is easily the best looking scale on the market. The sleek curvature of the polished stainless steel provides a function, as it makes it very easy to lift bags up to 110 pounds. But it’s not just about looks.

Tariss crams in some impressive features into the super-slim 3 ounce package. The battery indicator makes sure you never get stuck at the airport with a dead scale. Likewise the auto-lock display saves the weight so you only have to lift those heavy bags once. The innovative automatic shut off preserves battery life, as does the easy to read (no backlight needed) LED display.

Also, the overload indicator tells you when your bags exceed a given limit. The included guide to various airport and airline baggage restrictions is a nice added touch. However, the ultimate feature is the, no-questions-asked, lifetime warranty. The Tariss Jetsetter could be for travellers looking to make a statement, and make it to their destination without paying unsettling fees, forever.

ariss Jetsetter: The Best Luxury Luggage Scale



  • Beautiful design
  • Small Size
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Extra Features


  • No Temperature Gauge
  • No Backlight
  • Premium Price

#4. Camry EL62

The deluxe entry from Camry has all the features the budget option lacks and then some. Featuring the same durable design, but adding a display lock, blue backlight and overload indicator, the EL62 completes the package.

This scale also integrates an intuitive sonic alert when your bags are overweight. There’s no mistaking or misreading that off-putting alarm. At 5 ounces, you’re adding weight for these extra perks.

You’ll find the same accuracy as the EL10 but the deluxe option gets a bit harder to use as you navigate the extensive menu of additional options. If you’re looking for the most at an extremely reasonable price, this could be the best luggage scale for you.

Camry EL62



  • The MOST features
  • Price
  • Durable


  • Harder to use
  • Bulky
  • Battery Life?

#5. Camry Two Pack: The Best Luggage Scale for Couples

This entry is nothing new. Another option from Camry is a two-pack of their EL10. You get all the same performance at a fraction of the price. For two of the extremely well received EL10’s you’ll pay $17, making it the best option for the travelling couple.

If you’re a solo traveller, stash one at home and bring one with you. that way you’ll never leave the scale on the table after weighing your bags at home. This two pack can be great for couples, families, or travellers prone to losing items on the road.

Camry Two Pack: The Best Luggage Scale for Couples



  • Serious Value


  • See above entry on EL10

The best travel luggage scale is….

All these scales have their merits, but only one captures the true essentials of the best travel luggage scale. Of course, it’s the 2 ounce mighty mini Etekcity. Bringing your scale on the road is recommended for extended trips featuring different airlines.

If you’re already concerned about keeping your bags underweight, it would be to ironic to add ounces for your scale.

Factor in the perfect performance, and the excellent price of $10, and you’ve go the perfect travel scale for most. It might not have all the bells and whistles but Etekcity hits the necessary points. It’s accurate. It’s compact, and easy to use.

Use it with your carryon, or your big bags, in foreign countries or at home. Navigating different airlines, airports, and changing security measures is difficulty but carrying the Etekcity Digital is not.

While luxury options like the EL62 and Tariss are appealing, the price and size detractions are too much for an item that’s supposed to be reducing your weight and cost.

The Jetsetter’s lifetime warranty, and similarly small stature are tempting, but the additional premium is not worth the investment for most travellers. The Etekcity Digital performs like a scale twice its size, for the same cost.

The only problem is finding it in your cluttered baggage. Luckily, the best luggage scale can help you reduce you decide what’s truly necessary.

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