8 Best Day Trips From Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is famed for being one of the most romantic cities in Europe. I have found the best day trips from Prague so you can explore everything this city has to offer.

Many people simply come in and out of the city and seldom explore some of the wonderful destinations that are within easy reach of the city.

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There is so much to explore within the city itself too. The Old Town is a real architectural gem and features high on the bucket list of many travelers.

The cuisine in this part of the world really should be sampled. Fantastic flavors and greatly affordable, you will fall in love with Prague.

1. Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Just down the road from Prague, 60km to the southwest you will find the town of Plzen. This small town is home to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. The first place in the world to brew the now world famous beer, Pilsner. The Czech people love their beer and are passionate about its production. The story goes that in 1838 the local people were so appalled by the quality of the beer that they poured the barrels out into the street in protest, right in front of the city hall. The Brewers took the criticism on board and upped their game. This was when Pilsner was born.

Best day trips from Prague Pilsner Urquell Brewery
Pilsner Urquell brewery © Dee Dee Dockendorf

You can take a guided tour of the brewery and of course sample the beer too. You will learn about the brewing process and how the beer gets from barrel to glass.

2. Krivoklat Castle

Take a step back in time to the magical, fairytale Krivoklat Castle. In the winter the rooftops will be dusted in snow making for an even more exciting experience. Nestled on top of a hill covered in woodland this castle really is like something you would find in a Disney movie.

Best Day Trips From Prague Krivokla Castle
Krivoklat Castle © Elena Pleskevich

You can find Krivoklat Castle in the Berounka River Valley. Built in the 13th-century this castle has been perfectly preserved. Filled to the rafters with ancient artwork and sculptures, not to mention traditional furniture too. More than 50,000 books fill the shelves.

3. Terezin Concentration Camp

Although difficult to digest if you are in this part of the world you really should take some time to learn about the war history of the area. The chilling and upsetting Terezin Concentration Camp was the military camp where 38,000 people were held prisoner and subsequently killed. You do not need to have a guide to take you around the camp as the sights really do speak for themselves.

Best day trips from Prague Terezin Camp
Terezín concentration camp, Czech Republic © elPadawan

Remember to be respectful as to what you take photos of. Far from a fun day out it is a necessary visit to be a more considerate and educated traveler.

4. Karlovy Vary

Almost destroyed by natural disasters Karlovy Vary is a beautiful place to visit and a great way to experience the Czech Republic outside of the tourist hub of Prague. A great day trip from Prague would be to visit this colorful and vibrant town. It is also famed for its hot springs. These hot springs are said to have medicinal purposes, curing hundreds of different illnesses and diseases of local people for centuries.

Best day trips from PragueKarlovy Vary
Carlsbad – Karlovy Vary © Bernd Thaller

Founded in 1370, the city was named after King of Bohemia, Charles IV and Holy Roman Emperor. Staying the night in Karlovy Vary is a popular choice. A great way to experience authentic Czech culture at its best.

I suggest to book a tour below if you are interested in it.

5. Kutna Hora

Just 50 miles east of the city, Kutna Hora is a great day trip from Prague. The town was formed in the medieval times and is famed for its church of bones. Formally known as the Sedlec Ossuary. Deep below the Church of All Saints, you will find the catacombs. This small Roman Catholic chapel is adorned with over 70,000 human bones. The bones of people who died as a result of rampant diseases like the plague; also people who were killed in the wars.

Best day trips from Prague Kutna Hora
Kutná Hora © Herbert Frank

The focal point of the Sedlec Ossuary is the chandelier that is made of at least one of every bone in the human body. Impressive and spine-tingling this is one of the best day trips from Prague, and one of the most popular too.

6. Konopiste Castle

Another popular day trip from Prague is a visit to Konopiste Castle. Situated south of Prague the 17-century castle was used by Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1887 as his own personal hunting lodge. Steeped in history, a visit to Konopiste Castle will see you learn about the rich and varied past of the Czech Republic. For animal lovers, the inside of the Konopiste Castle may be a little distressing. Home to Europe’s largest collection of mounted animals the interior can be a little overwhelming. Collected of wild boars, deer and hundred of birds too. Outside is more universally appealing. Perfectly kept gardens are home to live birds; peacocks and waterfowl.

Best day trips from Prague Konopiste Castle
Zámok Konopiště © Ján Sokoly

7. Castle Karlstejn

For decades the Castle Karlstejn was the summer house for Charles IV and is one of the best day trips from Prague. Much like Krivoklat Castle, Castle Karlstejn is something out of a fairytale. The walk up to the fortress itself is beautiful, particularly in the fall. Much of the castle has been restored over the past few years but it still retains its original charm. Some rooms are not open to the public but there is still plenty to explore.

8. Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is a bit more of a trek away from Prague, 105 miles away you need to wake up early. This would be a good one night trip away from the city if you wanted to make the most of being here.

The architecture of the town is picturesque and totally authentic. With a medieval castle to match Cesky Krumlov is a must visit when in the Czech Republic.

Take a stroll down the winding and cobbled streets and have dinner at one of the little, charming, family-run restaurants and meet the lovely local people.

I hope you found your best day trips from Prague after reading this post, please share if you enjoyed it.

Best day trips from Prague

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