Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool

10 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool

Today we are going to look at the best hotels in Tulum with a private pool. With so many hotels in the area, offering a variety of different types of pool, working out which you would personally prefer can be quite the challenge.

I’m therefore going to lay out what choices you have and the best places to find them. So, if you’re visiting Tulum and prioritise having a fabulous pool during your stay, I highly suggest reading on.

Best Hotel In Tulum With A Private Pool: Tips & Info

Before we begin, there are a few tips I want to give you, to try and help make your decision as easy as possible. There are a few things that if you keep them, and other similar issues, in mind while reading, should go a long way to narrowing down your search.

For instance, if you’re prioritizing the pool during your stay, wouldn’t 2 be better than 1? In which case, you should give strong consideration to either the Mereva Tulum by Blue Sky or the Hotel Panacea Tulum

Or perhaps one full sized pool is enough, but you’d also enjoy having a smaller, private pool in your room as well? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, both the Hotel Bardo and Chiringuito Tulum will be strong contenders.

Speaking of private pools, if you’re a fan of swimming, perhaps a location that also comes with a private beach would be ideal, such as the Dune Boutique Hotel. Or maybe the desire for privacy merely comes from seeking a quieter, less crowded option. Therefore, you should maybe consider an adults only resort, such as The Beach Tulum.

Then there’s what you’re looking for from the room itself. If you plan to spend most of your time at the pool, perhaps try a swim up room, like what’s on offer at Cabanas Tulum- Beach Hotel & Spa. If you’re coming with a group or simply like more space and home comforts, you could even consider renting out an entire villa, at a place like Villas Hunan Hill Tulum.

You should even consider how else you plan to fill out the days during your stay. That may lead you towards a destination filled with activities, such as Amaka Riviera Tulum, or one that’s near a event filled location like Tulum National Park, in which case the Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum would be ideal.

If you take these and similar issues into account while reading, it will make settling on your perfect location substantially easier than it otherwise would be.

The 10 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool

So, now you know what to look out for, allow me to show you what I believe to be the 10 best hotels in Tulum with a private pool.

1. Hotel Bardo

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Bardo

We begin our search with Hotel Bardo, which is located in Tulum city centre. A 5-star hotel, with an “exceptional” rating, it is one of the finest hotels in the region.

All rooms at the Hotel Bardo are beautiful and modern, featuring stunning décor, comfortable furnishings and high-end extras, such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Each room also comes with its own mini-bar, fridge, oven, tea and coffee making facilities and either a balcony or a terrace, while some even feature their own personal plunge pool or hot tub.

The hotel’s pool is one of its most stunning features, beautifully styled to let you relax in a tropical paradise, yet large enough that you’ll never have to worry about it being overcrowded or not having enough room to swim. It is accompanied by a bar to further enhance the relaxing environment, ensuring you never have to travel too far to top up on refreshments.

Elsewhere on the property, there are plenty of other facilities, designed to cater to a guest’s every need. There is a beautiful garden, giving you a place to stroll around in a slightly more natural location. There is a restaurant, offering a variety of cuisines, to keep all visitors suitably well fed, no matter their personal tastes. There’s even a spa and wellness centre, which is perfect for those looking to de-stress and get in a little extra relaxation.

In addition to all that, there is also a car rental station on site. This gives you a simple means of getting to see some of the incredible sights in the vicinity, which includes the Tulum Archaeological Site, which is located less than 4 miles away.

For those who can’t or don’t want to rent a car, there’s a shuttle service available at the hotel, so you won’t have to worry about getting to and from the hotel at the start or end of your trip.

2. The Beach Tulum

Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: The Beach Tulum

Our second destination, The Beach Tulum, is located at the southern end of the Tulum Beach area. A 5-star hotel, with a “superb” rating, it features a stunning, circular pool, which wraps around a small island and is surrounded by tropical plant life.

An adults only hotel, this offers guests the opportunity to live out their dreams of pool parties like they’ll have seen in movies. Whether relaxing in the sun, playing in the water, sipping on a cool drink or swimming laps of the pool, you’re sure to be thrilled by the environment you encounter here.

Outside of the pool, the hotel is also situated right on the beachfront. Lined with sun loungers, umbrella’s, tables and even a beach club, guests have just as much option on the sand as they do by the pool. From walking in the sand and splashing through the waves to topping up your tan and enjoying a range of drinks, nothing is out of the question here.

Inside the hotel you have 2 restaurants to choose from, serving food and drink from breakfast through to supper. There’s also a spa and a fully equipped gym on site. This means whether you prefer to relieve your stress with a massage or a heavy session on the weights, The Beach Tulum has got you covered.

The beautifully decorated rooms feature their own private hot tubs on secluded terrace’s, while sometimes under appreciated facilities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, as well as tea and coffee making facilities are also included.  

As far as things go outside the hotel, Tulum National Park is only 2.5 miles away and the area’s legendary Mayan ruins are just 4.3 miles away as well. There is also a complimentary shuttle available to take guests to and from the airport at the beginning and the end of their stay.

