Top 10 Best Daypack for Travel Reviews

If you’re one who loves traveling, then you’ll need a backpack to make sure that you have everything you need when out of the comforts of home. There are tons of backpacks you’ll be able to invest in, but what if you’re just going out for a few hours or a day? Day hikes are very popular for those who want a short trip outdoors for some peace and relaxation. Instead of using a huge and clunky backpack, you can just choose the best small daypack for travel!

But what exactly is a daypack and how can you purchase the best one for your short trips around the city or outdoors? Read on as we show you the best packable daypack for all occasions!

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What is a Daypack?

A lot of people take day hikes as a morning workout, or go out traveling around the city or beaches the whole day. While it’s great going out for the weekend or longer, some people just don’t have the time.

Another issue they face when going out for the day would be the type of bad they’ll use. Just like many types of backpacks, you won’t be able to lug a huge and heavy backpack the whole day! Not only is it a waste of space, but it can hurt the back as well.

That’s where a daypack comes alone! Daypacks are similar to backpacks, but smaller and easier to carry. They can accommodate a fair amount of clothes and other essentials for traveling, which is why many people opt to invest in them for short trips or whole days out.

Top 10 Best Daypack for Travel Reviews

You’ve got everything you need to choose a daypack, but what is the best daypack for traveling around the city and other places?

1. Casual Daypack Backpacks The North Face Unisex Jester

The North Face is popular for its quality sporting goods and products. Their backpacks are known for its durability and design, with the Jester backpack being no exception! The Jester is suitable for day hikes and other day trips when out in the city or travel destination.

Another plus is that it’s not only great for traveling, but for city life as well. It has a 15-inch laptop sleeve to protect your laptop, as well as pockets and pen pockets for work. For travelers, you’ll love the organization panels and bungee system that keeps your items secure. It even comes with two side mesh water bottle pockets to keep you hydrated.

Everything in this pack shows durability without it feeling too hard when carrying it around. It’s recommended more so for daily use, but with its waterproof material, it also makes for a nice pack when hiking.

The body itself offers a compression-molded shoulder strap with padded air-mesh back panel for comfort, support, and ventilation for hot days. It’s the ultimate city backpack any professional would appreciate.


  • Bungee system to keep items secure and organized
  • Waterproof
  • ​Comes with adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt
  • Can fit multiple laptops
  • Supports back
  • Many designs


  • Some areas not well-padded

2. Sturdy Outdoor Daypack Military Backpack, Molle Bag Rucksack Pack

Outdoors truly lives up to its name as one of the ultimate backpacks for travel. It’s a great daypack for Europe trips, as it offers just the right amount of compartments for your absolute essentials. The design alone already looks like it’s ready to be taken to any type of trip!

There is a roomy main storage area and dual zipping side pockets with a stuff-it pocket and draw cord to keep your essentials dry and safe from any weather. It even comes with hydration pockets and other compartments for organization.

When wearing it, you’ll love how adjustable it is, with its external compression and yoke shoulder strap system. It’s also very comfortable, offering the right amount of padding and ventilation to keep your back dry and supported no matter where you go.

Take note that it has a capacity of 37 liters! And with this adequate capacity, you are assured safety and protection for all your items, no matter where you are or the weather you will be braving.

If you’re looking for the best daypack for traveling Europe, then you’ll want to consider this one!


  • Lot of room
  • Adjustable chest, hip, and shoulder straps
  • Very strong and durable
  • Versatile and fit for any use


  • A bit heavier than other daypacks

3. High Sierra Swerve Backpack

High Sierra offers a host of designs and colors, perfect for both men and women. It’s your basic daypack made out of comfortable mesh material to assure both breathability and comfort no matter where you go. It’s got all the features you need to travel around the city or the great outdoors.

I can say it’s the best waterproof daypack you can invest in, because it won’t only cater to all types of weather, but can provide the ultimate organization for travel or work. It’s also ultralight, only weighing two pounds!