3. Cabanas Tulum- Beach Hotel & Spa

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Cabanas Tulum

Our third destination, Cabanas Tulum- Beach Hotel & Spa, is located directly next door to the previous option we looked at, The Beach Tulum. A 4-star hotel, with a “superb” 9.4/10 rating in its own right, it compares favourably to its neighbour in many ways, despite its lower star rating.

While the pool may be slightly smaller, it’s designed largely as a place for guests to relax around and take a dip in to cool off. For anyone looking for a more intense swimming session, the beachfront location still makes this an ideal choice. Located on a quiet stretch of beach, lined with sun loungers and palm trees, it offers the perfect mix of beach, pool, relaxation and exercise, all in one place.

Many of the other features are actually shared between the two premises, including the gym, the spa, the beach club and the restaurant. They also use the same airport shuttle to get guests to and from the airport.

Rooms again feature stylish décor, private hot tubs, Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee making facilities, however there are also some slight twists here too. For example, you will find hammocks on the private terraces, offering guests a different option when it comes to how they relax in the sun. The property also features “swim up” rooms, allowing you to stay as close to the water as possible.

Perhaps the biggest selling point that Cabanas Tulum has over The Beach Tulum is the price. The slightly lower star rating means that rooms can be up to half the price in the Cabanas that you would find at its neighbour. While certain guests may still prefer the tweaks that are available in a 5-star resort, this is certainly a fabulous option for those on a slightly tighter budget. That said, don’t take it to mean accommodation here will be cheap, as it is still a very exclusive destination in its own right.

4. Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum

Just a short way north from our previous two destinations, the Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum is located on South Tulum Beach. A 5-star hotel, with a “superb” rating, it’s a luxurious hotel, both inside and out.

Its beautiful pool might be a little on the small side compared to what you may be used to at larger hotels. However, for a location such as this, it is perfectly sized, creating a truly exclusive feeling, much more akin to what you would get if it were yours and yours alone.

One area that isn’t lacking in size though are the rooms, which all come with a seating area and a choice of a balcony, terrace, or private patio. This makes it perfect for those who like to party on a vacation, whether you are travelling as a group or simply make new friends during your stay.

In addition to their size, the rooms are all beautifully furnished and decorated in a stylish, modern fashion. Wi-Fi, tea and coffee making facilities are present in all rooms and stunning views are a given, no matter where your room is located in the hotel.

While those of you reading this article will clearly prioritise the pool during your stay, the beachfront location of the hotel provides you with plenty of different options from day to day. Rows of sun loungers, shades and even a beach bar ensure you will be comfortable and well looked after, no matter how you plan to swim or sunbathe. 

Elsewhere on the property, there is a restaurant serving food and drinks throughout the day, as well as beautiful gardens for guests to explore. A fully kitted out gym is available for anyone who doesn’t want to get behind with their training, while an on-site spa is also present, for anyone who wants to be truly pampered during their visit.

The hotel also offers convenient transport options, such as an airport shuttle, to take you to and from the hotel, as well as car rental being available on-site. While the former is definitely ideal for those who can’t or choose not to drive, I would still recommend renting a car if you can, at least for a few days.

That’s because you have some incredible attractions nearby, such as the Tulum Archaeological Site 6.2 miles away and Tulum National Park a mere 2 miles from the hotel.

5. Dune Boutique Hotel

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Dune Boutique Hotel

A short distance from our previous location is the next stop on our list, the Dune Boutique Hotel. A 4-star hotel, with a “superb” rating, it features one of the best pools we have looked at so far. This is ideal for anyone planning to do a fair bit of swimming during their stay, as opposed to simply having fun in the water with their friends and family.

On the days you don’t plan to spend at the pool, the hotel also has its own private beach, where you can relax, get some sun and swim to your hearts content, knowing you don’t have to worry about things getting too overcrowded.

It even features a wide range of activities, such as snorkelling, diving and windsurfing, as well as a beach club, where you can purchase a range of food and drink throughout the day. That makes it ideal no matter how active or laid back you plan to be.

Beyond the beach club, the hotel also features a restaurant and juice bar, offering cooked meals, snacks, drinks and cocktails around the clock.

The hotel itself features traditional stylings, while the rooms feature luxurious, modern décor and comfortable furnishings. They all come with Wi-Fi access, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. 

An airport transport service is available to guests at the beginning and end of their stay, while free parking and a bike rental service is available to help you get around throughout. This is something I would highly recommend taking advantage of, as attractions such as Tulum National Park are located as little as two miles away.

6. Villas Hunan Hill Tulum

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Villas Hunan Hill Tulum

We’re back in the city centre for our next destination, the Villas Hunan Hill Tulum. A 4-star resort, with a “superb” rating, it offers something a little different to the options we have looked at so far.

As you may have gleaned from the name, this is a destination where you will be renting your own villa or apartment, instead of just a single room in a hotel. This offers guests a much greater amount of space to stay in, as well as a number of other luxuries you are unlikely to find in a hotel. These include things such as a sofa, a fully equipped kitchen and even a dining area.

In addition to the apartment style amenities, you will also get to enjoy air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, flat screen tv’s and free toiletries in all units.