It’s light, but it can definitely support your back well, offering strength and stability as you walk around. It will fit anyone of any shape or height while ensuring comfort, with extra padding and adjustable straps.

With tons of pockets suitable for ANY of your essentials, we can say that this is the overly-organized traveler bag. And that’s certainly not a bad thing. It’s ideal for work or school as well.


  • A lot of pockets and very roomy
  • The sturdiest and durable daypack available
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Waterproof and keeps items secure
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Poor quality zipper

4. SwissGear Travel Daypack Backpack

SwissGear offers one of the best types of backpacks and luggages, with the Travel Gear ScanSmart being one of the best and most versatile daypacks out there for traveling. It’s small but can fit in many of your essentials, coming with a laptop-only compartment built for work or school. It can fit a laptop as big as 17 inches!

It has a simple and lay-flat design, making it quicker and easier to go through airport checks. With the lay-flat feature, you can pack and find items efficiently as well! The body is made out of breathable polyester for added comfort and durability.

The bag only weighs about three pounds but can still fit all your gear with extra room and added security. With its compression straps, padded back panel, and airflow ventilation technology, you are assured ultimate comfort and support without the hefty price tag.

It’s perfect for those who are always on-the-go, with accessory pockets, organizer compartments, water bottle holders, and even chains and belts to attach your equipment to.

It’s the ultimate traveler’s daypack that can also be used for work or school.


  • Roomy compartments
  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Lay-flat feature
  • Last for years of use
  • Great for multiple laptops


  • Not much pockets available

5. Osprey Daylite Daypack

If you’re looking for a very simple yet functional backpack, then Osprey is a great choice. It’s an ultralight backpack that has all the organizer compartments you need for either travel or city life. It has a front pocket with a mesh organizer and can attach to AddOn compatible packs, so you can fit in more items!

It only weighs one pound and has the capacity of 750 cubic inches, ideal for those who want something light and easy. It can fit in small laptops and still has an insert for a camera. It also comes in different colors to choose from, great for men and women alike.

It’s the ideal backpack for short day hikes or when you want a functional bag for the daily grind in the city. Either way, it’s worth the investment!


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Sturdy straps and back
  • Small yet roomy


  • Thin fabric
  • Secondary pockets are not waterproof

6. Best Secure Daypack: Pacsafe Citysafe

One thing Pacsafe is particular about is the safety of your items, especially in a rowdy place such as a big city, and they incorporated this concern into their design. Their patented anti-theft design comes with interlocking zippers and cut-proof material (lightweight steel mesh) to prevent theft/pickpocketing. It also includes radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking pockets to keep your credit cards/IDs safe.

One good thing you will love about this product is that it can be locked to fixtures. With its adjustable, padded shoulder strap that is detachable and reinforced with wire, this backpack can be securely locked to tables or chairs to protect your valuables.

When it comes to compartments, this product is packing. It has one RFID blocking front zip pocket, one interlocking zipper main compartment, one padded sleeve that can fit a 13″ Laptop, one RFID blocking zippered interior pocket, four card slots, two expandable side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.


  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Fantastic and fashionable design.
  • It has plenty of room for your jacket, notebook, smartphone, charger and other travel essentials.


  • Straps could be wider than shoulder length and hence, can keep falling off.

7. Ultralight Handy Travel Backpack Packable Daypack  

This nylon-based backpack from Gonex is the perfect travel companion. It is made from high-quality water repellent and tear-resistant nylon material, accompanied by a durable abrasion-resistant SBS Metal Zipper. It is specially reinforced in more than 25 places using the bar tack process, which is essentially a high-density stitch made to reinforce stress areas.

This product does not only come with reinforcements, but it also comes with space. It has three zippered compartments, and the main pocket is large enough to carry what you need on a trip. Its smaller outer pockets are great for quick access to things such as guide books and cameras. It also has inner zippered pockets, which is great because you get the perfect place to store valuables such as cash, credit cards and passports.