Outside of the room, the complex also features a stunning pool, that is equally suitable for either relaxing or going for a swim. There’s also a communal terrace and garden, for those looking to unwind away from the water for a little while.

For anyone looking to see the sights in the surrounding area, the famed Tulum Archaeological Site is less than 4 miles away and free parking for all guests means you won’t have any issues if you decide to rent a car.

There is also a complimentary shuttle service provided, to help get guests to and from the airport at the beginning and end of their trip.

7. Hotel Panacea Tulum

Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Hotel Panacea Tulum

Our next destination of the Hotel Panacea Tulum is located on the outskirts of Tulum city centre, in La Veleta. A 4-star resort with a “superb” 9.1/10 rating, it is somewhat of a hybrid of the previous locations we have looked at. I say this as guests can choose between either a room in the hotel or an entire apartment like we have just looked at.

Outside of the choice of rooms, perhaps the biggest selling point of the Hotel Panacea Tulum is the pool, or should I say pools, which is clearly a massive bonus for a list like this.

While its main pool is stunning and rivals anything in the area in terms of style, it is also adjacent to a second, much smaller option. Both of these feature a fabulous area filled with seating and sun loungers. This means whether you want to go for a hard swim or are looking to chillout and relax in the water with friends, there is an option that will have you covered here.

If swimming isn’t enough to match your fitness needs during your stay, there is also a garden and terrace to explore, as well as an exceptional fitness centre. With all of this, you are guaranteed to be able to work up a sweat and stay on top of your training.

On site parking isn’t available here, so the use of taxi’s and public transport would be the preferred method of getting to the nearby attractions, such as the Tulum Archaeological Site. That said, there is an airport shuttle at the hotel, so you don’t need to worry about getting to and from the property at the beginning or end of your trip.

8. Chiringuito Tulum

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Chiringuito Tulum

Our next option of the Chiringuito Tulum is the southernmost destination we have looked at so far, located back out on the coast. A 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” 8.8/10 rating, this is a resort that often sells itself on its location, as it is less than a mile and a half to both the Tulum Archaeological Site and Cesiak, as well as just 3 miles from Tulum National Park.

For the purpose of our list, it also excels in the pool department. Not only does it feature a fabulous communal option, but many rooms also feature a private pool on your own terrace. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who prefers not to share their pool with anyone else during their visit. 

Beyond the pools and the location, the Chiringuito still has plenty more to offer as well. A stunning hotel, with beautiful, spacious, modern rooms, opening out to views over a gorgeous garden, all guests will also be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi, breakfast and a shuttle to and from the airport.

9. Mereva Tulum By Blue Sky

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Mereva Tulum By Blue Sky

Our penultimate destination of the Mereva Tulum by Blue Sky is located on the Tankah shores, in the very north of the region. A 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” 8.7/10 rating, it is ideal for a list such as ours, as it features not one but two fabulous pools. 

If that isn’t enough water activity for you, it also features a private dock, where you can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and you will even receive a complimentary paddle board for the duration of your stay.

Outside of your watery adventures, the hotel also features a gourmet restaurant and bar, where you’ll be able to enjoy your complimentary breakfast, as well as purchase a range of other snacks, drinks and meals throughout the day and night.

The gorgeous rooms all feature a traditional style, with fresh, modern tweaks, and are crammed with things to keep you comfortable and entertained. Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, hi-definition tv’s with satellite channels all come as standard. All rooms also open out onto beautiful balconies and terraces, giving guests the opportunity to wake up to stunning ocean views each morning.

While parking on site is not included, the town and archaeological sites are just a short taxi ride away, so you shouldn’t worry about not getting to see the sights. In a similar vein, there is an airport shuttle available to all guests, so you don’t have to worry about arriving or departing from the property either.

10. Amaka Riviera Tulum

 Best Hotels In Tulum With A Private Pool: Amaka Riviera Tulum

Our final destination of the Amaka Riviera Tulum is again located in the La Veleta suburb of Tulum city. A 4-star hotel, with a “fabulous” 8.7/10 rating, this is a destination that is ideal for visitors who plan to stay active throughout their stay.

In addition to the hotel’s fabulous pool, you have a variety of options to keep you on the go. There is free parking and even free bike rental for those who want to visit the attractions in the surrounding area, such as the Tulum Archaeological Site. 

There is a sun terrace featuring games, such as table tennis and billiards, to let you compete against your friends and other guests. There’s a beautiful garden for you to stroll around in and get your exercise while enjoying a little bit of nature. There’s even a fitness centre, for anyone who really wants to work up a sweat during their stay.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the 24-hour concierge service will be more than happy to help you plan and book other activities off of the property.

The rooms themselves are all fitted with tea and coffee making facilities, as well as free Wi-Fi, which is present throughout the resort, to keep you connected.

There is also an airport shuttle service taking guests to and from the property, so you never have to worry about how you will start or end your trip.


So, there you have it, our list of the 10 best hotels in Tulum with a private pool. Despite them all being fantastic choices, hopefully this article will have helped you determine which one is best for you, based on your own personal needs.

Now all that’s left is to go and make sure you get it booked, before someone else beats you to it.

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