You would love this backpack because it is easy to fold into a small pocket (sandwich size). I especially like this feature because one time, I was traveling very light and needed to store my backpack in a small suitcase. I then opted to use this backpack because I could easily fold it and keep it in my suitcase. Because of its lightweight and its portability, you avoid the hassle of excess luggage in the airport.


  • Straps are well-padded and comfortable.
  • It has enough space to hold your valuables.
  • Easy to store away


  • Not as durable as advertised. It begins to fall apart after 8 months.

8. Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday 

This backpack is a revolutionary design from Kanken as it is made from a Vinylon F and a 100% polyvinyl-alcohol lining. This is an incredibly beneficial feature of the backpack because Vinylon F is a synthetic material but acts more like a water-resistant natural fiber. So when you are out and about, and suddenly it begins to rain, you are safe. 

This backpack is designed so that when the bag gets slightly wet, it swells, and the gap between the woven fibers comes close, thereby making it water-resistant. These bags are naturally waterproof with a two-way zipper with a rain flap, an excellent feature for keeping your valuables safe and dry even in adverse weather conditions.

Its ergonomic shoulder straps are perfect for those long trips without pacing so much misaligning stress on your back. It also features a dual top snap handle, which is useful when you quickly want to carry your bag. This backpack also comes with a sitting pad. This is a really helpful accessory because I remember one time I was traveling in a safari jeep. The seats were not padded, and I had to endure sitting on hard metal for hours on end. If I had a sitting pad in my backpack, it would have been a more pleasurable experience.


  • Spacious storage compartment.
  • Convenient handles and straps.
  • Foam back pad to provide comfort while carrying.


  • The quality of the product is highly questioned.

9. Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Del Dia Travel Daypack

This nylon-based backpack from Del Dai is truly a fantastic product. The fundamental design of this product dubs the drawstring model. Being a drawstring backpack, its handle is made such that it is easy and comfortable to carry around. 

It is made from durable yet lightweight ripstop nylon shell fabric, an excellent feature of the bag as it makes it strong enough to hold heavy objects inside without the bag breaking. It can handle heavy cargo without the seams pulling apart or the drawstring handle coming loose either. Another plus is its front zippered pocket and large main compartment.

This is useful when you have a lot of cargo to carry. A cool feature of this design is that when carrying your Cotopaxi drawstring bag, the drawstring will continue to tighten as you are technically pulling it close to yourself even though you’re only carrying it. This is an essential feature because even when you are careless, you can feel comfortable swinging the bag around, and you’ll know that the contents inside won’t be able to come out of the bag, and nothing will be able to penetrate the inside as well.


  • The bags are incredibly flexible.
  • It expands and contracts, depending on the size of what you want to carry.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is resilient
  • Easy to use and light


  • It hardly lasts long.

10. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Travel DayPack

This product is a lightweight and comfortable backpack that comes with a hydration pack – a terrific companion for all your day-long or overnight hydration needs. This is a useful feature, especially for travelers, mountain hikers, or cyclists, as it provides easy access to drinking water. 

It allows you to drink on the go without having to reach out for your water bottle or asking someone to help you get it out.  The free hydration bladder this product comes with is a 2-Liter, durable, kink-free sip tube and a push-lock cushioned bite valve. This gives you the ultimate drinking comfort on the go. 

The cool thing about this product is its customizability. It is a backpack for men, women, and youth alike because it adjusts to fit all body frames and sizes comfortably. Its notched foam stabilizer and mesh covering means you can wear this pack for hours on end without feeling so much pain and stress. 

You not only get a hydration system with this backpack, but you also get a large main pocket that protects your gear, clothes, and lunch. Its Bungee cord system is perfect for securing additional equipment that won’t fit inside your pack. This is a cool feature, especially when you are cycling or mountain hiking and need to store your climbing helmets.


  • Reasonably large and can accommodate a lot of cargo.
  • Extremely durable and lasts long.
  • Lightweight and super comfortable.


  • There are issues of leakages in the hydration bottle.

FAQs Best Daypack for Travel

1. What Should You Look For in a Daypack?

When looking for the best daypack for Europe travel or simply for local use, then there are some factors to consider. You’ll need to do some research, so here are some tips to follow:

1. Type

There are different types of daypacks you can choose from, according to how you’ll be using it:

Outdoor Daypacks

These are one of the best daypacks for traveling abroad, as they cater to ANY type of weather condition. They also come with hydration packs and other features ideal for the solo backpacker or traveler.

Casual Daypacks

Casual daypacks are best for those who are only going out in the city for a short time, usually when running errands or going out with a friend. They have a lot of useful pockets and compartments for stuff you need, such as your wallet, keys, extra clothes ,or your tablet. They’re more durable and sturdier as compared to any other casual bag. Not only are they functional, but very stylish as well!

Ultralight Daypacks

Ultralight daypacks are great for those who need something easy to carry when hiking or doing strenuous exercise while carrying their essentials. They are ideal for day hikes, as they prevent more fatigue as compared to using the usual heavy backpack. BUT, they may be less durable with less compartments for your items.

Travel Daypacks

These are great for those who are always traveling but only need the minimum clothes or essentials. They are lightweight and easy to carry, but they may not fit in everything. A plus side about these packs is that they can be folded into a small pouch to fit in another bag. It’s great for those who need extra packs for dirty clothes or anything else while traveling.

Technical Daypacks

These daypacks are used for a SPECIFIC profession or purpose. For example, there are different pockets or storage areas for photographers, or those who write and pack in their laptop and papers. This can vary from profession or sport.

2. Brand and Customer Reputation

If you’re figuring out where to buy daypacks, then you can choose between the two: purchasing from online shops, or in local stores near you. We urge you to begin with reputable brands, such as The North Face or Deuter, before you explore the different brands. The more positive the feedback, the most likely you’ll experience the similar great experience.

2. What is the Best Size of Daypack?

Now that you know how to choose a daypack, the question is: how can you choose the ideal travel daypack size? Just like choosing the best daypack, you’ll need to consider a few things such as:

How Will You Use It?

The events you’ll use it in will determine how many things you’ll pack and what kind of items you’ll need to bring. If you’re going to the beach or hiking, then you’ll most likely only bring a few snacks and clothes, along some emergency traveling tools like a small flashlight or extra money.

If you’ll be going out during the winter, then you may need a slightly bigger pack that can fit in thicker clothes or more essentials to brave the cold.

What Do You Pack In?

Another thing you’ll want to consider are the types of items you’ll be packing in. Will you be using it for lugging school or work supplies? How about clothes or laptops? Consider the items you’ll be using the most when using your daypack, and you’ll know how big it needs to be.

Exact Sizing Chart

If you’ll be using the best lightweight daypack for travel, then here are the exact sizes you’ll need according to the season (based on day hikes) :

  • Summer: 25-35 liters
  • Spring or Fall: 35-40 liters
  • Winter: 40-55 liters

For those who will use the best daypack for city travel, then the sizing may be different, according to what you usually put in your pack (such as laptops, supplies, or extra clothes).

3. Are Daypacks Necessary?

You’re probably wondering: Why bother getting a daypack when you can simply use your normal backpack and save money?

A daypack is absolutely necessary for those who are constantly on-the-go. It’s not only for travelers, but for those who live in the city and are always moving from one place to another! It’s great for bringing your laptop and work essentials as a businessman or freelancer, or you can bring any of your daily supplies based on your profession.

Owning a daypack will prevent a lot of confusion. Imagine having to put your bag down and look deeply into all your essentials, looking for your map or wallet from the many pockets in a bigger backpack. It also saves time rummaging through a huge backpack that contains unnecessary space!

4. How Useful are Daypacks?

I can’t vouch for everyone, but I can say that daypacks are VERY necessary. A daypack isn’t only convenient, it’s also a very cool pack that saves me from discomfort carrying bags with just air.

They’re useful for a LOT of things, and it isn’t just for travel. I can use it when hiking, when taking road trips, or for just bringing all the basic necessities when running errands around the city. They’re a versatile pack that will keep my things organized for the day, protected from any weather condition and still leave me looking effortlessly stylish or sporty. 

A daypack is truly worth the investment because it leaves my shoulders light and away from injury, as compared to using an old drawstring bag or shoulder bag that pierces through my shoulders and back. Plus, you have pockets and adequate space for EVERYTHING, from your clothes and laptop, down to the small trinkets like your wallet or makeup.

5. How to Use a Daypack?

Wondering how to adjust daypack? It’s fairly easy, actually. All you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to tighten or loosen the straps according to your preference.

Usually, the straps come with buckles to adjust its length. Simply pull the straps until you feel like it is comfortable enough for you to bring around. 

When you want to know how to fit daypack, i’s best to keep the strap length tight enough for the pack to support your back, but not tight to feel like you are constrained!

6. What Is The Best Daypack For Travel In Europe?

The one thing we know about Europe is that it can be wet, and as such, you must be prepared for adverse weather conditions. This preparation should also reflect on the type of backpack you get. It would be best if you go for backpacks that are water-resistant and lightweight.

Also, as a travel bag, it should have the essential components – such as large compartments and several storage pockets – that make your traveling experience less burdensome. We recommend the High Sierra Swerve Backpack, the Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack, and the Ultralight Handy Travel Daypack.

Best Daypack For Travel In Europe

7. What Is The Best Waterproof Daypack For Travel?

Wherever it is you are traveling to, you should be prepared for the rainy days…literally. In situations like this, it is pertinent you get a waterproof backpack. The recommended backpacks for a waterproof experience are Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Del Dia Daypack and the Casual Daypack Backpacks.

Best Waterproof Daypack For Travel

8. What Is The Best Daypack For City Travel?

The one thing about city travel is that it can be very round. And this means you are more prone to getting your stuff stolen. Pickpockets mostly operate in the cities, and their targets are usually backpacks. That is why you need to have a backpack that will carry your belongings and keep them safe from pickpockets. We highly recommend the Pacsafe Citysafe for your city travel. 

Best Daypack For City Travel

9. What Is The Best Lightweight Daypack For Travel?

The weight of the backpack is heavily dependent on the materials used to make it. Most light daypacks are made from nylon or some other light polymer. If you seek a daypack that you don’t necessarily have to log around, we suggest you go for the Ultralight Handy Travel Daypack by Gonex. This is an excellent lightweight product that does not compromise on quality.

Best Lightweight Daypack For Travel

10. What Is The Best Daypack For Urban Travel?

When traveling urban, you need a bag suited for urban life. The Urban life demands agility and rigidity and the backpack you use in this location must depict just that. And that is why we highly recommend the Pacsafe Citysafe and the Osprey Daylite Daypack.

Best Daypack For Urban Travel

The Final Word for Best Daypack for Travel

Looking for a cool backpack for your future trips? Or do you just want something to fit all your items for work and play? With the best structured daypack, you’ll be able to fit everything in without worrying about the clunky extra weight from bigger backpacks!

Of all the daypacks we reviewed, the winner will have to be The North Face Casual Daypack Backpack. With tons of designs to choose from and advanced features to reap, you’ll be able to pack in ANYTHING for the day, assuring protection and safety for your back and your items.

We hope you found this article informative. Beside best walking shoes, packing cubes,… daypack is one the essentials for your traveling. If you have any more questions or reviews about the best daypack for travel? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear what you have to think.

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